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Jul 26, 2012

Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Good afternoon. In case you aren't sure where to begin with today's Celebritology discussion, here's this.

Somehow, though, I suspect we won't be at a loss for topics today. So let's get started.

You already admitted to going out to lunch Tuesday and we lost Sherman Hemsley. So where were you that night that cost us Chad Everett the same day?

Actually, I was not at lunch, I was getting ready to go to a concert, same place I was when Everett news broke.

This is what I get for trying to have a life.

So why is Kristen Stewart receiving so much more negative press the the MARRIED man with 2 children? Just because she's the more famous of the two? I agree with Bonnie Fuller's article -- both are guilty, but he is the one who crossed more inappropriate lines as a father. husband, boss/director, older man, etc, etc.

I haven't read Fuller's piece yet, but I think there are a few factors at play here.

First, Stewart is more famous. That's first of all. I dare say that, despite his film work, what Rupert Sanders is most famous for is kissing  Kristen Stewart. Because she's more famous.

Second, some people enjoy grousing about Stewart for doing virtually anything, from not smiling on red carpet to not sounding totally polished during interviews to wearing  Converse sneakers, blah blah blah. You get the picture. So for her to have done something wrong is like a schadenfreude celebration for the anti-Stewart set.

Third, for "Twilight" fans who worship Pattinson, this is a massive betrayal. They feel protective of him. Hence, Stewart rage. (And yes, I know it sounds silly for them to feel protective, but think back to when you were 13 and you almost punched someone for disparaging Power Station ... not that I ever did that or anything. Point is, pop cultural passions run high during adolescence.)

Yes, Sanders has more to be sorry about, as I said in the piece I posted above. But given his lower profile, people just don't care as much.

So let me get this straight -- the Jackson Siblings are trying to convince a Judge that Michael didn't mean to leave everything to his kids, but instead it should all go to them. Also, that the executors who took the estate from worthless to wealthy are terrible people and should be replaced? I can hear the judge laughing now.

This whole situation -- from the missing person reports to the legal battles to the Paris Jackson hash tags -- just hurts my brain. Immensely.

It's unclear whether the siblings have any legal legs to stand on, but as you said, based on what we know, it seems not.

I realize that I'm 10 years his senior, and married, but I'd be happy to help console Robert Pattinson during his time of need.

Do not repeat the sings of Rupert Sanders. Have we learned nothing from this incident?

Unless, of course, Pattinson is on your celebrity permission slip list, as previously approved by your spouse. Then you may have some wiggle room. But seriously, no, bad idea. Morality issues aside, you will get death threats on Twitter and no one needs that.

Are the twihards upset that Kristen and Rob may have broken up or are they overjoyed that Rob is a free agent?


I realize that the term "celebrity logic" is almost an oxymoron, but with regard to Kristen Stewart and her married director friend, WHY would they do this out in the open where a pap could spot them? I'm not condoning adultery, but seriously, IN A CAR? Up against the window? In the daytime? It's the weirdest thing to me... honestly. Why not just get a room?

I was thinking about this very issue this morning before I got to the office. (Jen Chaney: always working for you.)

A hotel would not work because there could be a record of their visit. And they'd easily be spotted, and at a hotel, which looks bad on its face. (Of course, they were easily spotted anyway, but still.)

That said, it seems like they would have had access to a private location -- an office, a friend's home, something. I agree that it's strange.

My husband is fully aware of my celebrity crushes, he thinks they are funny. And I'm guessing if I ever met any of them that my reaction would be like Ross' the time he met Isabella Rosselini on Friends: a complete and total public humiliation.

Ha! There is no harm in daydreaming and making jokey comments about it in this chat.

So you go on coo-coo-ka-chooing, Mrs. Robinson.

"Do not repeat the sings of Rupert Sanders. Have we learned nothing from this incident?" I really don't want to hear any album released by this guy. Sorry, couldn't resist. One must find humor in this national tragedy where one can.

Sins, I meant sins!

