Election 2012: The Fix Face-Off (video)

Nov 14, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix answered reader questions in a fast-paced video Q&A.

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Hello and welcome to the Fix Face-offs. There's plenty to talk about today, from Saturday's debate to last week's "oops" moment to today's news that the Supreme Court will take the health care reform case next year. Let's go!

A simple yes/no Faceoff: Will the Supreme Court taking on the health-care law challenge impact the 2012 presidential race?

If so, how?

If the Supreme Court deals a major blow to the health care law next year, does it help or hurt President Obama's  re-election chances? 

What's a more accurate takeaway from the GOP foreign policy debate: Romney didn't get the memo about voters turning against the Iraq War, or Huntsman didn't get the memo about the primary system?

What's a more accurate takeaway from the GOP foreign policy debate: Bipartisan foreign policy is dead for years to come, or deeply divided Republicans will split on foreign policy issues in the general election?

What's more likely to be asked about in a presidential debate next year: Foreign aid or torture? (From Eric in Illinois)

Yes or no: Was the decision to run a debate on a Saturday night, with many stations running college football at the same time, a defensible idea?

More influential win for Democrats come 2012: Ohio collective bargaining rights or Mississippi "personhood"?

Which is "more true" -- Republicans winning control of the Va. Legislature spells trouble for Obama in 2012, or Ohio voters repealing their state's union law spells trouble for the GOP nominee in 2012?

What will matter more to GOP  primary voters: Perry forgetting the third federal agency he would eliminate or Perry's attempts at recovery in the days following his oops moment?

What was a bigger "oops" moment in campaign so far: Bachmann's story about the HPV vaccine or Gingrich's response to the line of credit at Tiffany's story? (From Scott Sumner)

Bigger "oops" moment in campaign so far: Romney's statement about corporate personhood or Rick Perry's debate response about Republicans not having a heart if they disagreed with his immigration policy? (From Waldo Wilbur in New York)

What state is more important to Obama's reelection hopes: Ohio or Colorado?

Which, if either, force within the GOP has the "mo?" 

[Producer's note -- I think this person means "momentum"]

If Romney is the general election nominee, which state is he more likely to put into play: Michigan (where his dad was governor) or New Hampshire (which shares a media market with Boston)?

Why is Jon Huntsman not getting much good press while Newt Gingrich is lately? He sounds like a good Republican candidate.

Which senatorial race will end up being more competitive: North Dakota or Arizona?

What is the more annoying song on the radio these days: Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" or anything by Britney Spears?

Better all-time Saturday Night Live political moment: Rick Perry Oops or Al Gore's hot tub?

Better all-time Saturday Night Live political moment: "A thousand points of light..." or "Lockbox."? (From Lemon Lyman in Connecticut)

Better all-time Saturday Night Live political moment: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin vs. the field.

That's all -- thanks for watching and asking questions!

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