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Jun 07, 2012

Celebritology blogger Jen Cheney gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Lots, as always, to discuss today, including Mad Men, Miley Cyrus's engagement, Winnie Cooper's divorce, Prometheus and Lord knows what else.

Let us begin ... now.

Not sure if he's considered famous, but one of the Hansons got married at 19. Maccaulay Culkin got married early as well. And Sarah Michelle Gellar got married to early for me.

Ah, Hanson and Culkin. Good calls.

I was focusing primarily on female celebs for that Miley Cyrus parallelism. But those are good suggestions for the list.

I follow you on Twitter. I am not exactly certain what the emergency is, but I would be glad to bring you some mojitos. Where shall I leave them?

It's a long story that involves a direct message I accidentally published as a public tweet.

But here's what to do with the mojitos: just pour them into your modem, then e-mail them as an attachment to the followingaddress: jen_chaney_enjoys_an_adult_beverage_but_only_responsibly@gmail.cocktails. I am pretty sure that's the best way to do it.

So did you like Prometheus, Jen? Because after reading a lot of reviews, I think the only reason to see it might be Fassbender (which is actually enough of a reason for me, to be honest). And that Joel McHale spoof of the David 8 viral is amazing.

I did like it, a lot, actually. I had some issues and lingering questions at the end. (One such lingering question, already raised by others: if this happens before the events of "Alien," why is the technology more sophisticated? I know the practical answer but from a narrative perspective, it makes no sense.)

But from a visceral-thrills perspective, I was more than satisfied. And Fassbender is indeed enough of a reason alone.

I don't see it. What am I missing?

You should look at Lohan as Liz Taylor the same way you looked at the sun during the Venus transit: with special glasses and also while squinting.

Then she looks just like her.

Emma Stone's acceptance speech at the MTV awards was classy and deserving of praise. She seems pretty down-to-earth and so freakin' likeable. I hope she's really like that away from the cameras.

I thought that speech was fantastic, as I noted here. I have not met Emma Stone, so I can't speak to whether she really is down-to-earth, but she certainly comes across that way and I hope that doesn't change.

There was a good bit of discussion during the Reliable Source chat about Miley Cyrus' engagement and the fact that she is only 19 years old. While I agree that 19 is young, it's not like they are jumping into this! She and Liam Hemsworth have been dating for three years and although I don't know them personally, they seem to be a solid pair. I say Best Wishes to the happy couple!

Yes, I mentioned that fact in the list post I shared earlier. You're right that they have been dating for a while. I still think under the age of 21 is pretty young to get married, but that doesn't mean they can't make it work.

We'll see what happens.

Prediction: Miley surpasses the wedding record set by Liz Taylor.

I will hold you to that prediction.

They are still married and have like 5 kids.

Proof that it can work. But it also is, admittedly, rare. Celebrity marriages that last are rare anyway, let alone ones that start at a young age.

I am watching the baseball game on line while following this chat. The Mets just got a home run with a man on second, so we are down 2-0!

The Celebritology discussion: your new source for live box scores.

Because I've never met her. But she has to be.

Ha. Yes, she just has to. Therefore, it is so!

I suspect she is a decent sort, based on all the evidence. I will continue thinking that until someone or something proves otherwise.

Where does she go from here? What does Matthew Weiner have in mind for her? She is so crucial to the ensemble?

I don't think Peggy figures into the finale, if only because -- as was pointed out on Twitter this week by some other TV journalists -- Elisabeth Moss was in production on a film when the final two episodes of the season were shot. Also, Jared Harris said as much during an interview.

I have to think Peggy will be back in subsequent seasons because her story is so important to the show. She and Don are the two most key figures in the series.

Did you read his interview in Rolling Stone? Is this his mea culpa or does he still need to go on (some type of) Oprah to do that? The interview coincides nicely with the debut of his new show, so I'm seeing it strictly as press.

Oh, it's definitely press. But Sheen has been demonstrating for a while now that he has his head back on straight again, or at least making an effort to demonstrate that. I think he started that process back when he did the Comedy Central Roast.

And he mea culpa'd during an interview with Matt Lauer before, too, I think. So this is just a continuation of that and, yes, promotion for "Anger Management."

I am looking forward to this movie. Have you had a chance to see it?

