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Jul 19, 2012

Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Crazed. Too much going on. Let's get to it.

How could Emmy do this to me? In a single category I am supposed to choose between Clive Owen, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Idris Elba? My heart is torn in three!! Oh, who I am kidding. Luther is awesome. Go Idris!!

This is a tough call indeed. I don't think Owen will win; Elba and Cumberbatch have the best shot, I think.

I am planning to see the film next week in IMAX, but am considering going to a matinee tomorrow or Saturday at a regular theater because I'm not sure I can avoid the interweb chatter over the weekend. Do you think a second theatre showing is worth it?

As someone who is contemplating a second viewing, I would say yes.

You definitely should see it in Imax. It was screened for press at the Natural History's Imax theater earlier this week and holy bleep. It's pretty awesome. I thought I might throw up (in a good way) during the first five minutes.

Custody settled in 10 days AND Suri gets to go to Catholic School? I'm going back to suspecting something is weird about the paternity - or why would Tom Cruise cave in this easily? Even if Katie didn't allege it in the request for full custody, it looks like she had some reason to believe she would get it. IVF seems unlkely b/c she seemed to be pregnant right after they started dating...so maybe the old boyfriend as father rumor has some merit?

I think there are all kinds of reasons why Cruise might have "caved," none of which mean he is not the father of Suri. If Katie Holmes threatened to "blow the lid on Scientology," for example, as some media reports suggested, that might have been enough of a reason for him to want to settle this quickly.

All of this is speculation, of course, but I really do think that Suri is legitimately his daughter.

Did you watch this HBO dreck? I'm not surprised that it got Emmy nods given the big names associated but it really wasn't very good. As for having the difficulty of choosing a favorite, can one really choose between Carson and Mr. Bates?

I saw some of it, and I agree. I don't think it will win, if that makes you feel better.

It is impossible to choose between Carson and Bates. Not to mention that that is a super-strong category: Aaron Paul, Peter Dinklage, Jared Harris, Esposito. Any of them seems like a viable winner.

based on their headshots on the Emmy's site. For instance, here Jon Hamm wins his category.

To be fair, all of these gentlemen are handsome. But that Hamm photo is a super-glam shot. And I rather like it.

that someone gave Bandersnatch Cumberbund his due!

It really, really is. I think we're all relieved.

No Good Wife for best drama? Guess this season was a little weak after all. Did like that Grimm got at least one nod -- even if it was for stunts.

I was a little surprised by that, too. In fact Good Wife is on my list of Emmy snubs, which will be published as soon as this chat is over.

P.S. Your love for "Grimm" is intense, man.

Why no love for Happy Endings at the Emmy's? I mean, Modern Family rocks, but what about spreading the kudos around?

Another overlooked show, though I don't think many people expected that one to get many nods. I suspect some of the Emmy voters, especially the more, uh, senior ones, have not seen it.

I've never consider Steve Buscemi to be handsome. In fact in my book he is just a notch down from clowns in the heebie jeebie factor.

All right, fine. Maybe he isn't traditionally handsome.

But heebie jeebies is pushing it. That's a clown comment, bro.

Actually, it really was a clown comment. You did mention clowns specifically.

I never thought I'd feel bad for them. I've always categorized them as that crazy couple who were staging an elaborate farce, but something about this whole thing is just so sad. Between Katie Holmes' clandestine phone calls and that picture of Suri clinging to her father...it's like, I do't know, they're people too? In any case, I feel kind of guilty for all the gleeful jokes I used to make at their expense.

The photos of Suri and Tom Cruise, as I noted in the mix earlier this week, definitely made me sad. To that little girl, he is not Tom Cruise. He's her daddy. She certainly didn't ask for all this madness to be swirling around her.

On your snub list?

No, but you are welcome to add it in the comments section when I publish the big list.

Hi Jen, I'm wondering what the criteria is to be considered part of comic con. I get extending it to shows that aren't necessarily comic-based but have a fantasy element like Grimm (which I love, btw). But some of the shows seem to have no relevancy to that comic culture. Glee, for example. Also, I am available to cover Comic-Con for you next year.

Thank you for volunteering. That is very generous indeed.

You ask a good question. Comic-Con has basically become anything pop culture that has a following. I've been to Glee panels at Comic-Con in previous years, and they've been packed. The show, at least when it started, was about underdog show choir nerds, which may be a different breed from the stereotypical comic nerd, but still fall in the general nerd category.

I have no idea if that made sense but it did in my brain.

P.S. Another Grimm reference? EPJD, is this you again?

Look, they are never going to make everyone happy (I'm sad Norman Reedus and John Slattery didn't get noms) but I have to say that I think this year they did a pretty good job. I mean, for years they were courting irrelevancy with the endless Tony Shaloub for Monk and other such predictable nods, but this year I can't really argue against the likes of Brian Cranston and Damien Lewis. The only rea headscratcher for me was Lena Dunham in the acting category, who I think is the weakest part of girls.

