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Nov 29, 2012

Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Sorry I'm late. I'm here now, with Coke Zero and peppermint cookies. And I'm ready to discuss Lindsay Lohan, American Horror Story and anything else on your mind.

linsey is in the newz so much these days! first everyone loved her new movie. do u think she is going to get any new movie deals? also, now she was accuzed AGAIN for something and the cops believed the liar. what do u think will happen to linsey? do u know if legally something will happen to my like BFF linsey? sometimes i wish dina would just "ground" linsey like my mom does!

Luvlinsey, I knew you'd have something to say on this matter.

Everyone loved Liz & Dick? Really? Everyone?

As I am sure you know, Lindsay has already done "The Canyons" but as for other deals, I think she needs to sort out the mess of charges she got smacked with today. It appears she could, possibly, serve more jail time depending on how things go.

I try to give Lilo the benefit of the doubt in some of these things because I do think people target her in order to try to get money out of her (like the guy she "ran over" outside of the club/hotel). But then I ask myself, how many times have I been so angry I punched someone in the face? That would be zero, and I've been pretty mad at some people. Why is she even going to nightclubs anymore? It boggles my mind.

I'm with you. I'm often skeptical of these stories because, like you, I think people target her but I also think the Lohan clan milks their notoriety for attention. Grains of salt are always needed when it comes to reading stories about them.

But when actual law enforcement agencies issue what appear to be very real charges, that's another matter. It is mind-boggling that she's still out finding ways to get herself in trouble, unless that's her strategy: keep being the bad girl so she keeps landing in headlines.

It's a pretty lousy strategy long-term, if that's what she's actually doing.

When Kate Middleton finally does get pregnant, will a star appear in the heavens over Buckingham Palace, with celebrity writers from around the world following it and leaving gifts? If so, what gifts would you leave? I know from personal experience about prospective grandparents almost panting with anticipation, but nothing like what Will and Kate must be experiencing. Imagine an entire world wanting to see Kate leave the restroom waiving her pregnancy test stick in triumph.

I assume she'll emerge on a balcony, much as she and William did after the royal wedding, and wave said stick while masses of royal watchers weep with joy. That's royal protocol as I understand it.

As far as what gifts I would leave, frankincense and myrrh, obviously. Oh, and a vat of peanut paste.


Raise your hand if you think LiLo won't get any more than a slap on the wrist for her latest kerfuffle either.

I have no idea. My instinct right now says she'll get a minor amount of jail time that she won't actually serve. 

You're forgiven if you send all of us peppermint cookies next week :)

Okay. Maybe Trader Joe's can spot me with extra Jo-Jos. (Mmm ... Jo-Jos.)

That was an interesting juxtaposition.

Maybe she should go to Briarcliff. That's actually a really great idea!

1. Please tell me you saw my half-baked LiLo fragrance photoshop on your Twitter feed. I'm way Twitterdumb and may have tagged myself instead. I committed at least 28 seconds of time theft at work on that and I'm proud. 2. I recently started watching Parenthood. Maybe it's my age, but is this not just an hourlong version of Full House? Impossibly close extended family, humor, good kids going wrong and bad kids truly good, way too may family music scenes and guest-star musicians (thankfully no Mike Love), and each episode ends with one family member having a moral awakening to the backdrop of sappy music. I like it, I'm still watching it, but man is it a royal cheeseball.

1. No, I didn't. Please try to report to either @celebritology or @chaneyj. I am intrigued.

2. Blasphemer! Do not compare Parenthood to Full House. Yes, it's a weepy show. But I also think it's a smart one, and one of the few series on TV right now that captures the rhythms and challenges of trying to be a working parent. I will grant you that it does sometimes get sappy, and that people have TONS  of conversations in which they talk over each other's sentences. But I still think it's great.

After watching 30 Rock since it began, I find it very hard to fathom that Liz Lemon is going to tie the knot with Chris Chross tonight. Surely there will be some last minute glitch that will ruin the ceremony?

I haven't seen the episode in advance so I don't know. But 30 Rock is ending soon, so maybe it will happen for real.

I am skeptical, too, though, as much as I want to be able to refer to Liz Lemon as Mrs. Criss Chros.

P.S. You are welcome for this video.


Did you see Dolly on with Stephen Colbert the other night? It was so sweet--he admitted he'd had a crush on her when he was a kid, and she took it so nicely. Some women would have hit him with her shoe. And then they sang a duet, which he kept messing up, and she hugged him and said something like, oh, poor baby--he's so nervous. This is why so many people love Dolly.

Shoot, no I did not see it. I'll look for the clip post-chat. Thanks.

Some people don't know how to get positive attention. I've seen it amongst my own group of friends and acquaintances. I think there are some people who honestly think this kind of behavior makes them cool. They like being thought of as the crazy one.

