Aug 30, 2010

Janet Bennett Kelly discusses the fashion hits -- and misses -- of the 2010 Emmy Awards? Let her know whose style was red hot and whose was dead wrong.

Rank the stars from best to worst dressed. Cast your vote now!

Hi, everyone,

Welcome to our chat about fashion at the Emmys last night? So, what did you think? Who was your favorite, your least favorite, and who did you think just didn't rise to the occasion. Let's talk.

It's too bad she didn't have time to brush her hair.

Yes, it looked like she just fell out of bed. Not to mention her whole outfit was a big mistake. Too bad, she looked lovely last year in Lanvin.

I only saw a picture, so maybe something was skewed. But if not, what in the world did she have on her feet?

Rita Wilson's shoes were an unfortunate match for her Prada dress. Her lucite sandals had a cheap-looking plastic strap and they were adorned with crystals that would have looked better on a chandelier.

I haven't looked at any of the fashion coverage yet, but from my own perspective, I wasn't wowed by anything. Tina Fey looked the best she ever has and might have had my favorite dress of the night (De La Renta if I remember correctly?). Jon Hamm's gf Jennifer W looked great in her Versace gown. Jane Lynch looked age appropriate and pretty. But these are the standouts? I thought it was very subdued. Even the bobblehead on E! didn't seem that psyched about anything.

In the past several years, stars have been far more cautious in their attire, taking much fewer risks than they did before. Credit that to their stylists. Still, I think there were some outstanding outfits on the Red Carpet -- I loved Lea Michele in her navy Oscar de la Renta, and Claire Danes was stunning in Armani Prive.

Were there a lot of ladies in black gowns? Seems like there were...Kelley Osbourne's looks like she borrowed it from Vampira. While Heidi Klum has a fabulous body most 21-year-olds would envy, maybe covering up more of it would be something to consider. Kyra Sedgwick's dress does not do her any favors IMO - she is lovely, with a wonderful body..that dress makes her look matronly. Nice color though.

Black is always a favorite on the Red Carpet. I thought Kelley Osbourne looked much better than I've ever seen her look. As for Heidi Klum, she didn't pass muster, I agree. That mini-dress was not appropriate for the occasion. Shame on you, Heidi.  I disagree with you about Kyra Sedgwick looking matronly. The color was perfect on her, and I liked that she chose a retro-looking dress from Monique L'huillier.

Best: Jane Lynch who looked awesome, Emily Blunt who wore an interesting dress and Tina Fey by default (for her fab). Worst : Jewel, blech, January Jones who needs a stylist quick and Anna Paquin who looked like she mugged a suit of armor. Or drapes. Or that was just ugly.

I agree with you -- Jewel,  January Jones and Anna Pacquin won for worst-dressed!

What I found amusing was the interviewers made a point of her $1 million-plus earrings... which were completely invisible behind her undone hair!

Well, the jeweler whom she borrowed them from needs to get a credit!

Loved the dress but not her hair.

It might have looked a little neater had she worn it in one of those loose chignons that are so popular now.

Janet - who would get that award, either from last year or a previous year?

Good question. I think I might have to go with Kyra Sedgwick. The last dress I remember her wearing at the Emmys was this pale gray gown that completely washed her out.

Jimmy was rocking the White t-shirt and jeans, as well as the white dinner jacket. Where did the white dinner jacket go?

I don't know, but I think Fallon looked swell in his Tom Ford navy tuxedo.

Remove the flowers around the neckline that resemble 5th grade tissue paper creations and the dress would have been a whole lot better. Did she dress herself without the benefit of a mirror maybe?

You have to wonder how she picked a dress like that. Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan commented that she looked like "just-married car." Ha!

Just awful. Looked like a Halloween costume i.e. something that Twiggy wore in 1967.

I guess everyone gets to have their mistakes, this off-center Prada dress and chandelier shoes was Rita Wilson's.

Perfectly tailored to her (great) body, and elegant in its glitter, not over the top. Color worked too. Best of the night, with Tina Fey in second place.

I agree with you that Claire Danes rocked the runway in that champagne-colored Armani Prive; she looked like a star who was going to take away an award!