I wasn't shocked to see Dunham there, but I was a little surprised because I wasn't sure whether Emmy voters would embrace "Girls." I was pleased to see they did.

I am surprised they didn't nominate "Monk" again, even though it's no longer on the air.

Fine, his face may not be classically "handsome," but he's insanely talented and looks darn good in a white collar and spats. His delivery of one-liners on Boardwalk Empire is rivaled only by Maggie Smith's dowager countess. (My favorite of the season being "Why the eff would anyone go to Cincinatti?!")

You'll get no argument from me there. Buscemi's a great actor.

It is disappointing that there is no love for Community this year. I guess being a darling of the critics doesn't automatically mean that you'll get nominated for an award.

No, it does not. And yes, Community is on my snub list.

So is she really the highest paid actress on TV? I admit to not watching Modern Family, but man, in every interview I've seen with her, she seems kind of annoying, and almost like a caricature. Is she that good on the show? I did find her to be enthusiastic host when she was on SNL, but the skits all seemed a little one-dimensional (hot lady with an accent) which made me think that her acting is as well.

That list of highest paid actresses is a bit deceiving. Specifically, it's deceiving because the salaries in question are based on income from things outside of their TV shows: product endorsements, movie roles, etc. Product endorsements are what bumps up the salaries in almost every case.

So Vergara's money -- or any of the women's money on that list --  is not necessarily a reflection of her acting; she's not getting paid all of that cash to be on Modern Family.

I was so sad to see Nick Offerman not get nominated. I'm not surprised... just disappointed. He is absolutely amazing as Ron Swanson. I also found the Post article with all its quotes suggestive that Offerman blew the Emmy nominations off and didn't want to participate. If you read his AV Club interview he says that he is away fishing with his family but was planning on making a special trip. I guess I'm just a big fan and defensive of him. :)

Offerman is indeed on my list. How can Ron Swanson be ignored? It should not be allowed.

Speaking of which, as some of you DC people may know, Parks and Rec is being filmed here as we speak. And I am supposed to spend some time on set tomorrow, which I will of course be writing about. Unfortunately, I do not believe Mr. Swanson is here.

But..but...but he's Grandpa Dunphy!! Seriously, though, has he never heard of the internet? Doesn't he know you can watch that sort of stuff in the comfort and PRIVACY of your own home? Ew man, ew.

I had the same thought: why would anyone go to an adult theater in this day and age when you can watch porn at home and not get caught? Especially if you're a celebrity?

It doesn't make sense, I tell you.

Any details about them filming in DC this week and who's in town? If I see Ron Swanson or Bobby Newport around these parts I might perish.

They are filming today and tomorrow, around the Mall area. My understanding is that Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Amy Poehler and Adam Scott are in town, but I don't think Offerman is. And I'm 99% positive Paul Rudd is not though I would be thrilled if I am wrong.

I can't believe it! How can they not nominate him for his amazing work on Fringe. IMHO other snubs are Robert Carlyle for Once Upon a Time, Michael Emerson for Person of Interest, Silas Weir Mitchell for Grimm, and Rose Byrne for Damages. Maybe Henry Rodriguez for playing a relief pitcher in The Washington Nationals. . .

The Emmys traditionally has an issue with sci-fi, as in it rarely gets nominated. Fringe fits in that category, and so I suspect that some voters just bypass it. Which is silly, but there you are.

I've been wondering why the press has treated Suri so differently than Tom and Nicole's kids. Nicole was just as famous as Katie Holmes and Tom was really popular back then too. However, I never remember any coverage of Isabella and Connor when they were younger. Did Tom and Katie encourage the coverage of Suri as a way to make themselves more popular with fans? Or do you think press coverage has intensified overall in the years since the other two were adopted?

This is a great question.

I think coverage has certainly intensified in the 11 years since the Cruise/Kidman divorce. That's definitely true.

I don't know if they had better security around Connor and Isabella, though I'm not sure why that would be the case for them and not Suri. Tom and Katie certainly encouraged coverage of Suri initially, in controlled ways, like that big Vanity Fair spread. I think seeing them with a baby made them more relatable.

Now, though, I am not sure they're encouraging it.

When the divorce bombshell hit, Entertainment Weekly did a piece talking how how Tom's two other ex-wives, Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, dealt the breakup. Rogers gave an interview to Playboy in which she said Tom felt he "had to remain celibate for the purity of his instrument." I suppose she meant his acting skills or something, but what a weird thing to say and, if true, it explains a whole lot.

Definitely a weird thing to say.  And I expect it will invite some instrument jokes that I am unable to post on this family Web site.

