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Dec 22, 2011

Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney was online Thursday, Dec. 22 to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news, with a special focus today on the 'American Horror Story' season finale.

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Without further ado, let's chat.

Did you see you were quoted by the venerable Beeb today about your review of The Hobbit trailer?

I had not seen that! How cool.

I have to say, I think "The Hobbit" stole "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer's thunder a bit.

Focus on American Horror Story? Not fair! Especially since this time could be used to discuss ways to prevent sweatshops from using underage slaves to make ugly shoes.

We are going to talk American Horror Story, but we can certainly discuss other things, too.

For the record, the Kardashians have denied the sweatshop allegations. About the slave part anyway. The ugly charge is subjective, of course.

I thought last episode Voilet found out how to "banish" Tate. Why didn't she do that when he had a knife to the throat of the skateboard teen?

Good question. The rules for unbanishing someone were not made clear. I guess she just decided to show up where he was or something?

Definitely an unexplained little plot hole.

By my count, we have 26 ghosts in Murder House. That's pretty darn crowded. But I also think there might be more, as we haven't seen the residents of the house from the 30s, 50s, or 60s. This house needs to be condemned by the city.

I am not sure if paranormal activity is grounds for condemnation. Besides, it would totally ruin that apparently very successful haunted house tour that keeps cruising by the place.

Does she still make a commission if the entire family dies? Why is it always her that has to try to sell The Murder House?

I was wondering about that last question myself: why does she always sell the dang house? I had dismissed the notion that she was a ghost, but I am starting to wonder. She does seem forever linked to the place for some reason.

What role does the ghost-godmother play in rearing a ghost baby? Also, you and Paul should do a chat together.

We should do a chat together. Maybe before season two starts, whenever that is.

And re: the ghost godmother question, that may be more of an Emily Post-type question. I believe there are few rules about this in the after-life.

As someone who watched the entire season, I was totally disappointed with the finale episode. And how are they going to get people to watch next season? What is there, exactly, that I still want to know or see?

That's a good question. 

As I mentioned in the recap today, the most obvious plotlines to address are Constance and Little Man Tate and how that plays out, and Tate trying to win back Violet.

Presumably they will introduce more characters. But it's hard to imagine how they will make it as compelling as the initial process of sussing out the mysteries of the house.

How come none of the ghost aged except Moira? and who exactly were the people/ghost that killed Ben?

I raised the same question in today's post about Moira. We still don't know the answer to that question.

Re: who killed Ben, those were the home invaders who terrorized Vivien and Violet in episode two, then prevented them from leaving in "Open House." (I think it was "Open House.")

NYU passed James Franco when he didn't deserve it? You're killing me. Only people who actually *attend school* earn degrees. (See Foster, Jodie; Portman, Natalie.) Am I the only one puzzled by his success? He needs a hot shower, a shave and a decent meal, IMHO.

Well, that's just one former professor's allegation.

It wouldn't surprise me if some professors went a little easy on students like him. He's a walking marketing tool for the university. Doesn't make it right if his grades were inflated, of course, but some instructors may feel that pressure.

I still like Franco, but I think he needs to take a breath and stop overextending himself. I admire his creative and intellectual appetite but you can't do that many things and do them all well. At least not as well as you could.

Any chance they'll have a faux-Ghost Hunters Cable show come in and all of their instruments go off the scale? Or does Tate just kill them all?

Oh, that's a fun idea. The house becomes the subject of a documentary.

Or -- in a meta move -- a TV show winds up shooting there because it's vacant and no one will buy the place. A TV show, perhaps, about a haunted house?

Hey, maybe we should write season two!

Your favorite and best of 2011? Happy Holidays!

Such a simple question and yet such a hard one to answer. Not sure if I can narrow it down to just one.

I am going to post something on my favorite movie moments of 2011 sometimes next week. In the meantime, I'll mention a few I liked very much: "Hugo," "Bridesmaids," "50/50," "We Bought a Zoo," "The Descendants," "The Muppets" (yeah, you heard me) and "The Artist."

I was thinking of that when Little Man Tate (the crying one, not the Anti-Christ) showed back up in the teenager's room.

That's exactly what Paul said.

Also, Violet is a variation on Winona Ryder's character, isn't she?

Are they stuck with a squalling, screaming, interesting-as-a-potted-plant baby for all eternity? Those ghosts don't age, except for Moira switching from young to old...

I believe so. At least until we figure out the deal with Moira. None of the other children who have died in the house ever aged. So that's a fair assumption.

