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Jun 14, 2012

Celebritology blogger Sarah Anne Hughes gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Hello, chatters! Sarah here, filling in for Jen while she takes her much deserved vacation. What shall we talk about this afternoon? The "Game of Thrones" apology? The Tony Awards?  Michael Fassbender? (Note: I would really like to talk about Michael Fassbender.) Let's chat!

Having seen the clip, I wasn't really convinced -- and I enjoy this sort of subversive stunt. Making a huge deal about an apology just seems like free publicity for the show to me. Likewise all this whining about the bacon sundae. I mean, it's gross yes but Morning Joe gave 45 minutes of advertising to Burger King Tuesday morning. Kind of self-defeating I think.

I think we can all agree that the Burger King bacon sundae is disgusting and should be ignored, right?

You're right that "Game of Thrones" did get a lot of press today for the fake George Bush head apology, which you can read about right here. But when the Internet notices something, attention must be paid, right? 

I was so excited - a movie with that director and that cast had no business being so bad. I keep hearing talk of how amazing Michael Fassbender was, how he is the redeeming feature of the movie, but should he really be so lauded for essentially doing a Peter O'Toole impersonation for 2 hours?

I was going to see "Prometheus" last weekend, but put it off because I keep hearing negative reviews. I just want to keep living in this world where it's as amazing as the trailer made it seem. 

I can't comment on the alleged Fassbender-Peter O'Toole impression. But hey, if you're going to imitate an actor, might as well make it a great one!

I'm a huge fan of White Collar. Matt Bomer is a great actor and of course wonderful to look at. I remember seeing him in Tru Calling. I watched Glee for him. I even borrowed and watched the movie In Time for him, well, at least the first 20 minutes that he's in. I can't wait for The Normal Heart in a couple of years. But Magic Mike? I don't know if I can actually go into a movie theater and ask for a ticket to that show without turning bright red, especially after watching that latest trailer (which is very NSFW). So different than the articles about him last week being Park & Bond's Most Stylist NYC Dad!

Sure he's a dad, but he's also an actor! A  chameleon of the silver screen! Who must occasionally take his pants off for the enjoyment of moviegoers!

While I do not think you should be embarrassed to see "Magic Mike," you can always buy your ticket online. Do not deny yourself the pleasure this movie will surely offer!


Hi Sarah Ann, I was just going to stop by and tell Jen she was right and I enjoyed Prometheus, but I'm happy you're here to chat about Fassbender. He was AMAZING. Worth the price of the IMAX ticket. I have to say I'm glad he's lost the blond hair, though, and I'm loving the ginger beard.

This makes me feel a lot better. I have recently discovered the genius that is Michael Fassbender and believe he can redeem any movie. 

And yes! Yes, yes, yes. The ginger beard is really something to behold.

Ladies and gentlemen: Roger Sterling! Last season I feared that Roger was becoming irrelevant and peripheral, but this season he was back with a force. Kudos to John Slattery for his excellent work this season - I hope he gets noticed by the Emmys or Golden Globes.

Slattery has been nominated for an Emmy for the last four years, so I'd say he's got a good chance. But this year he should win. The LSD trip! The butt shot! He was brilliant. 

Ever since seeing "Fools Rush In" as a teen I wanted to name my hypothetical daughter Isabel. I thought it was beautiful, and I've never known an Isabel or Isabella. Now that my husband and I are ready to have kids, there are Isabellas everywhere because of Twilight, so I just felt I needed to share my frustration.

I'm really glad I could give you a forum to talk this out. I'm sure a lot of people who loved the name Mason before a Kardashian gave her baby that name  feel the same way.

O'Toole "Impersonation": Does David take up some of the mannerisms of Peter O'Toole is LoA? Yes. But it's not an impersonation because it's Fassbender playing an android (and he's obviously an android) with those mannerisms. It's very interesting. But even as a fan of his, I have to admit that Fassbender cannot salvage every movie he's in. Don't bother with Angel or Jonah Hex. Not even worth the places in your Nexflix queue.

