Aug 29, 2010

Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes discusses the Emmy Awards live as the stars come out and the winners are announced.

Emmy Awards full coverage

I was one of those annoying west coast viewers who whined and griped about the Emmy's being delayed here. I shall never, ever question your power again. Can you make the networks replay their shows overnight (like the cable channels do) so my DVR can record all of my favorite shows, without my having to make tough choices? Thanks!

You are welcome -- but, in the interest of full disclosure, most of the credit goes to the NFL, which has a contract with NBC to run games on Sundays starting next month, which caused this year's Emmycast to be moved to this ridiculously early date. Which coincided happily with the  TV Academy's contract with the network's coming up for renewal so the academy wants to goose the numbers on tonight's Emmycast as much as possible. So on the West Coast they're going to air it twice -- live in less than an hour, and then rerun it immediately after...


Lisa - will you be commenting on the E! red carpet or the NBC red carpet? I want to make sure I watch the right one - so I can enjoy all the snark. Looking forward to spending the evening with you!

I am going to be watching the NBC red carpet but our Primetime Emmy Correspondent Emily Yahr is going to be watching E! so you can enjoy snark emanating from both networks!

Through the Twitter-vine I've seen that John Hodgman will be commentating again and there is some sort of "surprise" from the Glee cast tonight.

Having John Hodgman comment was a great idea poorly executed last year -- he speaks so softly and apparently the producers did not get that memo and many times you could not hear what he was saying, from where I was sitting watching it on a screen. I'm delighted to hear he's getting a second chance. Meanwhile, I don't think you could keep the "Glee" cast from performing even if you were armed with a stun gun.  I'm guessing the "surprise" is that they are going to perform -- which would be not much of a surprise, but a  lot of  fun.


Billy Bush: "Can you just feel the ratings going up" as Betty White chats with him. Has anyone else had enough of Betty White?


The 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. hour of red carpet shows was bleak...first of all, E! took 20 minutes to get to any actual interviews, and instead just showed slow motion "Glam Cam" shots of stars from "The Hills," among other time-wasters.

Among the highlights on E!:

* For no apparent reason at all, Ryan Seacrest interviewed the stars for "Jersey Shore" -- who were shown on satellite feed, randomly sitting on a couch in the middle of a field outside -- and asked the following scintillating questions: "Who takes the longest to get ready?" "Snooki, you vowed to stop drinking during the day? How's that working out?" and finally "Any of you going to be on 'Dancing With the Stars'?"

* Giuliana Rancic starts whining that secrets on "Glee" are more closely-guarded than the Pentagon when Kevin McHale wouldn't give her spoilers about the premiere.

* Kathy Griffin has her mother, Maggie, read a prepared statement when Ryan brags that his "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" beat Kathy's show for Oustanding Reality Series at last weekend's Creative Arts Emmys. The letter reads: ""Dear Ryan, it's Maggie Griffin here. Please give your Emmy back to my sweet daughter. You basically stole it from her. What does it feel like having the blood of America's sweetheart, Kathy Griffin, on your hands? You are evil, Ryan. Do you have a box of wine?""

* Seabiscuit's barely-masked annoyance when "Glee's" Mark Saling refuses to answer questions about whether his "Glee" co-star and, Naya Rivera, egged his car. Over on TV Guide...

* "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison is talking to Jon Hamm. "Jonny, positive energy," Hamm's girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt chastises him when he says he's sitting so close to the stage so he can high-five Bryan Cranston when Cranston wins his third Emmy in a row.

* Kate Gosselin sneers at red carpet correspondent Tanika Ray when she's asked whether her kids are there. (For the record, they're at home.) She also gets all uppity when Ray asks what people's reactions are when they see Gosselin at the Emmys. (We're guessing it's "Why is Kate Gosselin at the Emmys?")


Jimmy Fallon just happens to stroll by Billy Bush while Tina Fey in split screen on the red carpet -- this is NBC at its very worst/finest...

