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Dec 20, 2012

Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Welcome to the final Celebritology chat of 2012, and the final Celebritology chat of all time.


Well, maybe I shouldn't say that. If some of you want to have private conversations and call them Celebritology chats, look, this is America and I am not going to stop you. But gathering in this particular forum, for an evolving-in-real-time Q&A -- well, this won't happen again. It suddenly occurs to me that I have come to this party without nearly enough photos of Daniel Craig at the ready. Not sure how to handle this. I did, however, post a photo of my dog to my Facebook page for your perusal, as some of you often requested. So there's that.


Let me start this discussion by saying that I am not here to talk about the circumstances of the blog's demise or my departure. The announcement that previously was posted in the blog says what's going to be said about all that. As sad as I am to say farewell to Celebritology, I'm grateful to the Post for all the opportunities I've had since I started here back in 2000. I am especially grateful to Liz Kelly, who started this whole crazy-wonderful blog and was kind enough to invite me to be part of it, first via "Lost" and then as a permanent fixture.


Second, I want to reiterate the thank yous I shared in the blog, on Twitter and on Facebook for the outpouring of support and kind words that you've shared about Celebritology during the past few days. It's been overwhelming, moving and gratifying to see how much you value not just the blog but the community that Liz, Sarah Anne Hughes and I built here.


Third, for the many who have asked where I'll be next, I am not exactly sure yet. But you can keep up with on me on Twitter @chaneyj and on Facebook (see cute puppy link above).


Now, let's treat this chat the only way we can treat it given that it's a few days before Christmas: like that final scene in "It's a Wonderful Life" where everybody that George Bailey has ever known rolls up at the Bailey household with wads of cash. Except you guys won't be bringing cash, you'll be bringing snark. (Note: I also will accept cash.)


Nosy_Parker, epjd and anyone else who wants to, you get to play the Bailey children. (What? They had a *ton* of them.) TD_in_Baltimore, you can be war hero Harry Bailey. Bawlmer, you get to be Uncle Billy and that's really a gift because now you have permission to be drunk and forgetful for the rest of the day. Byoolin has already said he can't make it. Nevertheless, I've cast him as Zuzu so that Byoo-byoo's petals can rest in the Celebritology equivalent of George Bailey's pocket.


So who's George Bailey? Actually, it isn't me, or Liz, or Sarah. I think it's all of us as a collective unit, the Celebritology family as a whole. True story: my senior quote in my 1990 Walter Johnson High School yearbook was taken from "It's a Wonderful Life":  "Remember, no man is a failure who has friends." I feel like I'm very much among friends today.


Oh, and by the way, every time a bell rings, luvlinsey gets her wings. Luvlinsey: we're all hoping you reveal your identity today. Do not let us down.


Now: Mr. Martini, how about some wine?! Let's fire up the BKD and the "Auld Lang Syne" and kick this chat into high gear. The tiki bar is open.


P.S. I will post the Celebritology glossary in its entirety as a separate item in just a few minutes, per the requests raised in the blog. So just carm down, it's coming.


Well, if you put it that way...

Is it just me, or is Tom Cruise looking particularly younger these days than he has in years?

I feel like he hasn't aged at all. If he's had "work done" it's so well done that you wouldn't necessarily think that he is.

What are you suggesting? That he's actually a robot?

The last Chat. sniff, sniff. I want to ask a really cool question but I am too upset to think of one. All I can say is this chat and blog have been a major part of my life for a long time and I will miss it greatly. Thanks for all the memories, Liz, Jen, Sarah Anne, Producer Paul and all the Lizards.

Oh dear, I forgot to thank producer Paul and all of the people who have produced this chat over the years -- Jodi Westtrick, Elizabeth Terry, Hailey Crum, Rocci Fisch. I apologize if I am forgetting others, undoubtedly I am.

epjd, you have been an awesome supporter an d a great secret weapon, always sending links to good stuff just in case I missed it. I don't want to think of this as goodbye to any of you personally because we'll always have Facebook or Twitter. But thanks for what you say, and the things you said in your blog comments earlier this week.

I am despondent. This is terrible. Everything is the worst. And right before Christmas too! Good thing the world is ending tomorrow.

Yeah, that really softens the blow, doesn't it? Thanks, Mayans!

Does the Tiki Bar have Game of Thrones beer? I'm down to the last couple of bottles of Yeungling that The Kid brought the last time she visited.

It's not out until March. If I could send a tasty adult beverage to you through the Intertubes, I would.

Zuzu! (Hockey cancelled. Apparently they heard about this chat and wanted me to be here.)

