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Sep 20, 2012

Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Welcome to today's discussion, which is starting right at the moment when I want to watch the new Les Miserables trailer. See what I do for you people? (I'll actually post something on it post-discussion. It's time like these when I especially miss Sarah Anne Hughes, Les Miz freak.)

Anyway, let's talk.

jennie, did you see how someone is trying to frame linsey for another lawsuit? do u believe that linsey ran over someones knee? it seems the papaprazi are always doing something to linsey. and also to my second mom, and that mean old dr. phil. did you watch the interview?

Hey, luvlinsey! Great to hear from you again.

I watched part of the interview, which was odd to say the least.  I am also skeptical of the guy whose knee was allegedly grazed. The story sounds a little sketchy.

See, luvlinsey? I am on your side.

Flixster keeps telling me that there is a new Clooney/Bullock sci-fi movie coming out soon called Gravity but I have not seen a poster, trailer or heard any buzz. Is there still such a project and what, if anything, do you know about it? Let's hope it's better than Solaris

There is indeed such a film, but it does not come out until next year. Hence the lack of a poster, trailer, what have you.

The leads on that movie went through various iterations before Bullock and Clooney came on board. I think Natalie Portman passed on it at one point, and Robert Downey Jr was supposed to be in it, too, then had to drop out. A lot of this was about scheduling issues, if memory serves.

In any event, I am intrigued to see how it finally came together.

I got to thinking about this - totally yes to Arrested Development being the most lauded and Better Off Ted being most overlooked. But I think I may be the only one who watched The Method & Red Show - another one of those shows canceled by Fox. Remember when Method Man and Redman from the Wu Tang Clan went mainstream? As I recall, they even made a deodorant commercial. Ah, the early 2Ks.

I have a vague, vague memory of this show.

Here, however, is proof of its existence.


YouTube really is the greatest.

Is this true? When? On all talk shows, or just certain ones? I am not THAT young (late 20's) but I don't remember people doing this at all. I'm not scandalized, I'm just jealous. I feel like it would make actors come across as more themselves and less just rattling off well-rehearsed soundbites to promote the latest project. Plus it would probably help relax notoriously bad interviewees, like Jesse Eisenberg.

Well, it wasn't, like, a requirement. But it was much more commonplace. Let's see if I can find evidence of such an interview...

Here's one of Peter O'Toole, in which he is smoking. He is not drinking, but may have pre-gamed before it started.

EW has a video about Les Mis and they showed how they're singing everything live, not from a playback. They had earpieces that have the piano playing during filming, but the actors could set the tempo, do different things on diff takes etc. I was reasonably excited about this (Who doesn't love Hugh Jackman?) but now I'm super psyched!

Stop spoiling it for me!

Just kidding, I'm now more excited to keep watching. i knew they sang for real but watching the mechanics of that is exciting.

Did you watch? Is it Lost-worthy?

I did watch. And it is very "Lost"-reminiscent, but not necessarily in a good way, at least not yet.

The shots of fuselage and people wearing backpacks and old computer screens relaying cryptic messages ... it was a bit too derivative for me. But maybe it will get better, so I am willing to give it a few more shots.

Hi Jen! Happy almost-Friday! In my 30 year existence, I have never actually watched the Emmys, but this year, so many of the shows and actors I follow are nominated. So, what can I expect? Is it just like the Oscars? Will there be a big opening? An in memoriam portion? And who has the best red carpet coverage? Also, do the awards tend to go to Americans? I am wondering if my Brits Cumberbatch, Damien Lewis, or Idris Elba have a shot.

Never watched the Emmys? Oh, my friend, you are in for the ride of your life this Sunday (not really).

But seriously ... it's like most awards shows. Doesn't quite scream "THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT" in the same way the Oscar ceremony does, but that is not a bad thing. There is usually a big opening, yes, and lots of awards. And, if memory serves, an in memoriam. So it does follow the awards show template.

Red carpet wise, I usually switch back and forth between E! and the network that broadcasts the Emmys, which is ABC this year. TV columnist Lisa de Moraes will be live blogging, and I'll also do some posting during the ceremony as well.

I'll tweet a bit, too, via my account @chaneyj. Do follow me, won't you? (Seriously, follow me. I need more followers.)

I saw Glen Hansard ("Once") at the 9:30 Club last night, and we audience members felt his love for the District. It was awesome. I've seen him at 9:30 before, and he always talks about how much he likes being in the DC area. Last night he talked about when he got to perform last year at Sargent Shriver's funeral and how much it meant to him. Then he had two local girls from a DC choir, who also performed at the funeral, join him on stage to jam, and it was like magic. He let them have lots of solo time, and let their voices be the focus. It was great to see how he really embraces DC, and it made the show so special. It's always nice when a celebrity whose talent you respect also turns out to be a really cool person.