I thought Jane Lynch looked pretty great. (Full disclosure, I'm watching the red carpet with the sound off. I just can't handle Billy Bush.)

You are so smart... really, all you're missing is people talking about who they are wearing and naming their makeup artists... it's like watching home shopping network....

" Look at you two strapless women!" Billy Bush says to Glenn Close and his daughter.  And now Billy Bush is quoting a long-dead NBC executives....didn't he already get his promotion on his NBC Universal show?

What will it take to get him whacked?

He just got a second NBC Universal show..I think you'd have to find very intesting photos

I hope that dress looks better in person than it does on TV. It is awful.

I'm holding off on a decision until I see it full length. I only got the closeup version...

Emily report from E!: Ryan shows Christina Hendricks her "Mad Men" barbie doll and asks if she had any input. Hendricks says she put her two cents in. Cue Seacrest: "I think we can see your two's more than two cents," he says as the camera zooms in on Hendricks's chest. Stay classy E!

Kate Gosselin, America's Most Put Upon Mom, whines to Billy Bush that she looks so fabulous because she has to run every day because she is stressed out. She apparently did not get the memo about how it's okay to not come to the Emmys in character.

Best line of the night so far: Billy Bush saying: "Why am I always holding something bejeweled?"


Even scarier than Bush's glitter peacock mic

That was what Eva Longoria said too!  Which prompted his greatest line of the night so far...

Wow! "Glee's" Matthew Morrison appears to have contracted an early case of Sophomore Season Arrogance:  Neil Patrick Harris crashed Seacrest's interview with Morrison: "Just want to say 'you're welcome' for that Emmy," Morrison tells NPH.

Am I wrong about this?

1. Conan gave NBC an ultimatum that resulted in Leno's forced retirement the first time.

2. Conan had a number of months before Leno's 10 p.m. show debuted to get his audience building.

3. Conan was offered the Tonight Show, but at midnight. He turned it down himself and was not fired.

4. Conan then proceeds to have no problem knocking George Lopez to midnight so he can have a show.

For these reasons I am not particularly rooting for Conan tonight. I don't like or watch Lopez or Leno, it's just that Conan seems like he's throwing an endless snit over something he was more than willing to do to others.

Talk me out of it.

And yet, if he wins, Conan will be extremely amusing and I'm all about me on Trophy Show nights. I want to be entertained.

Could we marry her off to Billy Bush and then they would both go away. Who do you like the most?

"Dancing with the Stars's"  Carrie Ann Inaba teases about next season, "From what I hear casting is pretty crazy" this fall. Of course the hot rumor is that Bristol Palin has been cast.

On a totally un-related subject, can someone explain why this red carpet show keeps asking celebrity women what their bathroom floor looks like? Is that some new fetish I don't know about.


That is all.

Well put...

If anyone needs it, here's the live stream of the NBC red carpet:


I turned on NBC and only managed to keep it on for about 20 seconds. I tried so that I'd have more of the chat experience, but you're describing things well enough anyway. So how are you managing to watch with the sound on?

I scream during the commercial breaks. Oh, and I'm having a nervous breakdown..

Just when you thought Tina Fey could not pick a designer dress that was less attractive on her than all the other wildly wrong dresses she's worn to trophy shows over the years, she wears a number that looks like a doily....

Pookie -- is it just me, or are the white dresses extra-trampy:?

They are! Is white the new "trampy" this season?

Why oh why is Seacrest still being inflicted upon us? I'd rather listen to Kathy Griffin curse for an hour than hear him snarking about Christina Hendrick's chest. We get it Ryan, your scared of them.

lol....that is all

E! is way ahead of Billy Bush on NBC in the What Were They Thinking race:

Emily reports that Giuliana Rancic just asked Julia Louis-Dreyfus about how it feels to be nominated for a show that's been canceled. Julia Louis-Dreyfus answers smoothly and adds the show starts in syndication in September, so "Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!"