Byoo-byoo's petals ... byoo-byoo's petals ... there they are!

So glad you're here, Byoolin. Wouldn't be right without you.

With the acclaim and attention for "Homeland" and "Zero Dark Thirty" will actresses who give powerful perfomances lend more consideration to those who are unsung anti-terror heroines?

Perhaps, although I think there are only so many of those kids of stories that can be put out there right now without them starting to seem derivative.

I think it's great to see stronger women in general, particularly Chastain's character. There's an interesting conversation to be had there about whether she's truly a strong woman to be celebrated, or if some of her behavior in that film probably shouldn't be emulated in the workplace. I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Will you continue summarizing American Horror Story in question and answer form? It's my favorite AHS recap.

I may do something on my own personal time, just because I feel bad abandoning it mid-season. But I haven't decided for sure. Maybe I can live-tweet it?

Sooooo I've never done one of these before (first time caller, long time listener, blah blah, etc.), but I just wanted to say thank you for your columns. I practically grew up reading you and Monica Hesse and everyone in the Style section every morning before school. I loved it. So I just wanted to thank you for that, and wish you luck with whatever your next endeavor is. Thanks! And since I think we're supposed to ask questions with this I guess I'll throw in two: 1) Who is going to guide us through our absurd obsessions with pop culture now?! :( 2) Got any special plans for the supposed end of the world? A friend suggested watching the Day After Tomorrow :)

Thanks so much for this. You grew up reading me and Monica? Dear Lord, I feel old now.

Re: watching "The Day After Tomorrow," no offense to Jake Gyllenhaal, but I am not sure that's how anyone should spend their last hours, if these are really the last hours. And I am hoping they are not because I really want to see the third season of Downton Abbey.

Some of us aren't on Facebook or Twitter, and don't want to be. How can we Luddite Lizards keep in touch?

First of all, I suggest you rectify that. Even if you're not on Twitter yourself, you can still look at other people's Twitter feeds online.

That being said, my e-mail at the Post is jen.chaney@wpost.com. I can be reached there through early Jan. And beyond that, chaneyflix@gmail.com is my personal e-mail.

Go WJ! Just started watching Scandal in the last few episodes and am loving it - any chance that ABC's new publicity push for it actually works?

You know, I still haven't watched Scandal, although I have enjoyed reading people's tweets about it.

Not sure what the ratings have been, but there's enough chatter about it in the right demographics to make it seem worth renewing. Then again, what do I know about network programming?

These blogs and chats have always seemed to me as great cocktail parties that I am way not cool enough to have been invited to, so obviously my presence was an accident. That said, I'll ask the rhetorical: there was a plot to murder justin beebs and yet the Kartrashians go unscathed???

That murder plot was seriously disturbing and weird.

No matter how we may feel about certain celebs, I would like all of them to go unscathed. Sheesh. The whole thing was creepy.

Please, could you write a book on popular culture where you expand and update your most trenchant and insightful essays, as well as add some new ones? I think there might be a market...

I could. I actually would like to write books. I've contributed to one so far.

The marketing for book publishing is really tough, so I am not sure if any publishers would be interested. Thanks for the suggestion ... I am open to all suggestions!


Cyrus Dancy. While it's not as bad as some, poor kid.

I cannot say the name without singing "Private Dancer." I just cannot do it.

That will have to pass at some point, right?

I am in love. She is so hipster cute and wicked funny. How does she feel about getting asked out via Celebritology chats?

Well, I am not sure that's the best avenue to take. But what you say about Hughes is true: adorable, hilarious, smart. She's the best, and I'd miss her more than I already do if we weren't still in touch.

Ah Jen - I will miss you horribly, your snarkability, your wit, your enthusiasm and the mindful way you balanced this escape when bad things have been happening all around us. I liked the occasional deep question you challenged us to think about and the humor and off beat questions you brought to your interviews with stars, allowing us a glimpse of who they really might be (beyond the scripted sound bites). I thank you for the friends you have introduced me to and the care with which this community has always taken care of one another. Big hugs

This is lovely. Thank you so much.

So, do we "friend" you, or just subscribe? (I've been on Facebook a while, I'm just hazy on what to do with columnists whom I "know" but don't really, you know?)

Good question. You can subscribe. And if you friend and send a note that says you're a Celebritology reader, I will likely accept the request. I've tried to do that with any readers and I have yet to regret that decision.


We must know: who is Luvlinsey? Some speculated yesterday on the blog that it was Gene Weingarten.

Holy cow, that would be awesome. I hope this is true.

It would make sense, in a way.

