Chandra Levy trial: The prosecution rests

Nov 11, 2010

Washington Post staff writer Keith L. Alexander will be online Thursday, Nov. 11, at 11 a.m. ET to discuss the Chandra Levy murder trial. The prosecution is done proving their case against Ingmar Guandique, who is charged with killing Levy in 2001, and has put on all of its witnesses and evidence that it is going to use. Now the defense will start its case.

Keith will be starting shortly.  Please stand by.  Thank you.

The prosecution finished its case yesterday in the Chandra Levy trial. What do you think of the case so far. Let's chat.

Was there ever any talk about televising this trial?

Cameras aren't allowed in courtrooms so televising the trial would be very difficult. However, producers from 20/20 have been attending the trial and I believe they plan on doing an episode on the case in the near future.

Do you think Guandique will take the stand? Without DNA evidence, the only evidence linking Guandique is from the inmate's testimony. Wouldn't it only do more potential harm to the defense to call Guandique to testify? Not that I wouldn't want to see him found guilty but I'm wondering whether there are any positives for the defense in calling him to testify.

At this stage, I would be surprised if he took the stand. But he has the right to testify if he chooses. But most attorneys have this conversation with their clients, so we'll see.

I applaud the Washington Post's coverage of the trial. Will a complete trial transcript be available at some point?

Hmm. That's a good question. I'm not sure if the editors have considered publishing a complete transcript of the trial, but I will bring it to their attention.

Several readers have asked how is it that Gary Condit was allowed to avoid answering the question as to whether he had a sexual relationship with Levy.

Judge Fisher decided, despite the repeated questions from Guandique's attorney, that details of Condit's relationship with Levy was not relevant to the case against Guandique.

Keith, you're doing a great job on this story but I'm also wondering why Sari Horwitz and Scott Higham haven't been involved again with the Chandra Levy story as it unfolds.

Thanks. Both Scott and Sari are working on other projects I believe.

I read that Gary Condit will be writing a book about the Chandra Levy story. Is this true? Do you kinow anything about it?

Grere eetings Fairfax. Yes, Condit is writing a book about his life and in particular his last year in office. He is  a fascinating man and had a strong career in politics.

I apologize for not being able to get to everyone's questions. But thank you for your participation. Next week should be very interesting. On Monday, we could hear from another of Guandique's former cell mates. And as early as Tuesday, we  may hear closing arguments in the case. That means, the jury could begin deliberating as early as next Wednesday. Stay tuned.

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