Morrison has moved from E! to NBC's red carpet show which has been turned into the final episode of "American Idol," complete with a remote of screaming students from Morrison's high school....

Love that Wanda Sykes is nicking all the celebs who are wearing freebie gowns, tuxes and jewelry. She bought her dress and said the rest of the attendees should "spend some money" to help the economy. Yes, her dress is hideous, but props to her ...

At the Oscars earlier this year, Giuliana Rancic literally chased George Clooney down the red carpet screeching his name. Will she do that again this year at the Emmys? Or is there a restraining order?

Golly, I hope so. Emily, are you listening?

Lover her dress-she looks great.

Missed it! Details please? Was it an insipid pink, or did she go sophisticated this year?

Is it possible to spontaneously combust from smugness? If so, the people from Glee might want to buy some extra insurance.

It's strange because this always happens to actors on shows in their sophomore season. They're like prematurely smug....

I just rewound my DVR to try to catch the Tina Fey/Jimmy Fallon moment, and I caught Chris Colfer. I'm not really listening to what he's saying, but he looks great.

He's adorable...

OMG now Bush is doing "This Is Your Life" with Matthew Morrison!

How strange/tedious was that?.....

Is Glee on NBC?

No, but you'd think so. Or, NBC thinks all the "Glee" material will goose the ratings on this trophy show. I'm guessing the latter...

Genuinely touched just then because of teenagers screaming for him, or not? I vote real, but you may be more cynical than I am with regards to actors.

Yes, there is no one more cynical. Oh look, here is Leah Michele getting a cupcake in a jar. She just called it The Most ghetto birthday cake she's ever had.. Now Billy's talking about her dress. Every time Bush starts talking about what the women are wearing, the camera starts panning up and down her body, up VERY close. It's even more cheesetastic than CBS's "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" Heinie Cam... Now that you all have seen Lea Michele as half the person she once was, please weigh in -- so to speak. My brilliant producer Paul has pronounced her "hot."

Emily checking in: No Giuliana/Clooney sighting yet...But on TV Guide, Tanika Ray grilled Alexander Skarsgard about the Rolling Stone cover where he appears with his "True Blood" co-stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, all naked and covered in blood. "Stephen and Anna are married, so was that awkward for you?" she asks. Skarsgard looks uncomfortable. "Uh, they weren't married then..."

I love live TV.


Wine colored showed off her shape and her coloring.


Did she lose half her body weight during the hiatus? Eat that cupcake, girl!

Yes. Saw her at some event while I was in Los Angeles and literally did not recognize her.

But I'm now sick of the first four bars of "Don't Stop Believin' "

It will be ruined for us all by the end of this season.

Coming off as nice, and non-smug. In a pretty dress.

Very nice -- and gorgeous dress... But Jane Lynch wins for Cleans Up Great

On E!, Ryan Seacrest/Paula Abdul reunion! She says she misses "Idol" because it was her family. Apparently she's changed her phone since then and forgot to tell her family, because as they cut to commercial break, Seacrest starts asking for her new number. Yikes...

Thirty years ago at the Emmys there was a strike, honored by the actors, which meant few nominees showed up.

Steve Allen agreed to host and came up with one of the best lines ever: "Welcome to the 32nd annual Emmy Awards. We call it thirty-second because that's about how long it will last - 30 seconds!"

Steve allen great

Loving this opening ....

That was one of the best Emmy openings ever...and pretty big of NBC to have someone from "Project Runway" in the opening act after the show bailed on NBC's Bravo network for Lifetime...

I think it's Springsteen, spinning in his grave. He's not? Well, watching this will put him there.

I,  on th eother hand, liked it. Yes, it was cheesy, but it's the Emmys... Ooh, Fallon cracked a Conan joke and Conan's in the room. "Too soon?" Fallon says.  Fallon's off to a great start.

