Chris Cooley: Tony Romo choked, and I liked it | Q&A with Dan Steinberg (video)

Oct 05, 2011

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog answered reader questions about Washington Redskins TE Chris Cooley's comments about Tony Romo in a live video Q&A.

Hello and welcome. We're here to talk about Chris Cooley's comments about Cowboys QB Tony Romo and the reaction. Let's go.

(From Peter Hesse/@pmhesse on Twitter):

I wrote this on Twitter last night: "I hope @thecooleyzone doesn't get enough flak from the interview with @chaddukes to have to apologize. He said what every #skins fan feels."


It's the truth. Why can't Chris Cooley be a fan of his own team, and act the way any other fan would?

Have we neutered players so much that they can't enjoy a rivalry? If a Redskin can't laugh at the misfortune of a Cowboy, what's the point?

Boomer Esiason and Skip Bayless need to get a life and shut up! Cooley was not out of line with his comments.

Dan, if Cooley had been talking about Kyle Orton or Colt McCoy, I don't think the talking heads would have pounced on him. Your thoughts?

Didn't the sports media used to like rivalries? -Oliver

@elainef29 on Twitter responded to your tweet that asked three questions: Was Cooley was out of line, should he apologize or was Romo's collapse hilariously awesome?  

"hilariously awesome--chatter like that can be great or come back to bite them in the [behind] like D-Hall's other Romo comments. :("

From @johnthompson89 on Twitter:


"Should he apologize?? What are we in 5th grade? Dude was fine with what he said. Guys talk smack all the time! plus, it's a rivalry"

From @kmk1486 on Twitter:


"Cooley is obviously just clamoring for attention since he's not the starting tight end."

@TheSullyDC says Cooley was not out of line and should not apologize.

"If Romo has the 'guts' to play injured, he has no excuses. So he choked."

How come Chris Cooley didn't bring up Romo's fourth-quarter game-winning drive against the Redskins in Week 3? Or that Romo has been to 3 more playoff games than Cooley? Or that Romo has been to more Pro Bowls than Cooley? Or that Romo has won more division titles than Cooley? Cooley sees his career slipping away and is getting desperate.

Every Skins fan feels like Cooley. He didn't talk about Romo's health, just his "skills," and these sports pundits need to know that everyone outside of Dallas is getting really sick of the Romo love-fest. He's an average QB that has won one playoff game in his career, and maybe has one of the worst late-season record of any "star" QB.

Media criticism from @gPilkertone on Twitter:

"I love Chris, but he's big on long awkward pauses when formulating his thoughts. Not sure that's ideal. I'd tune in, though."

From prestoj in the Bog comments:

Well, after all, Chris certainly deserves all the flack he is getting over his comments regarding Tony's most recent set back. We all need to remember that Tony is the first NFL player ever to play hurt. For that, he deserves our credit and admiration. What was Cooley thinking?

That's all we have. Thanks!

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