Fix Face-Off for August 16

Aug 16, 2011

Chris Cillizza of The Fix answered reader questions in a fast-paced video Q&A.

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Hello and welcome to the Faceoffs! Many of you have questions about Rick Perry, so we'll lead off with those. But we'll also cover Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty and a lot more. Let's go.

As a candidate, Rick Perry will act more like: George W. Bush or George H. W. Bush?

As a candidate, Rick Perry will act more like: Fred Thompson or Ronald Reagan? (From Greg in Towson, MD)

What's a bigger question mark for Rick Perry: Fundraising (now that he has to cope with a $2,500 limit), or making comments that play well in Texas but play awfully in national media? (From Jonathan in Wellington, New Zealand)

With the idea you never punch down, who should Rick Perry focus his attacks on: Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney? (From Melissa in Dallas)

True or False: the GOP Nomination is effectively a three-way race now.

For Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry's entrance :

A) Hurts, because Perry will take his mantle as experienced governor with a great jobs record or

B) Helps, because he will tear down Romney and open an avenue in New Hampshire?

(From Andrew in Nashville)

What's more underrated: Perry's ability to cut into Romney's business support, or Romney's ability to attract Tea Party support? (From Christopher Honey in Washington, DC)

Which is more likely: Ron Paul blocks one of the Big Three from winning the nomination or Ron Paul wins the nomination himself?

What's a more important political question about Michelle Bachmann: Her stance on gay rights or Her lack of Congressional accomplishments?

What's a more important political question about Michelle Bachmann: Fundraising ability or Can she take the pressure? (From Alex in Milwaukee)

What's a more important political question about Michelle Bachmann: Marcus Bachmann or her Congressional staff issues? (From Denise in Chicago)

The moral of the Tim Pawlenty story is:  A) Don't ever count on Ames to perform rationally, or B) To win in Iowa you've got to be able to fire people up? 

Who has more influence on Americans during election time: Mexicans or Canadians?  

(Note:  I typed "more," even though both groups probably have little)

While he's obviously not popular in Iowa, Jon Huntsman's debate performance will have what effect in New Hampshire: Positive or Negative?

Which Republican presidential candidate is most likely to end up as the VP choice: Jon Huntsman or Herman Cain? (From Miquel95929 in Chico, CA)

Who is the future of the GOP: The Tea Party GOP or the traditional GOP?

If Rep. Paul Ryan gets in the GOP race, is he instantly one of the frontrunners?

What's more accurate reagrding conventional wisdom on Obama 2012: Pundits are right that he is quite vulnerable or Pundits love conflict and the GOP is dominating the news, so Obama looks more vulnerable than he really is? (From  in )

Which Buffett/Buffet would you rather have lunch with: Warren, Jimmy or All-You-Can-Eat?

Which was the better game show: Nickolodeon's Double Dare or MTV's Remote Control? (From Barry Turnipseed in Pyongyang, North Korea)

True or false: Liverpool will finish in the top four in the English Premier League

That's all. Thanks for watching and submittign questions!

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