What is it about Murder house that brings out the baby fever in all its residents? Something to do with Infantada?

Paul and I raised this notion early on: that the house has a hold on people almost like the island on Lost. If that's even partially true, that means the spirit of the house somehow influences people to try to procreate.

Why? Because the house is atoning for the sins of abortion performing doctor Dr. Charles Montgomery, its original owner. That's right: Murder House is pro-life.

The only pattern that I can see--which could fall apart at the slightest detail, so remind me if something doesn't fit--is that up until 2011, her body was the only one decomposing on Murder House grounds. The bodies of Charles, Nora, Tate, Chad, and Pat would have been removed by whomever found them and buried elsewhere; Travis and Elizabeth Short were removed; Hugo was mashed up and presumably the bodies of the twins and the fans of Franklin were destroyed. Beau may have been buried elsewhere under cover of darkness. It's the only relatively consistent explanation.

Yes, that makes sense. Her physical body and her spiritual body are both in the same place. Which is why we see the ghost of who she was (Hot Moira) and who she is now (Ruth Fisher).

All right, we've resolved that. We've really answered everything.

Of course she'll play Brittany S. Pierce's inner voice, because Britney Spears has sometimes affected a British accent!

That's a good guess. Reports have also said that Mirren's "Glee" guest voice will address issues related to the arts and education.

Which makes me think Sue Sylvester may hear her in her head.

Hi Jen, So glad you are the Celebritologist now, Liz wasn't a huge Tolkien nerd like you and me. Have you checked out the comment thread from your Hobbit post? People are taking exception to your statement that Gollum was a Hobbit. This is important, please clarify!

Actually, Liz was/is probably a bigger Tolkien nerd than I am. Just stating that for the record.

I thought Gollum originally was a Hobbit. The LOTR Wiki defines him as "a creature of Hobbit-like origin."

That's enough for me to casually refer to him as a Hobbit, isn't it?

Couldn't you do like with "Lost," and have a separate chat for AHS, instead of letting it hijack the "Celebritology" chat? Please?

Last night was the season finale, so this won't be an issue again for months.

I am also taking questions on other subjects. Ask me about something else if you want to discuss something different. Am happy to do that.

How old were the actors that played the Ramos? The "Son" looked older than the "father" at times!

I know. They threw a ski cap on him as if that would magically transform him into someone younger.

Where do the ghosts get their wardrobes? And why do only some of them change? Mainly the main characters change clothes, but the nurses will always be in nurse uniforms and the exterminator in his.

Tate doesn't change clothes too often -- he was wearing his Freddy Krueger sweater again last night.

But Violet and Vivien do. I mean, they have to look pretty as the stars of the show.

Speaking of which, Vivien looks so much hotter dead than she dead while alive and dealing with the stress of her marriage. What an inspiring makeover.

How long do we have to wait?

It's unclear. It's on in 2012 but I haven't heard of a definitive date yet.

Any word leaked yet on whether this year's telecast of the Kennedy Center Honors has some really good segments? (My all-time favorite was when the University of Nebraska Marching Band came down the aisles playing the school fight-song to serenade honoree-alumnus Johnny Carson -- gotta video link?).

I did not go. But I do plan to watch, at least for the Streep tribute.

A reader wrote in with this, but the question just disappeared into the queue vortex.

Anyway, breaking news via Vulture:

American Horror Story season two will be in a totally different house.

Apparently some of the same actors will return, but possibly as different characters. And it won't be set in L.A. And there was some kind of clue in the latter part of the episode as to where it might go next. 

I still like my TV show being filmed idea, though.

Q1: Why does Constance seem to be the only resident of Murder House to get out alive? Q2: Do we ever get to see the mutilated baby of Dr. Montgomery (didn't he die in the house too?)

A1: The Ramoses got out alive, too. So did Addie, at least for a while. And so did Larry. So Constance is not alone.

A2: We did see the baby. That's the Infantata, Thaddeus, the scary Nosferatu creature that lives in the basement.

All right boys and girls, this has been fun. But I'm under the weather and still have much work (and holiday shopping!) to do. So I must depart.

As this is our last chat of 2011 -- no chat next week -- I want to thank all of you for reading the blog, coming to this chat and generally being stalwart Celebritologists during a difficult year, one in which our beloved Liz departed, our publishing system relaunched, etc.

I am grateful for all of you. And I wish you all very happy holidays and all the best in the new year. See you in 2012.

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