Capitals-Rangers Game 2 Preview: Dan and Tarik Live

Apr 15, 2011

Washington Post writers Dan Steinberg and Tarik El-Bashir discuss the Capitals' Game 1 win over the Rangers and what to expect in tonight's Game 2 at the Verizon Center.

Hello and welcome to the show. We'll do these video chats periodically throughout the Capitals' playoff run (if it is indeed a run).

Our game plan today:

- Address a couple topics related to our stories in today's editions.

- Answer several of your questions -- and you can still submit now

- A quick look ahead to tonight's Game 2 matchup with the Rangers at Verizon Center.


Tarik' s story on Alexander Semin today was admirably even-handed -- explaining the  "Good Sasha" - "Bad Sasha" problem. Now you have to take a side: Are the Caps goign to get Good Sasha or Bad  Sasha tonight? How about the rest of the playoffs?

Dan's story today dealt with the fragile psyche of the modern Caps fan. Do you think that the Caps' fan base *should* be so skittish?  More skittish than the fans of the Redskins, Wizards, Nats, United, Hoyas, Terps, etc? 

(We'll answer a few of your questions now): Is it just me or was Ovie turning over the puck every other time he had it, Wed? Don't get me wrong - crucial goal, monster hits - but it seemed, at least during the first two periods, that he was more of a liability than an asset.

To ever go anywhere in the playoffs, aren't the Caps going to have to comfortably win some games or even a series one of these years? It has been all 7-game series for the Caps with mostly close games.

Believe it or not, I am a serious sports fan, but I just cannot get into hockey.  I watched the entire 78 minutes of  Game 1, and yes, it's exciting when one goal or one mistake means winning or losing. But what I saw was a bunch of mucking around in front of the goal, and then, through the inertia of a scrum of players and a random thwack of the stick, the Caps get the equalizer. I also saw, in overtime, a Rangers defender basically whiff on a clearance, leading to the Caps' winning goal. So, where is the flow and beauty of this sport? Can I expect more of this garbage for the remainder of this series? Should I try watching another team instead?

Hearing from friends in NY that Avery is going to play tonight, but can't find any confirmation online. Should we expect a chippier contest in Game 2?

What, in your opinion, should be fans be paying close attention to tonight?

Make one prediction for tonight's game.

That's it -- thanks for watching and sending in questions. And please make sure to check out Katie Carrera's old-fashioned text chat at 1 p.m.

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