Video: Local chef Will Artley on dramatic weight loss, tips

Jan 05, 2011

Evening Star Cafe's chef Will Artley, who recently lost 75 pounds, was online to talk about how he did it, offer tips, healthier food choices and more as many set out to lose weight as part of their new year's resolutions.

As a chef, what are your biggest temptations and how did you overcome them?

Hello Will. I have had the pleasure of dining at the Evening Star Cafe many times, and your food is consistently well prepared and delicious. As a chef with your own eye on health, are you receptive to accommodating special dietary requests "on the fly" and "off menu"? What are some tips diners can use to eat healthy when dining out? I know many chefs are offended when diners make requests to leave things out or to cook with less butter, oil, etc.

What sort of tips do you have for people just starting out? Weight loss can be discouraging at first. How do you get to the successes?

Any new healthy foods you've discovered thanks to your new diet?

Are you willing to reveal some of the healthier items coming out on your next seasons menu at the Evening Star? Sneak previews...?

Hi Will - the night you and Kim sent me home with those wonderful muffins, Kim told me you made them with all sorts of healthy stuff - I think she mentioned coconut water, and I'm not sure what all else, but it was very healthy. Did you find that substituting healthy ingredients in your regular recipes helped as part of your weight loss journey? Or did you change your eating habits entirely? P.S. Congrats on all the exercise! Michele

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Will Artley
Chef Will Artley of Evening Star Cafe realized he needed to make dramatic changes in his life after reaching a peak weight of 350 pounds. His doctor told him that if he kept up at the rate he was going, there was a chance he "wasn't going to make it."
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