"Speaking of instruments, did you hear the one about Fred Willard?"

I'm just encouraging it, which is probably unwise...

She is amazing on Modern Family (IMO). And that list made me suspicious, especially when I saw the #2 highest-earning "actress" was the Kween of the Kartrashians. Maybe they consider her an actress for her fake marriage?

I think the list should have been highest paid female TV stars, rather than actresses. Because I said the same thing in my post: Kim K is not an actress, at least not technically.

The whole list is pretty absurd.

Exactly! If Battlestar Galactica got ignored, why does anyone think Fringe or The Walking Dead would fare any better?

Preach it.

Guess I'm out of the loop. But it seems that "watching a movie with your pants down" (as one report put it) is a pretty harmless way to be naughty. Ew, yes, but whatever.

As celebrity crimes go, yes, it is harmless. The only victim is Willard's pride.

But it was still a stupid thing to do.

i have another question for you jennie. do u think linsey will be nomin8ted for an emmy for the liz movie she is doing? i think if she wins that she will then win an oscar right after. what do u think?

i th1nk u cld nt be more r1ght.

I'm REALLY pulling for Bill Maher this year. I mean, come ON. Real Time is one of the most provocative, interesting shows on TV. I love the Daily Show, and I love Jimmy Kimmel, but Real Time (and Maher) have been overlooked far too long.

The Daily Show wins EVERY year. And it's great, but it would be nice to see something else get it. I'm actually pulling for Colbert, which is technically just a Daily Show spinoff, but maybe the Emmy voters need to ease into the change?

That was NOT me with the Comic Con question. Just someone else pointing out what a great show Grimm is. Watch it and see for yourself. You know, in your copious amounts of spare time.


I do have oodles of spare time.

It's on my list, although admittedly below things like "sleep" and "see Dark Knight Rises again."

I know. I figured it'd be a stretch for Rudd, but I'm still going to day dream about it. By the way, did you see this recent GQ interview with Nick Offerman? It's ... the best.

I did read it, and I concur.

He's someone I thought was a longshot, but he is the reason to watch New Girl. Well, actually to DVR New Girl, because he makes me laugh so hard I have to pause or rewind to hear whatever absurd thing he has said earnestly this time.

I think "New Girl" has gotten better as the season progressed. And I would agree that Schmidt is funny.

However, I still think Nick Offerman deserved it more.

I think someone's personality/talent/reputation has a direct relationship to how attractive they are. Steve Buscemi, being insanely talented and apparently a happily married guy with a family, is therefore a good looking man to me. Ashton Kutcher, for example, you could say is more conventionally handsome, but because of his persona he is not attractive to me at all.

Well said.

I live in New York, two blocks from Tom Cruise's apartment in the Felt building, and also have a friend on that block. Paparazzi always seemed to be there at exactly the right time when Tom or Katie would go out. I don't know if they cooperated with the press to get coverage, or if it was an arrangement to try to keep the paparazzi from being less aggressive - as in, we'll give you this if you give us that.

It could be either one. I don't know what the situation is with Holmes/Cruise specifically, but in general, I think the paps cooperate with the talent and their publicists more often than most people might think.

How to pick? That is so unfair. I still chuckle when I see my neighbor's free Mr. Bates bumper sticker.

Oh, man, I need one of those. Or at least the T-shirt.

Have you seen his recurring sketch on Conan? He works in his woodshop, pausing periodically to read out a real tweet from various Disney and ABC family actresses. And Taylor Swift, too. It's hilarious.

It is very funny. It's also very reminiscent of the brilliant Twits series that our dearly departed Liz Kelly used to faciliate. Twits was away ahead of its time.

I realize this has neither to do with Emmy's nor Tom Cruise, but I would like to say RIP Celeste Holm. She was amazing in All About Eve - especially the scene when she realizes she betrayed Margot for nothing after all.

Duly noted. Yet another of the major celeb losses we've seen this year. I realize that more famous people than usual have not died in 2012 (at least I don't think so). But it sure does feel that way.

I hear what you are all saying, still, doesn't change the fact that the guy gives me the creeps. He's like a Coen Bros. character brought to life. Although I'd rather be trapped in an elevator with him than a clown. Cause clowns are scary. Now Steve Busemi dressed as a clown? Well that's the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Technically, he is a Coen brothers character.

But I am intrigued by the idea of a horror movie with Buscemi as a clown. You might be on to something psychologically harrowing there.

Don't say it that way, Jen! You make her sound deceased!

Sorry, sorry. Liz is very much alive and well. And I miss her dearly because blogging alone is the *pits*.

That said, I have to sign off a couple minutes early so I can get back to blogging and the 800 other things I have to do. (Did I mention today is the worst?)

Thanks for your questions and comments, sorry I couldn't get to all of them and see you next week.

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