Wow, that sounds fantastic. I like him a lot, because of his own music, as well as "Once" and, of course, "The Commitments," one of my favorite movies ever.

Thanks for sharing that.

OF COURSE they are going to reconcile and the timing - approximately two months ahead of the Breaking Dawn II release - seems to be right on schedule. Publicity for BDII will be so much easier if they are together, as will red carpet walks, and a reconciliation will likely help increase viewership. Cynical? You bet, but probably not too far off target. I wouldn't be surprised if being together through the BDII release was actually written into their contracts.

To be honest, I would not be surprised either.

I fear that merely by writing that sentence, I will be attacked by a horde of Twi-hards the minute I leave the Post newsroom.

Those old enough to remember the golden years of Johnny Carson will recall that the guy never smoked on the air, but was always lighting up during commercial breaks. There were many times when they cut back from commercial, Carson was slightly behind the cue, ahd the camera came up on him furiously stubbing out his cigarette in an ashtray block from view by items on his desk. He would always do that nervous tie straightening move immediately after.

I don't advocate smoking. But I can see where Poehler is coming from; watching people have a drink and smoke while they chat makes the whole things seem less formal and orchestrated, even if it was totally orchestrated.

One of the things I like about "The Graham Norton Show": He serves alcohol to his guests. Also, he makes them all sit together and cross-talk.

You'll be leaving before the Middle School lets out for the day.

I won't, actually. And many Twi-hards are women my age. I've met some of them. They're actually very nice.

Does that mean they won't show up at the Emmy telecast? I ask because I recently found out that a college acquantance is a writer for the Daily Show and was the recipient of an Emmy this year. It'd be cool to see him up on the big stage, and not just at the Creative Arts (or whatever it's called) Emmy telecast on Saturday.

If "The Daily Show" wins best variety, musical or comedy show, as it has for the past jillion years, all the writers normally come onstage. So yes, you would get to see your friend up there.

A friend of a friend used to be an exec producer for "The Office." I remember seeing her walk up to the stage at the Emmys (or maybe it was the Globes? It was something) and thinking it was very cool to watch someone you know in that context.

Is it terrible that I'm excited about Dredd 3D opening this weekend? I have a sinking feeling that it's going to be terrible, but I love the comics! And I have harbored a secret crush on Karl Urban since seeing him absolutely nail Dr. McCoy/DeForest Kelley.

Many people love the Karl Urban. At Comic-Con two years ago, people were going mad for the guy.

I would not get my hopes up too high. Dredd did not screen here for critics, which is often a bad sign. Not every time, but more often than not.

I just looked at the trailer for Spielberg's movie today and even in that brief time, it's obvious DDL is reclaiming his status as the greatest male film performer. Great supporting cast, too--Sally Field, David Strathairn and Jared Harris as Ulysses S. Grant. (I have to admit, that last one surprised me.)

I fully expect him to be great. The trailer was a bit over-the-top, but DDL is always worth watching.

He's already got competition Oscar-wise from Joaquin Phoenix who is pretty phenomenal in "The Master."

We need shows with more drinking, smoking, sex, cursing and the like. Mad Men isn't enough to tip the balance to our all-too-politically-correct lives. I fondly remember a scene from "The Wire" where the only phrase uttered by the charaters was "F---", and it was lovely. And I can't even type it here. I need my cursing, sex laden, alcohol fueled TV ASAP!

That's a famous "Wire" scene. I remember it well.

You have HBO or Showtime? Because that will help satisfy these urges much more effectively.

Why, it still happens — look at Lindsay's mom on Dr. Phil and Paula Abdul on Idol. That wasn't coke in that coke cup! Also, I'm sad that Fiona Apple got arrested on drug possession charges. Especially in Texas. Yikes.

Yeah, but that wasn't like, oh, let's chat and have a cocktail. That was, wow, this seems disturbing. Which I think most people don't really want to see.

And I too am sad about Fiona Apple. It's a shame. I don't think this is going to cause any damage to her reputation or anything. Most people probably assume musicians have pot within arm's reach. But it's a shame.

Given the number of celebs who have drinking-and-driving mishaps, is there an epidemic of alcoholism in celebrity-land?

Well, there is certainly a culture of drug and alcohol use. I think that's common knowledge at this point.

Some people can live in that culture without becoming addicts, though, and others cannot.

I'd love to follow you, Jen, but being in my mid-fifties and technologically challenged, I have no idea how to do so. Any simple instructions you can offer? It took me years to get on Facebook, which is oddly creepy because you suddenly hear from people you'd forgotten about. Please tell me I won't be stalked if I twitter.