Aaaaaaaand there goes my good feeling.

I only caught about 10-15 minutes of Dallas last night, but I lost count of the number of times in those few scenes someone said "I have no idea what you're talking about" or "oil is my birthright." Any other gems?

I missed "Dallas,"  unfortunately. Any chatters out there who caught it and have "any other gems" to share? 

I have lots of time now that all of my fave shows are on hiatus. Do you recommend taking in "Game of Thrones?" I'm not a big reality show fan at all, so what else is coming up this summer that is worthwhile?

I recommend "Game of Thrones" to everyone. My relatives, my friends, strangers on the street.  I now recommend it to you.

As for this summer, "Falling Skies" starring Noah Wyle (my first and forever celebrity crush) is returning to TNT. "Breaking Bad" will be back in July, which gives you just enough time to watch the first four seasons if you haven't. And if you haven't, you should. 

Readers, any other suggestions?

That is why netflix was invented. No one knows what is in your queue unless you tell them. And the envelopes arrived sealed. Just tell everyone it is some intellectual documentary. Not that I do that or anything.

Yes, but I think Channing Tatum's abs will look better on the big screen.

For Richard Nixon's head in a jar?

Ha. Well as Time pointed out, "Futurama" has featured all of the presidents' heads in jars, except for President Obama I believe. Equal opportunity offender!

going to play a romantic lead? Or has he already done so and I just missed it?

He played Mr. Rochester in a 2011 version of "Jane Eyre." He was pretty dreamy in that role. 

I'm slightly surprised to be enjoying "Dogs in the City" (CBS, Wed., 8 PM EDT), because it's the dogs' PEOPLE who really get trained!

As a dog lover, I approve this endorsement. 

My Suggestion: Read a book. Just kidding! Assuming netflix availability, watch all of Arrested Development in advance of next year's new season. Then check out Magic City. It had a shaky start, but really got quite good.

I laughed! You got me.

I haven't heard much about "Magic City" since it started airing, but it's a great summer watching suggestion. 

Michael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester gave Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy a run for his money. Imjustsayin.

And what you're saying is the truth. 

Just learned that Dark Knight Rises and Rock of Ages are the double feature at the drive-in in Bridgton, ME when I am there in mid-July. Seems like a perfect drive-in double bill. Can. Not. Wait.

I'm very jealous that you live close to a drive-in. The one near my family's home in Lancaster closed down a few years ago. It was a heartbreaker.

That said, do you really want to see "Rock of Ages?" From what I've seen and read, it looks pretty rough. Anybody out there excited to see it?

So over on the Reliable Source, there has been much discussion about strapless vs non- wedding dresses. Matthew McConaughey's new bride Camila Alves had a really lovely, rather reserved dress - with sleeves. One theory is that designers push strapless since they use less fabric and thus cost less. Thoughts from you and the chatters? Are sleeved wedding dresses a new status symbol since they - cost - more?

Alves's lovely wedding dress can be seen here.

There may be something to the status symbol idea. But I think it's more Duchess Kate related. There's just something so classy about about sleeves! 

but I am so distracted by Tom Cruise's strangeness that I can't buy into him as an actor anymore. Is he a huge part of it, or is more of an ensemble thing?

From what I've read, he's the best part. Pretty much the only thing that makes the cost of admission worth it.

While I'm not here to tell you how to feel about Tom Cruise, consider reading this really sweet story from Bill Hader from "SNL" about him. It involves red eye flights and a baby!

Can we stop adoring Michael Fassbender long enough to send some love Tom Hiddleston's way? He's such a good actor, is so very adorable, way better at accents than some people who played Magneto, and is by all accounts a nice person. Or do we have to fit Fassbender in to this comment to get it through? Ok, Fassbender and Hiddleston should play brothers in a movie. They both have nice eyes and smiles, only Hiddleston's smile is charming, while Fassbender's is a little menacing.

