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Rick Perry's smartest move: Fix Face-Off

Aug 30, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix answered reader questions in a fast-paced video Q&A.

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Hello and welcome to the Fix Faceoff. This week, we'll talk about the challenges President Obama faces, the challenges Mitt Romney faces and we'll debut a new feature -- the Reverse Faceoff


In the Reverse Faceoff, we ask you to answer a question -- this week it's "What is the smartest thing Rick Perry has done since announcing his candidacy for 2012?"


Many of you have submitted answers, and there is still time -- later in the show, I'll read some of the best ones and pick a winner ... 

Let's go.


What's a more accurate assesment of Obama's situation: He's a shoo-in or he's in deep trouble? 

What's a more accurate assesment of Obama's situation: spent all his political capital on health care and stimulus or victim of terrible economic hand? (From Shady McShadetree in Monkey's Eyebrow, KY)

What's a bigger threat to Mitt Romney: Perceived authenticity problems or The fact that a lot of big name Republicans don't like him (e.g. Huckabee, McCain, Giuliani, Perry, etc.)?

(From Ian in Bangor, ME)

What's a bigger threat to Mitt Romney: Support a mile wide, but an inch deep; or the primary calendar? (From Thomas in New York, NY)

What's a bigger threat to Mitt Romney: His religion or Rick Perry? 

Rick Perry's prominence in the last two weeks shows: There's a lack of good GOP candidates or he's a great politician? 


(And speaking of Rick Perry, there's still time to enter the Reverse Faceoff: Tell me what you think Perry's smartest move has been since entering the race)

Rick Perry's prominence in the last two weeks shows: GOP voters value an easy-to-explain jobs record or Republicans care more about true conservatism than electability? (From Eric H. in Illinois)

Jon Huntsman's recent comments will: Get him attention heading into the next debate or Force him to drop out before he even gets to New Hampshire? (From Eric in Illinois)

What's more likely in 2012: one party  will control both chambers of congress and the Presidency, or control will still be split?

With Michele Bachmann's support falling, what's her next step: Attack Rick Perry or Attack Mitt Romney? (From Rachel in Omaha, NE)

Mitt Romney doubling the size of one of his homes will be: His $400 haircut or The least of his worries with Rick Perry challenging his front-runner status? (From Kristina in Gainesville, FL)

Politico's recent article that asked "Is Rick Perry dumb?" -- fair or unfair?

Here's the first Reverse Faceoff entry:

The smartest thing Perry did was keep hammering Jobs Jobs Jobs. "I created jobs" is an easy bumper sticker. "He only created mediocre jobs at best, and half of them are stimulus jobs" is less bumper-sticker-ready.

Reverse Faceoff No. 2:

Rick Perry's smartest move was attacking Ben Bernake and quantitative easing. This move 1) helped  distance Perry from Bush; 2) showed Perry will address the economy differently than Obama; 3) attacked an unusual type of government activity; and (4) got Perry some headlines.

- Mustafa Hirji (Hamilton, Ontario)

Reverse Faceoff No. 3:

Rick Perry's campaign has continued to do the smart thing he's done in his past 3-4 campaigns: relyingon the press to carry his message to his base while the press thinks they are writing "critical" stories.

Reverse faceoff No. 4

Rick Perry's smartest move was waiting so long to enter the race so conservative primary voters could get a clear look at Mitt Romney

Reverse Faceoff No. 5:

Gov. Perry has been very methodical in his campaign so far, but what has stood out to me is when he so matter of fact said "Mitt knows that the healthcare law he got passed in Massachusetts is hurting him." He did it in a way that cut to the bone of why Romney has been so weak as the previous frontrunner.

Reverse Faceoff No. 6:

Perry's smartest move was big-footing the Iowa straw poll with his announcement. Michele who?

Reverse Faceoff No. 7:

The smartest thing Perry did was writing a book a year before running for President, calling Social Security and Medicare a ponzi scheme as well as many other mainstream views in which the government he wants to be head of is dismantled.

Here's the list of your answers for the Reverse Faceoff question:

- Jobs jobs jobs

- Attack Ben Bernanke

- Relying on the press 

- Waiting to enter the race

- Attacking RomneyCare

- Big-footing the Straw Poll  

- Writing a book last year


Rank them!

One last question before the end:

Will Michelle Bachmann's attack on the EPA give her the boost she needs to move up in the polls? She said last week that she'd like to eliminate the EPA. Her tea party backers would like to continue in that way and eliminate most of the rest of the federal government. Will Romney and Perry have to follow her lead and start advocating a dismantling of most federal agencies?

Wait, one more: What's a better running gag:

(a) the $10 bets on Ed, or (b) Bart's prank calls to Moe's on The Simpsons

That's it -- thanks for asking questions and participating.

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