I think you are less likely to be stalked on Twitter, especially if you give yourself an obscure Twitter handle.

I am not sure I can walk you through setting up an account, but once you have one, all you have to do is go to twitter.com/chaneyj and hit the follow button. Same process works for the Celebritology feed.

According to my college's alumni FB feed, the Daily Show was already awarded the Emmy at last week's other Emmy ceremony. So, if they've already won, does this mean they won't show up on Emmy night? Also, what is the protocol for friending a person in this sort of situation? I have a lot of friends that knew him better, but we did interact from time to time. I just found out that he's a Daily Show writer (he co-wrote the piece Larry David narrated), so instead of reconnecting with a college classmate, I can see how it would come off as trying to friend a Daily Show writer while trying to leverage our college connection..soo....thoughts?

Daily Show already won an Emmy for writing, but the award for overall best variety, comedy or musical series will be given out Sunday night.

Re: your friending conundrum -- I say just do it. If the person is so "offended," they don't have to accept. If he see that your friends w/ several mutual friends, odds are good that he'll accept.

Yes, I believe they were a real couple. Yes, I believe that KStew's cheating broke Rob's heart. Now, I unfortunately believe that if they get back together, it's all for the sake of BD2, and this makes me so sad. And no, I'm not in middle school, but I do have a child that age...

I can buy that they were/are a real couple, but I also think that even if they were/are, I think that has been leveraged for promotional purposes throughout the entire "Twilight" franchise. As I said in yesterday's post, that's something that Hollywood has been doing for decades, so it's not new. But I think people are far savvier about it than they used to be.

Doesn't Andy Cohen feed his guests booze on his late night show? If he doesn't have housewife guests on, this can normally result in some funny stuff.

Yes, he does! Thanks for the reminder.

Meryl Streep was on with him lately and, per this item, was a riot.

Given the example set by people like Cohen, Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson, among others, I think talk shows will eventually turn into famous people playing games with the hosts. Which is often far more interesting than the usual chit-chat.

How can Willie Nelson continue to be arrested for possession and never seems to serve any jail time?

Because every time he's supposed to go to jail, he's always "on the road again..."

Lord, that was terrible. I apologize for what just happened.

So Tori Spelling is hospitalized with complications from her C-section... that was 3.5 weeks ago. Many suspect it is for complications from a tummy tuck that went along with the C-section. Is it possible to have complications that would require re-hospitalization that far after?

I don't know. Is there a doctor in the chat? We have a lot of attorneys, so maybe someone has a medical degree?

Is still kind of a disaster, but if, as police reports indicate, the 'victim' ran after her car yelling, I must wonder exactly how injured his knee is. I think it's nothing a hefty settlement and some paid interviews on Extra wouldn't heal up.

Agreed. It does sound fishy. But the reason it sounds believable is that we've passed the unbelievable threshhold when it comes to Lohan.

When and where (in the DC area) can we see The Master? I thought it was opening last weekend, but was faked out by the limited release.

It did open in limited release last week, just not here in D.C. It opens more widely tomorrow, including here in Washington. Will be screening at a lot of locations, but the AFI in Silver Spring is the only one showing it in 70mm.

When Jimmy Kimmel's talk show started they had an open bar. The guests were getting so drunk it only lasted about two weeks.

Oh yeah, I kind of remember that.

Norton's bar is pretty open, too, but I guess people demonstrate more self-control in the UK. That, or they can hold their alcohol better.

OK, here's my thing about Les Miz: I love it as a show. But I am hesitant to see how it works as a film, given that it's almost opera, in that it is all sung. If there are no changes from the stage show (which is what I understand? Am I wrong?) then I can't see people who are not Les Miz fans enjoying it. There's a lot of dead weight in act II that I can see totally dragging out the running time. I love Hugh Jackman, et al., but non-musical people may find this tough sledding, no?

That's a great question. I don't know what the running time is on the new movie, but I am pretty sure that, even though it's faithful to the musical, it truncates things a bit so it won't run quite as long.

I don't know, I'm of the mind that if a movie is compelling enough, people will sit through it happily. No one thought we'd all spend almost three hours watching the sinking of a boat that we knew was going to sink. But we did, didn't we?

(I'm referring to the movie "Cabin Boy," of course.)

To me, you are THAT young.

Me too. But then, I'm THAT old.

I understand the tinge of cynicism about Robsten. But remember, Tom Hanks met Rita Wilson on the set of Bosom Buddies, and Michael J. Fox met Tracey Pollan on the set of Family Ties. It can work. Sigh.

Absolutely. It definitely can. But neither Fox and Pollan nor Hanks and Wilson were ever used to generate so many headlines when they were dating. Granted, it was a different time. But even so, I don't think it's comparable really. Because so many people see Stewart as Bella and Pattinson as Edward, it has been advantageous to make them seem in love in real life.