It's 2:28 p.m. and she hasn't shown up yet, at least not that I've seen. The suspense is mounting...

Also, this chat may run past 3 p.m. Lost of comments/questions in here.

"Now you have permission to be drunk and forgetful for the rest of the day." Wayyyyy ahead of you, Jen. ::glug:: Now, to business: what celebrities should survive the coming Mayan apocalypse?

Excellent, Balwmer.

Do you mean would survive, or should survive if there is any justice in this world?

If it's the latter, clearly everyone on this list of Indisputables should, as a start. As for would, well, clearly Keith Richards. You think a little thing like an apocalypse can knock that guy down? Please.

I've always appreciated how you don't simply snark or gossip, but always place the news in the context of the larger themes of celebrity. Your thoughtful and engaging analysis on everything from recaps and guest stars to the topics of backlash, comebacks and redemptions, meltdowns, celebrity expectations of privacy, self-branding, silly baby names, sad deaths and illnesses, jumping the shark, childhood stars, downward spirals, train wrecks, and Lohans. I've loved every chat I've participated in for the last 5 years. There aren't any other celebrity news journalists like you. You are simply irreplaceable.

Did my husband write into the chat today? Or is my mom posting from beyond the grave? (I would not put this past her except for the fact that she never knew how to use the Internet.)

This is incredibly kind -- thank you.

Paging Dr. Freud!!!

The island made me write that.

Advise me! I'm seriously un-creepy. Ask her to friend me on FB. My name is Ryan Gosling.

Oh, cool. I'll tell her to friend you, then you can send her a message that starts off "Hey, girl."

Sound like a plan?

I started off as BoredAtWork & before that I remember reading you at the Gazette. You know I've tried writing something witty & funny about 5 times now & I just can't get it right. I just wanna say thanks for the memories, the BKDs, the helping fattys to carm down, just all of it. I've bookmarked your twitter & facebook pages for future reference!

You've been a great, engaged reader and I appreciate it. Thanks so much for that. And do stay in touch.

You and Liz made watching Lost one of the most fun and gratifying television experiences I have ever had (even though Producer Paul thought the whole thing was nuts). The chats were great and you both helped me get through the "rough" patches. You guys moved my Island so many times. So very sad to see you go. Namaste.

Writing about Lost was certainly one of the most gratifying, if not the most gratifying, thing I did during my time here. It became about something bigger than the show. It was about the community, much as I said in my chat intro.

Which reminds me: need to post the Celebritology glossary. One second, guys...

This is the complete Celebritology glossary, as posted by in Celebritology by Liz and written by Mudge in August of 2008.

I am sure there are some additions since then. One obvious one:

Move my island: A term inspired by "Lost." It  is the geek-time-travel way of saying "You rock my word."

I also would add Jen-ites or whatever term we tried to replace Lizards with but it clearly never stuck. Lizards applies to all.

P.S. This is really long.

Unabashed Glossary of Terms

Andy - the official kitty of the Celebritology Universe
Bagging the Viper - vulgar synonym for "knockin' boots" (see below)

Barfishious - describes the type of thoughts one has when contemplating Verne Troyer's sex video

Bawlmer - the Lizard Snark Shelter Safety Officer

Blowback - non-Lizard snark

Booby Kennedy Day (BKD) - a bodacious afternoon at the Celebritology Hut

1) In Addition to All Capitals and Exclamation Points, the Overuse of Capitalization of Words, Shall Henceforth Also Be a Factor for Determining Craziness.

2) The use of numbers in place of words (e.g., "2" for "two", "4" for "four" as in, "I am 2 cool 4 this") shall be a marker for consideration of BKD status

3) The "random" use of "quotation marks" for "no apparently good reason" shall be a "marker" for "consideration" of BKD status (Byoolin won't even mention the use of the word "toodles")

4) Any use of chatspeak, leetspeak, or any form of language in which clarity and correctness is sacrificed for speed is cause for a BKD nomination

Bootless Knockin' - the norm at Lizard Island (see also "Knockin' Boots" "Knockin' Ferragamos", below)

Boyzillion - the entire area of one's privacies after waxing (see "yetzillion" below)

Byoolin - the Babe Ruth (in a good way) of the Celebritology Universe

Carm down - a warning that is issued when passions rise too precipitously

Celebuspawn - what comes out when a celebrity foals
Celinedion - Lizard-speak for a popular scatological term; (e.g., "she has celinedion for brains" or "celinedion, I get that horrid Tom Cruise ad at the top of my page" or " . . . the current celinedion on TV right now" or "celinedion!"); a more dainty version of DaneCook

Cheetoes - what all B-list celebrity babies, and wannababies, are wearing this season

Clint Eastwood - grumpy old man

"Cogito ergo perfututa" - the official motto of the Celebrity Universe (sounds classy, doesn't it)

Commando raid - mischief effected by a band of Lizards, sometimes includes a rescue ladder

Contrafribularities - (1) apologies, consolation; (2) congratulations, applause, etc.