Listen, I just started appreciating Fassbender this week. I can't help myself. But your Tom Hiddleston love is noted. 

Hugh Jackman and his wife were so adorable on the Tony Awards, that I can (almost) forgive him for being married!

I'm a huge fan of the Rock of Ages stage musical (saw it 3 times) but Hollywood seems to have done it's typical ruination with this adaptation. We shall wait to rent, if at all.

I've never seen the musical, so am I correct in saying that it's very cheesy? But in a knowing way? It's silly with a wink?

I've had a crush on him forever, since he was on some Lifetime series where he played a vet. Pet doctor vet. I think a Cusack was in it?

Google has informed me that you are referring to the 1989 series "Maggie," which also starred Ann Cusack.

I must admit, my first exposure to Slattery was on "Sex and the City." I know, I know. I'm not proud of it.

I was thinking the same thing: the Kate effect. She is bringing back a sort of Grace Kelly-esqe elegance and class. She always looks perfect, and she is always 100% tasteful -- which is such a refreshing departure from the often-skanky celeb outfits. Here's hoping class and elegance are making a (much-needed) comeback in more than just wedding dresses.

I second the motion! The motion passes! Everyone much be elegant and classy from now on!

Yes, Rock of Ages was very cheesy, but in a good way. Constantine Maroulis was the best part of it, but they refused to cast him in the movie. And extra characters that are just unnecessary were added.

I see. Yes, it looks like the movie is cheesy in a bad way -- a very bad way.

I remember a nighttime drive across the country back in the 70s. My family's car passed a drive-in somewhere in the midwest, and there was some really interesting stuff happening on the screen. Since I was 8 or something like that, all I can say for sure is than many people were naked and moving around in unusual ways. My mom tried to give me the whole facts of life speech again (aww, Mom!) and my dad made some comment about how he and my mom never saw art movies any more. We need more drive-ins!

If this story doesn't inspire America to bring back the drive-in, I don't know what will.

I have heard how dark Breaking Bad is so I am sort of scared of it. What about the zombie show on AMC? Is that worth a look? I'm already a big fan of Arrested Development and am looking forward to the new season. I may also re-watch FNL, which is so beautifully done and I recommend that to anyone who is a fan of great television. (And in my own defense, I read tons of books! I swear!)

I believe you about the books. Books and TV can co-exist. It's true!

Don't be afraid of "Breaking Bad." It's dark, yes, but Bryan Cranston is just the best. I can't, however, endorse "The Walking Dead." I stopped watching during the second season because the plot just became too ridiculous for me. But Jen likes it enough to recap it, so... there's some conflicting advice for you. Sorry about that.

Ok, so serious celebritology question. Will Magic Mike help or hurt his career. He does seem to want to vary his roles, not be typecast into always doing the same thing. And although I'd prefer he stay with TV so we get a more weekly dose of seeing him, will Magic Mike, especially if it doesn't do well at the box office, hurt his career?

My thought is no. Matt Bomer is extremely likable. And I think one silly role, even in a flop, won't hurt his career.

I say props to Lucy Lawless for putting herself on the line with civil disobedience! Martin Sheen is another actor who has a long, long history of arrests for causes, and just this spring Clooney fils et pere had their choreographed arrest right here in DC (Sudanese embassy, right?)!

You are correct about Clooney.

I think it's extremely admirable for Lawless to stick out her neck for a cause she believes in. I'm not sure many actors would risk three years in jail for their activism.

...and Jessica Simpson still doesn't have her bunny-girl figure back yet -- tsk! tsk! tsk! Didn't she read the celebrity memo about how this is a competition nowadays to see which celeb mom can get back into shape fastest and skinniest?

Man, can you imagine being under that sort of pressure? I certainly cannot. And that it why I blog.

The fact that Simpson announced that she's a Weight Watchers spokesperson the same month she gave birth gives me a terrible case of the sads. It's OK, Jessica. You may be famous, but you're still a human!