Yes, I saw it a few weeks ago. I generally liked it, certainly more than "Darjeeling Limited" and "Life Aquatic." I still wish Anderson would let a little more warmth into his films; he is so meticulous as a filmmaker, and I admire that. But it's hard to open your heart to his movies fully and feel emotional about them. (Tenenbaums is an exception to that, I think.)

But I still enjoy his work. He's like an incredibly skilled builder of dollhouses who creates his next piece, then opens it up and says, "Come, look what I did." And I always love to look at what's in there. 

It could certainly work for some people. But Miley strikes me as really immature about a lot of stuff, and an attention seeker.

Well, that last issue is what stokes a lot of skepticism in people, myself included. She has pulled some attention-getting stunts in recent years. I would hope that getting married isn't one of them, but there's no denying she's going to get miles and miles of press out of this, at a time when her fiance is guaranteed attention because of that little film franchise he's involved with.

I think she's my Hollywood doppelganger (personality more than looks, but I'll take it) and my friends agree. Does that make me totally awesome?

Yes. It does make you totally awesome.

Don't you love it when you get the easy and desired answer to a question?

I think Rosalynn Carter was only 19 or 20 when she married Jimmy; ditto for Barbara Bush and George HW. They're pretty famous couples with long marriages.

I was going for entertainment industry folks, rather than politicians. But those are good examples.

I'd also say that people tended to marry a little younger when both the Carters and the Bushes got married. Now that isn't the case, which doesn't make it right or wrong, it's just generates more attention when someone decides to marry on the young side of the spectrum.

I felt like we were watching a personal meltdown due to mental health issues last summer when he was running around on his tour and the Rolling Stone interview sort of confirms that this is right. Charlie seems like he is angry with people who enabled him during this time, encouraging him to go on tour and keep going when he obviously needed help. He is obviously a talented and smart person, but I still don't think he has his act together.

Well, by comparison to a year or so ago, his act is more together. But how together it really is remains to be seen.

He really needs to prove himself again, and as something beyond a "tiger blood" punchline. That's going to be hard to do.

Not to rain on your chat, but where is the Ethics chat? It's listed but there's nothing there when I click on it. Was it cancelled? Also, when I click on the GOG chat, it goes all wide screen and looks really funky. (I'm on a PC with the most recent Windows and using Chrome.) Just wanted the chat producer to know. Thanks!

I am the chat producer, my friend. We no longer have producers assisting with each chat, so it's all on me now.

Which means I have no idea to help you. Sorry. If you need some ethics discussion, though, you really couldn't come to a better place than this.

According to interviews he's done since Sunday, no one else in the cast knew about the suicide plot twist, nor had they seen him in his death maketup. So when Vincent Kartheiser peeked over the wall, his reaction was acting plus real shock. I love it that Harris said, dangling there, he wanted to break into "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," but figured that wouldn't go too well. He's playing Ulysses Grant, amazingly enough, in Spielberg's Lincoln bio opposite Daniel Day Lewis.

Yes, I read those interviews, too.

Spoiler alert, by the way, although it's probably too late at this point -- the image of him hanging there was just so disturbing and sad. Maybe it's because I watched that episode at 2 a.m., but it was a gut punch.

You should post this exactly worded in this way to your Facebook feed.

Or just print it on a T-shirt.

On the front: Everyone says I'm like Emma Stone.

On the back: Yes, that does make me awesome.

At least we don't have to worry about Taylor Swift marrying John Mayer.

This is, indeed, a relief.

Honey, the ethics chat was at 1:00.

Informing us of this was truly the ethical thing to do. Thank you.

Sometimes people go back and read the transcripts of chats after they are over. I suspect that's what the reader before was trying to do. And I say: live in the present, man. We're talking about Miley and Mad Men right now!

Does Courtney Stodden count?

No. That one does not count.

I'm not saying it's right, but it's true. I think it can be good at times, like when celebs take part in things like the "It Gets Better" campaign, but it can also be harmful. So I do think there is a connection, for the chatter looking for the Ethics discussion!

Yeah! What he or she said!

Were they all reassigned or axed? Are all the chat hosts and hostesses technologically equipped to produce and answer questions and look up links at the same?

No, they're here, just don't have the bandwidth to produce every chat now. To be fair, it's not that hard to produce one's own chat.

As long as nothing breaks, that is. If something breaks, we're all screwed. Just FYI.

They didn't marry super young, but Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest have been married since 1984. They seem more real than most Hollywood couples.

Yes, for sure. She was in her 20s when they married, so not quite as young as Cyrus.