Cromulent - excellent, realistic, authentic

Cruisiness - the most obvious characteristic of a massive weirdo

DaneCook - a heftier version of celinedion; as in, "I feel so much better after taking that massive DaneCook"

DB Cooper - Sasquatch's former and much missed neighbor

Dingleberry waffles and Moose Turd Pie - the official brunch of the Celebri-Lizard Olympic Team

Doing the Funky Wiggle - what happens when LiLo breaks the one-at-a-time rule

Embiggen - to enlarge; to flesh-out (i.e., the results a boob job)

Empress Tea Lobby - the Lizard version of the Algonquin Round Table

Fatty - one who needs to carm down

Frumpy - to look like Rumer Wills wearing that slouchy beret thingy

Gecko - Curmudgeon's super secret undercover Lizard alias

Geigh - what Clay may or may not be; a cinaedus

Getting chocked up - what happens to Lizards when learning of their first ruined keyboard

Harangue the hairy one - this has something to do with Sasquatch

Harshing the snark - critiquing and otherwise criticizing Celebritology comments

Hater - someone with an opinion that differs from your own

Heincer - the couple name for Heidi and Spencer. ("[we] enjoy thinking of them as an object rather than people . . . no real people could ever be that dumb" -hr girl)

Hirsute - what Sasquatch is (aka Prince Hairy); a crytid
http://tinyurl.com/3zpqg4 - official URL of the Celebritology Universe (I don't get it. -- Liz)

Incestupus - (1) the appearance of being incestuous (cf, Billy Ray Cyrus and daughter, Miley Ray Cyrus, in the "Vanity Fair" photo spread); (2) what you call Miley's relationship with Billy Ray if you want to incite another

BKD (see Booby Kennedy Day, above)

Kitchen pass - what a Lizard gets from the so/spouse to indulge in flights of bootylicious fancy about certain celebrity members of the opposite sex (geigh or neigh)

Knockin' boots - (1) bagging the viper; (2) celebrities being snarked

Knockin' Ferragamos - the same as knockin' boots only done by wealthy Italians (see above)

LiLo leggings - a part of the Lizard Commando Unit's uniform generally worn while going up the rescue ladder; most distinctive features are the padded knee pads and easy-open crotch seam

Lizard - a denizen of the Celebritology Universe

Lizard Island - sort of like Gilligan's Island only we know how to leave if we want

Lizard Island Bridge Of Death - people who want to cross onto Lizard Island would be given five - er, three - questions to answer. If they get 'em right, they're in, if not, well, it's a Bridge of Death, right?

Lizard Island's Fearless Leaders - a band of resolute and dissolute Lizards with important responsibilities or whatever on Lizard Island

Loh-blivious - a totally clueless Lizard

Luvlinsey - doesn't know how to spell linDsAy

Manhattan Project - a cunning Lizard plan that will remove Celebri-scum from the world once and for all, while maintaining Lizard Island's totally green footprint

Mean Mommy (MM) - a regular on the OP blog

Merkin - a larger, less refined, second cousin to a tumbleweave (see "tumbleweave" below)

Methinks - the Lizard with the initial pony fixation

Mike Rowe - the itinerant, wandering, meandering, or walking about hero of Lizards everywhere

Moobies - what jiggles on a man's chest when he is in need of a "bro"

Mooby Dick - a dysfunctional man-thing

Mr Liz - beloved consort of Queen Liz and co-keeper of the Kelly menagerie; it is thought that Mr Liz has the good sense to stay away from the Lizards

Neck-to-knee - Clay's personal grooming secret

Opracity - the extent to which a media figure tries to insert themselves into every aspect of popular culture (e.g., "Paris Hilton, while totally untalented, maintains an Opracity of 96 percent.")

