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Jun 23, 2011

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I would so much rather be watching the NFL as my treat instead of the US Open.

After this weekend, I think I may be with you!

My dad ended up having a good time, but we had some issues, including getting separated and therefore lost for three hours. That was pretty horrible. I may never recover from that.

Remember the water discussion from last week? The stand near us on Saturday ran out about 4 p.m. and didn't restock. That was a BAD day. Everyone switched to beer and that made it worse. I saw several people carted off during both days I was out there with heat exhaustion.

Meanwhile, I paid a lot of money for my dad to have the option of an indoor seat and a nice meal at a table to give him a break from the heat. Turns out the ticket got him in the door and nothing more. He had to pay for everything in there, plus couldn't find a seat. This will be our last major golf tournament together, for a variety of reasons, including those. But at least we got to spend Father's Day together; that doesn't happen very often.

Oh, and a literary note: I found the use of the word "honyocks" in a book by Ivan Doig, "Prairie Nocture," I believe. Doig is one of my very favorite writers so I'm thrilled he used my mystery word. I may write and ask him where he came by it.

Now, on with the chat!

Tracee, I am taking the afternoon off to go to the Nationals game today. What time frame does this include? I only indicated to my boss that I was taking the afternoon off. Does my lack of inclusion of "to go to the Nationals game" impede on my leave time? That is to say, if I had told him "I am taking the afternoon of to go to the Nationals game", could I reasonably leave at 11:30am so as to get to the game by noon and therefore have "the afternoon off at the Nationals game"? What if I bring mail with me that needs to go out today? Can I include that as doing an office errand but not coming back afterwards?

If you have leave time and don't need an excuse, keep it to yourself, enjoy the afternoon and go home after the game. Bringing mail with you sounds like a giant hassle so I'd avoid that.

Tracee, any reason the "paper" has been devoid of news/expectations of the upcoming NHL draft especially relative to who the Caps may be looking to pick. As an NHL city you would think some coverage would be appropriate.

I'm expecting that to pick up soon. I'm assuming Katie is taking some well-deserved vacation. I just about fainted when I got the email last week with "Caps' preseason schedule" in the subject line. Goes fast. Anyway, patience; Katie will be all over it.

A shirtless Matt Bomer. Absolutely yummy! Just sayin'

Completely agree.

Last week you reported that you were not allowed to live-blog scores from the US Open... I've often thought that different sports are best experienced in different ways. Baseball is wonderful on the radio; football is best on television; basketball is great to see live. Does the score-reporting ban suggest that golf is best experienced by just watching the score reports trickle in?

I'm still not sure I understand this. Our blogger Cindy Boren was getting the scores from television. But the USGA wasn't joking. Reporters were allowed to bring cell phones into Congressional -- but not on the golf course, so they were of little use. I would have liked to have tweeted from there, but I get the ban because of the ringing, which is annoying. I saw one guy who must have snuck his in use it in the stands near me. The only phone I heard ring was when guys were putting on the seventh green, and it belonged to a USGA official who, incidentally, was also blocking the view of several of us. The crowd got ugly in a hurry and he scurried off.

Hey Tracee - you are always spot-on about your future projections for D.C.-related sports. How about your opinion(s) on what the Hokie Nation should be looking forward to this fall in CFB? And as a Tracey, wondering where your "Tracee" came from, i.e., did your parents give you that spelling?.

I think the Hokies will be good, not great, this season. As for records, believe me, you don't want me going that far. And yes, my parents named me Tracee. My sister is Teree. Why that did this I do not know. It's becoming more common now; I used to know of only one other Tracee --  Tracee Ross, daughter of Diana.

Why is the Post making it so hard to find your "chat" first of all. Secondly, the NFL & the players assoc is no better than my 6yo. Always waiting until the last minute do do something that should have been done a long time ago. Why don't they grow up. Third, if papa Shannigan & son want to spend two high draft choices for a QB and things start to go south early then they should have "tailored" their offense around him and his abilities instead of trying to cram a round peg (McNabb) into a square hole (Redskins Organization).

