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Jun 26, 2012

Your attention please, folks. We're changing the timing on the chat this week to Wednesday, June 27, at 11:00 a.m. ET. Here are a few questions to hold you over.

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I believe if we raise the salary of President of the United States by $10,000, we will attract a much stronger pool of applicants. What do you think?

Happy Tuesday!

Yes, right? This is how money works. Incentives! 

I am confused. I hear 98 Degrees is returning. Do they mean the singing group or the temperature outside?

I hope the latter! 

Although the recent resurgence of the boy band as an institution leaves me wondering. 

Back then, they were built to last. One Direction could never pull off any of the looks N*Sync sported! Then again, neither could N*Sync.

Why is it that there are no links to the blog on this page? Other regular chat hosts have links of this kind. Are you being persecuted by producers or page designers? Or are all the hipsters getting you on Twitter, what with blogs being "so 2010"?

That's odd. Can we rectify this? 

I do enjoy Twitter these days, if only because it allows you to thank people who do cool things on the Internet. 

I am so sad to see that John Edwards and Rielle Hunter have split. If that couple can't make it, can any couple make it?


The only excuse for something like that (and still not a particularly good one) is that it was True Love. 

Then again, the love affair between John Edwards and John Edwards continues unabated.

Hand sanitizing.


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