Owe the humanity! - Lizard cry of abashment, grief, and chagrin

Page - the official pup of the Celebritology Universe

Pastafarian - one who worships at the altar of Ramen

Peep show - what the Thursday Celebritology Chat becomes after an hour of dueling hot links

Photo spread - what Britney and Paris provide onlookers when exiting from an auto

Placticated - what Katie Holmes seems to be in more recent times (i.e., the results of a nose job)

Pony - what every Lizard really really really wants (would be a unicorn if it had a horn in the middle of its forehead)

Pornorific - self-explanatory

Privacies - that which can remain protected by a pair of LiLo leggings (unless the crotch seam gives way)

Propper nacked - showing more skin than Miley Cyrus did in the "Vanity Fair" photo spread

Shamued - being squashed by a killer whale falling from a great height; a celebrity after being publicly humiliated (shamed)

Shibbi/shibby - hot, cool, partying, or wasted

Skank - a streetwalker

Skanque - (1) a call girl; (2) a French streetwalker

Skeleboobs - aka Victoria Posh Spice Beckham (see also TOAS)

SMAME - what Lizards hang their heads in

Snark - clever but keenly disparaging remarks about another organization, custom, or person (especially a celebrity)

Snarkfest - the Celebritology posting media

Snark shelter - where Lizards hide from attacks from the MMs (and TTTs for the faint of heart) and eat snacks

Snark tank - where a deserving celebrity is sent to be snarked limb from limb

Snarky - the essence of a clever, glib observation made by a Lizard

Speedos - snarky synonym for male privacies when seen on a beach or around a pool

Televizzle - where one watches that Pekinese rescue league thing

Texting 'Tweener Tw*t (TTT) - (1) ignorant middleschooler; (2) ignorant grownup

The Perfect Beckham - a six-pack and a brat

TOAS - T**'s On A Stick (see also Skeleboobs)

Transpostite - a low-life who impersonates a Lizard by cross-posting to other blogs, particularly the MM blog
"Troiana lacerta matribus contumeliosis tradita, pax restituta est." - breaking news announcement from the Lizard Post Organizer

Trojan Lizard - a cunning and artful Commando device used to infiltrate suspect territory; recently captured and taken to an undisclosed location awaiting ransom

Tumbleweave - an erstwhile hair extension living on its own in the big city; a smaller, more refined, second cousin to a merkin (see "merkin" above)

Unchoreographed flame - (1) an event in a John Woo film reminiscent of the campfire scene in "Blazing Saddles"; (2) any unexpected event

Wrestling the taco - something that Mrs Hogan might want her new boy toy to do

Yetzillion - the entire area of a cryptid's privacies after waxing (see "boyzillion" above)

-- Mudge

Looking back, is there any particular angle of celebrity culture that you think you've either covered enough you don't need to explore it anymore, or that you are simply tired of covering? Are there angles you want to delve into more deeply in the future. You're talented, I hope we see more from you very soon!

If I never write about Lindsay Lohan at a court hearing again, I will be more than okay with that.

The stuff I always loved writing about most was the film, TV and cultural trend-related stuff. As some of you have noted, I also am super into notalgia and generational issues as they relate to culture, so those are all very general subjects I hope to continue writing about.

On a more basic level, I also will be really happy to be able to focus on my son in the mornings before school. In the past week, the importance of that has become sadly, stunningly clear.

and I'd like to give you a Pony named fatty. You can tell him to calm down when he gets too upset. Thanks so much Jen.

Thanks, Santa!

Via the Twitter: "@CandaceBailey5 Last day shooting for Attack of the Show. EVER. Sad day. RT if you're a fan of the show." Little apocalypses everywhere, it seems.

End of the year, man. This is what happens.

The good news is that we all can start fresh in a new year ... which ends with the number 13.


So will there be a final Friday List? Or should I keep schtum and wait for the surprise? (And has anyone seen my crow?! He's named Clooney and he keeps stealing my whiskey!)

I am not sure yet Bawlmer. Let's take a survey: would you rather have a last morning mix or a final Friday list? My hope is to do both but I am honestly not sure if that will happen.

is old celebritology going to be archived? Or is it all going to disappear today or tomorrow? Tear :( Best wishes Jen! You made my work day fly by....

I believe it will all remain on the Internet. I mean, that 2008 post with the glossary still is.

I certainly hope it's still out there somewhere otherwise my life's work will have been erased!

jennie, i DID send a comment in earlier. i'm not gene or genie or whoever. geez. so where can we talk to u alot? can u have a new blog about linsey and dina? and talk about how they are like the best? u can call it all about linsey! isnt that perfect? or u can write a book about her. and then the washyngton post can review it and we can have a chat agayn!


All right, here's a deal I will make with you, luvlinsey. I'll consider your book proposal if you reveal yourself.

If you're not Gene -- or genie, as you call him -- I have to assume you are Batman.