It's hot and we're crabby and that's okay. I'm sorry the chat is hard to find. I, too, am sick of the NFL but hoping they settle or it's going to be a long July and August. Agree about McNabb, who is practicing with the Eagles instead of the Skins. Talk about a dysfunctional relationship.

Hi, Tracee. I'm delighted today for two reasons: the Nationals are at .500 and the Nationals are still ahead of the Mets. Nothing brings out the good of' Schadenfreude more than seeing WAS above NYM in the standings. Would that we could keep it up for the rest of the season, and would that a certain professional football team in Loudon County follow this program of improvement.

TAC: It IS good to see the Nats at .500. I believe my prediction for the year, made under duress, was several games above .500 and I think that is achievable. I realize my return has been linked in some parts to their improvement so I hesitate to mention that I'm going away again next week.

So, any comments on the departure of Lindsay Czarniak? Her fiance is hot, though. . .

I will miss Lindsay, on air and especially at events. Her fiance is nice looking and nice, a good combo, and I wish her well.

Can we stop criticizing the Lerners now for their ownership they seem (unlike that owner over there at FedEx) to understand the draft and patience when developing a team

Oh, I doubt it. Criticizing ownership is a time-honored tradition.

Surely you know the official beers of the NHL and the NFL. How about the official beer of the NBA in Canada? (Hint: it's the other M beer.) The official beer of the NBA in China? (I only know one Chinese beer.) The official beer of NASCAR threw me, because I don't think there's any NASCAR races where it is brewed.

TOBCofWP should know the answers to all these questions, and yet, I'm stumped and I don't want to Google-cheat. Anyone?

The walk-off homer mob at the plate ... and in this case the clubhouse ... exactly why no other sport better illustrates what sports are supposed to be all about: "We're jumping up like we're 5 years old and won a tee-ball game and we're getting a sno-cone after," Balester said. "It's fun. It shows you what this game is about."

Very fun. These are the plays to remember when you hear people grouse that some athletes don't care about winning. I think for 99 percent, at least, that's poppycock. When you see that kind of celebration, you know it.

Submitted early because I'll be on my way to the ballpark when our beloved T-Ham is live.

I've always been an optimist about the Nats - after all, I bought a ticket plan in '09, and renewed in '10, and renewed again this year. I've never felt like I do now. I've been enthusiastic during other winning streaks (the end of the '09 season is a particularly warm memory) and come-from-behind victories (a game last year against the Giants where Strasburg started but wasn't effective comes to mind), but, in my heart-of-hearts, I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not this time. They are finally convincing me that they are eminently capable of winning any game under any circumstance. All those games watching Desmond screw up last year truly have paid off, and pieces are falling into place -- we've got catcher, short and third covered for the next 10 years (and maybe second). I think the key is the mondo comeback of Tuesday against Seattle after the loss Sunday. The old Nats would have just rolled over and croaked (and it looked for almost 3 hours like that was what they were going to do).

I want to see how they do on the road trip, and I still wish Riggleman would pay more attention to the statheads (Werth at leadoff is an absurdity), but it looks like my loyalty to this team is starting to pay off two years earlier than I'd thought it would.

I realize what I've just written is more about my *emotional* response to the recent past. So I'm doing what they always recommend: "Seek Professional Help". You're a professional sports columnist. Am I right, or have I drunk too much Kool-Aid?

My dear 405, it's been hot the past week, so little overindulgence in the Kool-Aid is understandable. However, I don't think the distance between emotion and rational though is as wide as it might have been in years past. They ARE improving. If you thought they were playoff bound, I might have to take away your Kool-Aid and replace it with IV fluids.

