Debt talk negotiations and News of the World's demise: Brad Hirschfield's ethical take on the news (Video)

Jul 12, 2011

Join Brad Hirschfield as he talks about the ethical and moral issues raised by the week's biggest stories.

Welcome to the chat with Rabbi Brad Hirschfield.

Each side seems more concerned with taking the moral high ground than in tackling the problems. Real people are getting hurt. Isn't this just politics as usual?

Back during the VietNam "peace" talks which ran on endlessly, there was talk of putting the "leaders" in a hot room with no breaks until they made progress. I propose that the "leaders" in Congress and the President be put a tables in the middle of FedEx Field, in this heat wave, with NO shelter, but lots of water and NO bathroom facilities until they come to agreement. I am so very tired of the partisan politicking and showing off.

Eugene Robinson today writes that the Democrats are open to debt compromise and it's the Republicans who are blocking it. What this ignores is that the Democrats had a chance to deal with the deficit in the CURRENT fiscal's year's budget and refused to do so. The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency last year, so what excuse do they have for not passing a budget?

Is their behavior really so shocking? Isn't it just in keeping with our celebrity driven, sensationalist culture? What does this say about our values?

Could we not lump the actions of News Corp. in with those of Organized Crime? Targeting political opponents, paying off police officers, hacking into accounts - which provided information that was used to generate revenue (newspaper advertising). Could hypothetically News of the World be considered a criminal enterprise and not a news organization? Should the staff and assets of News Corp. be treated like we treat those of the mob?

How dare you even suggest that the public is to blame for the despicable behavior of this media giant? Give me a break!

How do you see ordinary citizens influencing the resolution of this issue that if left unresolved will have international repercussions? How do you see this being resolved? What do you recommend as a path toward resolution?

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