Our town had a drive-in (way on the outskirts) that used to show x-rated films. This was in the southwest, where there are no real trees to speak of, so all the high-school kids used to go and park in the field nearby and watch them! Kids!

And this is the reason certain parent groups would protest our drive-in initiative.

I saw Rock of Ages the other night and yes, it has cheesy moments, but the music is engaging and it's a good summer candy flick. Not all movies have to be Inception.

New thought: Should "Inception" become a musical?

Suits starts season 2 tonight!! Necessary Roughness is back, Royal Pains and Common Law are on. And White Collar returns in July. Just turn your TV to USA Network and you'll be fine. Oh, TNT has a few shows worth watching too.

USA (Network)! USA (Network)!

When I was a little kid (in the '70s), the drive-in near my town showed Disney double features -- usually one of the animated ones, like "Bambi" or "Sleeping Beauty," followed by one of the live-action ones ("That Darn Cat," "Herbie the Love Bug," "No Deposit, No Return"). I always begged to stay for the second one, and sometimes prevailed, though my mom would fall asleep. For the last decade it was in business ('80s/'90s, I think), it switched to showing p0rn. (I don't think there were any neighbors to be disturbed, just farmland.) Never went, but always got a laugh (to my parents' chagrin) from the titles on the sign, which were always punning knockoffs of mainstream movies.

OK, I am starting to feel kind of emotional about the lack of drive-ins (the ones that showed "Bambi," not porn) now. Let's bring them back! Who's with me?

If you can take relentless gore, check out Centurion. It was the first movie I saw him in, and I was in lust. He's a chameleon; he doesn't look like the same person in Prometheus, and it's just not the blonde hair. As for Prometheus, meh. I was so, so excited for it. And it's not that grea, since someone forgot to work on the script. Idris Elba and Charlize Theron have nothing to do but look beautiful.

Oh, hey. It's another Michael Fassbender item. How did this get in here?!

(Chatter, thanks for the suggestion. I can handle some gore is Fassbender's involved.)

Wait, you think that sounds gross? I think it sounds AMAZING...

I'm not saying it would taste good. It would probably be fantastic. But I need to keep telling myself it would horrible so I don't go out and buy one and then get  obsessed with it and land in an early grave.

Aaaaaaaand now I'm in love with you.

Well, clearly you have a thing for geniuses. 

Dallas last night--did you see it? Not as good as the original of course, and the kids are pretty bland (John Ross has potential, though), but JR! Good to have him back! And Linda Gray looks great--can't believe she's 71!

Confession time: I have never seen the old "Dallas." Or the new "Dallas." I have also never been to Dallas. 

It felt really good to say all that.

Did you know that Mr. Slattery is married to George Clooney's ex wife?

Indeed, I did. Talia Balsam seemingly has a thing for silver foxes. Not that I can blame her.

with the Kardashians? I really wish I didn't know what I already do about that family that I have gained through osmosis (I've never seen their shows). I really don't need an Oprah interview with them.

Holy moly, Oprah interviewed the Kardashians!? Is it really that bad at OWN, Oprah?

We used to go with our parents and we would wear our pajamas. There was a playground and they played cartoons before the main feature. It was perfect-playing at the playground in your pjs, seeing a cartoon, eating popcorn, then falling asleep in the car. Parents could watch feature films and not hire a babysitter. Win-win for all of us!

We've moved on from Fassbender to drive-ins and I'm OK with that. Because these are really lovely memories. 

All true Fassbender fans should see "Fish Tank." It's a small British film, very very good, and he's truly awesome in it. Also, major thumbs up for Tom Hiddleston - it is possible to love them both simultaneously, I'm living proof.

Saw it 

Saw it, loved it. It's on Netflix, interested parties, so go watch it. 

Alright everyone, I have overstayed my welcome. If it was up to me, we would never part. We would all just sit in front of our computers for the rest of eternity talking about drive-ins and Michael Fassbender. But alas.

Jen will be back next week, thank goodness. As always, thanks for all the fantastic comments!

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