I didn't grow up reading you. If anything, quite the opposite. As a 40-something Mom in Tennis Shoes (well, red Converse high tops today, because they're festive and appropriate for a quiet day at the office) I feel like I grew younger reading you. The blog and chat were my only connection to pop culture. I have no idea how I'm going to maintain my ability to gossip while not actually watching television or reading People magazine in the future! Thank you for keeping me young. I think I'll just slink into middle age now.

No, don't slink. I refuse to slink and you shouldn't either.

is for luvlinsey to reveal herself. What we'll take? Final Morning Mix, final Friday List, announcement sayin this was all a big mistake & Celebritology isn't really going anywhere. Really Jen, you've been part of my every day life for so long I don't know how I'll handle it.

Well, I can try to give you two out of three of those things. I'll do my best.

Thanks again -- you all are so kind, it makes my heart hurt.

It might be the Uncle Billy talking, but I feel compelled to mention that what prompted me to begin posting to Celebritology, lo these many years ago, was a strange and surreal dream I had about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The night Jen announced this party was closing down, I had another dream. It was about ponies. I'm going to miss everyone here, but...it's going to be okay, people! We're all going to be okay!

Bawlmer speaks truth, even if she is kinda wasted.

We will be okay. At least through part of the day tomorrow, before the world ends.

In short: carm down.

Earlier, someone asked " Who is going to guide us through our absurd obsessions with pop culture now?! " Obviously, he/she didn't read your column of the other day. The answer is, the Reliable Source people will try hard (but it just won't be the same).

I don't think Reliable Source will cover pop culture. They'll handle celebrity and Washington personalities, but some of the broader things, like Friday lists of movies that wrecked your childhood, etc. are not what they do.

You should still read them. It's certainly a good way to keep up with the news, for sure. Sorry, didn't mean to overlook that part of the question.

Won't be here during the chat, so submitting early....very very sad to see you go. Have enjoyed Celebritology for a long time, and the chats even more. Where else could I argue seriously on how Jeremy Renner was a better Sexiest Man Alive than Channing Tatum? ;-) Best of luck to you, Jen...let us know how to keep following you whereever you end up!

Suggestion: you can just start making your Jeremy Renner arguments on random street corners. It can be performance art!

I'm an original Lizard from Day 1 of this column/chat. I am absolutely devastated. The _Post_ is losing one of its most valuable assets. You provide a service so unlike the 'Reliable Source' and I don't know what they're thinking. Your pulse on today's pop culture (the Beibs, Lindsey, American Horror Story) keeps this Gen-Xer in the know. This, combined with your love and knowledge of all things 80s and Brat Pack, can never be replaced. I've complained about the lateness of the 'Morning Mix,' but at the same time, you've answered 3 or 4 of my questions (with extensive research involved!) in one chat! I join with Arlington Gay and luvinlinsey and everyone else in mourning in this little universe. I feel like I'm losing a friend and am very sad. Best wishes Jen. The _Post_ is losing an irreplaceable gem.

Thanks for this so much.

I think the Reliable Source is absolutely worth reading and I recommend that you do so. I do think what we have done in Celebritology  is pretty different, to your point. But keep up with them here. I know many of you already do.

Just wanted to say thank you and that I know that we will all miss the blog and the chat! When I moved away from DC (something I NEVER thought I would do!), the WP chats and blogs helped me with the transition and to feel a little closer to DC. I am so stunned that the WP is getting rid of Celebritology - I am not a big poster, but I have been with it almost since the beginning - and I have really enjoyed everything you (and Liz) have done. (Well, maybe not the Lost stuff....) Booby Kennedy Day will be one of my all time favorite blog days on any blog ever! And I accidentially found out who at least one of the luvlindsey poster's was by accident after the software changed and we had to use our "real" names, which made me very sad. :( Anyway, good Luck with everything and thank you for giving a fun work distraction.

Darn, I missed that software change reveal.

Thanks for this. We had a lot of readers here, but it was great to see so many people outside of the DC area -- even in Canada, like Byoolin -- becoming part of things here. We are not separated by minor things like geography in the digital era.

Since this is your last chat, burn some bridges. Which WaPo writer has the worst personal hygiene?

Dude, really?

To honor the end of Celebritology, I would like to discuss something completely cotton-candy light: that there are only two celebrities I can think of who look good in absolutely every color they wear. Duchess Catherine, and Halle Berry. I know I certainly don't look good in certain colors, which makes their beauty all the more notable! And on that fluffy note, Jen, we sure are gonna miss you.

Interesting. I also would put Cate Blanchett in this category. The woman looks bad in nothing.

Jen, So sorry to see you and Celebritology go. I don't care much for the celeb culture and even less so for some of the other blogs I've seen. You struck just the right balance of irreverance and fun and you were never mean. (A little snarky, yes, but some people deserve a little snark).