This is basically a Glee war skit Fallon did on his own show many months ago. I wondered why they put so much energy into that. Jorge can move though. How much did they have to spend to get the Boss to sign off on this?

Drat -- a rerun...and we're only 2 minutes into the show.

What is he thinking mabye that it worked the first time he did it?

How happy am I? Eric Stonestreet was the one win I really wanted to see tonight.  I'm officially declaring this night a success.  And good for him for raving,  "I get to work with Ed O'Neill  every day" - O'Neill being the only adult cast member on the show not nominated.

Awesome!!! Laughed out loud! I didn't expect Jimmy to be this good! More exclamation points!!!!

okay. I get it... I'm extremely overcaffeinated.. I'll have a drink, that will help...

Dang! Fantastic opening!

Yes, and in my defense, my brilliant producer, Paul, says we did not get a single question during the opening bit which says people were "into it." So at least I'm not alone. I feel better now.. However, I'm still having that drink.

Okay, is it okay for me to love John Hodgman? So long as I promise not to use any exclamation points?

Drinking games? Conan/Tonight Show jokes should be on the list, for one.

Done -- and I've already started...

"Modern Family" second win of the nights -- two categories in. Take that, "Glee"...FYI, Steve Levitan's comment,  "I want to thank Steve McPherson and everyone still at ABC" is a reference to the head of programming at the network who suddenly resigned a few weeks ago.

Shots of bad dresses? I'm looking at you, January Jones!

Another great game... and we're about to see them..

"Glee's" first win and Lynche's first Emmy win.. So far this is a good night for broadcast TV which is exactly what the TV academy was hoping for....

Pookie ~ Glad that the West Coast is (finally) getting to enjoy the snark and chat live. And, boy, thanks to it being only a bit after 5, we've got the wine flowing early!

another reason to keep the show live across the U.S.

I squealed throughout the entire thing. Love Jon Hamm so much. And I also love John Hodgman.

so i'm not alone... it's good to feel not alone...

Why is Kate Gosslin there? In other news I'm so glad "Modern Family" is winning.

Comic relief? Tina Fey was taking herself too seriously? I give up -- why is Kate Gosselin there?

Is she turning into Charo? (Not a good thing, if she is.)

She could stand to take it down a notch...

I LOVED it! I'm a Springsteen fan, but I liked how it all went Randy Jackson playing Clarence Clemmons. And John Hamm was so NOT Don Draper tonight (oh, and liked his quip at the beginning about if he'd purchased the ring his girlfriend was wearing "...let me remind you that I'm on a CABLE channel...")

It's like I have my own support group. And, apparently a lot of us are not watching Fallon's show nearly often enough. But, like NBC said years ago of its primetime reruns, if you didn't see it the first time, It's New To You...

"Glee" Ryan Murphy's first Emmy win and "Glee's" second of the night..Murphy says "I'm so shocked" and then begins ticking off names of executives and even thanks someone for the tux. . but he saves it by dedicating his win to the arts teachers who " taught me to sing and fingerpaint. "

First big upset of the night: Jim Parsons  beating Baldwin, Carrel and, most important, Matthew Morrison, among others, to take the Emmy for best lead actor in a comedy series.

You said he had no chance! Boy, were you wrong! And aren't you happy you were?

Very happy to be so wrong..


Yes -- between that and Clooney on the taped bit, twitter is about to explode.. .

My night is made!

I'm still too caffeinated, but I too think this show is going well....and then, Betty White shows up in an ad for a new movie and I'm feeling less wonderful. When does this madness end?


yes, pretty great gag..

Oh, my goodness, I laughed so hard I almost choked. And I have no doubt that all the actors enjoyed snuggling with him.

and he seemed to be enjoying it too. Clooney is having fun slumming back at the Emmys..

What is going on? Everybody I want to win is - Eric Stonestreet, Jane Lynch (who has deserved it for years for her guest shots) and now Jim Parsons. It's GREAT!!! Plus that Modern Family short had me spewing. My 13yo daughter does not appreciate me!

because she wanted Glee to clean up? I'm having this uncomfortable feeling satan is about to pop up here and tell me this is going to cost me plenty.. .

