DC Cupcakes: Season finale video chat with Sophie, Mommy and your favorite staff!

Apr 08, 2011

The sweet season two finale of DC Cupcakes is here! In this video chat, Georgetown Cupcakes co-owner and sister Sophie LaMontagne told you the things you've been dying to know all season right from the DC Cupcakes kitchen.

When you got into the cupcake industry, did you learn on your own or go to a baking class?

When did you get into the cupcake business & how long did it take you to establish flowing customers?

Do you secretly think it's silly for people to stand in that long line for a cupcake?

How do you go about experimenting in different flavor cupcakes, and how do you know what will work in a cupcake (as far as fruits, spices etc.) without it weighing it down?

What is your favorite cupcake that you guys made?

Hi, Sophie and Katherine!!! So, I LOVE making cupcakes with my friend. We are AWESOME at decorating, and we're only kids. :) Where did you guys find or create your cupcake recipes? Is it a passed down-family recipe? Thanks! ~ A very excited, cupcake/baker girl, Eden. :D

Where did Katherine get the dress she wore at "Mommy and Daddy's" 40th wedding anniversary? I loved it! - Love your show and congrats to Katherine and hi to Sophie. Thank you, Javana

What is the worst and best part about working along side with your sister?

Will you do a special Washington Capitals cupcake during the Stanley Cup Playoffs? I know John Carlson and others like your cupcakes since they tweet about them.

I saw a delivery truck from a rival store yesterday and wondered if you'd ever thought about a van or truck where you'd set up shop in different locations. Thanks.

What makes a cupcake moist & fluffy, what makes them dry?

First of all I love your show and how you make so many different kinds of unique cupcakes. My question is how do you fit your every day lives into the hustle and bustle of running a business?

Marigolds cupcakes are a legend in New York, and now you are legends in DC. Do you know any other cities that can now be defined by their remarkable cupcakes? Off hand I can't, but you're the experts!

Why did you decide to open your own business?

How many cupcakes does your bakery produce per day since its first opening?

Is Georgetown Cupcakes going to stay exclusively in D.C. and the surrounding cities or would their be other locations opening up further elsewhere in the future -Rodnie, Virginia Beach, VA.

What were your jobs before Georgetown cupcake?

Do you think the cupcake craze is subsiding at all? I keep hearing rumors that pies will soon be the next "in" dessert.

How long did it take you to plan and open your shop once you made the decision to do it?

How often do you have job (like cashier, etc.) openings available?

How can I keep the cupcakes fresh for 2-4 days without freezing them?

In what area do you sell the most cupcakes: Store traffic, catering or shipping?

Now that you have two locations and two seasons of DC Cupcakes under your belt, what is the next big step for Georgetown Cupcake?

What brand of peanut butter do you use in the Chocolate PB Swirl? Thank you!!

I LOVE the show and Georgetown Cupcake! I've been every weekend for the past three weeks (stood in line at least one hour each time). Do you have any plans to expand across the river, perhaps in Arlington or Fairfax County? I know I'll be there if you do!

Knowing what you know now, what would you tell your nervous and scared selves (provided you were scared or nervous) when you decided to quit your corporate jobs? Also, what would you do differently starting out?

What you do when your not doing the show or working at the store? Also, how often do you go to the Bethesda store? Thanks, Tara Weston in CA

What happens to the giant creations (slot machine, bra, gorilla, lion, etc...) that you make/cover with cupcakes? Do people eat them? How do decide how much to charge for your creations?

Since it's been another season, have your staff members learned how to do your signature swirl or do you still mostly do the frosting with a limited amount of people? And is it really that hard to learn?

Who do you use as your packaging supplier? I love the attention to details!

I'm coming to visit your shop this weekend what are the chances of me seeing you?

On the show it has you at your shop at all the time, but a lot of that time you are actually in your lab, so how often are you actually at your shop where you sell the cupcakes?

Do either one of you dye your hair?

If I am out of work next week due to furlough can I get a part-time position at your Bethesda location? Will work for cupcakes :)

When creating your own cupcake most recipes call for milk, buttermilk or half & half, what is the difference in use for these ingredients & is one better than the other?

Can you please tell us your recipe for Milk Chocolate Birthday and for Salted Caramel? Thanks.

I love your show! When is a new season going to start again? I am so sad that the season is over already and so short.

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Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis
Following its sweet success in season one, TLC has been serving up another twelve episodes of DC Cupcakes, the hit series following sisters and business partners Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis and the colorful crew at Georgetown Cupcake. Batter has been splattered and icing flying as each half-hour goes behind-the-scenes to capture the trials and tribulations of running a bustling family business. The season finale will air Friday, April 8, at 10 p.m. ET.
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