Election 2012: The Fix Face-Off with Chris Cillizza (video)

Oct 18, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix answered reader questions in a fast-paced video Q&A.

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Hello and welcome to today's Fix Face-off. Topic A is, of course, tonight's Republican debate in Las Vegas. But we'll hit other questions related to 2012, politics and more ... so let's go.   

What's the smartest thing Herman Cain could do in tonight's debate: Attack Mitt Romney to make a news clip, or appeal to the base by attacking the media for criticizing his 9-9-9 plan? (From Eric)

What's the smartest thing herman Cain could do in Tuesday's debate: Repeat "999" like Guiliani repeated "9/11," or just remain vague on details of "999" when asked (it's worked so far)? (From Coco in formerly Austin, now Atlanta)

What's the smartest thing Herman Cain could do in tonight's debate: Announce that he has economic and foreign policy advisors, or concentrate on the other (non 9-9-9) aspects of his economic plan?

What's the dumbest thing Mitt Romney could do in tonight's debate: Attack Cain or Continue to say he understands the 99-percenters? 

What's the dumbest thing Mitt Romney could do in tonight's debate: Try telling jokes, or Quote Gordon Gekko?

Number of times Herman Cain will say "9-9-9" at tonight's debate: More than 10 or less than 10? (From @lobsterstyle on Twitter)

What is the more likely outcome following tonight's debate: Cain's momentum is sustained, or a lower-tier candidate rises?

Chris, I understand no more than one year ago, Herman Cain was railing AGAINST a national sales tax. How will he handle that if he gets such a question tonight, and WILL he get that question tonight? (From Don Anderson in Sarasota)

Which candidate's flaws are easier to fix: Rick Perry's poor debating skills, or Mitt Romney's public personality, which does not seem to engender real affection or enthusiasm?  And which is a bigger liability?  (From Scott in Portland, Oregon)

What's less harmful to President Obama's reelection chances: Sending troops to Africa, or Congress not passing his jobs plan?

Evaluate President Obama's quip today, "I'm not the Democratic president or the Republican president. I'm just the president."

- A brilliant political line

- A dumb line that will be used against him

- Somewhere in between (if so, closer to which extreme?)


What is Mitt Romney's strategy in Iowa: Mostly ignore it and pick up a few delegates by having a skeleton organization, or set expectations extremely low and do well through a stealth campaign, riding the ensuing momentum to New Hampshire? (From Mustafa Hirji in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Herman Cain's "boots on the ground" in Iowa appears to be nearly non-existent. Can he win Iowa without that workforce of volunteers?

What's a more likely second-place finish: Rick Santorum in Iowa or Jon Huntsman in New Hampshire?

The idea that Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party are mirror images of each other is: A) In-depth and thought-out analysis, B) Lazy and oversimplied 15-second punditry.

[From the producer] Some viewers' questions today play off the Occupy Wall Street movement and contain the assumption that the "1 percent" have disprortionate influence on elections. Do you agree, and if so, could the protests change that in 2012?  

What is better: "Imagine" sung by Herman Cain, or a pizza made by John Lennon?

Who was the better presidential performer: Marilyn Monroe (for JFK) or Lady Ga Ga (for Bill Clinton)?

Settle this classic dilemma: Salma Hayek or Jennifer Lopez?

Settle this classic dilemma: Five Guys or Ben's Chili Bowl? (From Jay Sanford)

That's all for today! Thanks for watching and submitting.  

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