Caps chat with Tracee Hamilton

Apr 14, 2011

Tracee Hamilton chatted about the Washington Capitals, including last night's victory and where they go from here. She also took general sports questions.

Tracee wrote this morning: "It finally ended when Alexander Semin sent the puck low past Lundqvist's stick side with one minute 36 seconds remaining in overtime........." Sent the puck low? It nearly hit the top crossbar, did you even watch?

I watched a TV across the room and didn't see it very well. My fault entirely. Katie had it right; she must have been watching a better TV.

Why are we watching TV? Because if you stay in the press box until the end of the game, you're trapped. I had about five minutes between the time the goal ended and my deadline, and I'd never make it downstairs. So everyone heads down early, then when the goal was scored I tried to add it and then run to the locker room. Not offering excuses, just so you know why we're seeing it on TV. Not ideal, to be sure. Anyway, my bad.

Always good to start the morning with an admission of guilt and an apology! Welcome, everyone. Let's get started.

... affect the Redskins?

It certainly changes their thinking for that first-round pick.

How did the crackerjack Post editors let him get away with using the phrase "gilt-edged in gold"? GrammarGirl

GG: Ouch! Although it could be worse. How abuot "guilt-edged in gold."

Although in certain circumstances, that would be a good line.

When comparing the demeanors of the two Capitals playing in their first NHL playoff game, how would you characterize their performances? I would say that Neuvirth was unflappable while Johansson looked a bit lost early on, especially in the defensive zone, but eventually settled down.

I thought both teams came out very tentative last night, which I think is pretty normal in an opener. I thought by the end of the first period both teams settled in nicely. Johansson will be fine, I think. Neuvirth -- I expected him to do well but he was crazy good. Talked to him about possibly starting on Monday and he was, I think, excited, although with him it's hard to tell.

Ms. Tracee, long time no chat (hate this weekly thing). Don't have much to contribute sports-wise - my Sox are dreadful, and I'd prefer to not discuss them - but thought I'd share that my apartment installed "low-flow" shower heads, so I'm sure my hair is going to suffer, a la "Seinfeld." Any advice on how to deal? ~Pats Fan

Black market. Find a tear down and ask around to see if anyone knows a contractor doing renovations. See if you can buy a used one and then soak it in Limeaway or that other stuff that cleans 'em up. Oh, what is it? Three initials. Love that stuff.

T: Nice column today, though it would be nice to get some inkling of the techniques Neuwirth used to do his job so well. Personalities are interesting but less important than how something was done, especially when it was done well. Did he stress control of rebounds, guarding high, blocking low, staying home, what? Wise's interview with Boudreau was so revealing. Wise was trying to gain audience - create popularity? - by inflaming the Coach. Do you agree that doing something like that - asking a question that can only cause dissension and psychological harm - is both cruel and desperate hucksterism? (Greatly miss you the rest of the week, BTW.)

In the two minutes I had with Neuvy it was hard to get even that much. I will give him this; his English isn't tremendous but he still talks. And he gets better all the time. But once the guy behind me started talking to him in Czech, it was all over.

The post-game locker room is -- well, there's a great word for it but it's a profanity so I will not use it. But it's not a lot of fun. For one thing, that is the world's smallest locker room. I can't figure out why it's so small for such a new building. I think it's the same size as the Wizards, who of course have half the players.

I missed you all last week, and I hope I was missed. PH & I took a cruise, and we were WARM!!! Anyway, congrats to the Caps on their win last night. Rock the Red! Tracee, what effect do you think (Ryan) Zimm's stint on the 15 day DL will have on the Nats? BTW I'm an Ryan Zimm fan, although I do like Jordan Zimm too!

Oh, a cruise. Sigh. Love the pampering.

Zimm on the DL isn't going to be great for the Nats, that's for sure. They don't have the bats to lose him for an extended period.

I will not survive four series if the games are going to be like last night's. Great win and I hope the Caps can build on this, but my ticker can only stand so much!

Tell me about it. :)

I'm thinking Brooks "I like to help strangers who are stranded on the highway, even after a tough playoff loss" Laich or Mike Green. Erskine might be a bit too scary. So, who would the lucky Cap be?

