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Nov 04, 2011

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Good afternoon, dear readers.  Apologies (again) for the slow start.   I think it may have something to do with my circa 1995 laptop.  But, if you noticed today's Washington Post Co. earnings, this may not be the best time to be requesting new equipment.

Anyway, I assume you are all still with me in being active advocates for the Hermanator.  He is under siege this week and, though the brave people of Iowa have not yet turned against him, he definitely needs our help in keeping his candidacy going as long as possible.  Please send any suggestions my way, so I can share them with his campaign staff via this chat.


Do you think the Gingrich strategy of eatting as many McRibs as possible on the campaign trail will backfire or will it appeal to the common man who may have felt a bit offended by those stories about shopping sprees at Tiffanys ?

McRibs are not a strategy for Newt.  They are a basic life need.

What should we make of the fact that Herman Cain is rising in the polls after allegations of sexual harassment and wil Romney now follow his lead and start hitting on some of the white haired ladies supporting his campaign ?

Well, I was with him in the New Hampshire diner that day when he leaped out in front of the jukebox, pretending the waitresses had pinched his behind.  I think we can expect more of this from everybody, but particularly Santorum.


You were Marie Antoinette for Halloween right? That's my guess from last week's chat. The corset must have been uncomfortable...

Now it can be told, and some of you were pretty darn close if not spot on with your guesses.    My wife was Dominique Strauss Kahn and I was the Sofitel maid, complete with French maid uniform, 5-inch heels, professional makeup and prosthetics.    If there is popular demand I might consider pasting in a photo here.  More likely there will be popular demand that I do not.

I was curious watching Perry's NH speech if you've ever written a column under the influence of pain killers or other mind altering prescription drugs? "That's just awesome!"

Does Lipitor count?

When House Speaker Boehner was asked about Grover Norquist's influence toward republicans, he dismissed it, calling Mr. Norquist just some 'random person'... How can a random person like myself also gain super 'random' power over politicians as Mr. Norquist has?

You must become five feet tall and grow a beard.

Has Charles K. finally/completely lost his mind? Now the Iraq war has been lost? When did that happen? What do you feed that man? Mind altering drugs?


Hi Dana, The sexual harassment thing worked out so well for Clarence Thomas that I am wondering if the Hermanator made it all up just to help his chances with GOP base that seems to like that kind of thing. I heard he tried to get Anita Hill to accuse him, but she wasn't available is that true?

Granting the interview to Ginni Thomas was just more Hermanator genius.

Do these conservatives who disregard sexual harrassment have daughters? Are those daughters ever victims of workplace harrassment?

At the risk of provoking a riot on this chat, why do you limit that to conservatives who disregard sexual harassment?

Was there a reenactment?

That's where the prosthetics came in.

The most interesting aspect of the L'Affaire Cain is the strength with which FOX is hammering him. Krauthammer has been almost ruthless in picking his performance apart. I was expecting an wagon circling but instead Fox is leaving Cain for dead. Is the GOP establishment seizing this change to rid themselves of this clown?

Prolly.  Seems to me there was never going to be a Nominee Cain, no matter how high he rose in the polls.  What remains of the establishment and other sensible conservatives couldn't allow the election to be thrown away like that.   So this is as good an excuse as any, but it would have happened anyway.

The people who believe such harassment exists probably weren't going to vote for the Hermanator anyway.

Precisely.   Just like Obama, when asked in 2007 if his middle name would be a problem, said those people weren't going to vote for a Democrat anyway.

I'm just waiting that kind of outburst-a-la-Howard Dean from Warren.

I don't think she has enough mass to produce a sound like that.  But maybe after a few months of dinners on the campaign trail...

Romney is still considered the likely Republican nominee, even though 75% of Republicans don't like him. Obama's approval ratings aren't too hot either among his progressive wing. How is it that in a nation of 300 million, we can't find even two people to get excited about?

I get excited by many more than two people.  I suspect others do too.  We just can't agree on which ones to get excited about.   Suggestions?  (Other than Cain -- that's already assumed in this chat.)

What do you think caused Perry's different behavior last week? Do you think it was a substance, a concerted effort to be more energetic, or the real Perry being shown compared to a previously tired incarnation?

Overadjustment of meds.   This happens whenever I go from 10mg of Lipitor to 15 mg.

Please, may we see the photo????

This lone request does not amount to popular demand.

Oh no you di-int ...!

And this one nullifies the previous request.

Is this enough demand? I really want to see it.

I am now weighing this seriously with the producer of this chat.  It is in Haley Crum's capable hands.

When did it become a crime in America to compliment a woman on her fine, luscious, drool-inspiring, hold-men-in-thrall...holy cow, did you see that?

