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Aug 23, 2012

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Good afternoon, Celebritologists. Much to discuss today, including Prince Harry's advocacy work for the Strip Billiards Association of America, Kathie Lee Gifford weighing in on the Swift/Conor Kennedy wedding crash, Daniel Day-Lewis's stiking resemblance to Abraham Lincoln and whatever else is on your minds. (End of "The Office," maybe?)

Let us begin!

I think this "he's young" stuff is getting the other part of that expression, "he'll learn." Also the guy is turning 28 years old in a few weeks, so let's not treat him too kindly here. I remember when Lindsay Lohan's clubbing behavior started becoming public and she went on SNL and said "I'm young" and the crowd clapped which was a bit disheartening. But also wanted to point out that Prince Harry is a commissioned officer in the British army. Forget royalty, those people are supposed to be held to a higher standard of personal behavior.


The thing that gets me is that he hasn't learned. As someone who's been in the public eye since the minute he arrived on planet Earth, it's amazing that he wouldn't be more careful. Of course, some might argue that the reason he needs a quality weekend in Vegas is for just that reason: he's under a lot of pressure, constantly, and deserves to let loose. Don't disagree with that.

But there's letting loose, and there's letting it all hang out, which he simply can't do, at least unless he's certain beyond all doubt that he won't get caught.

According to the mother of the bride, Taylor Swift crashed a Kennedy Wedding and refused to leave when asked. Swift's rep denies it, but what would Vicki have to gain from making this up? Also, is Connor Kennedy really still in prep school? Isn't that a little...weird for Swift to be dating someone in prep school?

And as noted in my post, Kathie Lee Gifford corroborates Vicki Kennedy's version of the story. I am not sure what she has to gain from publicly sharing her story, other than to set the record straight. It's not like she's trying to gain the public's support of her mother-of-the-bride skills.

In the wide scheme of things, this is obviously not a big deal. But as a subject of internal family drama for months or potentially years, it's a keeper.

Last week during the chat you mentioned speaking with Molly Ringwald, and with all the ads for the Expendables, it clicked in my head that we should have a similar movie that's just an excuse to get former 80's teen stars again. Just think of it, C. Thomas Howell (you all know you've missed him) Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Mary Stuart Masterson, Andrew McCarthy, John Cryer, Lea Thompsen, Jennifer Grey, Matthew Broderick, the Cusacks, Ione Skye, Eric Stoltz, and of course, Emilio!! It could be a "Big Chill" or "Indian Summer" type movie. Actually, it doesn't really even need a plot, I'd watch it even if it was just them at a PTA meeting. Who's with me?! And who else should be in it?

I actually talked to Ringwald yesterday and she was as articulate and great as I had hoped.

I love your idea. Like, really love it. But I can't see a lot of these folks going for it because they are still pursuing their career and probably don't want to be perceived as "former teen stars." C. Thomas Howell, for example, was just in "The Amazing Spider-Man." Indeed, life did go on for him after Ponyboy.

All that said, if the script was really great and they could convince some of these people to regroup for that reason, I would love to see it happen. Add to this list: Ralph Macchio, Ringwald and Rob Lowe.

I didn't realize Anne Hathaway had to pass up the lead role in the movie version of "Phantom of the Opera" back in the day. However, I'm glad she didn't. I didn't enjoy the movie, despite my appreciation of Emmy Rossum. In other Les Miserables news, its release date is a double-edged sword for fans born on December 14. Who in their right mind opens the same day as The Hobbit? I will get no sleep that day trying to catch both heavy-hitters on the big screen. Please tell me nothing else of that calibre is scheduled for release that day!

That "Hobbit"/"Les Miz" double-up is indeed the double whammy of the fall/holiday movie season.

I wonder if one of them will move dates eventually. If they don't, put in for the day off now. You need to block our six hours of time to take in both.

Also, a major Kleenex purchase may be in order for "Les Miz."

I don't understand why news organizations keep asking Kirk Cameron for his opinion on theological or political issues. What insight can a washed-up teen star really bring to the conversation?

Well, I'm going to do something unprecedented and be fair to Kirk Cameron here.

He has become a voice within the conservative community, particularly among Christians. And while I don't agree with many of his views, I don't think he's a bubblehead. He is articulate and feels passionately and is deeply involved with that community, which is why the TV news shows invite him on.

I think it's possible to have viewpoints that may seem very misguided to some -- indeed, to even say things that are pretty idiotic -- yet not be an idiot. Cameron falls in this category.