...go NBC!

Edie Falco gets her fourth Emmy: "This is the most ridiculous thing that has ever happened in history of this locely awards show. I am not funny " -- that' s redundant.. Another big surprise non-Glee win

Granted it is early, but I can't remember an Emmys where I have been so happy with the winners.... I can't believe Jim Parsons actually beat out Alec Baldwin. And the Modern Family bit had me laughing more than I do watching a full length sitcom. Oh Pookie... could this be the best Emmys ever?

I kinda think so, but the night is young.. And, with all these clip I don't see how they're going to bring this in on time without some major slashing toward the end...

Is right. She is not funny.

Yes...and Will Arnett and Keri Russell are THAT awkward together on their new show too.. Meanwhile, How about "Top Chef" finally ending "Amazing Race's" reign for best reality competition series..

When they introduced Will Arnett and Keri Russell?


Pookie: Kind of an upset? Edie didn't seem too pleased to win a comedy award. Or, was that good acting?

She did seem a little offput..

When did you start channeling Bea? Why the Betty White hate?

Not hate -- truly. Just exhaustion.

You know. she's got a point. Her show is a dark comedy, and that's kind of a stretch...she doesn't do comedy. Everyone says that comedy is harder than drama, and they give an Emmy to Falco who is the most serious character on the show. I love her, love the show, but an odd award.

I agree with you -- and, apparently, with her.

My world just stopped. Actually I know it was a little tired but I still loved seeing it win ever year. It's the end of an era.

The show had a very good run. But the Emmys get tired when the same shows keep winning over and over, so I'm pleased... Meanwhile, Brilliant Producer Paul reports that Nina Dobrev is the No. 2 term on twitter as everyone tried to figure out who was the brunette in the opening skit -- actually, he admits,  it's more from 'Vampire Diaries' fans saying stuff like "Wow, go Nina Dobrev" but she's No. 2 for sure....

Yes!! Loved that bit

it appears everybody loved that least everyone who's on the chat and we're all that matters tonight...

Simple solution, tell your agent and the shows producers to not submit your name for Emmy consideration.


Please Pookie, pray to the TV gods and make the Oprah commercials to away!

I'm trying hard but it's not working. Oprah's power is much stronger than mine. We all need to click our heels together and clap our little hands and wish very hard...

Now Dianna Agron from "Glee" is No. 1 on twitter with  Wanda Sykes a close second...what?

Is Jon Hamm the best looking man you've ever seen live? And how can Kari Russel make Will Arnett not funny?

Keri is an extraordinary talent because it takes a lot ot make Will not funny.. And "Mad Men" beat out "Lost" among others, for best drama series writing. Oh, and Matt Weiner telling her "you do" when she says she really has to thank him -- he's not kidding...

So for us late tuners in, what's with all the Springsteen references?

The opening bit was a springsteen spoof...And "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul beat out TWO "Lost" actors for best supporting actor in a drama series...meanwhile, is it too late to start  "unbelievable" and "awesome" drinking games?


you betcha!

Why does Drama have to equal guns? All they are showing is violent clips. Whatever happened to interpersonal drama? House doesn't count - he'd shoot a gun if he had one.

all the rage this season, I guess.. I have no idea why all the gun clips this season...

What will I miss if I run out for a burger?

Archie Panjabi getting major surprise win for best supporting actress in a drama series, among other things.

I loved how they snuck a Burn Notice clip into the gun montage. But could they have deigned to include a Survivor clip into the reality montage?

Bryan Cranston gets third consec Emmy win and yet I don't mind because I was so sure  "Lost's" Fox win wasa somehow Cranston's win is a surprise...

You said that she wouldn't win either!

I know. This night has been one surprise after another. And when was the last time that happened at an Emmy Awards show?