Although I am certain there will be some sort of Stewart/Sanders scandal mix on YouTube. And it will be set to music.

Also, did I mention that my computer, as it does at least once a day, is moving s u p e r s...l...o...w...l...y? That's right, kids, press the right buttons today and there's a good chance I will go on a rant bound to get me fired before this chat is over.

So, first I would like to say that I love the youtube video with the British girl crying over Kristen Stewart's infidelity. I do have a question, why the heck did K. Stewart issue a public statement? What's the point? She doesn't owe anyone (at least anyone that doesn't know her) an explanation. Also, the best thing about the Jackson saga to me is Prince posting screenshots of his texts with his family. I just have this image of Janet et. al. saying, "Wait, how did he do that? You can do that?" I just love that the kids a fighting his war on their turf, which if their claims are legitimate, it's their only tool. They seem a little scary smart.

I'll answer these questions in reverse order. First Prince and Paris and their constant tweeting: it is pretty fascinating, although I am skeptical of the one of the alleged text messages. It would be so easy to fake an image like that. Who knows if it's legit?

Now, Stewart's apology: clearly she doesn't need to apologize to us. None of the celebs I referenced in that previously shared post -- Hugh Grant, Jude Law, Leterman, Tiger Woods, Jesse James -- needed to say sorry to the public. It's an image damage control move.

You forgot one more reason people enjoy grousing her - -the girl CANNOT act.

Well, some people clearly feel that way. So there's that.

A ten-year age difference does not a Mrs. Robinson make! But if you're talking about the 25-year age difference between me and my future second husband, Bryce Harper, the moniker might fit.

All righty. Welcome to the Celebritology Chat: Randy Cougar Edition.

Random side note: for reasons I still don't understand, my five-year-old son has recently made a habit of putting his pajama shorts on his head, looking at his reflection in his bedroom window, and yelling "Bryce Harper, you get out of here! You're fired!"

I didn't even know he knew who Bryce Harper was. Either way: should I send him to pre-K therapy?

I was really disappointed by a number off comments I saw on different entertainment sites regarding Christian Bale's visit to Aurora. These varied between "he's looking for publicity", "he really thinks he is a savior/crusader, what an egomaniacal nutjob" "Typical Hollywood hypocrite, starring in violent films then crying crocodile tears over tragedies" to "at least he didn't throw a temper tantrum or attack any women this time." I mean, it's not like he arrived in full costume in the Batmobile. He was very respectful about it by checking with the hospital in advance for permission, asking that press not be alerted/allowed, dressing in low-key clothing so as not to draw attention to himself, and raising the spirits of some of his fans who were injured because they were going to see his performance. Plus, he did it on his own, it wasn't arranged for him. Never mind that he has frequently been involved in respectable causes, like fighting childhood cancer (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoYqB6mzmBI starting around the 4:00 minute mark) or bringing attention to humanitarian crises, and was cleared of the arrest for allegedly fighting with his mom and sister.  It just seems like some people are dead set on judging him. I don't get it. If he hadn't gone, people would have called him insensitive, etc, but by going he got criticized anyway, so basically, he can do no right?

Well, I think most people respected that he went to Aurora. Some people undoubtedly had a cynical response; we live in a cynical culture.

I don't think his decision to visit Aurora means that he's an infallible human being. But it was an incredibly classy thing to do. And as I said on the Celebritology Facebook page yesterday, when a celeb does the right thing, give him/her some credit. And he deserved credit for this, even though he wasn't seeking it.

Jen, do you want to know about typos in your articles? Enjoyed the apology article. I think Hugh Grant's worked the best because he's, well, Hugh Grant. Also, the British accent doesn't hurt. Maybe Tiger Woods should have hired Hugh to apologize for him.

I do want to know about typos: jen.chaney@wpost.com. I publish first and am backread by copy editors with tons of copy to deal with, so things get missed sometimes.

That's right: I'm now crowd-sourcing editing.