I like Neuvy -- he's got nice manners, good son-in-law material. Matt Hendricks is a favorite though; he'd be a lot of fun in the family.

Okay. Confession time: I'm a bit creeped out by this, but I think I have a bit of a mancrush on Erskine. He's an enforcer. He's a badass. He has this look on his face like, "I may not be the best player out here, but you know what? I'm not scared of you, and furthermore, I'm going to knock your block off." I dig that. C'mon, Caps fans. Confess to your mancrushes, as I did mine! No shame here!

Fly your mancrush flag! Nothing wrong with that.

Good morning Tracee! How about the Caps?!? Hope they continue winning. :) Also, hoping my Nats will win tonight against the Phils! Go Nats. :)

Haven't been able to watch the first two games of the Nats-Phils series (hospital Tuesday, game last night). Are the Phillies fans still outnumbering Nats fans by a goodly amount, despite Stan's absence?

Hey, what do we think of JFK as a racing president? I'm ... uncertain.

(And hospital was sleep test, part 2. Not meaning to sound dramatic.)

IT'S TIME FOR SPRING FOOTBALL!! Does Turner Gill have a better-looking team this year? Nearly all the talk at NU is about the up-coming season in the Big 10. Me, I haven't recovered yet from the end of the Big 8 (you were in high school at the time, I believe). Oh, yes, no gloom and doom for the Caps - at least until the next game. AHG

AHG, it's so weird you're in the Big Ten now I can't hardly stand it. My parents say Gill has some good kids coming in. Still not over his treatment of Fam, so not sure I'm excited or not. :)

Hi Tracee! Okay, Blatche and McGee seemed to have turned it on over the last few weeks of the season. Is this fools' gold, or are they kind of maturing and "getting it?" I'd like to say the latter, but I really don't know. Can we assume they're cornerstones to build around with Johnny Wall, or-- not so much? They seem like very personable dudes, who even play with some passion (at times), but I'm finding it hard to embrace them as building blocks. What's your take? Thanks, and keep taking no prisoners!

I have a problem with guys with that much talent turning it on in the last few weeks of the season. My complaint about both is that they could be stars -- especially McGee -- if they came to play every night. I don't get that vibe. NBA players occasionally take "a night off", that's nothing new, but they could have shined this season and won some hearts with some effort.

That was closer than I would have liked. And, given the Caps history with 2-0 and 3-1 playoff series leads, up 1-0 is nothing. But it's still better than down 1-0.

Yes, we've certainly seen that the Game 1 result either means everything, or nothing, so we're not reading anything into it, which is good. I will say they played with real intensity last night, especially Ovie.

I suppose this has been obvious to hardcore hockey fans, but to a relative newcomer like me, I'm just learning this. In the NBA, an 8 would have little to no chance of defeating a 1 in the playoffs, but, wow, there doesn't seem to much difference between the top and bottom seeds in the NHL playoffs. Or is it me? The Caps had to fight and scratch their way to a win last night, and I suspect every game will kind of be like that, which leads me to believe that the series is really kind of a crapshoot. Am I way off here? Hell, I hope I am. I want to see the Caps just roll over the Rangers, but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes 7. What are thy thoughts (sorry for going all Middle English just now)?

Nope, and this year it's particularly true. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I think 14 points separated the Caps and Rangers in the standings. Last year the gap between the Caps and Habs was MUCH larger, and still, when the playoff starts, things seem to even out.

They won't talk about wanting to get out of this series quickly, although I'm sure they do, because if they said it, after last year's fiasco, they'd get roasted. They have been careful to give nothing but respect to the Rangers. The teams are very similar -- both good PK, for instance -- so I expect this to be a tight matchup. Will it go seven? I'm SO not making predictions about the Caps.

This is a general hockey question about goalies, not the Caps specifically. Can one goalie handle playing every game in the playoffs, or do you end up with a completely burned out goalie after a 7 game series? I'm just asking because I don't know if a goalie switch in game 5, for example, "means something" or is it just normal goalie rotation. Thanks, Tracee, we miss your daily chats. Just please don't follow Weingarten on to only monthly chats.