And we are deprived (yet again) of a brilliant Hugh Laurie acceptance speech. Sigh.

sigh.. we'll have to watch the Golden Globes

your highness -- how are your tea leaves laying out for Friday Night Lights and Connie Britton? Time to punt?

I am officially retiring from predicting. I have been surprised most of the night -- and happy to be so...

How does Ann-Margret look like that at her age and where do I get some...

You realize Randy Jackson used to play with Springsteen, right? He was part of the "Other Band" Tour after Springsteen split with the E Street Band. It was a dark, dark time.

Very dark time. And Showtime is having a good night -- "Dexter" just picked up a win for Best Drama Directing. Edie Falco's show is also on the pay cable net, etc.

It is okay for me to say I'm enjoying Fallon's in memoriam for shows we lost this season -- or did he do that on his late night show too?

They did! They had Bahstan Rahb watching his torch being extinguished. And with it, the last ten seconds of his fifteen minutes. Good times!

previous chatter stands corrected...

even THAT was funny!

If you are mocking us, you haven't had enough to drink yet. Unless you're serious, in which case you need to stop.

1) The questions are stupid and the nominees are trying too hard to be funny or relevant. 2) I can't read the little print that gives the information on what show and what episode.

The print IS too small and the gag is strained and already really old. But it's the only big-ish misstep in this show so far...

If he was dead he would be rolling in his grave

Pookie -- he had to get paid for that bit. He's loving it. Trust me.

is annoying me. Am I alone in this?

It's a really mixed bag. Half of the people writing in on the chat hate him and half love him. He has that effect on people.

was just a random going to commercial clip.

...make that un-corrected.

I love that NBC just put up a graphic that George Clooney is coming up in 17 minutes. Guarantees that I'll stick around for the next 17 minutes. Or should I flip to Drop Dead Diva for a little while?

Stick around. Oh wait, Kyra Sedgwick just won for best drama series actress and is delivering a really stupid speech. Nevermind...

Wow. I didn't think he would be better than Neil Patrick Harris, but man. He is.

"As good, which I never expected" -- I'll concede that

Are they going to make it?

Not a chance, and how about that Kyra Sedgwick having to read her husband's name....

They are doing a good job scripting everything. He is abysmal when he ad libs or tried real-time...which makes you wonder how anyone can stomach to watch him interview people 5 nights a week.

He's not a good interviewer.... and having attended his Emmy walkup phone interview -- he's not good as an interviewee either. His scripted bits are his strength and they're playing to it... smart

Oh look, it's Jeff Probst whose gotten over his category being moved to previous week's ceremony.

I love her. She is terrible in person, but this is long overdue! Big upset!

Her show is like a slightly younger  "Murder, She Wrote" can set your watch according to when certain plot points arise....

Not a fan before, but I think he's doing a great job. I need to check out his late-night show.

Do that -- just skip the interview bits...

Is SNL variety or comedy?

Whichever it thinks it can win...

Last year's Emmy's rocked with NPH. Fallon is boring and I wonder why I'm not watching Drop Dead Diva.

Because you'd miss Conan's win.. and Clooney?

Harris can ad-lib; Fallon can not.

Excellent point. Harris wins...

Let's be honest, nobody cares.

ditto directing...

I'm depressed that so far LOST has been robbed. I know, lots of good competition in the nominations but LOST Is over and Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson were superb.

It's too bad the Emmy snubbed the show so many seasons and this is its last chance...

I would have put money on Julianna Margulies. This night has been completely unpredictable. I like!

Unpredictable is good -- and unexpected at an Emmy show...

Okay, I admit it, Ricky Gervais needs to host the Emmys. He just blew Fallon out of the water: "I'm not going to have a go at [Mel Gibson]. He's been through a lot. Not as much as the Jews."




is a god walking among us.


Oh and "The Daily Show" just won  -- again. Conan lent his face to NBC for no reason tonight.. sigh..Oh, great and Jon Stewart didn't even show up -- AND the guy talking for him is very not funny. we were robbed...