I know what you mean, but I just don't know how this serves her well at this point. It's not like people can just say, "Oh, that, Lindsay's she's the crazy one in the group." This stuff is making it really hard for her to have a career based on anything of even remote substance.

I know, maybe she doesn't care about substance. And there's always money in being a screw-up, as long as there are product endorsement opportunities and reality shows. Sigh.

Utter trash of the best kind. If there had been a competent performance by Lindsay or someone else, this movie would have been forgotten by now. I can't wait to add this to my library, right next to another classic, "Martha, Inc." Did anyone actually want this to be anything but a train wreck? NO! And she delivered BIG TIME!!!

Ha! That is true. It exploded on Twitter and if it had been a semi-respectable movie that would not have happened.

It was only watched by 3.5 million, which was characterized as a bust in a lot of media reports. But that's still more viewers than last season's Mad Men finale had, for example.

But if Lohan really wanted to prove herself as an actress, this obviously was not the way to do it.

Will they just hand Daniel Day-Lewis the Oscar for Best Actor and not bother with the polite fiction that there are other nominees?

At this point, I would say that's very likely. Hugh Jackman will probably be nominated for "Les Miz," rightly. And despite his misgivings about the Oscars, I believe Joaquin Phoenix will still be nominated, also rightly.

But it really does look like Day-Lewis's to lose at this point.

The hobbits are coming! The hobbits are coming! And by hobbits I mean dwarves and by dwarves I mean Richard Armitage. Sigh.

I'm seeing "The Hobbit" next week. Looking forward to it.

Hello - I'm not sure where else to post such a comment so I thought I'd send it this way: I am not a fan of the new Entertainment section layout online. I liked how it was organized previously.

Which new layout? I don't think we've changed it significantly lately.

So I've been watching season 2 and it's crazy...I was finally able to see season 1. When I got the discs I saw all the eps and then had to wait to get the final ep. Is it just me or was the last episode bad? I enjoyed the season but felt like the last one was just kind of meh. Unless my brain is just combining the 2 seasons and got confused.

Was the last episode bad ... I remember being a little let-down. But I didn't think it was bad. How could it be entirely bad when Jessica Lange gets to make that awesome speech while her hairdresser just has to sit there and listen?

I'm glad I'm not trying to watch both seasons simultaneously. That would be confusing. 

What did you think of this week's episode?

Sorry I didn't post on it this week, guys. I was out on Monday and I thought about doing it, but I didn't have anything really major to say. So I figured I'd hold off until the mid-season finale this Sunday.

The Governor is as creepy as it gets. What he did to Maggie, with the stripping, was despicable. And he's so nonchalant about it, which makes it all that much worse.

From a narrative standpoint, his presence has made the show much, much better. They needed to widen the scope this season so it was about something bigger than just Team Grimes, and they've done that very well.

Do you really think they are going to get married? (Or are they already?) In that story you linked to in the Morning Mix, Matt Damon refers to Pitt's "wife."

I noticed that, too, and I thought, did Damon slip up? Or have they been married this whole time and just never told anyone? Which would be pretty impressive, actually.

I would not be at all surprised if they already were. 

Seriously? People are still referring to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as Kate Middleton?

We Americans are not very proper. Also, all that Duchess stuff takes so long to type.

Did LiLo do any time before? Did she ever actually serve any of her required community service hours? Did she ever actually work in the morgue?


The answer is yes to all of this as far as we've all been able to see. It's also entirely possible the dog has been wagging on all of this for years and years, but I would hope the court system would have better things to do than play along for the purposes of Lohan's need for attention.

Okay, I just didn't get it--Uncle Jesse's wife was a morning TV host, and they STILL had to live in Danny's basement? Even adjusting for inflation, I somehow doubt the Strahan family is living in Kelly Ripa's rumpus room.

I'm going to be honest: the nitty-gritty details of Full House are kind of a blur for me because I never really watched. Same goes for all this Boy Meets World excitement. I was told for TGIF. I was actually out TGIF-ing like an adult when those shows were on.

That said, I still stand by my previous statement that Parenthood and Full House are not alike. I've seen enough of the Olsen twins sitcom to know that much.

Hi Jen. I loved Lenny as Cinna in "The Hunger Games," but I'm not thrilled about him playing Marvin Gaye in a film. Actually, the one actor I think would have been perfect for the role is Cress Williams. As soon as I saw him in his role as Vince Howard's dad on Friday Night Lights I thought to myself, "That's Marvin!"

Oh, that's interesting. I can see Williams in the role.

I don't have a problem with Kravitz in that role. 

Another vote "no" for the new entertainment and style layouts. I can barely find anything.