So you can pat him on the back now.. He put a curse on the team with that hateful article about all the bad things that could happen to the Nats- we promptly lost our best player for 58 games. now he writes a good article about how we can keep this going. Kilgore is trying to get back into our good graces... still needs to do some major sucking up to you though! - Ashburn Fan

Ah, Kilgore. I so wanted him to chat for me next Thursday but alas, it's a travel day and he can't. I will try to have him on again soon, I promise, so you can praise or beat him as you see fit.

I just got back from a vacation. I'm exhausted not from the vacation, but from the airports (time, stress, TSA, etc.) Do you all ever get used to it? As a kid, I thought a great job would to be a beat writer for a MLB team and follow them around the country on road trips. As an adult, I have no idea how they can stand being on the road all that time.

I am fortunate not to travel regularly. How the beat writers, especially hockey, NBA and baseball, stand it is another matter altogether. I will admit I've never loved travel and now I purely hate it. It's a dehumanizing cattle car experience and if there was a quicker way to get to Kansas from here, I'd take it.

The baseball writers, at least, get to unpack a few days. They seldom fly in one day and out the next. In the NBA and NHL, they might fly in, cover a game and be up late, then have an early morning flight out the next day. Travel in those two leagues is even worse than baseball; thank goodness the seasons are shorter.

Hi Tracee, Have you been following Wimbledon? Who do you like in the Women's and Men's singles to take all? Rafa looks dominant. The ladies side is wide open.

I like Rafa as well, but I don't have a pick on the women's side. No one is wowing me yet. Hoping to get a serious Wimbledon fix this weekend and perhaps draw some conclusions. Good to see Serena back, though.

outside that when I got out of my car my sunglasses fogged up! This weather is horrible!

Yes, I hate summer so much. But there isn't a darn thing to be done about it.

Who do you think the Wizards should draft with their 6th pick? I really like Enes Kanter, and think he could develop into a big time NBA player. Of course he will probably go before the Wizards get their pick.

Sounds like they aren't going to move up to get him and I can't imagine him being at No. 6. Too bad since he wants to play here so much. You don't hear that a lot from draft picks.

Just a quick followup from last week: You are absolutely right that hydration is important, especially for an all-day event involving standing and walking but no sitting. They could easily slap another $5-10 on the ticket and give water away, maybe issue an official Open water mug or nalgene bottle and offer free refills of water (this to cut down on the litter issue). It's cheaper and less unpleasant than having ambulances cart away people with dehydration or heat stroke.

Yup.  I saw that happen right in front of me. Also, I really don't mind paying $2.50 for water when you have to have it, but the size of the bottle changed. Sometimes it was a 20-ouncer, sometimes it was a 16. But the price was the same. Strange. They did have Gatorade as well. There aren't enough water fountains to be able to refill bottles easily, although it can be done. It's an issue in Washington DC in the summer at any sporting event. I passed out two years ago at Redskins Park. Our summers are pretty brutal.

This is awesome. TBHitW

Agreed. (It's regarding Ross Perot and Mark Cuban, fyi...)

Tracee, another fine outing by the Nats, and they are 10 of 11! To what besides your return from Kansas via magic ruby slippers do we attribute this? The only bad part of last night's game was two more errors. Good outings by Clip & Save! Clip retired the side with 9 pitches--2 balls, 7 strikes! He's awesome!

Clip & Save -- long may they wave, because that's such a great nickname. If they can keep this up, the long slow wait for the NFL and the NBA and the Caps and college football may be a lot more bearable.

Good morning from the beach, Miz T. While the 10-year-old fan inside my wizened facade enjoys the Nationals' .500 record as much as anyone else's inner believer, it may be time for some expert testimony about what to reasonably expect the rest of the season. Even an 81-81 record at the end of the season would be a spectacular improvement for the team but from your expert's perspective how hopeful should we be? This winning streak is going to revert to the mean, as the pesky statisticians would say -- but how mean will that mean be to the Nats and their fans? The Retired Journalist

I'm standing by my "a few games over .500" prediction! No guts, no glory.