I agree with the previous commenter on Kyra Sedwick's hair. Did anyone else think Claire Danes' eye makeup made her nearly unrecognizable? She's looked a little different over the past year or so, but her make-up last night seemed to reshape her face.

You have a point about Claire Danes's makeup -- or something that looked unusual about her face.  Her face seemed thinner than I' ve seen it and the thinness was accentuated by her long hair.

I thought Rutina Wesley looked lovely--nice change of pace. Why such a lack of color? All of that navy and black just didn't match the lighthearted tone of the night (as well as the weather).

Maybe she wanted to play it on the safe side, as do many stars. At any rate, I think she looked lovely in that black and white abstract print dress.

She could be close to my best dressed - so chic! Also, a shoutout to the little girl on Mad Men, who was appropriately dressed with the beautiful jeweled headband. So pretty.

Emily Blunt ranks among the best-dressed for her pink tulle and chiffon strapless gown by Dolce & Gabbana.

And Heidi Klum needs a lesson in age appropriate clothing. She's got a great body, but she needs to soften her look--she always looks so hard. She would have looked awesome in the dress Kim Kardashian wore, for instance.

HeidiKlum doesn't often miss the mark in fashion, but this time, I agree, she was way off base.  She has worn white before, as well as red, and looked awesome.

We need them! They create buzz, start discussions, and produce lasting memories (who can forget some of the skanky get ups Cher wore?). It would be much less fun to watch these events without them. January rocks!

I totally agree with you. It's not great fun to see a Red Carpet filled with perfectly beautiful dresses. It's much more enjoyable to see some stars who have hiccuped, a la January Jones and Rita Wilson. And also Ty Burrell's wife!

Lea Michele looked emaciated last night. Get that girl a sandwich. Actually, she should eat that whole cupcake-in-a-jar by herself. Or is she becoming anorexic? Even the Post's own Pookie, Lisa de Moraes, commented on how thin Lea's looking nowadays.

That may be, but her face looked lovely and so did her figure in that navy Oscar de la Renta.

Perhaps she wanted to show the world that despite having a 4th baby, she has her body back....still a bad look for her in my book. You don;t have to show it all to prove you still have it...

She should have had her own Project Runway judges give her the once-over before she strode the Red Carpet last night.

What's the point of wearing gazillion dollar dresses and jewelry and then not even combing your hair? January Jones and Kyra Sedgwick looked particularly messy.

Kyra Sedgwick's hair didn't bother me as much as January Jones's do. Mrs. Draper never would have left the house looking like that.

I loved Tina Fey's dress. Almost too much for her, but an interesting look. She does really well in grey, I think. I didn't love Lea Michele's dress, and the girls looked oddly askew. I was looking for something wild from Kathy Griffen, but she looked more-or-less age appropriate. Kudos to Jane Lynch for leaving her ubiquitous pants suit at home; her dress was a beautiful color (and I have to say she has the most beautiful blue eyes). Kelly Osbourne looked fabulous--and she can stop losing weight right now. I do wish she'd go back to her dark hair, though--it's a better match with her flawless porcelain skin.

I agree with you that Kelly Osbourne really looked lovely and thin, too. And I, for one, am a fan of her blonde hair. Much more flattering.

Give Jon Hamm an award for... just being Jon Hamm

Here, here! That guy was made to wear a tuxedo, or almost anything!


Not only were her gown and hair a disaster, when she was interviewed on the red carpet by somebody with NBC, she seemed semi-incoherent. She also was one of the worst guest hosts ever on "Saturday Night Live," which leads me to ask: Might she be just a one-trick pony on "Mad Men"?

I think January Jones does a great job with one of the weaker and hard-to-understand roles on "Mad Men." I wouldn't write her off just yet.

Did she attend? Any pixs?

Didn't see her. Anyone else? I am enjoying seeing her on "Covert Affairs."

Susan Sarandon and her daughter looked lovely.

It seemed like they were having a great girls' night out. Love Susan Sarandon!

Lauren's dress was hideous - it looked like she'd just burped a baby and forgot to take the diaper off her shoulder.

I'm more forgiving in this case.  The dress just didn't flatter her.

Thanks for joining us this morning in our Monday morning quarterbacking for fashions at the 2010 Emmys. Join Holly Thomas and me tomorrow for Fashion Fix.

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