East Coast storm strands travelers: AAA's Kristin Nevels with latest news

Dec 27, 2010

While the Washington area dodged the bullet during the weekend?s massive snow storms, many travelers were left stranded by breakdowns and cancellations along the east coast. Kristin Nevels, a public and government affairs specialist at AAA Mid-Atlantic, will take questions on travel conditions for those hoping to return home from the locations that were hit the hardest.

Good Afternoon. I am Kristin Nevels, a Public and Government Affairs Specialist with AAA Mid-Atlantic. I look forward to answering your questions about travel conditions along the east coast after the weekend’s snow storms.

When do you expect trains to be running again between New York and Washington?

Hi Fairfax! As of 6:15 this morning, service between New York and Washington continues to run normally. Still, passengers are encouraged to check with Amtrak for schedule information and train status updates.

What should stranded motorists do in such conditions up north?

Hi Washington, D.C! Motorists should carefully adhere to winter driving safety tips and have a winter weather kit on hand. The kit should contain a blanket, ice scraper and brush, flares or reflective triangles, flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, bag of cat litter, shovel and paper towels When properly stocked, the contents of the kit will not only help drivers free vehicles which may be stuck in snow, but also warn other motorists while keeping the driver and passengers safe and warm.

What's the latest travel information you're getting re Philadelphia, New York and further up?

Many airlines and airports are still experiencing delays and cancellations. Also, bus lines including Greyhound and Bolt Bus, have delayed and/or cancelled scheduled trips from locations like Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Again, it is best to contact the specific airline or bus company for the latest details.

Will the cancellations further north cause a backup down here at our area airports?

Hellow Chantilly!

Unfortunately, the delays and cancellations along the east coast will likely affect airline travel at the three local airports. The good thing is, those travelers with a flexible schedule can take advantage of the waived flight change fees that many airlines are offering. With fewer people heading back into the area at once, congestion is sure to decline.

Hello! Thanks for the chat. I'm coming back into D.C. from Westchester airport on Wednesday afternoon. Will things be sort of back to normal by then?

Hi Back to DC!

You should be fine by Wednesday. Things in this area are already clearing up so the back-up, if any, will be minimal.

Hi Kristin! I'm trying to make it back from Ocean City, Md., to D.C. today in order to make it to work tomorrow but have heard reports of terrible road conditions on Route 50 between here and Cambridge. I don't have a four-wheel-drive. Do you have any information on Route 50's condition? Thanks!

State Highway Officials in Maryland are saying , there have been dramatic improvements in the last few hours.  Coming out of Ocean City, as well as at US 301, there is bare pavement and all travel lanes are open.  Although motorists may encounter isolated patches of snow on the shoulders, roads have been treated with salt.  High winds are causing the snow to blow so motorists are urged to be cautious and especially careful on ramps, bridges and overpasses.

I need to travel along Route 15 through Pennsylvania. How are the road coditions on Route 15 between Pennsylvania and Maryland? Thanks.

Hi Rockville!

Route 15 received little to no snow at all. Roads are open and clear.

This chat session has come to an end. I apologize for not being able to get to everyone’s questions. But, as I bid farewell, I want to remind you to check with airlines, bus lines, train lines and state highway safety officials before heading out for your trip home. Keep all travel safety tips in mind and stay calm and alert no matter what comes along. Thank you for joining me today.

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