(now that Boss-h*le likes to sneak up behind me when I'm on line) -- re: Cult shows needing some love, double plus to WKRP! It's still hilarious. As for remakes, couldn't think of a one. They tend to trouble me.

Thanks for this.

By the way, I am still planning to do that cult shows that don't get enough love list. It may not happen until a week or two though, because I have a more pressing Friday list to do tomorrow.

Not a Celebritology question per say, but do you happen to know if Singin In the Rain is playing locally in honor of the 60th anniversary of the film's release? Also, LOVED Robert Pattinson on Kimmel. Still Mrs. Robinson crush-worthy in my book.

I think those screenings may have already happened. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I have a copy of the Blu-ray on my desk, though, which does no one any good, really.

Congrats to Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and his new fiance Avril Lavigne! While a six-month relationship seems a little short, they're both old enough to know what they're doing. Does her 14-carat ring take the prize for one of the biggest in recent celebrity engagements? Also,

That is indeed a lot of carats. It's still not as sizeable as the 20.5-carat diamond ring Kim Kardashian got from Kris Humphries, which was obviously worth the money.

Still, makes you think: the dude from Nickelback can afford a really expensive ring. Which means that your meanie tweets just bounce off him and stick to you like glue on a person who can't afford a 14-carat ring.

Why can this actress not find the right project? She's great! I thought she was perfect in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and in Heroes. I know she does the voice overs on Gossip Girl, but it seems like the majority of things she's just been in a series of forgettable flops, and now this movie she's made with Dax looks just plain awful. (She must love him a lot to do this for him) So does she have a bad agent or something?

I completely agree. In fact, I was quoted on this very subject in this story.

I like Dax Shepard a lot, too, but I haven't heard many good things about "Hit and Run," which is a shame.

As for why Bell doesn't get better parts, maybe she does need a better agent. She just needs that one great project to kickstart -- the right supporting part in the right indie, or a lead in an intelligent comedy. Hope she gets her shot at one of those.

I'd also like to see her and Dax together in a better movie. They could be adorable in a good -- key word: good -- rom-com.

Did I miss something? When did Kathie Lee Gifford become a Kennedy? (please don't take away my celebritologist card for not knowing this)

Honestly, I had to do some family tree research just to make sure I had this all straight, too. I would never revoke your card, epjd. You've earned it.

Victoria Kennedy is Frank Gifford's daughter from his previous marriage, hence, the connection.

Now, it seems the Salahi's have their prequel... and Taylor's a dead ringer for that crazy Michelle.

It took me a second to process this one.

Michaele Salahi -- whose divorce from Tarek was finalized earlier this week in a "news" story I did  not care about at all -- is no Taylor Swift.

However, I like the idea of a remake of "Wedding Crashers" that stars both of them. Can someone please make a YouTube parody of this nature, please?

I get this idea that the Prince's security should have taken the iPhones of the random women that Prince Harry picked-up in the lobby of a Las Vegas hotel to bring up to his suite to get naked, but c'mon... Unless anybody is claiming Prince Harry got stabbed, they did their job (paid for by the British taxpayer). Protecting Prince Harry's person isn't the same as being Prince Harry's publicist.

That's a fair point.

At the same time, how hard would it be to either ask people not to use phones or for the security guards to collect them?

Theoretically, someone  could be housing an explosive device or something in a phone, so an argument could be made that it does fall in the category of protecting his person. (And, as a side effect, protecting him from silly, embarrassing photographs being leaked.)

I am guessing from now on, that policy will be enacted.

Seems this whole "high pressure life in the public eye so he needs a break" is kind of making the case that maybe the Brits ought to abolish the monarchy? Then the pressure is gone.

No it isn't, not for those who already became famous because of said monarchy.

Good try, though!

Matt Dillon (always loved him in The Outsiders), Annabeth Gish, and not that he would do it at all, but Tom Cruise. Just leave Charlie Sheen out of it.

Good call. Matt Dillon would be key. Demi Moore's presence also may be required.

Cruise would never do it.

Nah, just see The Hobbit in theatres, then go home and watch the Dream cast 10th anniversary concert of Les Mis.

Or do that, and then see the "Les Miz" movie. That'll knock out your whole weekend.

I kind of don't see what the big deal is (disclosure: haven't seen the photos). Was he drunk or on drugs? People are comparing him to Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, but as far as I know, he doesn't have a substance abuse problem, so I don't think those comparisons are fair. Playing strip poker =/= out of control.