Thanks. It was always a challenge to figure out the balance between being nice but not too nice (a problem in many celeb/entertainment blogs) or snarky without veering into nastiness (also an issue).

I'm not sure if I got it right every time, but I tried to just be myself and hope I fell on the right end of the spectrum more often than not.

That would explain so much!

Shared without comment...

What about that one? You had a regular contributor with a name like that.

And menswear was awesome. I didn't mention every single valued reader in my intro. You all are valued, every one of you.

What will you miss most (besides Daniel Craig photo ops)? Is there one topic/personality/subject that you were always happy to see pop up for the daily mix? Any predictions for 2013?

Immediate thought upon reading this question: I will miss not being able to post about the return of Arrested Development when it happens next year. Maybe I can figure out some way to do it on my own.

Predictions for 2013:

Lohan shocks us all by straightening out completely. (Love ya, luvlinsey).

Daniel Day-Lewis wins the Oscar for best actor.

Someone famous will be arrested for doing something embarrassing. (Going out on a limb with that one, but I feel pretty confident, so...)

I'll finally procure a DeLorean, then use it go back to 1985 so I can see "Back to the Future" again on its opening day. Because META.

That's all I have right now.

Hi Jen! During your time at Celebritology, who was your favorite interviewee? Is there anyone you wish you'd been able to interview that you didn't? We'll miss you!!

I've been asked this before and I really need to come up with a go-to answer.

Clooney was pretty great. I got to talk to him a few times.

Prior to officially being the Celebritology writer, I got to fulfill a childhood dream by interviewing John Taylor from Duran Duran.

As far as who I wanted to interview but didn't: Bono. Gosling (given). Steven Spielberg, though I did meet him, so that's something. More than I can come up with right now.

"Boodlers" also like to go off-topic (the kit and caboodle) into matters of pop culture from time to time on The Achenblog.

Another good suggestion. Joel doesn't cover quite the same topics as Celebritology but he's brilliant, funny, etc.

I think Achenblog, The Fix, Celebritology and the Going Out Guide blog are/were now the oldest blogs on the site.

This made me laugh out loud. Did you really do such a list? I've never felt the same about the ocean since Jaws.

I doubt she looks bad in nothing.

As soon as I wrote that, I went ... crud. Double entendre.

She looks good in everything and nothing, okay? She's beautiful.

I am going to particularly miss your Walking Dead recaps (in addition to, well, everything you post). I never felt like I completely watched an episode until I read your recap. So, so, sad to see you go.... Best of luck!

Thanks. Again, if there's a way for me to keep writing about the shows I was following, I'll try to do it.

Wait someone knows who Luvlinsey is? Don't make me get a subpoena. Out with it.

I don't think it's going to happen. I've got to close this down soon.

It will be like one of those mysteries that is never solved. Is there really a Bigfoot? What's the meaning of life? Who was luvlinsey?

Do you also have an old-fashioned (LOL!) website or blog (in addition to Facebook and Twitter)?

I don't yet. Am working on it.

Darn! You realize that since Celebritology is going kaput, y'all will never hear the results of whether I got the nerve to comment to my coworker that he is a Steve Buscemi doppelganger. : - )

You will have to e-mail that story to me once you muster the nerve to do it. I am completely serious.

I mean, I wanted you to video it somehow, but since that seems unlikely, at least send me the story on Facebook or e-mail it to me.

Just for giggles. Last week the Currently Online number at the top of this chat was 108. Today it is 427. Jen ... you have fans.

You know what's weird? I can't even see the currently online figures in my version of Firefox. I do see it in IE, though. Very cool, guys.

Seriously. How do pale blondes like Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Paltrow wear nude colors and look so good? I'm a pale blonde and I'd look like death warmed over if I wore a nude color. Is it something to do with stylists? Makeup? Stunning natural beauty?

I look like death warmed over in most things. Maybe that's because I dress like Winona Ryder in "Beetlejuice."

Oh, noes! No more BKDs. ... sniff ...

I know, right? Sad.

I live in the Seattle area, but I've always enjoyed hearing about sightings in Washington, DC and all of the good Snark Can I be Tommy Bailey?

You can! Isn't he the one who burps and insists that George listen to him say excuse me?

Try The Fix. As long as you inlcude a mention either field hockey, his book, Georgetown, or Ric Flair, he'll probably answer it. Works for me anyway.

'Tis true, Chris has his pop cultural interests. He's a huge Friday Night Lights fan, which obviously makes him a good person.

