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Apr 28, 2010

Executives at Goldman Sachs testified before a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday, as senators questioned them about the bank's role in the financial crisis. The Post's Frank Ahrens discusses the hearing and takes your questions.

After getting hammered on Capitol Hill on Tuesday and dealing with an SEC fraud charge, many are wondering: How long can Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein hang onto his job? Some think he'll be gone at the end of the year, but not because of anything he's done wrong.

Greece is waiting on a massive rescue package as Spain gets its debt downgraded, joining Portugal. Where will the European debt spiral end? What does it mean for the U.S.?

Are you surprised the Fed kept rates down today?

Why are people getting on their case for properly anticipating the market was going to collapse and for making a buck off that?

I watched the hearings yesterday from gavel to gavel and thought that Tourre gave better than he got from the senators. How do you think he did?

See you again soon.

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