Capitals-Penguins fight: How should the Caps respond? (video)

Oct 14, 2011

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog discussed Thursday night's fight between Jay Beagle of the Washington Capitals and Arron Asham of the Pittsburgh Penguins in a live video Q&A.

Hello and welcome. Today's topic is the fight in last night's Capitals-Penguins game between Jay Beagle and Arron Asham. Specifically, I'm curious how you think the Capitals should respond in the teams' next meeting -- Dec. 1 at Verizon Center. Let's go.

Two wrongs don't make a right! Don't follow up one "Classless Act" with another! Definetly don't instigate anything. You'll get suspended and be unable to help the team. If you DON'T think the Refs will be watching for revenge, you are sadly mistaken!

How should the Caps respond? They shouldn't. Pittsburgh has too many fighters for the Caps to stand up to and will only be embarrassed again.

The Caps are something like 9-0-2 against the Pens in the past four years. It seems like keeping up the victories would be a mighty fine form of retaliation.

How about a 7-0 victory? It was a classless move, and the fact that the Pens fans were cheering for an injury was embarassing for them as a franchise. We need some sort of response like our response to the Rangers' "Can you hear us?" chant...

Next Caps-Pens game -- DJ King takes on Asham. What'd'ya think?

Lets be honest:  DJ King is the Butterbean of enforcers. He can't really handle himself vs real heavywieghts. So lets call up our buddy Donald Brashear and see if we can get him to come back for the league minimum. DJ can say he hurt his knee somewhere. Asham has to pay with blood, or the blood of another Penguin.

Hi, Why all the whining from the Caps side? BB, Ovi, and the others are making Beagle sound like a wimp by commenting and complaining.

It was a devastating punch and ultimately Asham apologized, so that's not really the issue. The question is are the Capitals tough enough - not now - but when they reach the playoffs?


I say "almost." We have the goalie but now need one more tough heart-and-soul, two-way guy for the third or fourth line.

First, the hit on Pittsburgh player wasn't that flagrant. And yes, Asham apologized, but that's not good enough. He needs to be beaten to a pulp, just to show that there are repercussions for his actions after the fight. You can't mock a downed player and get away with it.

Ovechkin should destroy Crosby the first chance he gets. Also, dress DJ King

That's easy:  Next time they face the Penguins, the Caps should take the ice wearing flowing yellow saffron robes and peace necklaces and carrying lilies. They should meet at center ice and form a circle of serenity and engage in a spiritual chant for one-ness and harmony with the universe and all ivling things. Then the Caps should play hockey and beat the crap out of the Penguins.

[Producer's note: Post of the day?]

In the wake of the "concussion englightment era," are there guidelines (official or unofficial) for Beagle's return? I believe a knockout like that is considered a brain injury (even if only temporary). For several reasons, I'm assuming that Beagle will be advised not to fight any time soon.

Caps fans I talk to first call Asham's activities "classless" and demand a fine/suspension, but then say revenge is imminent when he comes to DC, implying Ovi or someone else will knock him out with a (presumably) dirty hit. Is it hypocritical to feel both ways, or is that just the life of a sports fan?

Do you think George McPhee will now change course (again) and add a enforcer to the roster? I think McPhee changed his philosphy and thats why Donald Brashear was let go. Last night was tough to watch if you are a Caps fan, but you understand if you are a hockey fan

The Pens tough guy chased and fought a player who had never fought at the NHL level. The Caps should bide their time and look for an opportunity to get even. We no longer employ a fighter which is good for the league but we do have some pretty good hitters and Asham deserves a good hit.

The proper time to respond was during last night's game. Have DJ King skate up to Asham during his next shift and pop him in the mouth. But part of me thinks that Beagle is a grownup and if he wants to swing with Asham, then let him go.

What about suiting Alan May back up for a game?

It doesn't matter how we think the Caps will respond. Those of us who follow the team closely know that the Caps won't respond because its not their nature to do so. Nothing will happen, it will be a forgotten incident by that time.

That's all for today. Thanks for watching and participating.

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