There are goalies that will play every game in the playoffs. If you have a hot goalie, that's the way you go. Lundqvist has played 69 games this season and no way he'll take a day off. Other teams switch it up. Both the Caps and Habs did it last year. If, say, Neuvy started all the games in a seven-game first-round series, would Bruce consider resting him for Game 1 of the second round? Perhaps, but I don't think Neuvy would want it. It would have to be handled very carefully.

So which of these is worse: This? Or this? I'm going with the botched-dunk-with-bonus-showboating, myself. TBHitW

Yup, me too. Dreadful.

Tracee, have you found yourself using some of the colloqualisms (sp?) and linguistic affectations that the youth today like to use? For example, after a particularly good meal, might you say, "You know what? My shrimp cocktail was MONEY!"? Have you ever, in an effort to be empathic, said, "Yes, I feel you. I really do. But try thinking of it this way..."? Or have you ever said, "I'm so crushing on Bieber (for example) right now"?, in place of "I have a big crush on Bieber". Just curious!

I don't THINK I use anything anyone would find remotely hip. There is nothing worse than an elderly woman :) trying to sound cool. I do try to bear that in mind. I do still, despite my best efforts, use "dude" a lot.

The past two weeks I've been too busy to post during the live chat so I'll try the early bird approach. So how bout them Caps. I'm tremendously relieved that they came away with the win. It was a close one. I remain a bit worried at their inability to score however. Great defense definitely wins cups but there has to be SOME offense. Does every goalie the Caps face instantly become the best goalie who ever lived?

Yes, it must seem that way. Lundqvist is pretty good. When they stick to their game plan of just taking it to him, they can probably wear him out a bit. Guy's gotta be tired after the season he's had.

Miz T, I've been largely devoted to stuff other than sports since my last note but I've had the chance to watch the Nationals look at least competitive in the regular season's early going -- I'll be generous and blame early April's weather for the sparse attendance -- and to spend my own Wednesday night away from South Capitol Street in my own comfy chair with a tasty cold beverage while watching the Capitals start what I hope the hockey gods will make a lengthy campaign through the NHL postseason. (Although when it comes to blaming or crediting the fates, I lean toward that line Shakespeare wrote for the conspirator Cassius in his play Julius Caesar. "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.") But although my recent personal observations of the games we play and watch has been limited I really, REALLY had to write this morning to applaud you and tip my battered fedora with the press card tucked into the brim in your direction. Going from your discussion of goalies as vacuum cleaners to that line in your column "the sellout crowd's chants of 'Rangers Have Suction' -- or something similar" was really, REALLY good. You made me envious that phrase hadn't come from my own keyboard and I really, REALLY like reading work which makes me feel that way. --The Retired Journalist.

TRJ: Thanks much; I appreciate that. (Still wish I hadn't botched the Semin goal description.)

Hi Tracee -- I forgot that the long-awaited return of Friday Night Lights is tomorrow and agreed to go see the Nats play the Brewers. I hope that the game will be half as entertaining as the show. Looking ahead, how long will I have to schedule a trip up to Hagerstown to see Bryce Harper play? Is there a plan for him to move up to AA or beyond this season? -OUMom

Hey, OUMom! There isn't a set date for Harper; I'd recommend going while it's still pleasant outside and before school lets out. In other words, don't wait too long. They'll move him up when they think he's not getting any benefit facing A pitching, so it's hard to judge.

Unless it violates some sort of sports journalism code of ethics, I am wondering if you and your esteemed colleagues draw from a Seinfeldian set of nicknames (e.g., "close talker") for all species of fans... A few examples: "Glass slappers" of the NHL... "Pitch prognosticators" for MLB... "Cell-phone-talkers-and-wavers-to-camera-from-the-stands" for all sports. Thoughts?

We're not as clever as Larry David, I fear. Last night we had some guys in front of us who wanted to reach back and high five the media types after the Caps' first goal. I can't even think of a clever name for them. "High five fails"?

Hi Tracee! It's kind of funny that when the Caps lose, Boudreau is seen as this bloated, cursing gasbag who is a good coach, but just can't get them over the hump, but when they win, he's cuddly, lovable, and just that certain something. What's your sense of him? Is he THE MAN, or is he the man who's holding the place of the inevitable next guy, who has a better shot at taking the Caps all the way? Thanks, and you kick butt.

