Dana Milbank Live: Santorum's Nazi comparisons and more

Good afternoon, dear readers.  It has been another excellent week in politics, with Rick Santorum's Nazis, Mitt Romney's foray into ulcer medication and Bob McDonnell's intravaginal ultrasound.  What would you like to discuss?

Mitt Romney said, "You get to ask the questions you want, I get to give the answers I want." I dare you to answer all our questions in this chat with non sequiturs.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. 123456789

The 'Nazi' card is no longer used by thinking Democrats when attacking Republicans because it was overused in the past , and to Democrats, it now sounds like what it is: overstatement. On the other hand, Republicans play the card regularly to their information challenged supporters, because they at least know that much about history: that Hitler was "a really bad guy."

Yes, most troubling part of Santorum's Obama-is-Hitler thing was Rick's sense that Americans in 1940-41 thought Hitler might be a nice guy.   Makes it more clear that he did, in fact, have Obama in mind, because this setup makes the comparison smoother, if completely false.

I'm surprised your column didn't mention the golden rule of the internet debate, that if you need to bring up the Nazis in your argument, you've (Santorum) already lost.

[Producer's note:  See also Godwin's Law]

Made mention of it without Mr. Godwin this time.  Got into that in an earlier bit about my old friend Glenn Beck -- who interestingly became a big Santorum fan at about the time the Nazi stuff came out.

If Santorum doesn't win the Republican nomination, will he put his glasses back on, regrow his mustache and move back next door to Marge and Homer?

I almost answered this with a Nazi pun but even I have some limits.

Hi mr. Millbank, i am a 14-year-old, 9th-grader from NYC. I would like to suggest that perhaps Santorum's Nazi-calling games grew out of his own unbendable mind? There is a old playground taunt that after an insult, the child would say: "look in the mirror!" There is a streak of childishness across the GOP candidates. My question to you is: is this how political games are played? And how we, as teenagers, discern truth from hoopla?

I did not know there were minors on this chat!  Tone it down, everybody.   In my day the playground taunt was "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you."   A generation earlier it was, I believe, "so's your mama." Before that, "so's your old man."


Hi Dana, Is it true that the number of Republican primary and caucus voters is dramaticaly down from previous cycles? If so, is this an indication of what right leaning voter turnout may be like in the general election?

It is evidence that President Obama has shipped them to a secret black site and is not letting them out until mid-November.

I'm going out tonight but I haven't been able to reach Rick Santorum for him to tell me what is acceptable behavior for me when I'm out. What should I do?

Rick is tied up at the moment, so why don't you send your specific behavior questions to me and I will lead readers in answering them for you the way we believe Santorum would?

If it is god's will that Santorum run for president don't you think god would have given Santorum some better debate responses for Romney's attacks?

As Rick Perry said: God told him to run; He didn't say anything about winning.

Dana, something that caught my eye during the debates, but I forgot about it because Santorum seemed destined for oblivion. Now that he has resurrected, it seems to have become a very urgent and important issue. Here it comes: why does Santorum always run off stage during the commercial breaks of the debates? Does he have a weak bladder or does he go for a quick prayer?

He receives answers from a Burning Bush just offstage.  Sort of an old-school version of that radio transponder Bush used to keep between his shoulder blades.

Your favorite food comes from South America, right?

Comes from Arizona, actually.   Although some would say that proves your point.

Rick Santorum has stated that he doesn't like birth control, and that states have the right to ban it. Do you think that he believes that in some states of mind, contraception could be ruled illegal? For example, the state of arousal?



Could you also ask Rick Santorum if its ok to have contraceptives?

No. It is ok for the federal government to subsidize the contraceptives but it is not acceptable to use them for the intended purpose.  You would be free, for example, to take condoms with you on Friday night but only for the purpose of making water balloons.

Make sure you have some aspirin to put between your knees.

This is always good advice for a Friday night because this form of birth control doubles as hangover prevention.

I call [shenanigans (since we have minors here)]. Rick would never be "tied up." And shame on you for thinking such things! This is EXACTLY the kind of slippery slope that he has been warning us about.

Oh, restrain yourself. Ahem.


This explains a great deal about your personality, childhood must have not been easy for you...

So's your mama.

How do I get to first base? Hopefully, Jayson Werth.

Well, readers?  What Would Rick Do to get to first base?

Hi Dana. What do you make of this new poll that shows women's support for Santorum is actually increasing. I can't figure it out...can you?

Aspirin overdose?

I am five years old and Rick Santorum scares me. Do I really have to wait until I'm 18 to vote?

Do not worry, little one.  Rick Santorum has several children who are exactly your age and would do nothing to hurt them.

I think he needs to moderate the next debate. He'd be one of the few adults in the room. As a woman who thought the contraception debate was over with a long time ago, I think this kid is absolutely on target.

Or at least do next week's chat instead of me.

Have you caught Linsanity, Linmania, or any other Jeremy Lin related ailments?

He's no Chris Dudley. 

"I know I am but what are you?"

Yes! And kids would say it back and forth to each other endlessly.   You didn't go to Old Mill Road School in North Merrick, New York, did you? 

He would let four balls go by.

He certainly balks a lot, too.

Dana, obama ads are popping up on your chat. what gives?

I think those ads follow your viewing habits.  So, for example, if I were to go to the page right now my screen would be full of diet and bourbon ads.

Marriage, nothing less would do

I predict this one will go into extra innings.

He can't sacrifice....a bunt won't get him there...but maybe an error on another's part will!

This is the point in the chat where I state that I am in awe of the readership.

Yo' mama's so big she could host a Republican debate on her belly.

This is not the point in the chat when I say anything about awe of the readership.

From the early years of your journalistic career here in the Steel City, what one thing about Rick Santorum do most Americans not know about him that would make a significant difference to his Presidential campaign (whether helping or hurting him)?

I have it on good information that he's been to. . . the Strip District.

Are the Yalies jealous of their rivals success?

Very good. Was wondering if anybody would get that dated Yale-NBA reference. 


Yes, then a stolen base or two and he's trying to get home with a suicide squeeze.

Ok, I'll bite. So Rick says the rhythm method is the only acceptable form of birth control. So if I'm looking to hook up tonight there is no possible polite way to figure out an acceptable potential partner. What should I do?

Some help here, people?

What's worse than being called a Nazi? Seems like it's becoming somewhat diluted with the Soup Nazi and the Stasi troops changing Steve King's light bulbs?

A well-placed so's-your-old-man can be devastating.

But the man has 7 kids, so he seems to be able to get to first base before letting the balks take over.

And now we have officially killed this with a Louisville Slugger.

Just to let you know, I've received many responses to the rhythm-method question but none is printable.

Wasn't the all-time greatest Ivy Leaguer in the NBA New Jersey's then-future Senator Bill Bradley?

Producer's note: Legendary columnist Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe recently published his all-time Ivy-Leaguers-in-the-NBA team

Princeton is in the Ivy League?

Should have mentioned:  Haley Crum is out, so moderating today is the big dog, Jon DeNunzio, who knows something about sports.

Sorry buddy, but if you're looking to hook up tonight, you might consider checking your sweater vest at the door.

Finally, one that can be shared with the fourteen-year-olds. 

Is it OK for me to have wild orgies with bunch of men tonight as long as I plan on getting pregnant?

As long as you are married to all of them.

Yes, that is our signal. It is time to go.  Thank you for chatting.  Back with you next week.  Until then, @milbank on Twitter. 

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