I see that Czarniak is leaving for the Mothership. Why is this bog news? Sure, she's eye candy and does a decent enough job with sports. But she really wasn't all that great... Or am I in the minority?

Oh, that's perfect Bog news. She's an anchor at a local network station. It's not a huge news story, but it's very Steinbergian.

Did you get any kind of a feel for him during his brief time at Kanas? He's from Baltimore, and The Sun is still pushing for him to be a first round draft pick. I don't know him from Adam, but the vibes I'm picking up are not good.

Well, I wouldn't have thought he was ready for the NBA, that's for sure. But off he goes. The rumors are that he's uncoachable. However, I just heard the DeMatha coach discussing him on the radio this morning and he said this isn't true (Selby was there before Baltimore). He came to Kansas with baggage and while others will disagree with me, I was not sorry to see him ago. He felt like an NCAA investigation waiting to happen.

What is a Bridezilla, for heavens sake and what has it do with sports?

Um, a bridezilla is an awful, horrible, I'm the center of the universe bride. It doesn't have anything to do with sports that I know of.

Sorry to hear about your experience with your dad - sounds terrible! I've never been to a golf tournament in person but as I get older (and, yes, crankier) I find that I rarely enjoy sports in person as much as I used to. There are a lot of reasons but price gouging is certainly toward the top of the list. Taking two kids to a run-of-the-mill Nats game can easily exceed $200. This seems to be true in all sports at almost all levels (college and above). The minor leagues are an exception - great value for the money and a great time. But, in general, TV and newspaper coverage gives me what I need from sports. That said, I'm heading to the Nats-Ms game this afternoon. Please don't tell my boss. -K-Stater

Your secret is safe with us. Truthfully, it was more pleasant to be home with him, watching TV and yapping about things, than it was to try to get him up and down the hills at Congressional. He needs a new knee desperately, which was part of the problem. Next time we'll still to TV.

So sorry about all your hassles at the Open. Both my parents are gone, but we always had a place to meet whenever we went anywhere together, including the grocery store! My dad was a big hockey fan and I took him to a Balt Clippers game (tis was pre-Caps) for Christmas one year. He had a stroke shortly thereafter, but that was enough to be able to follow the game, which was broadcast on network TV back then. I'm sure your Dad appreciates your effort andin time your memory will improve.

I think overall he had a good time. And yes, we should have had a place to meet. The trouble was, our designated spot was right where we'd be that morning -- and he couldn't remember. The marshals were unhelpful. He was at the 18th tee and needed to go to the 18th green and it took him three hours. You can bet the next day we had a plan in place.

Oh, and a drunk guy decided he'd "mess" with me that afternoon for some unknown reason. That got very unpleasant and while a lot of people watched, no one intervened. I finally got in his grill and he did a 180, but boy, I did NOT need that.

Actually he was shirtless in Tuesday night's White Collar (worth missing part of the Nats' game for--maybe). Do you think Zimm could play shirtless?

Let's get Kilgore to ask Zimm. (I DVR'd "White Collar" but it just moved to the top of my list.)

I LOVE seeing baseball live. Nothing else can compare. Of course I'm an old geezer so the pace of the game suits me. TV and radio games are nearly non-stop commercials and that is a real turn-off.

Yes, I like baseball live. I also think hockey is better live.

Didn't go to the Open, but years ago, the Kemper Open had the same policies on water. People were passing out due to heat exhaustation, and eventually the National Guard had enough. They brought in thousand-gallon water trucks and placed them around the course with enough cups to last the weekend. Water problem solved. Sounds like they didn't do the same thing at the Open.

Nope. I've heard the Kemper Open experience was night and day to the Open, and I'm not surprised. That course was so packed with people and tents I'm not sure where they'd put a water truck. All in all, not my favorite experience.

Photo, please?