I will admit to liking Boudreau, partly because he can be both a gasbag and cuddly. I kind of like that. I think this is the year we find out if he's the guy who can take them over the hump. I don't really have a rooting interest but from a media perspective, I hope he's the guy because he's an interesting guy to deal with. I'm not at all close with him, doubt he knows me, but I get a kick out of watching him work.

Hey, Tracee, is this the dumbest question you've ever been asked?


Actually, there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers.


Barry Bonds has millions of dollars in the bank, he owns a few of the big records in baseball, most people still think he was a great player. So he doesn't get into the Hall of Fame. I'm not convinced that's a big deal to him. Do you?

I think if he doesn't make it he'll go to his grave saying how much he DOESN'T care. He's just that kind of guy. But do I think he wanted to be in there with Willie? Yes, I do.

"High five flails"?

As Mike Tyson said in "The Hangover" -- Nice!

Dude, Tracee is nails.

I don't even know what that means. Probably for the best.

Now THAT was a Masters Tournament! And despite his terrible final round, Rory McIlroy came out sounding like a future champion and all around nice young man. I am now following @mcilroyrory on Twitter. He posted a great photo with Charl Schwartzel wearing the green jacket. Again, what a nice young man! How about dem O's? How about dem Caps?

Hey, B'More! Yes, what a Masters. Wish we could have talked Monday but I'm sure Boz had plenty to say about it. What fun! And yes, McIlroy seems like a nice kid. I started wondering Sunday if the leaderboard was really young or was I just getting old and mostly I think the leaderboard was really young (with a smidge of the other). I think it's great. When some of these kids talk about watching Tiger when THEY were kids, though, I freak out a little. I wonder if Tiger does, too?

Wow, what a game. Going into the game I was really just hoping to not get shutout. I thought that a 3-2 loss would be tolerable b/c at least they got to Lundqvist and things looked pretty grim in the third with time winding down and a 1-0 NY lead. But Ovi stuffing one home and then Arnott to Semin for the game was too pretty. On ESPN they asked Melrose if the Caps should be nervous about struggling against the 8 seed but he wisely pointed out that Lundqvist is no eight-seed goalie and last year's Caps would have lost that game. Sorry, no real question, just Go Caps. I will ask who you're reading these days, as I enjoyed the Tana French novels on your rec.

I hadn't heard that comment by Melrose; interesting and, I think, true.

Oh, books -- I just finished "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand" and just loved it. Also read "Gabriel's Story," which was a rec by a chatter or emailer, can't remember which, and it was dark but very good as well. "Major Pettigrew," however, was awesome. I was laughing out loud on the Metro, in restaurants ... Crazy lady alert!

Am pretty sure Martin Brodeur played every game in the Devils' three Cup victories. More fun fact: He's one of only two NHL goaltenders to have scored goals in both the regular season and the playoffs. So sad he's golfing.

Good example of a workhorse goalie, thanks!

I am heading down to Nats Park & cheering for Nats. It's 1-1 & if the Nats win tonight, what a great night it will be! Hopefully, tonight there will evenly matched fans from both side. :) JFK will not be permanent member of the racing presidents according to Bog. Hope your sleep test went well!

I don't like that they are turning the Presidents into prop comics. The day I was there, they were putting each other on carts. Enjoy the game -- maybe tonight's the night Teddy wins! (Yeah, right.)

Tracee - what is it about the demographics of people who listen to sports talk radio that makes window manufacturers think we're dying to buy as many windows as we can? There are at least three different companies advertising ALL the time. Really?? Does ANYONE buy enough windows to justify that kind of an ad budget? Oh, and was there some kind of hockey game last night? I thought I heard someone mention it. - K-Stater

I don't know anything about a hockey game, but I agree -- replacement windows are the erectile dysfunction medication of 2011.

What's the deal with Frank Martin, btw?

Oh, the window thing is perfect segue to tell you all that I'll be on the TK show next Thursday. In fact, I'll be chatting from there, but after we're off the air. Fun!

We had Joe Mauer down here in Fort Myers for the Twins, and he only spent about half the summer in 'A' ball -- not long enough to fix him up with our niece, who could have used a rich spouse. So maybe they should drive up there sooner rather than later.