That is all I have to say. He can do more without saying a thing than most people do with whole paragraphs. Go Ricky!

you are speaking for half of the chatters here.....

Ok, I'll say it....Ricky Gervais, not funny, never was, will not ever be.

..and you are speaking for the other half. I think he's like bourbon -- acquired taste.

When Ricky Gervais started passing out the beer, I noticed Matthew Perry turning one down. Given all of the rehab veterans in attendance, you could probably serve the whole crowd with a case...

I'll have to play that Very Special Moment back on my DVR when this is over... maybe they should not have seated Perry up front of they knew Gervais was going to go with that gag...

So, how is Ron de Moraes related to you?

Ron and I tried to figure it out once. We decided to let it go at "cousins" or something like that. My family's full last name is very long and Ron and I discovered we had more than one of them in common including, of course,  Moraes.


Whole Clooney award took four minutes.. hey're in real trouble time-wise...

we don't get to see Conan

only that fleeting glimpse of him at the start of the show.

I don't think they're bad at all. Am I Emmy-dizzy? At least it's more interesting than just announcing them. Some of those people are funny.

"Emmy dizzy" -- that is the perfect description of what it's like around 10:30....

A Conan acceptance speech could have been... painful?

bitingly hilarious. and what do we think of January Jones's gown?

Drink-worthy. Nay, two drinks.

See, I'd wear it in a minute -- three drinks.

Was that a joke or did Krasinski just screw up?

If Krasinski tells a joke but nobody gets that he was joking, is it actually a joke?


I too was annoyed by Julia Ormond's acceptance speech. But I have not yet forgiven her for what she did to "Sabrina"

Thank God for DVR. JJ's dress looks like something I wore to my high school prom (circa 1988).

I love, love, love that dress. I think I just bought a dress just like it, except mine's green and has little plastic lozenges and sequins all over the bodice so it's even better/worse.. Oh wait, this isn't a fashion chat...

She rode to the Emmys in the trunk

and I am so glad I did not wear my new green gown to this chat...

Over/under on how many episodes that Jimmy Smits show lasts?

It is the perfect CBS drama series... Ooh, there Fallon goes trying to ad lib again. You're right, he's no good at that...

Did you notice that even though Matthew Perry declined a beer, a very pregnant Amy Poelher took one? Love her--never one to pass up an opportunity for a laugh.

That need to go on youtube...

Who has a better career going forward -- post-Scrubs Zach Braff or post-Office John Krasinski?

Zach who? (I'd say Krasinski...anybody else want to weigh in?)

Neither has Hodgman! Ha! But he tweeted that they can't hear him in the theater. Too bad; she might have been thrown off by his comment. Love him and so glad they had the guts to keep him.

I'm having trouble hearing him here -- again. When will they get it right?

She isn't pregnant. She just had her baby.


Jewel? Why? If Fallon and Jewel got into a fight, who would win? I think Jewel.

No question -- Jewel.

Now it's the dead people's popularity contest. Clap for the dead actor you loved the best!

Gary Coleman appeared to get the biggest applause. That IS sad....

I didn't know Trapper John, MD died this year?!


I didn't know people in the TV industry weren't brought up to applaud for only the dead people they liked best....


...or, polite applause throughout. It's the stopping and starting that is so skeevy...

Uh, Amy Poehler gave birth to her second child about 3 weeks ago.

Which means she really needs that beer. (Yes, I've already been reprimanded.)

I think Rue McClanahan and Lena Horne tied for the most applause for the women. John Forsythe may have won for the men.

I think they were slightly behind Coleman... I'm disgusted with lack of applause for Jean Simmons and others..

The audience not to clap until it's all over. How do you think the loved ones of those who didn't get a single hand clap felt? Like that deadliest catch guy. Silence. Can't they mute the audience feed for that ?