Oh, I see what you mean now. This must have just happened because I swear the layouts didn't look like this a day or two ago. My head has been in blog-land, so maybe it happened earlier.

I've posted your feedback here, for the record.

I tried to tweet you again (bfdcatlady). Now I'm up to like 10 minutes of time theft. Twitter is *hard*.

Got it this time. 

1. I miss Twits, too. A lot.

2. Here's catlady's tweet with the Lohan fragrance ad. Nicely done. (Not sure if it will render here, you may have to click through...)



So, Merle knows Daryl is alive, but Daryl doesn't know Merle is alive. What do you think is going to happen to their loyalties once they meet?

Great question. The Governor specifically asked Merle that question, and he said he is loyal to Woodbury. I think that may change when he sees Darryl again.

Darryl, I think, is more likely to stay loyal to the group. He's become a better man with him, and Merle only brings him down. Presumably, they'll come in contact next week, but they'll cliffhang us on how that plays out until season three, part 2 starts in February.

Sadly I did watch FUll House even though I should have been out with friends on fridays nights back then. Jessie and Becky were planning to move once they got married (or it may have been once they had the twins) but Michelle was sad to see them go so they converted the attic into their apartment and thus jammed 3 extra people into that house.

Well, they did tell you in the title it was going to be full. Semi-Full House With Ample Room for Extra Storage would not have been nearly as good as a sitcom name.

Oh, and hi, welcome to the Smart Aleck Hour, starring Jen Chaney.

Are celebrities who keep having children while "engaged" (cough cough) just putting on a polite fiction to appease a public who still frowns upon children out of wedlock? Exhibit A: Guy Ritchie and his "fiancee" who just had their 2nd child. Exhibit B: Jessica Simpson and her guy. Exhibit C: Drew Barrymore and her guy. OK, Matthew McC. and Camilla Alves finally tied the knot, but the rest of 'em really do seem like just a polite fiction.

In some cases, maybe. For the record, Barrymore actually did get married. So she doesn't count.

You should log on from home like a regular reader every once in a while. Yes, the layout of the Entertainment section (not "Lifestyle") changed a week or so ago so that most stories are presented as a list, rather than in sections across the page. Blog postings are listed separately, under "TV column" or "Celebritology," and not distinguished from other stories except by byline, making it hard for readers looking for a specific column/blog to find what they're looking for. (And no, I don't particularly want to maintain my own bookmarks for Lisa's column and yours and Hax and whoever else. That's why I come to a website--to have convenient links to the content gathered in one place.)

I do log-on, but I usually use the tabs across the top of the page, hover over them and scroll down to find the blogs and columns I am looking for. That layout remains in tact and is the best way to go if you're trying to navigate things by specific blog.

If you want me to walk you through it in more detail, feel free to e-mail me post-chat: jen.chaney@wpost.com.

I understand why the new layout is confusing -- it is a different experience.

Jesse L. Martin. That is all.

He also would be good. Maybe they could all play him and make this an "I'm Not There" situation.

No, it's not Full House, it's more like 30 Something, The Next Generation. Or substitute Sisters, Judging Amy, or Providence. It's just Craig T. Nelson that makes people think of a sitcom. And maybe the fact that 2 brothers can make a living running a music studio out of a diner, or whatever it is.

Yes, thirtysomething is a more apt comparison. Except the Bravermans are a little less whiny.

Seriously? I have not heard a single media outlet refer to her as anything but Kate Middleton. (The Old Gray Lady doesn't count.)

Excuse me, Balwmer. You mean NYT, the Duchess of the Dowager Countess of Old Gray Ladies. Do watch your language.

We see that, but she still has yet to see it. She still has tons of money and tons of people to party with. Perhaps she's got a small voice inside nagging just a little bit, telling her she needs to shape up. And she quiets that voice with a "yeah, soon, I'll shape up soon." This is how it works with all kinds of problems. You don't always realize how much time is going by as you're silently promising yourself you're going to make some changes "soon." Years go by.

That's very true. Well said.

You bring up an interesting question. Is LiLo getting money in some way, shape or form? I thought she was pretty much bankrupt at this point.

Sure she is. She's getting paid for the acting jobs she's done. And every time she promotes  something on Twitter or goes to some red carpet event for Mr. Pink's or some other product, I'm pretty sure she gets paid, too.  Which is why staying in the headlines is so important: if she becomes totally irrelevant or ignored, she has no value as a product endorser.

"Less whiny"? How could it possibly be "more whiny"? (Saying this even as a fan of the show)

Point taken, also as a fan of both shows. (I like Parenthood more, though, probably because it's more my generation.)

All right, I'm Lilo'd out and I've eaten both my peppermint Jo-Jos. Which means it's time to roll. Sorry for the tardiness. I trust I'll see you all here next week.

Thanks for the great questions and comments!

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