The triumph of Ron Paul: Dana Milbank Live

Sep 23, 2011

Dana Milbank chatted about why democrats should be nice to Mitt Romney. Other topics up for discussion included Rick Perry, a useless debt committee, how house Republicans are benefiting from job loss and more.

Dana Milbank Live is your weekly opportunity for a give and take with Dana centering on the latest political news in Washington and his recent columns.

Good afternoon, dear reader. 

Our efforts last week at bolstering the failing candidacy of Mitt Romney proved so successful that it now appears Rick Perry is doomed.    So let us now praise Rick Perry.  And Ron Paul, too.  And all the others.  Because now that Eric Cantor is tweeting out happy thoughts, I am feeling happy and magnanimous, too.   Questions?

Dana, LOVED your last line in your column, to see if "Republicans can practice what they tweet"! That's why you'da'best!

Very tweet of you to say so.

And it can't get up. Looks like Ron Paul is right: The sky is falling. Hope you are safe in a bunker somewhere.

What a terrific opportunity to watch John Belushi's Skylab report again, after all these years.  Here it is.

The GOP now reminds me of that old slasher flick. The inmates are running the asylum.

I was wondering yesterday who was having more trouble pacifying his hardliners:  Boehner or Ahmadinejad. 

Uh, thanks.  I think.  I feel bad that the poster hanger wasted so much time on me.   If he/she will identify him/herself, I will hang posters of him/her in exchange.

Was on fire last night -- do you see him making headway in Iowa?

Yep, I think he's going to go all the way up to 2 percent after that.  

Note to Perry:  When Rick Santorum makes you look like a dope, this is a problem.



Why did they schedule you against both Kessler and Hax? Or I guess why did they schedule Kessler against both you and Hax? I feel like I'm going to mix up my snark, facts, and advice.

I think they forgot that I chat at this time, because they said something about I can chat today "if you want."   But now I am glad I did because I really think there are 7 or 8 of you out there today on this rainy afternoon.

Is everyone's pick for VP? I know he's mine. And I'm an old school Liberal. Thanks much. HLB (Mt. Lebanon, PA)

He'd only be my pick for vp if he doesnt' win the nomination outright.

Hi Dana, I have read that Michele Bachmann is having trouble raising enough money to stay in the race. Will you be donating to her campaign because if it goes you will need to find another easy source of hilarious material. I know, as long as most of the others stay in there really isn't that much of a shortage, but she does her part.

I think the more effective use of cash would be to pay off Ed Rollins so he stops undermining her.  Had she kept him on board I'm thinking she'd still be in the top tier.

Dana-I'm trying to figure out how the discovery that particles can travel faster than light will affect the election. i understand that Republicans don't believe in science, but won't they delight in proving a liberal scientist (Einstein) wrong? Or are the neutrinos just trying to get out of here before things get really bad?

I believe this should be posed to the fact checker.

Why does Paul get under his skin so much? I keep expecting Perry to sock him in the jaw.

I asked Paul about this at the breakfast this week and he said that the menacing look is just how Rick Perry likes to greet people.   He suggested Rick Perry would probably do the same to me, and I agree.

Now there's a campaign poster to rally the troops around. Cue the Howitzers.

I probably should add that I'm not likening Boehner to Ahmadinejad or the Republicans to the ayatollahs.   Just seems the two leaders have a parallel problem.

I wish more people would talk about Rick Perry's preferred VP. (i.e., "I would like to take Herman Cain and mate him up with Newt Gingrich.") If this isn't the single weirdest thing said in a debate so far this year, it's got to be top 3. Easily top 10 all time.

But will he force them to have Gardasil vaccines before mating them?

Made so many references to the 1980s I expect him to wear leg warmers in the next debate.

Please don't let him wear one of those Flashdance shirts falling off his shoulder.

Hello Dana, sorry to get off topic a bit, but you perfectly summed up all of my fears as a small business owner in your article earlier this week. It's such a romantic idea, to own your own business, but reality soon beats any optimism out of you. I could easily hire two additional employees, but can't afford to. And if taxes aren't nailing me, it's my commerical landlord raising my rent every 6 months, credit/debit card processing (over $1K/month for my business), etc. It's death by a thousand cuts. Great article.

Thanks.  Sounds as if we have different business models.  Yours is to produce goods and services. Mine is to pay accountants. 

Who wins?

High above Cayuga's waters

There's an awful smell

Some say it's Cayuga's waters

We say it's Cornell

Is Rick Santorum Ronald Reagan's retarded love child, not named Michael?

Please. Hasn't everybody but Bachmann replaced "retarded" with "mentally disabled"?   Otherwise, yes, Santorum is the product of Reagan getting "mated up" with something or other.

He's always fading after 10 p.m. Eastern (which is 9 p.m. Midwest!)

Herm Cain sees Newt in legwarmers and...we have a veep!

Would you notice a bad look from Perry? Doesn’t everyone give you a menacing look?

Generally.  But in my imagination Perry would also have his hands around my throat.

Doesn't booing out gay servicemember contradict your assertion that the GOP is now playing 'nice'?

Well, I'd make a distinction between the House majority leader and a spectator at a debate. 

But the point of the column is there have been some nice words and some progress on relatively non-controversial legislation.   It's an improvement over this summer but not time for the Democrats and Republicans to start mating up just yet.


As long as all our national crises only last one hour, President Perry should be fine....

For the 2nd hour, Gingrich and Cain will handle it.

Chatter at 12:17 wrote, "I worry for Perry's wife. He's always fading after 10 p.m. Eastern (which is 9 p.m. Midwest!)." Do you suppose that's part of Rick Perry's abstinence-only plan, which he says he's employed at times in his adult life?

He didn't say that, did he?

It's an old abandoned outhouse And it's named Cornell. You're welcome.

I thought there was something about 40,000 horses arses in there, too.

"Santorum on fire" sounds really uncomfortable.

Man on dog, this chat is getting awkward.

Do you know, has any candidate, or GOP or Tea Party group, repudiated booing that soldier?

I think the best way to repudiate the booing would be to subject the booers to capital punishment, then have the rest of the audience cheer. 

Can we wire up the candidates so they get a violent electric shock any time they utter the words "job creators"?

As a job creator myself, I enjoy the attention.  I'm guessing there was a lot of focus-group testing of that -- or at least more focus-group testing of that than of Romney's "corporations are people" line.

I can't hear/read the name Rick Santorum without giggling. Thanks, Dan Savage.

See, now you've sent innocent and unsuspecting people off to Google Santorum and you will have ruined all of their lunches.

Oh yes, he did say that! I'm sure you can search the InterWebs for the reference.

Sure 'nuff.

Here it is:  "Perry's interview with the Texas Tribune's Evan Smith (exact exchange: pressed to cite any statistic that backs up abstinence-only-until-marriage programs, Perry replies: "I can tell you from my own personal life, abstinence works.")

Dana, did you become a person only after you created your C corporation? If so, would Herman Cain counter Michele Bachmann by declaring "Life begins at incorporation"?

I would say that I truly became a person after my corporation set up a defined benefit plan for me.

Jon Huntsman repudiated the booing! I think he also called the "Yeah!" from the previous debate shameful. He's the Michael Bluth of the party.

More evidence why my beloved Mr. Huntsman has no business being in this race.   But I can see why John Weaver likes him.

Okay, thanks for chatting.   Speak to you next week.

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