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May 09, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judged head-to-head matchups submitted by readers that are usually, but not necessarily about the march to the to the 2012 presidential election.

Hello and welcome to this week's Fix Faceoff, where we discuss and debate all facets of the 2012 presidential race. Today we have breaking news -- Newt Gingrich will announce his presidential bid on Wednesday. We'll discuss that as well as faceoffs such as "Gary Johnson or Rick Santorum," "More jobs vs. less terrorism" and "Pizza vs. Heroin." Let's go.

Here's my breakdown of the Gingrich news today.

Does anyone actually know what his base is? Because it seems like he's [angered] all of them: Tea Partiers, Social Cons, Fiscal Cons, Establishment Types? I mean is he really just running a quasi-issue campaign and hoping that like the top five bust?

Which will energise the Republican base more, Newt's financial ideas or his traditional social conservatism?

What gives President Obama a better shot to make last week's bump in the polls last: An improving jobs picture or Using OBL's seized data to thwart planned attacks?

What was a bigger deal in the first GOP primary: Herman Cain "winning" or Pawlenty showing up? (From Geoff in Fairfax, Va.)

What was a bigger deal in the first GOP primary: Pizza or Heroin? (From Stacy Bradford in Oklahoma)

It seems like journalists deem Republican candidates as serious when they are more liberal (Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman): Agree  or Disagree? (From John Choate in Austin, Texas)

Which GOP candidate is more likely to drop out before the actual primaries: Gary Johnson or Rick Santorum? (From Todd in Winchester, VA)

What do you think of Mitt Romney's plan to skip Iowa: Smart, because of the large evangelical population, or is he repeating the same mistakes that Rudy Giuliani made? (From Alex in Falls Church, VA)

What's the bigger challenge for Mitt Romney in winning the 2012 nomination: Getting big money donors to commit to him or Winning over enough social conservatives? (From Greg in Reston, VA)

What's the bigger concern for the Virginia Senate candidates? Tim Kaine's numbers in the exurbs or George Allen and "macaca"? (From Rachel in Arlington, VA)

Not a Faceoff, but: Why would Mitch Daniels NOT run?  

Not a Faceoff, nor a question: This ain't the early '90s; raising the roof is as dead as OBL. Love you, but dont do it.

Do you see any plausible path to the nomination in 2012 for Jon Huntsman: Yes or No? (From Hannah in Towson, MD)

What would help Herman Cain more in 2012: Having no record because he's never held office or Trading Godfather's Pizza for votes? (From Jacob in Herndon, Va.)

It's become apparent that the Republican slate of Presidential candidates is looking rather weak, opening the door for Sarah Palin. Is she too comfortable at Fox News, or is she just waiting for the right time -- because she can?

What states would Mitch Daniels be strong in, and which ones would he be weak in if  he runs? (From Patrick in Annapolis)

What is your off-the-cuff prediction on the Final Four GOP candidates we'll end up with as finalists (the candidates with a decent change at raising funds and actually winning)?

What's the smarter way for Obama to talk about jobs: Like Bill Clinton or Like George Clinton? (From Steve in Miami, FL)

Which presidential candiate, past or present, is more like former Maryland coach Gary Williams: Bob Dole or Bill Bradley? (From Curtis Smith in Huntsville, AL)

What did you get your mom and/or Mrs. Fix for Mother's Day?: Flowers or a mention in today's Fix Faceoff? (From Peter in Baltimore, MD)

That's it. Thanks for the great questions, see you next time.

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