I'm not sure reality-show subject belongs in same category as Jean Simmons.

What are the chances the show will wrap up by then....

approaching zero

Holy crap! Was that Kevorkian in the audience?

I thought I just dreamed that... and someone on this chat mentioned Danes looks like she's in her 40s. I'm not seeing it. I am, however, tired of Temple standing up all the time... actually on NBC, opposite Blue Bloods, the actual perfect CBS drama.

Yes, I know. That was the point I was making. CBS suffered from ratings losses on Friday and, since CBS is the only network that seems to be able to hang on to a broadcast-sized audience on Fridays, the other networks are very agressively this season trying to find their perfect "CBS show" to put on THEIR Friday night. In NBC's case, it's "Outlaw." Once you see it you'll understand exactly what I mean. It really is the perfect CBS show.

...this hasn't been a bad show. I am, though, really buzzed right now. So glad to know there are other TV geeks out there.

So glad I'm not the only one who's hit the wall. I always hit the wall right around movie-and-mini time.

Pookie, I'm in NYC and catching up. Do you have a link for a summary of winners so far? Very happy for Glee and Modern Family from what I've caught up on so far.

here it is. Meanwhile, Emily just reported seeing Alex O'Laughlin in a commercial for "The Backup Plan" -- I'm not paying attention to the ad breaks, but I can report that CBS just gave him three new series commitments based on her message...

He was on LA Law a million years ago.

oil painting of him in his attic is ageing fast...

What station were all these movies/miniseries on?

mostly HBO... a couple PBS....

Thanks to the chatter who brought up the Matthew Perry sighting during the beer thing. And yay to DVR's so that I could rewind back and watch it. He was very polite and looked gorgeous while turning it down, so all good.

and..presenter just revealed it was non alcoholic beer. And yet Perry was smart enough to know to turn it down because of all those TV cameras... smart Matthew Perry...

If not for this chat. The Emmy's should pay you. Seriously.

You're sweet but I get paid already to do this, by the Post. And how great that Pacino just won for playing Kevorkian...Hooray that Kevorkian finally stood up so people can see him...

thanks for the chat

you left just in time. NBC is giving us a "sneak peek" at their new show "The Event" ...

is doing a great Al Pacino impression.

 I thought I was watching Fallon doing Pacino for a second... when did Pacino become a caricature of himself?

He really isn't rocking it, though.

that was his 70's look. He has great hair...

Kudos for Jimmy Smits making it to all 3 branches of government. He played a member of Congress and the President on West Wing, and now a Supreme Court justice.

he's a renaissance man

I'm shocked. Shocked!

..but not as shocked as I am that "The Pacific" won for best miniseries. yes, another Tom Hanks acceptance speech. I never get tired of them, though he's a lot funnier at the TV Critics Awards trophy show -- you should have been there.

Lisa, this is Special Online-Only Watcher Ned Martel, wondering why Tom Selleck is seen in's GREEN ROOM. Is he here to pick up an Emmy he thinks he deserved 25 years ago for Magnum or merely 15 years ago as a Friends' guest? Also, who thought PRODUCERS TABLE would be interesting to view? Also, should Selleck be wearing a white dinner jacket? I know it's not Labor Day yet, but still...

Hi Ned. Tom is presenting as we chat.... I can't explain the white dinner jacket... On Selleck or Fallon....

I hope for his sake he's getting paid, out of pity, for his GREEN ROOM duty. He's shaking hands with winners who are rushing past him.

.."so where was I" Matt says for "Mad Men" win and then adds "I can't believe we're here" which has to be the night's most disingenuous speech remark....And, remarkably, they're going to come in on time. So it CAN be done!

oh heck.. They moved best comedy series to last and I'm trained like Pavlov's dogs to think this show is over when they announce the win for best drama. I nearly missesd the "Modern Family" win...


I stand corrected. They can't bring this show in on time. It's 3 minutes after the hour... Thanks again for joining me -- good night...

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