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Feb 05, 2013

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Greetings, update readers. 

Today, as I do each year, I survey all the Super Bowl ads, see the consensus Web picks  for the “best” and remember why the Web don’t know squat.    Mediocre ones are vastly overrated and brilliant ones are often panned.   That happened this year too.  

Here are the five best ads and a mediocre one.   Two of the best were widely dismissed as mediocre.  And the mediocre one has been widely overrated.  See if you can find which are which, in the poll below.

(Note, we are looking for effectively used humor /cleverness.    I am not including the adorable Budweiser pony ad, because it wasn’t trying for funny, nor Paul Harvey on farmers, which was pure poetry.)

Oh, and one final observation: Anyone offended by the VW Jamaican “be happy” commercial is one of those people looking for life to offend them.

After you are done with the polls, scroll down and I will give you the right answers.

Wish, for Toyota

Space babies, for Kia

The Kiss, for Go Daddy

Love Ballad, for M&M's

Whisper, for Oreos

No Drama, for cars.com

Poll: Best commercial

Poll: Worst commercial

(Warning: Take these polls before scrolling down to see Gene's answers!)















My answers:  The Kiss is the best, because it is, not despite the fact that a lot of people hated it, but because of that fact.  It is unforgettable, and mildly disturbing for reasons we don’t like to think about. Uncomfortable, highly effective humor.  I think it’s ingenious. The second best is No Drama, which has been vastly underrated. Very sophisticated. Third, Whisper. The M&M ad is just stupid.

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