I was reading one article that referred to the photos as "shocking." They are not shocking -- he's not doing anything that crazy, just covering his private parts in one and hugging on a girl in the other. What's shocking about it, if anything is, is that he was stupid enough to put himself in the position to be photographed buck naked.

As I said in my column in today's paper, he wasn't hurting anyone and, while he obviously likes to party, he doesn't seem to be an addict. I would think the military would be on top of that if that were the case.

It's more an embarrassment and an indication of poor judgment than anything more serious and harmful.


but it's never too early to think on the next Bond actor. I vote Idris Elba, with either Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain. And Monica Belucci as a double agent.

I support these nominations but will refrain from voting until, at the earliest, after "Skyfall" comes out.

I am big fans of both Pattinson and Stewart, so I am trying to stay away from gossip websites that post pictures of them. I am hoping that if I don't click, then somehow it will protect them from the photogs. Kinda like being a vegetarian to save animals. Does that make any sense? Is it working?

It does make sense. It's the online equivalent of voting with your wallet.

I don't think it's working but kudos on the effort.

I don't know that his Spider-Man shot is exactly a home run. Five minutes of running time playing an unnamed "dad". And a friend didn't even recognize him till I mentioned it later. Ditto for Tom Conti in Dark Knight Rises; from Oscar nominee leading man to unnamed "old prisoner". Ouch.

True, true. All I am saying is that these are not people who get no roles at all or aren't working, and therefore would be dying to star in "80's Heartthrobs: Still Doing It for Johnny After All These Years."

I read that EW article this morning too and I didn't find it weird. He seemed to be more at ease with Kimmel. And I commend Kimmel for not mentioning (either outright or beating around the bush about it) the breakup with Stewart. I've never been a Twilight or Pattinson fan, but he just seemed like he was having fun and being silly. And on a side note, I don't like Kristen Stewart either, but I think all the attention she's getting is awful. Both her and the director screwed up big time, but he should be getting more heat because he's the one with the family. I think people just look for things to pick on with certain celebs because they don't like them or their acting.

It wasn't weird like Crispin Glover-kicking-Letterman-in-the-face weird. But it was weird in a funny, what the heck is he talking about? way.

I was glad to see him being silly and at ease. And I agree that Stewart is getting more heat and that's unfair. But in addition to sexism, that's also because her star was hotter to begin with. And also, because the Twilight world is very protective of Edward Cullen.

Not that I'm defending KC, but I wanted to share a little thought experiment with you and the chatters: substitute the name "Sean Penn" in that posting. both the Question and the Answer still work, which I think is kinda neat.


And that actually was my intended meaning -- not to equate Penn and Cameron but to say that intelligent people may say things that other intelligent people don't agree with, but that doesn't make them stupid.

It may make them other things, but not stupid.

Oh, put them all in a country-house murder mystery without reference to their teen personas, except maybe some plausible references that are not overly-subtle, but are still scenes that would be in the movie with any other actors. Like The Breakfast Club chatting over breakfast as the murder is being discovered, or the actor from Breaking Away going for a bike ride... That would be fun  for their fans to watch without forcing them back into old roles.

So like a Brat Pack "Clue"? That's actually a great elevator pitch.

"I've got an idea for you. Three words: Brat Pack 'Clue.'"

I agree that they shouldn't reprise their roles. The best approach would be a decent script that just so happened to reunite some of these actors. Like, "St. Elmo's Fire" but without St. Elmo's. Or something.

I think she'd kill in a Coen Brothers movie, or in a Charlie Kaufman scripted film.

YES. Like both of these ideas.

Props to LL Cool J, for subduing the burglar in his house! But I do worry what if the perp had been carrying a firearm...

He'd disarm him in two seconds while causing no harm to others.

Because he's LL Cool J, super-stallion burglar catcher.

KB and DS were simply adorable as guests on "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me!" on NPR recently.

Really? I will have to track this down and listen.

and Avril Lavigne... *Hides under my desk*

It's fine for you to share this. Just don't tell us your Twitter handle or you will be barraged with savage comments.

P.S. I like some of Avril's songs, especially when I dance to them on "Just Dance."

Um, this is America. I am not surrendering my phone to someone who is not an authority figure in MY government. If it was a congressman's Secret Service asking, sure. But seriously, he's 28. I shouldn't have to surrender my phone just in case he can't behave himself.


Everyone who goes to a movie screening these days has to surrender their phones, including the press. Seriously, this happens at pretty much every movie screening I attend, for those who won tickets and the members of the media who are there.

