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Jun 27, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judged head-to-head matchups submitted by readers that are usually, but not necessarily about the march to the to the 2012 presidential election.

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Hello and welcome. We have lots of good Faceoffs today, starting with A-vs-B debates on Michele Bachmann.

What's a bigger strength for Michele Bachmann: He strong social conservative ties or Other candidates skipping Iowa? (From Paul in Des Moines, IA)

What's a bigger strength for Michele Bachmann: Her aggressive style or Her Tea Party connections? (From Eric in Chicago)

What's a bigger problem for Tim Pawlenty: Michele Bachmann's strength in Iowa or Mitt Romney's fundraising power? (From George in South Bend, Ind.)

Bigger weakness for Tim Pawlenty: His ability to get media attention or His ability to fund-raise?

How would you best sum up Pawlenty's campaign to this point: A nice guy with an apparent lack of political skill or A well-orchestrated campaign that just isn't connecting with voters?

Who would a Sarah Palin entrance benefit more: Tim Pawlenty (splitting up the Bachmann coalition) or Jon Huntsman (making him look even more like the reasonable adult in the race)?

(From Andrew in Nashville)

More important ally for any GOP Presidential candidate: Koch Brothers or Karl Rove? (From Matt in San Carlos, CA)

Who would Romney rather face one-on-one for the nomination: A "strong in Iowa" Bachmann or an "establishment and N.H.-focused" Huntsman? (From Jonathan in Wellington, New Zealand)

[First of four blue-state-to-red-state Faceoffs] Which state is more likely to flip from blue in '08 to red in '12: Colorado or Nevada? (From David in Tampa)

Which state is more likely to flip from blue in '08 to red in '12: Florida or Ohio? (From Joe Russo in Weston, FL)

Which state is more likely to flip from blue in '08 to red in '12: Iowa or Pennsylvania? (From Frank in Towson, Md)

Which state is more likely to flip from blue in '08 to red in '12: Virginia or North Carolina? (From L.C. in Alexandria,Virginia)

How will the gay marriage vote impact control of the New York state senate in 2012: Republicans will keep control or Democrats will win back control? (From Allison in Rochester, NY)

Not a faceoff, but given President Obama's interest in sports, did anyone ask who he was rooting for in the NBA Finals?: The hated, but geographically important Miami Heat or The much more loved, but electorally unswingable Dallas Mavericks? (From Ian in Falls Church)

More annoying example of bad grammar: "He assigned the story to Aaron and myself," or "That iPad belongs to Mrs. Fix and I?" (From Eric Andrew in Lindenhurst, IL)

More shocking non-political news story of your lifetime: Jordan retiring in his prime after the first three-peat or Magic announcing he was HIV positive? (From Tom in Boston, MA)

Which was a more depressing collapse for the US Soccer Team: Losing to Brazil (2009 Confederations Cup) or Losing to Mexico (2011 Gold Cup)?

That's all. Thanks for watching and submitting questions.

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