But people can't post snarky comments to the T-shirt! Or can they? Things change so much I can't keep up.

Sure they can. Didn't you know that we can all mentally post comments on other people's apparel just by thinking sarcastic thoughts while looking at what they're wearing?

My God, where have you been?

Jen, how do you approach celebrity rumors that just keep getting louder and louder, aka the John Travolta situation?

I love how we're tying this all together -- celebrities, pop culture, ethics, baseball scores.

I generally avoid the rumors that are unsubstantiated until they become substantiated by myself or another credible media outlet. Obviously we haven't ignored the Travolta case entirely, but we haven't been publishing posts on every development because it's very difficult to know what's true and what's not.

If the smoke indicates there's real fire in a situation, Travolta's or anyone else's, then that should become apparent eventually in a way that is substantiated. We aren't the National Enquirer and I have no interest in trying to become that.


...because her husband wasn't young.

I also don't count her because the only reason she's famous is for marrying young.

That's a disqualifier.

In my cultural anthro course in college, our professor told us that gossip was a way of conveying societal values to one another, as well as to those who were the subjects of the gossip. In other words, it's a good thing!

Oh, is that what we're doing when we gossip?

I thought we were just being catty, judgmental busybodies.

I can't quite appreciate a wedding portrait where the groom is patting the baby bump showing on the white-gowned bride. Sorry, Drew.

I don't care that she's already pregnant. I thought it was a sweet photo, actually.

What struck me as funny about it is that she still hasn't officially confirmed her pregnancy. I guess she doesn't have to at this point, it's just comical to me.

Famous last words. This is the phrase uttered by the supporting cast member who gets killed off when something huge happens in the movie.


By the way, I have to take a break for a second and go in this other room where I am sure a serial killer is not hiding.

I'll be right back.

I know that, thank you, but when I click on the link to read the transcript, there is no transcript. The GOG chat issue seems to have fixed itself. Sorry you have no producer now; that must make more work for you.

Thanks for the update. And honestly, it's not that bad. Again, as long as nothing goes wrong. And if it does, I am told that operators are standing by.

(I just know someone's going to send a callcenter-in-India joke because of this. I kind of walked into it.)

I've been highly insulted at least twice by reporters saying about Ray Bradbury, "Oh, I thought he was already dead." It sounds dismissive and marginalizes the subject. As we have noted from the attention his passing had received in the two days, if someone of that calibre is dead, the world will know. It's bad enough when Jane Public says it, but a reporter? Yes, I'm a fan, and probably a little sensitive, but there are things one hears in the newsroom that shouldn't be shared with the world.

I think it depends on the context in which it was said. Mr. Bradbury lived a long time and wasn't in the white-hot spotlight a lot, so I am sure that's part of the reason some may have thought he had already died.

It certainly is not a reflection on his work or influence.

This whole discussion reminds me of a response of a Hollywood producer friend of mine to the fact that my 80 year old wealthy uncle married an 18 young old. He states that whenever his son asks why he should study and do well in school, he shows him the photograph of my 80 year old fat uncle with the gorgeous 18 year old. The son realizes that through studying hard, this will be his reward . My friend then tells me that when his daughter asks why she should study hard and work at her school work, he shows her the same photograph.

Too good not to share. Thanks.

I thought the same thing when I heard about this: I wonder how Kevin Arnold is involved!

Or Kirk McCray. I feel I can say this because I was roughly the same age as those kids when The Wonder Years originally aired -- Kirk McCray was hot.




When Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died on the same day, everyone counted the celebrity deaths that year. This year seems worse somehow. So many big names gone. It's getting bloody depressing. Are there really more deaths or does it just seem like it?

There have certainly been more deaths in the musical realm of entertainment, as I noted here. I don't know about more in general, but certainly a lot of notable ones in that specific category.

I just don't know what to expect. The last two weeks have blown me away. Lane's fate made me depressed for a couple of days, even though I know it's only a tv show! I'm half afraid to tune in on Sunday night. I do love your recaps of the show so I hope you keep them coming.

Do not be afraid. Tune in. I will be recapping the finale, despite being on vacation. Because that is how I roll.

The score is now 3-0 Mets.

And on that note, I'm calling this a chat.

I'm out next week, as previously noted, so the illustrious Sarah Anne Hughes may be filling in for me. At least that is my hope. Be kind to her.

And be kind to yourselves. Thanks for your great questions.

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