I'm not sure OUMom has an eligible daughter but I'll pass that along. :)

Tracee, OK, maybe with Caps mania in full swing you won't be able to do this for awhile, but when you can, check out again the Nats' TV coverage with Rob Carpenter and F.P. Santangelo. They've now clicked, big time, I think. Not just really good analysis of what players and pitchers are trying to accomplish, they are funny, too! Tues night for President's race, Teddy was wearing aluminum foil, to honor Yuri Gagarin, astronaut, Carpenter said. Looks more like he's honoring Orville Redenbacher/Jiffy Pop, FP said, noting the aluminum foil head. Great stuff! But the baseball insider's viewpoint is great, too. Check it out. And, by the way, Nats starters have gone at least 5 innings EVERY game so far! Who'd a thunk it.

Glad to hear that about the TV crew. F.P. is a very personable guy and he admitted after listening to the opener that he wasn't himself. It's going to take time for them to get to know each other. I hope it works out.

I think I can watch tonight if I can stay awake.Since I'm giving you all this unsolicited insight into sports writing, one other thing I'll tell you is that you don't rush home and go to bed. Too much adrenaline from deadlines. So I was up late late late waiting to get tired. And then woke up at 7:30. This sleep machine can't come soon enough. Plus, I need to restock the Guinness.

Five innings = good. But McCatty wants seven per start. Oy!

Wasn't that Puddy's trademark, at least when he was selling cars?

Yes, I think that's right. I had forgotten that.

To the earlier poster regarding #1 vs #8 seeds, if you check the stats, the Rangers actually had a better Goals For/Goals Against ratio then the Caps. Of course, that includes their 6-0 and 7-0 shellacking of the Caps.

Good point. The Caps' GF/GA numbers were crazy close this season.

Were you as surprised as I was that Sugar Ray Leonard was eliminated on this week's "Dancing with the Stars" (instead of that obnoxious, no-talent dumb-bunny of the Playboy variety, who got the lowest judges' scores this week)? Why do you think there wasn't more fan support for a great champ like Leonard?

Was he? I figured Sugar Ray could charm his way into a few more weeks. I think the lack of support indicates how long ago he was a star AND boxing's place in the sporting universe, a combination of the two. Ohno, for instance, competes in a sport few follow outside the Olympics but he was current. But I don't watch DwtS so I hesitate to try to sound like I know what I'm taking about.

I believe "Nice!" traces back to the middle-aged slacker Onslow on the early-1990s Brit-com "Keeping Up Appearances."

Onslow! Yes! Love that show. What a strange hoot. I just like the way Tyson delivered it in "The Hangover." That, and the scene in the hotel room when he punches Zach Galifinakis. And if I spelled that wrong, I'm sorry.


I had to wait until the sixth red line train last night...sob...luckily i had my mom and dad sob...there with me....sob

I'm trying to figure out if there is a deeper meaning here that I'm too slow to get.

What's the one question you would want to ask any one person in the world, if he/she HAD to answer truthfully?

Hmmmmm. See, I would use this option for personal gain, not to try to uncover a vast global conspiracy or anything, and so my answer would be very personal. I have to think about this.

it's a good thing.

Ah. Love the Dickson book. He's good. I've gotta meet him sometime; I think he lives around here, right? Elizabeth Peters, too. Love her.

Why are Caps fans worrying? The traditional Caps choke starts when they lead the series 3-0. You've got two more games before you need to panic... Section 405

Section 405, I'm surprised at you!

Thank goodness at least there's nothing embarrassing to have to explain to the kids about replacement windows!!!

Ain't that the truth.

Immediately thought of calling that person Todd. (From Scrubs). Not every occassion or every person needs to be acknowledged with a high five. The press does not high five period. Let's Go Royals.

Oh, right. That guy was genuinely creepy. And no, we don't high five, unless the game time is moved to an earlier start or we all make deadline.

Honestly this is all about the public and media feeling better about themselves and ignoring steroid abuse in baseball then anything else. i am no fan of bonds - dude is an ... not nice guy. but come on, the shared 'joy' at his conviction is really about getting ourselves off the hook.

