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Jun 20, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judged head-to-head matchups submitted by readers that are usually, but not necessarily about the march to the to the 2012 presidential election.

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Hello and welcome. We have a lot to talk about today: Jon Hunstman, Rick Perry, an Obama impersonator and much more.

Tim Pawlenty seems to be scrambling to make up for his weak debate performance in N.H. last week. What's more accurate: A) He is still getting traction and will be a factor, or B) We're going to look back on last week and see it as the big chance that he blew?

With Michele Bachmann's suprising performance in the debate and her 'new-found' seriousness could she possibly beat Palin by playing that up (if Palin enters the race)?

An Obama impersonator at RLC:  Was there any chance that would go well?

Who would be better able to compete in fundraising with Mitt Romney?

What are the odds that Rick Perry jumps into the 2012 race and becomes a major factor (i.e. more than Fred Thompson in 2008)? A) More than 50 percent or B) Less than 50 percent?

Who would remind indepedent, moderate voters more of George W. Bush: A) Jeb Bush or B) Rick Perry?

Which candidate (or potential candidate) scares Mitt Romney the most: Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin or Rick Perry?

More likely to be said about Romney in January: Huge Favorite or Huge Disappointment? (From Dave in N.C.)

Michele Bachmann's political ceiling is closer to: Hillary Clinton 2008 Campaign or Mike Huckabee 2008 Campaign? (From Dave in NC)

Which issue will help Jon Huntsman more: gay rights or cap and trade? 

Which is more likely to happen: A female Republicn Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2012 or Tim Pawlenty winning Iowa in 2012? (From C in Arkansas)

Which is better in a debate: A) Asking policy questions of the candidates or b) Asking them which television shows they prefer?

Other than the economy, President Obama's bigger vulnerability is: Health Care Reform or Foreign Entanglements? (From Dave in NC)

What's the date you would peg as an over/under for how long Michele Bachmann lasts as a contender in the GOP primaries? How about Pawlenty and Hunstman?

Which is the best way to watch the Fix Faceoff?: Live or Tape Delay?

Better board game: Risk or Monopoly?

Rank these  Clarence Clemons sax solos (and is there a good one we missed?): 


Born to Run



Sherry Darling

[Not a Faceoff -- but a chance to defend yourself]: Oh come on -- "Coke vs. Pepsi" is not insight. No one votes for a candidate based on soda preference.

That's all -- thanks!

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