"Deadliest Catch" season finale: Captain Sig Hansen and Post television writer Emily Yahr

Jul 30, 2013

Chat live with Deadliest Catch Captain Sig Hansen and Post television reporter Emily Yahr. They will take your questions about the season 9 finale of Deadliest Catch (airing Tuesday, July 30 at 9pm ET on Discovery) and other topics.

Good morning everyone, just having some coffee and a smoke! Tonight's the last episode -- it sure went fast, so what's on your minds?

Are Jr. and Keith still friends? Or is it just a set up?

What you saw is as real as it gets, they are both very competitive

While Sig can answer any and all questions about "Deadliest Catch" and the finale tonight, feel free to send any other general questions about these types of reality shows and docu-series.

Will there be or will you be doing a season 10? Cindy Cory Sac. Ca.


is the season 9 is really the last show ever due that the episode called the Final Battle?

A Discovery rep clarified that "The Final Battle" is just the title of the episode, and doesn't foreshadow the show ending -- no decision has been made yet on Season 10.

What was the most difficult decision you had to make this year while out fishing?

Giving Edgar the boat!!

How do you think Josh and Jake Harris will do running the Cornelia Marie?

I'm sure they'll be fine. They'll have their ups and downs like everyone else

Do you miss having Jake Anderson on deck?

Yeah I do. I miss jake a lot 

Captain Hansen, I am glad you have such a great safety record. What is it that you do that has ensured the safety of the crew that others where others have made mistakes?

Try to keep the same crew for as long as I can, AND I TRY TO PAY ATTENTION!!!

Hi Sig,

How often do you watch the show? And what other shows do you watch?

We Tevo the show at home so I can catch all the episodes. I watch stuff like the big bang theory, I like comedies!

What was it like doing voiceover for a movie (producer note: Sig voiced Crabby the Boat in "Cars 2")? Were you alone during the taping or did you get to record with other actors? How long did it take to make your recording?

It was an incredible experience. I was mostly alone in a booth. But I was being directed by John Lasseter the owner of Pixar for a couple of days. It was absolutely amazing. I would love to do it again!

Are you retiring? I was surprised to see you so fed up that you walked out early.

I'll retire when I'm six feet under PERIOD!

Emily, can you talk a bit about the show's popularity? Why do you think the show has resonated so well with viewers? 

"Deadliest Catch" does extremely well for Discovery -- looks like this season it averages around 3 million viewers an episode. Discovery is a male-skewing network, and I've seen the series described as a man's version of a soap opera, because there is so much drama that takes place -- but I think the extremely scary, real life situations draw a lot of people in, and have sustained it over time.

Will Edgar in the future take over the helm of the Northwestern?

He takes over when I retire, six feet under 

Sig, who does the cooking on the Northwestern? How is the food -- does it get repetitious? Or do you guys eat like kings during each outing?

Matt does the cooking and his food is awesome. We just dont always eat on a regular schedule. First guy that bitches about the food is the cook, so nobody bitches!

Sig, I vividly remember the first season. It had the tragedy of a boat being lost to the sea, rescues from the coast guard and a Navy seal who couldn't cut it as a greenhorn. Now it seems far more manufactured. The rivalry between the two young skippers being one example.

I wouldnt call it more hollywood but instead more personal  The reality is there are more boats now and discovery is up there for months at a time, so they are gonna pick the stories they want to play

Can you tell us which boat the horrible mangled hand accident happens on tonight? We keep seeing glimpses of it on previews.

No! That's the fun about TV. Hope the suspense is killing you...

Hello Sig, I'm a huge fan of the show, and I often wonder if you guys have any say about what makes the final cut to be aired. Is there ever anything filmed that you don't want to make the show?

We have no say, we sold our souls! That's what keeps it real. Everyone has something they wish didn't air but that's the name of the game

Emily- I'm super behind on Deadliest Catch! How can I catch up on latest episodes?

If you're near a TV today, Discovery is airing a marathon of Season 9 leading up to the finale tonight -- and then re-running the two-hour finale at midnight.

What was it about this year's opilio season that made you decide to turn over the wheelhouse to your brother, Edgar? You did seem to really be in need of a break.

Believe it or not I put family first and Edgar does need the time behind the wheel and it just seemed like a good opportunity

Is something exciting going to happen on the North Western tonight?

