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May 14, 2013

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Greetings, update readers.

Chatological Humor is always striving to reward you, the loyal reader, with exciting new milestones for Chatological Humor.  Today, we have The Shortest Update Ever. 

A quick story about a tweet, and the absurdly heated partisan atmosphere in which we live. 

Yesterday, after news broke that the Obama White House grabbed the phone records of AP reporters --  on the heels of news that it had targeted conservative groups for IRS scrutiny -- I tweeted this:

"If it turns out that Obama is Nixon, I am going to be REALLY PISSED."

I didn't mean much by it; just a whimsical, self-mocking, speculative, worst-case-scenario uh-oh what-if from a hard-left liberal.   But, it became Big.   

Almost immediately, it was re-tweeted by Joe Scarborough, the former hard-right Republican congressman and now host of MSNBC's Morning Joe.  Joe probably found it mildly amusing.  But "amusing" doesn't translate in a re-tweet, particularly when it goes out instantly to Joe's 250,000 followers, most of whom, I daresay, are neither fans of the president nor students of satire.  Here's a sampling of the response:

@katieFreedom44  Obama's worse than Nixon. It's just taken u sheeple a long time 2 see it bc lap dog media wouldn't report til it was them

@Old_wino Nixon was better. #Fact. #Fact.

@Mtn1hiker Yes BO=RMN

@ZaidJilani Nixon executed Americans w/out trial?

This was my favorite because of its exuberant conflation of scandal:

@Cameronspeaks Obama is Not Nixon. Nixon had enough class to resign, beside there isn't a blue dress yet !

And so forth. Also emails and phone calls. A conservative blogger and a conservative radio person wanted to interview me about my "conversion."

So, just for the record:

Higgledy Piggledy
No, it's not Watergate
President Obie ain't
Raping no laws

Still, these developments
Give all us pinkos a
Moment of pause.

I guarantee you this will provoke many Internet disquisitions on how Obama IS raping LOTS of laws. 

And finally, my promised Higgledy on Mark Sanford:

Higgledy Piggledy
Congressman Sanford has
Come back quite nicely from
His epic fail.

Tanned he is, rested and
Ready for lawmaking 
After traversing
Appalachian tail.

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