GOP debate recap: Fix Face-Off video

Sep 13, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix answered reader questions in a fast-paced video Q&A.

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Hello and welcome. Plenty of questions about the debate, so let's get to it. 

Ron Paul blamed 9/11 on U.S. foreign policy last night. Will that sway some Tea Partiers away from him: Yes, it will prompt some to think, or Not in a billion years?

Will Mitt Romney ever be the main target of attack in a debate: Yes, when Rick Perry seizes the initiative, or no, not as long as Perry is up front and the lower-tier candidates want to make a move.

My favorite part of the debate was where everyone turned on Rick Perry (and seemed to score points against him). Who's an easier target for other GOP candidates: Perry or Romney?

Is Rick Perry really in trouble for his stance on Social Security right now? I'm active in Republican politics at a local and national level and I can count on one hand the number of primary/caucus voters who don't think we should end the program tomorrow.

Rick Santorum and Rick Perry staked out a more moderate position on immigration.  What's their motivation: Courting the Latino vote,  or pragmatism?

Regarding the shout(s) from the crowd about health care during last night's debate: Was too much made of this, or too little?

Which 2012 candidate is more likely to endorse Rick Perry over Mitt Romney while the outcome is still in doubt: Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul?

Why does no one ask  the candidates asked if they are in favor of repealing NAFTA and GATT? If they were repealed, the jobs would come  back to the USA.

Who will quit the race first: Governor Jon Huntsman or Sen. Rick Santorum?

Who would it be better to be stuck with in an elevator: Rick Santorum or Ron Paul?

If President Obama's jobs bill dies in the House, will it A) Increase his re-election chances by making the Republicans seem partisan, or B) Decrease them since he could be viewed as powerless? (From Jon in Washington, DC)

Which is less likely: A) Barack Obama winning Rick Perry's native Texas if Perry gets the GOP nod, or B) Rick Perry winning Barack Obama's native Hawaii if Perry gets the GOP nod?

Which is more likely to happen: A) Sarah Palin annouces she won't run the Republican presidential nomination, or B) The filing deadline for the South Carolina Republican presidential primary passes with Sarah Palin STILL playing coy about running?

Which ex-POTUS would be more likely to campain in support of a 2012 candidate: Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush?

(I admit it's a bit unfair to compare them because of President Carter's age, but indulge me please?)

Which is the better compilation video: Larry David's Unwritten Rules of Society or All Tami Taylor's Y'alls ?

Related: What's Tami's best regualr "y'all" usage:  

- Hey y'all

- Thank y'all

- Listen y'all

- Come on, y'all

That's all -- thanks for the questions and for watching!

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