That's what I'm talking about!

"I think we can expect more of this from everybody, but particularly Santorum." I'm not sure I understand your point. Are we expecting more Santorum from everyone?

It wouldn't be a Friday chat without some disgusting Santorum allusion.  Is everybody enjoying lunch?  I'm skipping lunch; I've lost 10 pounds since I began thinking about Santorum.

It's all well and good to act tough, but doesn't that imply that you have the means of carrying out your threats. What's Obama have to throw at anyone to get them to fall in line? He'll send a sumo wrestler to sit on them?

Suddenly I am thinking of David Axelrod in a sumo outfit.  I think I will have no trouble losing 15 lbs.

No, that was me. But I said "let them eat pretzels!" I found out the masses don't want pretzels. They want candy, and lots of it.

I did not see you, Marie, but I did dance with my new colleague Emily Heil, who was dressed as a chicken.  Her husband was the colonel. 

Hi Dana, Your response "there was never going to be a Nominee Cain, no matter how high he rose in the polls" made me think that Mr. Cain is the Boise State of the GOP. Don't they have a playoff system called the primaries that could give him a chance - with your support of course.

Possibly, but in the coaches poll he would still not make the top 20.

what is up with your columns! If you're a Cain fan, then don't kick him when he's down!!!

Yes, I was pondering this contradiction.   In my columns, I must deal with the world as it is.  In these chats, we can get together and conspire to create the ideal situation for my column, which is not the same thing as the ideal situation for the world.

How pathetic is he that he couldn't compete with these rejects?

On the other hand, he kept some dignity.

about gary johnson!!! or Buddy roemer (sp?)!!! AND THEY ARE BOTH RUNNING!

Right. I think we are just not thinking broadly.

In a crazy world where Boise State could be joining the Big East, isn't anything possible re: Cain winning the nod from the GOPers? I don't know if you've been to Boise but it's in WESTERN Idaho. Maybe Cain just needs to move to a new conference.

Another worthy suggestion for Mr. Block.

Michelle had the Iowa Hawkeyes move to Ames, IA. Isn't that the great thing about Republicans: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Maybe if you just had a little mustard seed of faith, Milbank. Now the Iowa State Cyclones are being moved to Ann Arbor to accommodate. OK by you?

Yes, I'm getting a lot of comments like this.  Maybe you are right and i am giving up too soon on our man.  I will try to have faith.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for.  Okay, so maybe two or three of you have been waiting for. My halloween costume:

Please comment.

I think he has been creeping for years.  I attribute this to McRibs.

Because the two people we're supposed to get excited about are politicians. Let's talk about what matters. Was Kris being paid to get married to Kim for a couple months as a PR stunt?

I think if some of these Twilight vampires would get in the race there would be more excitement.  Certainly in my household.

"I've lost 10 pounds since I began thinking about Santorum." So what you're saying is he's the perfect spokesperson for the First Lady's anti-obesity campaign? (No, I am not calling you fat.)

It's okay, you can call me fat.  But I'm only 3 lbs from my target weight now, and thinking about Newt eating McRibs is going to get me across the finish line.

could benefit from a Herman Cain character? All the existing relationships would be thrown into a tizzy (or whatever they threw in NYC back in the '60s).

It is one of many options for him, but I am taking the advice of many of you not to give up on him for the presidency.   I feel bad that I briefly gave in to my cynicism.  Yes he Cain!

Al Gore would whip the country into a frenzy.

Or at least a lather.

the Defending the American Dream summit? Is the dream under the same existential threat that the "In God We Trust" religious observance is? But Christmas is safe, yes? Please?

No. Christmas is definitely not safe.  But the threat does not begin until Bill O'Reilly says it has begun, usually after Thanksgiving.   He is sort of the Punxatawny Phil of Christmas alarms.

"That's where the prosthetics came in." Way more than I ever wanted to know about your private life.

Private?  There were 100s of witnesses.

Where is the rest of the picture? Nice legs....

What, you thought I was going to end my career in this very web chat?

I'm not watching another debate until they put it in a better format. Like someone gets voted off each time.

Or fed to vampires maybe.

Oh no. I just got an image of him appearing on some reality tv show next year.

I love Dana Perino but I get the sense they're holding that 5 pm slot for Herman on Fox.   (But I know he won't take it -- because he'll be president!)

How is it that the Cain Train is getting more passengers following the reports of his indiscretions? Could it be that he's touched his followers?

Excellent.  That bad pun is my sign that it is time to end this chat.  Thank you for being distasteful with me during your lunch hour.  Glad I could help so many people eat less today.   Speaka you next week.

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