Sorry, not to be clueless here, but did you post your email address somewhere? I don't think I have it. (I'm not on Facebook.)

I did earlier in the chat. But once again, for reference: it's chaneyflix@gmail.com.


Luvlinsey has to out themselves in the comments or we will never know it's the real one.

Yeah, it is going to be hard to verify, right? I was thinking about how we would do that while driving to work today. Can we get dental records on this?

Maybe it will happen in the comments on tomorrow's farewell post. We'll see.

If you don't reveal yourself I am going to spend all my birthday wishes on hexing her to forever wear those g*d aweful jeggings (with knee pads) to every red carpet event she attends. Spill or Else LTL (who issicilian and therefore knows how to hex and carry it across the finish)

Wow. Even I am terrified now.

Jen: Thank you for all the fun that you (and Liz) provided over the years. I never post, but I really loved to read and, being the same age as you, always felt the connection of a similar past! Good luck to you and thank you for everything!

Thank you so much. We Xers have to stick together.

It's up! 436 ... and counting ...

I know. I was going to log off and now I feel like I shouldn't. It's hard to say "The end," you guys.

there was no fix chat, and Lisa de Moraes was getting political questions, and answering them. So maybe she's another go to? She probably knows more about celebritology than she does about politics, too!

That's a given. LDM is incredibly knowledgable about TV and she's an exceptionally skilled flinger of quality snark.

Once upon a time there was another Celebritologist (whom alas I never got to meet), who was actually in the same West LA high-rise complex as I used to be, just in a different building. To whoever you may be, if you're still out there, let me just thank Celebritology for at least alerting me/us to each other, even if we never met in Real Life.

How did you know you were in the same complex?

Weird to hink that we could all be Celebritologists, passing by each other every day without knowing it? It's like the celebrity blog version of "The Shop Around the Corner"/"You've Got Mail."

I'm old enough to be your parent, but you've made me feel young here. Thanks!


Really interesting the age span on readers, by the way. We assume that the readers of a celeb blog are all in their 20s and 30s, but that was not true at all here, based on your feedback. We were all over the map.

I mean, my mother-in-law's advocacy alone spiked my print readership among the over-60 demo. (None of them really read online, though. )

Lets all rise and give our Jen a final standing ovation! The noise will be deafening!

It's since risen to 444.

Really don't want to close down but I kind of have to go to the bathroom.

Also that standing ovation business is making this feel like the end of Dead Poet's Society. And I can't take this being a combo of Dead Poet's and It's a Wonderful Life.

I'm putting off studying for a neuro exam to follow this last chat, because you're awesome. Clearly my priorities are in order :)

YES! We finally got Hermione's head out of the books. My work on this planet is now done.

P.S. Ending soon. Please go study. We need good neurologists in this world.

Don't you wonder how many Celebrity Lurkers you have had? Did any ever confess?

I know that the Lost guys followed me and Liz to some extent when we wrote about the show, as they followed many of the people who regularly were tracking the show.

One of my favorite moments was the first time I met Damon Lindelof, and I started to explain to him what our Lost Madness contest was and he stopped me. "Oh, I know about it. I voted in that."

In case you're wondering, in the championship round, he voted for Desmond. (Sorry, Sayid.)

As for others, I have no idea. In some ways, I like the idea of them reading and in others, I prefer to think they had no idea it existed.

I'm 65 and I like you!

Right back atcha.

That you leaving us behind is really just a ruse to hide the fact that you are marrying Michael Lohan?

How did you KNOW?

...a chorus rises from the assembled masses. "I am luvlinsey." "I am luvlinsey!" I am luvlinsey!" "I Am LUVLINSEY!" May his/her legend live on.

Indeed. And yes, I am afraid we've reached that moment of farewell...

I was "11150 Westwood Gateway"...other person was "11100 Westwood Gateway." You don't know how close I came to putting up a "Celebritology" sign on the outside table where I'd sit and eat lunch, just to see if someone would notice.

See, this is why we needed T-shirts. That way you could have found each other.

Also: I remember Westwood Gateway, but never paid attention to the numbers enough to realize there were two of you. Very cool!

NO! Don't say the end! :( To be continued maybe?

That sounds fair.

I hate the end and I hate goodbyes. So to be continued seems right.

Many of you wrote in with questions and comments that i either could not get to or that I did not feel were appropriate to address in this forum. I apologize if I couldn't take your question or comment. But you all now have my e-mail address and Twitter/Facebook locations, so we'll stay in touch, I am sure. At least that's my hope.

This chat has been magnificent. Celebritology has been magnificent. And you all are truly, truly the best.

Thank you.

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