Yeah, I don't feel any real joy at it. I sure don't feel sorry for him, either. I'm a little surprised I don't feel anything much at all. I do hate the fact -- HATE it -- that his name is above Henry Aaron's in the books. That I have feelings about.

The new guy what his name is boring and sleep inducing and as about as exciting as paint drying. Bring back Dibble

There is definitely a faction that misses Dibble.

Sad to say, I think he's going. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't like the way this is playing out. I will say this: When he goes, I'll be sad but I'll wish him well. He did well by us and it's understandable that someone would want to move back home, given the chance. (I note this as a contrast to the way certain fans can't let it go that a certain coach did a certain thing.) -K-Stater

I set myself up for that, didn't I? :)

One overtime? That's for kids. I could do that standing on my head. I was at game 7 against the Islanders in '87 that went 4 overtimes. Ended at 2AM on Easter morning. Actually, I'd be doing a Joe Biden, fast asleep, finding my face in the nachos by the intermission before the first overtime if I went to a game like that now. On another age issue - why didn't Riggleman pinch hit Ramos for Pudge last night? At least give the Nats a chance to win. It's early, but Ramos has proven that he can do the job (until he proves otherwise, of course).

I can't answer the Pudge-Ramos thing but I would agree that I'd pinch hit for Pudge whenever necessary at this point.


Ron Hextall is the other one. I didn't have to look that up, which makes me somewhat proud. Hextall also won the Conn Smythe Trophy in 1987 as the playoff MVP even though the Flyers lost the Stanley Cup to the Oilers (and he did a Tonya Harding on the back of Kent Nielsson's knees during the series because he didn't like Oilers cruising near his goal crease). He got in a lot of fights during his career too.

Thanks. I like a fightin' goalie. Not a fighting goalie, but a fightin' goalie.

I think that was for the Pats fan (see Tom Brady, the euro-boy wonder's tears of regret from his draft day)

Oh, thank God I  have interpreters on here. I didn't watch any of that schlock-fest so I didn't put that together. But I like it!

It's "Zach Galifianakis" -- better not meet Hax in any dark alleys anytime soon!

Thanks, I took a total shot at it. And Hax can totally take me. She's a hockey mom. I don't mess with Hax.

Yep, it's one of my fave books. I believe that Mr. Dickson hails from MD. I once heard him speak at a Library of Congress baseball-related function.

Yes, and I wanted to go and couldn't for some stupid reason. I need to get out more.

Hey, at least OT ended before Metro stopped service. Friday they can play a couple more overtimes since Metro will be open late.

I may be the only writer in town who takes the train to events whenever possible. Last night, of course, it wasn't possible.

In The Lenny Dykstra Story, coming soon to a RedBox near you!

His kid can play him.

Hi Tracee, There was a great article in the post yesterday about Arnott getting a ride back home from the airport from Semin. It seems to me that their relationship is flourishing. End result the game winner was set up by Arnott. So my question to you is will the Caps re-sign him for next season? IMHO this is a no brainer if he still wants to play, sign him for another year! Great win last night by the boys! Go CAPS!

That was a column by Mike Wise and very nicely done. I see no reason the Caps won't sign him. I love the way he's literally forcing himself on Semin.

Tracee Questions that would have been asked earlier in the week if STWTH was available EVERY day like it should be: 1) Loved your Dibble-Yow column last weekend, almost as much as I like typing "Dibble Yow"--why are some people so dumb as to try to explain --or yammer about --stuff that no one cares about like Yow /Gary and Dibble/ Strasburg ? 2)Do you think you could call Rory McIlroy and tell him that there are about 100 million golfers in the world who LOVE to shoot 80 at Augusta National and that he is STILL ahead of them on the leader board 3) Will it help if we all post to the editor's chat this afternoon about how we want Tracee back at least 4 times per week or we will block 15th Street until we get arrested like Mayor whathisname?-- No, not the old Mayor For Life. The new guy.

MVMD: Let's see. 1) Thank you. I don't get it, either. 2) I think McIlroy gained a lot of fans this weekend. And he'll get a green jacket one of these days. 3) Ha! Well, you can give it a try. Good luck with that!

WHile I breathed a sigh of relief when Semin scored in OT, it's hard not to notice that the Caps got to OT with a fluke goal. They outplayed and outchanced the Rangers. They have GOT to bury their chances when they get them. Two "Post"s is at leas one too many.