Here you go. Not Matt Bomer, but handsome. She was over the moon happy when I congratulated her.

Not surprised that ESPN scooped up local talent Lindsay Czarniak but I am surprised that she's engaged to Craig Melvin--any news on whether Mr. Melvin will be seeking work in a NY/CT market? Good for them, cute couple. Also, mock drafts now seem to have Markeif Morris drafted before Marcus--any idea what caused the shift and how about Josh Selby as potential steal of the draft.

I'm guessing Lindsay won't be based on Bristol but what do I know? My pal Rachel Nichols is never in Bristol; she's on Brett Favre's lawn or with the Celtics or Heat or wherever. Maybe Lindsay's job will be like that; haven't had a chance to ask her.

The mock draft rankings seem to be based on the workout camps and perhaps Marcus just didn't look as good. Those two are so similar anyway. Selby looked good at one camp and at that point was mid-first round but apparently that didn't last. I'd have to spend a lot of time talking to that kid and to others about him before I'd risk taking him. How often am I not singing the praises of a Jayhawk? :)

Oh, my dad and I "waved the wheat" at Gary Woodland at the 7th green and I swear he smiled. (KU alum and one of the longest hitters on the tour.) Also yelled "Rock Chalk" at him. Well, why not.

Hey, Airless Cubicle, I'm delighted today for two reasons, as well: the Pirates are at .500 and the Pirates are also still ahead of the Mets!!!

Agreement among chatters; always nice to see.

Is Albert Haynesworth still a Redskin?

No, and yes. Hard to believe, isn't it?

Tracee, how is attendance for the Nats this year? I've been to one game, and going to another this afternoon. The first one, I got great seats for $2 each. Today's, almost identical seats for $1 each, both through official Nats e-mails. That smells of desperation to me, even though the team itself is doing relatively well. I will say the stadium looked pretty full at last week's game.

Last week it was great because it was the Cards and the O's. I think it'll pick up a bit now that schools are out and there isn't much else going on, but it's not where it needs to be at this stage. However, everyone likes a winner. If they have a good road trip we might see a bump upon their return.

In Freddy Adu's return to the US national team, he plays a prescient ball to Landon Donovan who fires an arrow to Clint Dempsey. Goal USA! No question here, it's just good to see Freddy playing soccer and it seems that his attitude has grown up. He's been around a long time, but he's only 22. USA - Mexico in the Gold Cup final on Saturday and the women play in the Women's World Cup early next week. Another good summer to be a soccer fan.

Poor Freddy Adu. Talk about a bumpy ride. But I agree; it's good to see him back in there. Now, because there is a lot of soccer, Goff will be your chat host in two weeks, on July 7, so bring your soccer questions then. Very happy Goff was able to do it; he has a big loyal following.

Tracee, do you think that with your bully media pulpit, you can get golf tournaments to do a better job with their spectators than what you and your dad encountered at the US Open? Hope so!

I don't know. I thought about writing that Monday for Tuesday but nobody likes a whiner. I got to see three of four days of a major golf tournament. And I don't think I have clout with the USGA, although one of the officials I met is a Jayhawk. (We're everywhere!) I was tempted to write a complaining letter about the fact that no one would help my dad. On the last day, we were catching our breath at the front of the clubhouse and a woman approached and asked if he needed medical assistance (that's how bad he looked). I believe she worked for Congressional, not the USGA. I thanked her profusely for even troubling to ask.

Oh, and in fairness, the course provided scooters. I could NOT get my dad to use one. So that was on him, not them.

T-Bone, just wanted to give a shout-out to the UVA baseball team. They're a great story and I hope they can avoid elimination tonight. WAHOOWA.

Yes, thanks, meant to give a shoutout to U-Va. That's great!

RFK hosted soccer matches of the Gold Cup last weekend, and as I followed it on ESPN's live game tracker (since I was watching it on Univision and don't understand Spanish), someone commented that DC really needs a new stadium. I haven't heard anything about a new stadium (either for soccer or that could be used for multiple purposes) in a while. Have you?