So do you watch Donald Trump on "The Apprentice?" Maybe your son is pretending to be Donald Trump (the pj shorts would kind of look like Donald's hair) and Bryce Harper is being fired from the show. Just a thought.

Another ready said the same thing. No, he does not know who Trump is. The entire thing is a mystery.

I've never been called a Randy Cougar before. That's funny. I guess RPatz is older than half my age plus 7, so he's in safe territory. Josh Hutcherson on the other hand.....A side note, one morning during the 2008 Olympics, I opened the bedroom door to find a picture of Michael Phelps waiting for me. My husband was well aware of my, um, admiration for him at the time and thought he'd leave me a little treat. My husband is awesome.

Nice. My husband once surprised me by putting up a photo of Josh Holloway in our bathroom. Scared the heck out of me the first time I saw it.

This is the best sentence I've read all day. "As Edward Cullen goes, so goes "Twilight" nation." I'm seriously giggling in my cube.

I do what I can.

Your kid's Bryce Harper ritual CRACKS me up! I have a 4 year who does similar non-sensical things. She also thinks the Karate Kid is Will Smith's son, NOT Ralph Macchio. I'm not sure how to handle this prickly situation.

Ooh, that is a rough one.

She at least accepts that Macchio is Johnny from "The Outsiders," right?

Annnnd this is why I, an editor, have trouble finding work. *grump* To stay on the cougar topic: my friend was in luurvve with Josh Hutcherson after seeing The Hunger Games. Then we were flipping channels the other night and saw a few minutes of a movie from 2007 in which he looks about ten years old. She's not so into him anymore...

What, you don't want to work for free as a crowd-sourced editor? I don't see why not!

Hutcherson definitely seems a bit young, the kind of guy you call kid instead of man.

Christian Bale is a wonderful human being. There, I said it. I'm sure he has his faults but what he did the other day, going to Aurora with his wife, paying his respects, visiting some of the med staff, was a classy thing to do. Especially since he didn't alert the press. Sure it was going to get out, but not from him. My daughter asked the other day, "I wonder what's going through his mind right now?" I wonder too. Is there some misguided sense of guilt? I figure just profound sadness that this moment (the opening of the movie and the excitement of the fans) was taken away by a horrible act of violence.

Hopefully not guilt. It's not his fault or Christopher Nolan's or anyone else associated with the fuilm. It's just unfortunate on every level I can think of.

Um, isn't the next Twilight installment coming out in a few months? Not that they put put themselves before the cameras, back together and stronger than ever, to hype their movie opening, oh nooooo.

Perish the thought. Personal matters being used for promotional purposes? Why, whoever would do such a thing?

also had an affair with her married co-worker (Ryan Reynolds). So RPatz should have seen it coming.

By that logic, Pattinson is bound to cheat on her too, since he hooked up with a married Reese Witherspoon in "Water for Elephants."

Hi Jen. While I am open to pop culture, I am so tired of the superhero/comic book movies of the summer. Can you suggest some good movies that are in theaters now for those of us who are tired of the comic book fare?

"Queen of Versailles," which I wrote about in Style last week, is an interesting documentary. I also hear good things about "Ruby Sparks," which opened yesterday. The new Woody Allen movie, "To Rome With Love," is not one of his best but it has some diverting moments.

Other option: stay home and watch Breaking Bad on Netlifx. I've been doing a lot of that, too.

Shouldn't Duran Duran be performing at the closing ceremonies? "Rio" would be the perfect way to hand it over to Rio 2016.

Hmm. Good point.

All I know is that they had better sing about lighting their torches and waving it. By the way, I will be live blogging opening ceremonies tomorrow night as part of our Olympics coverage. Don't have a link yet but will share it in Celebritology once I do. It's important to put a Duranie on this assignment.

Why couldn't you use the word "hell" in the blog post you linked to at the top?

I have been told it's not allowed. Which I think is a little strict myself. But those are the rules.

Forget therapy, set that child up as a batting coach.

Hilarious. He does enjoy playing wiffleball...