The number of opportunities they had last night was staggering. I don't see how they get that many near misses every game. They have to be that aggressive every game. We'll see.

First things first. The new format the Post has adopted really stinks. Also going to once a week sucks even more. I really hate to say this about the NFL but I have to give them props over any other sport in the playoffs. They get EVERY game in its entirety on TV. No matter where you are everyone gets to see the whole game every game. The NHL COULD have had the CAPS-Rangers on Versus HD and then put the Redwings-Coyotes on the Versus non-HD channel. The Caps game was picked up late in the 3rd Period and went to its OT final. Good luck if you were a Vancouver or Chicago fan on watching the early portion of their game. Well its time for me to take my Zoloft-Lithium-Effexor-Lexapro cocktail.

I'll have what you're having.

Any thoughts on going head-to-head with a chat about peeps? I do admire the creativity of many of those diaramas but I really want to hear about how Mike Green felt after the game. He had some rust but still got a few nice shots off and didn't make any major errors.

I didn't get a chance to join the Green scrum because I was fighting my way through the Neuvy scrum, but I saw him briefly and he looked good and really happy to be back. Boudreau was thrilled with his play. Thrilled.

Hi Tracee -- As promised, I wanted to send you a report of my trip to Lawrence. In sum -- great small city. Really nice, intelligent, engaged people. Some amazing things going on at the university. We ended up eating at 715, which was quite a nice little restaurant, and bussing on a Wednesday night. The Oread is a beautiful hotel. And I learned a ton about Kansas history. Who knew the rivalry with Missouri wasn't really about basketball, and the term Jayhawk dates back to the 19th century? You can be pretty proud of your town!

Well, I knew. Now you know why I get worked up when KU plays Mizzou. :) But I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The Oread is AMAZING. I am dying to spend one night there before I die. I really do recommend Lawrence to any and all; it's got a lot going for it.

Brooks Laich because he a defensive minded winger who can win faceoffs and I like #21. I hope they re-sign the guy, not sure what I'll do w/ my jersey if they let him go.

Another one. Brooks is a standup guy. Crush away.

What do you think about his recently concluded trial? Seems to me like a big waste of time and money, and he won't get any significant jail time. Isn't the far greater punishment the damage to his reputation and the probable shut-out from the Hall of Fame, anyway?

It's hard to fathom how much that trial cost, as you say, in time and money. The only real punishment he's going to face is the shutout from the Hall of Fame. That's it.

CNN/SI put together an NHL gallery of player/celebrity look-alikes.  If you have time to get to #30 for Ovechkin, the comparison is equally hilarious and devastating.

Running out of time but thought I'd throw this out...

Maybe next year for April Fool's Day, you and Hax could swap chats, or columns ;-)))

I thought about asking her if she'd be interested to guest on mine sometime. She's a big sports fan and I'm a big Hax fan.

PHL-PEN, I think, 1999 -- went so long the Post went to press without the score. I think I went to bed at 2:30 a.m. and it still wasn't over. DEFINITELY no Metro.

And back then, we had better deadlines! :)

Choked up last night watching a TV news story about how Christina Taylor Green's Little League field is being renamed after her in the Tucson, AZ., area. They said she'd hoped to become the first female player in MLB -- and with a grandpa like Dallas Green behind her, I wonder if she could've made it.

Nice gesture. Missed that.

Just throwing out my support for this idea!

It would be fun, I think. I could answer the advice questions like "My colleagues forgot my birthday. Should I quit my job?" Those would be fun. :)

Maybe "replacement windows" is the new euphemism for ED! Frank Martin is only going somewhere in his own mind. Have you noticed how he's the ONLY PERSON who's talking about his possibly taking the Miami coaching job? I get the sense he thinks if he says it enough, it will just happen.

"There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

Clicking your heels together helps, too.

Well, I've run quite long and I'm sorry I didn't get to everything. Let's see, I told you all about the TK show. This weekend I'm going to NYC for Game 3; psyched for that. Boz will go to Game 4 and I don't have to ask if HE'S psyched for that. Anyway, let's talk next Thursday -- it seems so far away!

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