There is some hangup. I would think that if DC doesn't get a new stadium it could lose its franchise, given the state of RFK. That's pretty bad. But they had plans for a lovely stadium right across the river from there. Good question for Goff, who knows just how bad RFK is getting.

Do you think that if the NHL and NBA switched to 3-game stands, they'd lose any ticket sales (since it's all about money, of course)?

I don't know. The trouble is, they play some teams just once, some teams a couple of times, some teams (division) a lot. I guess a computer could work out the logistics but I wouldn't want to. It would save money for the media and travel wear and tear on the players but not sure the television folks would love it.

Years ago, a friend and I were speculating on what we might do if we had dictatorial power over everything in America. My friend (an Indians fan) said, "I would go back to two 8 team leagues, there would be no teams west of Chicago, and teams and the press would all travel by train." And he was serious.

Is your friend single?

Despite pitching for a mediocre team (Pittsburgh Pirates), Kevin Correia has already won 9 games this season, and it isn't even the All-Star break yet. Do you think that if he doesn't get injured, Correia can break the 20-win barrier?

Wouldn't that be something? I'd like to see that happen. Wonder what the worst team record is ever for a 20-game winner.

What's former Terp, Rhodes Scholar, NBA star and Congressman Tom McMillan up to these days?

I have no idea. Anyone?

Just out of curiosity, are you contractually obligated to post comments by The Airless Cubicle, Pittsburgh Wife and Handle Pending?

Nope. I don't skip others to use them, either. :)

Less games, yes, but calendar wise: NHL - Preseason to Stanley Cup - 10 months (September to June) NBA - Preseason to Final - 9 months (October to June) MLB - Preseason to World Series - 9 months (February to October) I'll take MLB beat writer any day - the entire preseason is spent in Florida or Arizona in late winter/early spring with no airports required. Plus, as you pointed out, multiple games in one stop.

No, we're on the same side here. And when they go west, they really go west. They'll go to three west coast cities and spent 10-11 days, so other than the long flights out and back, they get short hoppers (like SF to LA to AZ) in between. The NBA will fly you to Milwaukee, bring you home, fly you to Detroit, bring you home, fly you to Miami, bring you home... it's much more sporadic. It's a grind. I did the NBA for half a year but thank God I was 23 and it was of course pre-9/11.

On "Jeopardy!" this week was a question where they showed the exterior of the Kansas City Library's parking lot, with a facade of gigantic fake books. How cool is that?!?!?

Oooo, I haven't seen that one yet. Something to look forward to.

...the Eagles??? I missed this...when, where?

Yesterday in New Jersey.

You are one the last people in whose grill I'd ever want to get! And I mean that as a compliment.

I was trying hard to let it go because I'm wearing a credential that says "Washington Post." And I was a nervous wreck, literally, and thought, if I lose it, I'm really going to lose it. Once I did, though, he was offering to get me a water or go get a volunteer, couldn't have been nicer and more embarrassed. After he left the people around me said, "We didn't know if you needed help or not."  I didn't but it was nice they were paying attention.

College basketball live is great. NBA is like you walked into a business meeting with people playing basketball and random music playing all the time.

Yes, random LOUD music. I have joined Boz in the ear plug brigade -- carry them with me now to stadiums. But I LOVE college hoops live. Absolutely.

Why can't the PGA learn, and do something about this???

Well, it's the USGA, but that's a technicality. Whoever's hosting, this is a stifling town and that course is not for sissies. You've gotta have water. And for the 18th green to run out at 4 p.m. on Saturday -- McIlroy had just teed off, for heaven's sake.

Pretty sure I so him in the first row at Nats Park last night on the telecast. Was sporting a goatee. If it wasn't him then he has a doppelganger. Or maybe that was the beer he was drinking.

Our spies are everywhere.