And maybe they are, but that doesn't make it less advantageous to play up that angle in a way that is far more over the top than, say, Alex P. Keaton and Ellen.

It's also possible that she's been having babies too close together, so that she hasn't really had adequate time to heal in between pregnancies.

I thought about that after I read about her hospitalization.

I had a C section and was supposed to take it very easy for 6 weeks after. I was not allowed to drive a car or walk up/down stairs.

Same here, although I started doing stairs after about a week. It definitely takes a while to recuperate, but whether it's common for someone to go back in for surgery so soon is something I am not as sure about.

Either way, hopefully Spelling is feeling better.

Thanks for linking to the Meryl Streep clips. Since Top Chef isn't on right now, I don't make a habit of watching Bravo, so I always forget about his show. Andy kind of channels Norton with the booze and bantering guests thing. He had a mini 227 reunion a while back that was hysterical. And not just because Jackee was three sheets to the wind.

Jackee is seriously one of my favorite show business names ever. Just say Jackee out loud.

You're laughingm right? Partly because you're thinking about how funny Jackee is, partly because memories of 227 are inherently funny and partly because the word Jackee is just the best.

Two musicals that were successful films: West Side Story and Chicago. It can work, if done right.

Of course! To the previous chatter's point, though, Les Miz contains much, much heavier material than a lot of musicals, including those two. And it's longer, too.

Still, I think it can work. I am optimistic.

You can absolutely have complication 3.5 weeks later. If she had a vertical cut instead of a now more typical bikini cut for her c-section there could easily be complications. I do not know how her other three were born but if they were via c-section there is often a lot of scar tissue and it can be a much more complicated process. A c-section is no easy surgery and while the rumor my be true I personally find it pretty offensive. Granted, I have no idea what is really going on.

Thanks for this.

None of us knows what's really going on. Personally, I am not offended whether she got a tuck or not. Totally her business. Whatever the reason for complications, complications are scary and you don't wish them on anyone.

Let's see. A tummy tuck involves excising some skin and sewing up the cuts neatly. A C-section involves cutting through skin and muscle into an internal organ, removing a baby the size of a cantaloupe, disconnecting said baby from mother, removing placenta and other afterbirth material, then closing incisions neatly. Which of these procedures sounds like major surgery requiring weeks or months of recovery and potential for complications? Go sit down, twits.

Let's let this be the final word on the Spelling matter since it makes an awful lot of sense.


I remember when Dean Martin always had a cigarette and a drink with him on stage during his variety show! And ashtrays were standard issue on TV talk shows. Fortunately, these things changed, and for the better.

For our health, definitely for the better.

I'm really looking forward to seeing "The Master". Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, and Laura Dern -- WOW. That's some serious acting power. I think PSH is one of the greatest actors of our time, although some part of me always thinks of him as Gust Avrakados. Anyway, is story behind The Master, ahem, similar to Scientology?

Seymour Hoffman may be my favorite living actor. I just love watching what he does. He fully inhabits every character.

As far as Scientology similarities, I am hardly an expert on Scientology. But a lot of the basics, especially the auditing process -- called "processing" in the movie -- certainly has some things in common.

The words Scientology or Dianetics or L. Ron Hubbard are never uttered in the movie, however. So it's fair for Paul Thomas Anderson to say that, technically, it's not a movie about Scientology. It isn't. Technically.

The guy never does time because he's about 75 years old and a national treasure who has never hidden his love of, and advocacy for, weed. I mean, would you like to be the judge who put the Red Headed Stranger in the hoosegow? A friend of mine interviewed Nelson years ago when he was in serious trouble with the IRS over some tax shelters he'd gotten involved in--it was multiple millions that he owed. When my friend asked Nelson how he was dealing with it, Willie said, "Aw, it's just a bump in the road." Incredulous, my friend said that it seemed to be a heck of a lot mor than a "bump" to which Willie said, "If you're goin' fast enough, it's just a bump." He recorded and toured his way out of that in just a couple years.

Willie Nelson is indeed awesome.

Just to clarify, good for her if she got a tummy tuck. I don't care at all. What I find offensive is that is immediatly what people jump to.

No, I totally understood what you meant.

"On the Town", the love letter to NYC. I just saw it, and 1949 was goofy. Will we look that silly in 50 years?

Some would say we already do.

And on that note, I am going to sign off. As noted earlier, please join all the Emmy coverage on Sunday and plan to voice your frustrations/happiness re: what happens in the blog posts that follow. And I'll see you at this same time next week for another chat in which no one will be drinking or smoking.

See ya.

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