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Jul 16, 2019

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Hello, all! Apologies! I meant to cancel today’s chat! But since we’re here, why don’t folks continue to submit questions and I will answer them still live-ly but belatedly this evening! I will move it accordingly!

That's three adverbs in four words. Impressive.

That is... one word for it! Thanks for bearing with me! 

There was some talk of the Magnum PI/Murder She Wrote crossover episode in an earlier chat. Both programs are available “free” through Amazon Prime.

I am deeply frustrated by the absence of Murder She Wrote from Hallmark these days because of their insistence on having Christmas in July. Christmas comes too soon as it is and I need my Jessica Fletcher! So this is good to know! Instead I've been listening to Sweeney Todd to try to get my Angela Lansbury: Accessory To Murder Or At Least Murder-Adjacent fix. 

Were you all run over by a racist exoskeleton? (Sounds like the worms in Dune.)

I mean, in a sense, are we not all being continually run over by such an exoskeleton? This reminds me, I wonder how that new Dune adaptation is going! The one that appears to have absorbed every possible actor. 

help in how to pick out a new TV. Mine died over the weekend. I've been saving for this, but I can't figure out if it is even worth it to go for a really fancy/expensive one. I tend to watch while doing other stuff on my computer. But is this a Catch 22? I have a bad TV so watching it isn't worth it. If I had a nice one, would I watch more? Sigh, this could have been a great discussion at the normal time.

Oh man, I'm sorry! This is a good question for a gaggle of folks. Let me ask Twitter and report back! 

In my market, J! plays at 7 pm - and is still airing new episodes, but Wheel has been in reruns for over a month now, so I'll be free at 730 pm. How about if I bring dessert?? Thanks!!

Who won?

I just happened to look at the Show More link to discover you're live at 7:00 p.m. Not sure all your other devoted fans will be similarly curious and discover tonight will be Dinner with Alexandra. Or maybe it will have an Italian bent: Apertivo con Alexandra. Either way, I'll be present, with a cool beverage in hand.

I hope you are enjoying your apertivo! Bon appetit! No, wait, that's not right. 

Following up on last week’s post about an “old episode of WKRP in which a teen-ager learns to play the guitar because ‘Keith Richards can't last much longer.’” I just read a pair of Harry Turtledove short stories published in 1999 about a 40-year-old in 2018 who travels back to 1999 to meet his 21-year-old self. The first question about the future from the 21-year-old self is a demand to “Please tell me one thing…that the Rolling Stones aren’t still touring by the time I’m—we’re—40.” The 40-year old says they aren’t, and dismisses it as a scary thought.

*Rueful chuckle* 

As I write this, the Post's homepage most prominently features stories about our racist president and Apollo 11 conspiracy theorists. Sigh.

I wish one of those two things were made up! 

Aw, I was hoping you would be answering questions while waiting in line for a movie premier or something... but since you're here, let's talk cat names. We can't name the cats until we meet them (we hope to get two kittens), but under consideration are: Noel & Sandy, Merry & Pippin, Astrophe & Mandu, *OR* (drumroll) Kitty... & (MORE DRUMROLL) Lydia!



You are only allowed to cancel the chat (your work) if you cancel everyone else's work. It's like Valentine's Day in first grade.

Harsh but fair!

Does this mean I actually have to work at my desk between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30-ish? Where do I send my angry email?

Send it to uh 

After last week's chat, this came across my Twitter feed, proving either the interconnectedness of the universe or the extensive knowledge my computer is collecting about me. Anyway, may it add to your reading lists in exciting ways:

Nice addition, thanks! 

1. Why do some authors think quotation marks are unnecessary? It makes reading super difficult (for me). 2. Are you and Ken Jennings friends in real life? 3. Are you finding that your athletic-shorts-under-a-sundress also help with summer chafing?

The worst part about omitting quotation marks from your written works, where they are both needed and appreciated, is that the lost quotation marks will show up without warning in the air during someone’s in-person conversation where they are not wanted or even correct! 

Just the Internet so far, but I hope we would be? 

Can’t hurt, at least if your shorts are of an absorbent material! 

On the one hand, I will miss this weekly diversion from actual work! But on the other hand, I feel like I will appreciate it more when I'm not constantly looking out for my boss.

Speaking of the late chat, I have an update for the TV purchaser!

So far the responses fall into three categories:

-not worth it!

-not worth it, but jokes!

-worth it but not the most recent high end, something mid-range


Into four categories. 

Among our chief weaponry... 

Is THAT what's going on?? I just assumed Hallmark was starting their Christmas movies a little earlier this year. I figured the radio stations would switch over to their Ho!Ho!Ho! music any day now.

I know this is a joke but I'm worried that it's only a matter of time... 

A further update, TV OP: check out my mentions, there's someone offering a two-year-old 32-inch Vizio for $50! 

Jeopardy! spoiler alert!

The schoolteacher from Minneapolis won his 5th game, though it wasn't a runaway tonight. I believe he's only the second non-sports-gambler five time (or more) champion this calendar year.

Oh, cool! There must be a chart somewhere of winners by profession over time and I would be fascinated by that. 

Joel Achenbach's article is recycled from 3 weeks ago... which is fine (good even) because I didn't see it the first time. But if they're going to re-run it, perhaps really re-run it. The comment section is closed because the article is old. <grumble>

"The comment section is closed because the article is old" sounds like a metaphor, but I can't figure out what the metaphor represents. 

I think its so easy to be overwhelmed by the chaos and craziness but then... metro dude had brink pink flamingo sneakers on and it made me so happy! Also, found out there's a kangaroo farm in Germantown where you can go and bottle feed baby kangaroos. New life mission, get me a pair of flamingo sneakers and feed a roo!

These sound like two worthy goals and I want to leave us with them! Also, TV OP, Twitter has lots and lots of recommendations for you, increasingly complex and specific, if not philosophically answering your quandary!  

There's an extensive conversation about food in Another On-line Column, and I was wondering what you'd recommend.


Almost typed "BEER" by mistake. I think a sign I should sign off! 

Have a grand Tuesday, all, and good luck with your TV purchases! See you on the blog (, on the chat next week at the normal time -- and on Twitter (@petridishes), where TV recs are pouring in, in the interim! 

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