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Nov 08, 2012

Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Hello, people. Welcome to the Celebritology chat.

Plenty to discuss: the latest Pattinson/Stewart interviews, last night's American Horror Story, the new Bond and anything else that moves your islands.

Let's do this.

What happened to the Morning Mix this week? I often don't have time to get onto the Celebritology blog as often as I'd like to but if you were to only post one thing a day, I would prefer it to be the Morning Mix so that I can get the brief run down of a lot of things going on in the world of celebrity, rather than the offering being only one longer item on something I might not be interested in at all (for example, if someone doesn't watch American Horror Story). I realize that my opinion and $4.35 will get me a grande skim mocha at Starbucks but I think a lot of people enjoy the Morning Mix enough to keep it as a staple of the Celebritology blog.

Hey there. The morning mix is still in the mix. I was out of the office Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so others were just posting occasioanl items to make up for my absence. Unfortunately, with no more Sarah Anne Hughes (sob), I don't have a partner who can run the blog solo when I take time off. So when I'm sick or take vacation, we kind of limp along until I get back.

I apologize. I mentioned on  the Celebritology Facebook page that I would be out. If you haven't "liked it" yet, you may want to do that. I will usually post more personal explanations of what's happening in the blog there  re: schedule changes, etc.

Just wondering how the interview went last week, and when it's going to be posted (or, have I missed it)? Thanks!

It went fine and you have not missed it. I wrote a short version that will run in Sunday Style; a longer transcript will be pubbed in the blog tomorrow.

Teaser: his response to my question about whether he and Stewart have used their relationship as a Twilight marketing tool is very much in line with how the two have handled relationship questions through this week's press rounds.

Pattinson was pretty loose and jokey, more at ease than he appears during some of the TV interviews.

I left my magic 8 ball at home. My future depends on your answer. Thank you.

According to the interweb rumors, it will be Channing Tatum. Yippee, another blond-ish bland-ish guy.

Tatum's not blond.

We don't know for sure if that Gossip Cop item was accurate. People hasn't confirmed Tatum is the Sexiest Man, because the mag always makes the announcements itself. But if that is correct, man, did they get the wind completely ripped out of their sails.

Do you think Selena Gomez got mad that Justin was around all those smokin' hot models or is she used to it? I'm still wondering when he will start to look like an adult and not a 12 year old.

Well, performing in front of a set that screams "Pink sweetheart bedroom set from Pottery Barn Kids" probably does not help Bieber look sophisticated. Right now, though, that's in his best interest. His core fan base is young. At some point, I do think he'll want to move on, though, and seem older and more serious. Will be interesting to see if he can do it.

I doubt Gomez was mad. And I know this because Selena Gomez tells me everything.

FYI: The chat is acting all kinds of crazy today. Between this and the fact that I brewed a pot of coffee this a.m. and completely forgot to drink it, I clearly should have taken the whole week off.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Jen - I noticed that you weren't posting a lot of blog posts. Is everything okay? It's not like me to notice.... Thanks.

Thanks for asking. I am fine, just took some days off earlier this week.

So I am rewatching Lost. It is as amazing as ever. I got to thinking about what it must have been like behind the scenes of filiming that show. The actors were always wet and dirty and probably tired. We know about the three DWIs, and the allegations against Henry Ian Cusick. We know now about the troubles Matthew Fox has had recently. We also know that the guy that played Horace Goodspeed is a total creepster. I bet there would be a really good tell-all about what was going on behind the scenes of Lost. I need someone to write that book. Can you think of any good "Behind the scenes of.." or "The making of.." books about other shows (other than Tom Shales' SNL book)? I feel like there would be a ton of shows that would have the good behind-the-scenes stories, and I would be interested in reading them!

An oral history of Lost would be amazing. I nominate myself and Liz Kelly to write it. (So not going to happen. Someone else is probably writing it was we speak.)

There are lots of behind-the-scenes oral histories online. The recent one that GQ ran about "Cheers" was amazing.

And the best one in book form, or at least on par with the SNL book, is "I Want My MTV." Pure j0y from beginning to end for those who remember the genesis of the music video era.

I'm surprised she hasn't weighed in with her opinion of the election results. I know I await her wisdom with baited breath.

As Honey Boo Boo goes, so goes the nation. That's a saying, right?

Anyone who's seen Magic Mike knows that he deserves SMA. Just sayin'.

I can see him being chosen. I had him on my predictions list.

But like I said earlier, if he does get it, it will lack any suspense since the news leaked early. Not that there's a huge suspense factor around SMA, but we have to eke our excitement out of life where we can.

Jen, you know who doesn't have these kinds of tech issues? The New York Times. Please pass this on to Raju for me.

Well, I would be happy to do that but since Raju now works at the Wall Street Journal, I am not sure that would help.

Sorry, y'all. Chat interface is slower than usual for reasons I don't understand.

Hi Jen, Other than "The Hobbit" (I can't wait!!!), are there any other movies coming up that you are excited about? Also, what's your take on "Skyfall"? I've heard mixed reviews, but the consensus is that that it's streets ahead of "Quantum" (which has to rank as one of The Worst. Bondfilms. Ever.).

I'm back. I know you said "stay" but I went anyway. And the answer was removed from the chat. Legal issues? You guys worried about getting sued? I promise not to hold you accountable.

I'm not worried about getting sued. I have no idea what's going on with the chat today, honestly.

None at all.


I loved the comparisons between Claire McCaskill's daughter and Chloe SevignY. I think her other daughter looks a little like Kirsten Dunst, myself.

Both comparisons are apt. It's a releif to know that the Claire McCaskill movie will be so easy to cast.

They had the same problems yesterday. The Going Out chat just gave up on theirs a little while ago...


I am going to confer with others -- and by others, obviously I mean the Fox Decision Desk -- and see what's going on. I may be calling this early as well.


jennie, how come you never answer my questionz?

Luvlinsey, I am saddened and hurt. I answer your questions all the time. You're one of my faves.


Any sign yet of Donald Trump and his 1.8 million Twitter followers (that many people really want toknow everything he thinks?) marching on Washingotn, as he requested, to right the injustice of Tuesday's election? I imagine that could really snarl traffic, not to mention messup a lot of plans for Inauguration Day.

No sign of Trump unless he's the one responsible for breaking the chat interface.

Sorry again about today, guys. No signs of a fix any time soon. So will be calling this early....

They're just making you go to the decision desk so they can show off your legs.

No, they definitely would not be doing that.

Karl Rove, however? Totally ticked that the Celebritology chat didn't go as planned this week.

All right, I give up. I'm going back to writing about Skyfall and hoping that next week's chat  is better.

Thanks again for your patience. If you want to talk further, tweet me -- @celebritology, @chaneyj -- or e-mail (jen.chaney@wpost.com) or just yell really loudly.

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