Is absolutely better live, but unless you rob a bank you wind up in nosebleed seats where you can't see the ice. While there'ssomething to be said for actually being in the arena, paying $50-$60 to watch a game on the telescreen just doesn't do it for me.

That's exactly what I have to do in the press box, because I can't see over the table ledge. But I'm not paying to be there. So I agree with you on that.

Ned Garvet won 20 with the St. Louis Browns when they lost 102. Steve Carlton won 27 with the 59-97 Phillies.


How about figure skater Michelle Kwan, with her newly-minted Master's degree, coming to town in hopes of working in government service? I imagine she'd be successful at anything she tries.

She's already worked for State, hasn't she? I'm trying to remember but seems like she has. Another figure skater works for the government as well but I'm blanking on the name. Argh. Little sprite, maybe from NY ... argh! Hate it when the names won't come.

Katie is not on break; she is covering the Varly contract negotiations, rather nicely.

That's a good point. Well, I expect to see her dive into the draft, too.

I am ardent baseball fan and see lots of games by myself, leading many men to think I went to the park to meet them. NOT! It's so darn frustrating, as I an not exactly eye candy and don't dress or act provocatively. Fortunately the ushers usually look out for me and "resccue" me when needed. That kind of service probably isn't available at the U.S. Open.

I couldn't have been putting out worse vibes than I was Saturday. And I don't think he was hitting on me. He was just trying to rile me up for something to do while waiting for the golfers to come around. That's what really annoys me. It was totally out of left field.

'Splain, Ms. Tracee!

KU tradition of waving our arms like waving fields of grain. Touchdowns, PATs (double time), waving goodbye to guys who foul out ... that kind of thing.

You must be looking for Hax's chat. Fridays at noon.

Ha! Yes, Bridezillas are a Carolyn specialty.

"Shout-out to the UVA baseball team" Well, as a Cal fan I was disappointed for my Golden Bears, especially after everything they've gone through this year to try even to save the team.

Sorry; for every winner there has to be a loser.

Do we look back now (after all the criticism that accumulated) and acknowledge that it was the right move to let Dunn walk? Now we have two prospects (talented at that) who can possibly fill voids in the future.

Good question. I'm not quite there yet but it's worth an examination.

Maybe the Nats manager was right to lead off the batting order with Werth after all? What say you?

Let's get a larger sample with which to work but it certainly does look like a smart move so far.

When I thought about Lindsay's departure I thought about how she is the successor to George Michael. And then I realized that, right at this moment, there isn't really a dominant local sportscaster. We have some good ones, but there's really no one who holds that "dean of Washington sports" title the way that George did. I'm not saying, "as good as George," I am saying "owns this particular role in the universe." And I would argue that the same is true in print media, too, with the probable exception of Boz. Am I wrong?

Nope, not wrong. I'm not sure there will be a new crop of George Michaels and Shirley Poviches and Tony Kornheisers. The media climate is SO different. Networks aren't the only source of TV news anymore; newspapers aren't the only source of print news.

Steve Carlton went 27-10 for the 1972 Phillies, they were 59-97. So other than him, 32-87. WOW.

Thanks, HP. Yikes.

Why does Michael Morse use TAKE ON ME as his walk-up song? That song about "goin to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches" is apparently available ... anything would be an improvement. I miss Adam Dunn's IN THE AIR TONIGHT. Then again I miss Adam Dunn ...

I asked Kilgore this and I can't remember the answer. It's hilarious, too, because that was known as a fairly awful song with a ground-breaking video. Maybe they ought to play the video on the scoreboard with no sound.

Well, that's probably enough for today. I think next Thursday's host is Tarik, but stay tuned; I need to pin that down. I will probably chat from Kansas on July 14 before catching my plane home. We'll see if my dad lets me use the computer. In any case, someone will be with you next week, Goff the week after that and probably me the week after THAT. Whew. In the meantime, stay hydrated!

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