While Sig probably knows more details, I've been seeing references to a greenhorn suffering a gruesome hand injury...if that fits your definition of exciting!

Barb from Wisconsin: Just to say I love this show like everbody I know. My question is for Captain Sig Hansen. How did the Discovery Channel crew handle all of the bad weather on your boat as well as the others? Did they all make it through the season?

Hi Barb Most of the guys do great but some of the camera men have quit before because of sea sickness. 

What fishing do you do in august when its warm?

The boat is salmon tendering now for 3 months but I'm hanging home with the family for a bit

Hi, Sig...what is your favorite way to eat crab? Just rip it apart after steaming, like my crew? OR sauteed in garlic and wine as I prefer? ;-)

Just boiled fresh out of the pot and straight onto a sandwich with just mayo and tomato

Hi Sig- First of all let me tell you I love the Northwestern and everyone aboard ! My question pertains to weather-tell us about the worse weather you've ever encountered-Thank you -Donna from Florida

Hey Donna 60 ft seas and 120 knott winds scares me to death

Hi, my name is Scott Campbell. I been watching for day one. Will you and the other captain's come to Canada in the Niagara Falls & Toronto area.

We were in Niagara Falls a while back but check my Facebook for up coming gigs

Who "drives" when you sleep, Sig? Is it always Edgar? Or does the crew take turns?

When we shut down we all take a watch. Usually an hour a piece , a rotation

What is the most terrifying thing that you have experienced on the Northwestern. Dan LaPierre.

We've been close to losing the boat a few times. One in particular we were iced down way too much. I learned my lesson, ice is bad!

With a little more free time lately, do you have any hobbies or interests you'd like to devote more time to?

I don't have as much time as you think, I'm always doing stuff for discovery, like right now! But to be honest I like being domestic and just hangin at home or VEGAS!

How long does it take your body to recover after so much lack of sleep, and physical and mental exhaustion? Thanks, Tricia

Let's just say everything I come home I screw up my family for about a week. My sleep schedule is abnormal 

Hi Sig...How many cups of coffee would you get through in a 24 hr period?

Who the hell's counting the pots cooking day and night! By the way I've got my own brand, wink wink 

What other fishing does the Northwestern do beside king and opilio crab?

Salmon tendering in the summer and cod fishing and other types of crab as well

Sig, do you think Captain Wild Bill has, in a way, filled the 'void" left by Captain Phil?

No offense to Bill, but there is only one Phil.

My husband and I are your greatest fans in Oklahoma. We record the shows and watch them over and over. All of you have made this show into one of the best on TV. I sense that all of you enjoy the show too. Are any of the Captains quitting or leaving the show this next season?

Not to my knowledge, everyone's been doing great 

Hello! Can you tell us what the actual fishing time table is. Watching the show in the spring after time for production does not translate well for when you guys are actually out. How does it fit around the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. When are you actually home with your families.? Seems like you guys must have very strong wives (or no wives!)

They film us Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March, April and while you are watching it in April they are still putting all the footage together through the season. We always try to make it home for holidays but it's not guaranteed. And my wife's as tough as nails!

If you could steal one crew member from another boat, who would it be?

I would take Mike Fourtner off of The Time Bandit. He seems like a solid guy.

How often do you and others in the Fleet play practical jokes on each other? We haven't seen much of that since Capt Phil has been gone.

It's been going on as long as I can remember however they don't always show everything we do

Do you guys ever indulge yourselves to crab dinner aboard the ship?

Yes, nothing like a home cooked meal

Seen any crazy fan tattoos that you wish people had not gotten?

Put it this way I have been offered to view some nasty ones in places I won't say, BUT I never took a peek.

For Emily - What do you think has caused the rise of so many of these "profession-based" reality shows, as opposed to the "Real World" and "Survivor"-type shows that used to be so prevalent?

I really think it comes down to just people wanting to view the behind-the-scenes of a small slice of life they would normally never get to see. Personally, I used to always wonder about the appeal of profession-based shows, but then one day I was captivated by a 5-hour marathon of "Parking Wars"...it was fascinating.

It's real flattering that you guys have all these questions it blows my mind every time! Thanks for watching! Can't wait for tonight, SHUT UP AND FISH!!!! 

Thanks for all your questions!

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Sig Hansen
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