Obviously that's because of piracy concerns, but surrendering the cell is not unusual anymore. (For the record, I hate it, too, and try to avoid it whenever I can. Actually argued with the security guard who tried to take it when I went to "Hope Springs": "Are you kidding? This is a Meryl Streep movie!" They ended up not taking it because they weren't forcing the press to hand theirs' over that night.)

RFK's son Michael Kennedy, who folks might remember as the Kennedy that died after he hit a tree while skiing and tossing a football at the same time on the slopes of Aspen (it was also right around the time that Sonny Bono died from a ski-related death). Michael Kennedy had just gotten divorced from his wife, Victoria, who was the daughter of Frank Gifford by his first marriage (Kathie Lee Gifford being his second wife). Michael Kennedy had been caught having an extramarital affair with his children's babysitter. This divorce also happen around the time of his eldest brother Joe's divorce (his son JPK3 is running for Barney Frank's seat in congress) which caused their cousin, JFK Jr., to write an op-ed in his magazine, "George," about how his cousins were poster-boys for bad behavior and JFK Jr posed nude for an Adam in the Garden of Eden homage picture that run along side the editorial. Oh the Kennedys...

And that concludes today's lesson in Kennedy history.

I miss John Kennedy Jr. Handsomest man ever? Certainly on the list somewhere. I mean, we all know what sort of impact he had on Elaine Benes...

Didn't Harry go to rehab for pot and drinking as a teen?

I forgot all about that, thanks for the reminder.

I was speaking in the present tense. I believe Prince Charles was trying to teach his son a lesson after he was caught drinking and/or smoking. Which obviously did a world of good.

I posted the question about Prince Harry's nude photos not being a big deal - I think it's not embarrassing or poor judgment, either. He isn't the head of state - not like, say, President Obama, where it's a matter of life or death that people take him seriously. I don't see what's wrong with playing strip poker. That the photos were leaked is really crappy on the part of the leaker, but I don't see how that's Prince Harry's responsibility.

First of all, let's be accurate: it was strip billiards, which is a whole other game.

Second, I respectfully disagree. You're right that he isn't a head of state; clearly the British government would continue to function in the wake of his embarrassment. But I think he is expected to conduct himself in a respectable way and I think he knows that and I think that at the age of 27, he should have figured that out by now.

I do agree  that the leaking of the photos is way worse than what Harry was doing in said photos.

For all those claiming sexism for why Kirsten Stewart is getting more press attention then the married men she was having sex with, I just think it's because she is famous and he isn't (can anybody really remember his name?). I just don't think Kirsten Stewart should be the cause-celebre for feminists of the world... just saying.

As I said in my previous response, I think that's true. It's a little bit sexist but she's also someone that more people care about as well.

When I was little my best friend and I were obsessed with the soundtrack. We both wanted to be Cosette because she was prettier, but Eponine had the best songs so then we'd fight over who got to sing which one. Ah, memories.

I listened to "On My Own" approximately 800 times when I was younger, crying over an unrequited love.

There is nothing more potent than a broken adolescent heart mixed with a quality showtune.

And that,  my friends, was Ryan Murphy's elevator pitch for "Glee."

Harry's not the only royal to get caught with his crown down, not even inside the Windsor family. There are shots around of his dad (ugh) and Uncle Andrew. Not to mention innumerable shots of princes and princesses all over Europe. He was an eligible 27 year old, on leave, in a party town, in a private room. Unknot those panties, folks.

Thanks for that image of Prince Charles, by the way.

You are right, but the reality is that this is a different world than it used to be. There is no such thing as a private room anymore. It's unfortunate, and not just for famous people but for anyone who wants to maintain modesty. But that's the way it is and those who are supposed to set an example have to act within those parameters. Unless they don't mind some embarrassment, in which case, nothing to worry about. But most do mind.

Kerri Green, from Lucas and The Goonies. She was always so adorable. Also, Martha Plimpton and Keanu, please!

OK, this is now the largest ensemble film ever. The late, great Robert Altman would even object to the size of this cast.

However, I like all of these suggestions, although Keanu seems a little late in the '80s movie game for this, despite his work in "Parenthood."

I feel like anything post-"Goonies" is off the table. Oh! That reminds me. Josh Brolin needs to be in this. And so do Phoebe Cates and Zach Galligan.

It's getting out of control! And on that note, I must close down the chat with a thank you and an important message: I am taking Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. I know -- it's an audacious move. There will still be some posts in Celebritology, but things may be a trifle slower than  usual.

Just wanted to give you all a head's up. I will be back next Thursday, though, for another delightful chat. So join me then, and thanks again for all of your great questions and comments.

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