Fix Faceoff: Debt Limit Edition

Aug 01, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix judged head-to-head matchups submitted by readers that are usually, but not necessarily about the march to the to the 2012 U.S. presidential election.

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Hello and welcome. Since the debt debate is obviously front and center today, we'll spend a lot of time on your debt deal Faceoffs and similar, non-Faceoff questions.

But we'll also talk 2012 presidential politics, too. 

Let's go.


Whose political fortune will suffer more from the debt debate: Barack Obama or John Boehner?

Whose political fortune will benefit more from the debt debate: Obama or Tea Party? (From Jon in Washington, DC)

President Obama's liberal base is not happy with the debt deal. It seems unlikely they would defect and vote Republican in 2012, but could they hurt the president by just staying home? 

Given that some quarters are still unhappy with the debt deal, how likely is it that the deal reached yesterday does NOT get passed by Congress?

You declared a handful or winners and losers in an article today. Which winners or losers just missed your cut -- under-the-radar victors and vanquished, if you will.

Since taxes weren't part of the debt deal, the consensus I'm seeing is that the Republicans won the debt-ceiling battle. If that's the case, hasn't victory come at too great a cost for them--i.e., they've shown that their loyalties lie with the rich and the Tea Party, and that they refuse to compromise even in the wake of Americans wanting compromise?  I can't see the voting electorate forgetting these facts in the coming elections.

How do you think the disgust most Americans feel toward Congress will manifest itself in 2012? you cite the Tea Party as a "winner", but I wonder long term if they have damaged their brand, and if this will result in the Tea Party's lessening influence ?

Yes, the Bush tax cuts could expire eventually. But does the way the debt drama played out make it unlikely that Congress will tackle significant tax reform anytime in the foreseeable future?

People have characterized John Boehner as a weak speaker for his inability to control the Tea Party. But is this a bad thing for Republicans? It seems that wing's defiance moved the eventual deal further right. Are they purposefully playing Good Cop-Bad Cop with the Dems?

Who is the better model for Barack Obama going forward to the 2012 election: Bill Clinton in 1995-96 or Harry Truman in 1948?

You say the Tea Party was a winner, but Michele Bachmann says she will vote against the compromise bill. Is that a contradiction?

If experts say next year that the debt deal cuts have hurt the economy and/or increased unemployment, who will get the blame: President Obama or the Tea Party?

In this compromise, out of 100 percent, how much of the pie did the Democrats get and how much did Republicans get? Did anyone else get pie? 

The GOP 2012 hopefuls -- where were they in the debt debate?

How are you feeling? How many hours of sleep were you getting last week?

What's the tougher job to have?: Speaker of the House or Senate Majority Leader? (From Marie in Orlando, FL)

If/when this crisis ends, the next GOP-Obama showdown will be: Supreme Court nomination or Bush Tax Cuts? (From Hannah in Dallas, TX)

Has public disgust with the debt drama further opened the door for a third-party candidate in 2012, and, if so, who could step up?

Jon Huntsman's support of the Boehner bill will: Help him because nobody else in the field supported anything or hurt him because he again appears as a moderate? (From Andrew in Nashville)

If Tim Pawlenty loses the Ames Straw Poll, what's his next move: Drop out, endorse Romney, and hope for VP or Keep calm and carry on? (From Frank in Winchester, UK)

What state is Mitt Romney's best chance to win a real Southern state (i.e. not Florida): Virginia or Tennessee? (From Andrea in Raleigh, NC)

What's a bigger story to you: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber breaking up or the second-tier NFL free agent signings?

What was a better way to escape debt limit coverage for 30 minutes: Family Guy or Post-2000 Simpsons? (From Eric in Towson, MD)

What was a better way to escape debt limit coverage for 30 minutes: Talk Battlestar Galactica with FixRachel or Talk Twins baseball with FixAaron? (From Dave in Athens, GA)

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? But you can't hold the latter day sins of Stones against them. I mean seriously, who thought Keith Richards would live this long?

That is all. Thanks for watching!

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