If you've never seen Bud Greenspan's documentary "Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin," I recommend this wonderful film highly. Like "Citizen Kane," it was in its time groundbreaking in the use of new techniques that nowadays we take so for granted that they can seem almost clicheed, but that were new when Welles and Greenspan, respectively, innovated them. And the perspective that one gains on the role of the Olympics in 20th century history is beyond value in understanding what followed in the next decade. (NP steps down from soapbox)

Thanks for the suggestion, Nosy. I have not seen it but I will try to track it down.

I've never quite understood when people say, 'If Lindsey blows it one more time, she won't be able to get insurance to work.' What exactly are actors insured for? That they'll show up and not be a train wreck? Is the studio insuring itself against a loss if the actor is a train wreck and they have to hire someone else and start all over?

I am far from an expert on Hollywood insurance. My understanding, though, is that they want to make sure the actor finishes his/her work without costing the stidio any production days. Stars with lots of arrests on their records, or well documented drug problems, or just general issues of irresponsibility are less likely to show up to set when they are supposed to, which costs everyone time and money.

Make sense?

This question makes me wonder if I should start a regular blog feature where I attempt to answer questions like this about behind-the-scenes celebrity-related matters.

are 4 PM eastern right? at least that was what I was told...

True. To clarify: our sports staff is live blogging in real time and other staffers are live blogging the TV coverage in primetime, which is obviously on a delay. I'm handling primetime tomorrow night.

I know its not your fault - computers can be soooo irritating but I have to say that the chat today has been painful due to the slow questions/responses.

I apologize. Or, in the words, of Kristen Stewart, "I love you, I love you, I'm so sorry."

Note: It just took two minutes to type this answer, when it should have taken 30 seconds.

It's not really personal insurance for the actor, it's insurance for the film that is dependent on the actor. That is, if a film has to be shut down because a principle actor has to drop out or suddenly dies, the producers receive insurance money. But if an actor has a bad reputation or severe health issues, the film will have trouble being insured, and no producers want their film uninsured, so no one wants to hire an uninsurable actor.

This is a much better way of explaining what I was trying to explain. Thanks for this.

I just turned into my 13 year old self again!

Nice to meet you, says my 13-year-old self. You can have Simon. Dibs on John!

Heck (so to speak), the Post chat software won't even let me type Dick Van D-y-k-e's last name without punctuational subterfuge.

The Post chat software barely lets me type ANYTHING today.

What's with the reported set-to between Janet and Paris? Would've thought Miss Jackson would be the closest thing to objective observer since she has her own fortune, independent of the other Jackson leeches.

I have to say, I also was surprised Janet was involved in this whole mess. She had come across as sad but level-headed after her brother's death, until all this happened.

Of course, if they genuinely think the will was forged, as they alleged in that letter, they may have reason to angrty on principle that extends beyond money.

Many actors have become uninsurable due to declining health (such as when DeForest Kelley was prevented from appearing in Star Trek: Generations because his cancer was so advanced) or repeated behavioral problems, such as alcoholism or excessive partying leading to missed days on set, delays in production, etc.

Thanks for noting this about the health issues. Sometimes it is not an actor's fault at all when he/she becomes uninsurable.

Any word yet on who'll be lighting the Olympic torch in London? I vote for Britain's Dr. Roger Bannister, first person to break the 4-minute mile (even if it wasn't at the Olympics).

Some have speculated David Beckham, but that seems too obvious.

My hope is that the torch is held by an unseeable presence, at which point Harry Potter whips off his invisibility cloak, then Voldemort syhows up and they have an epic battle in which Harry obviously triumphs, which segues into the announcement that Quidditch is now an Olympic sport. That might happen,  right?

All right, I have to go throw this computer out a window. Thanks for your patience with slowest chat of all time. When I live blog tomorrow (beginning at 8!) I'll use my laptop at home, which is far more efficient than the junkpile I have at work.

Peace out. Keep the faith. Don't let the Robsten get you down. 

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