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May 31, 2012

Celebritology blogger Jen Cheney gabbed about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Sorry for the slight delay. I was posting this Matthew Fox item, which seems like a valid excuse for me to be late. Right? I mean, right?

All right, let's quit goofing around and get started.

the big reveal on Twitter: tacky or just telling the truth?

That's the question of the week, isn't it?

The problem is there is no way to answer that question because we don't know what's true. Monaghan seems very confident that he's being honest and makes it sound like he has first-hand evidence. But without knowing what that evidence is, it's really hard to made a judgment call, and dicey to do so, too, since Matthew Fox's reputation is on the line.

As noted in the story above, the party bus lawsuit against him was dropped, which suggests that there was nothing to that case. (That may not be true, but many people would probably make that leap.)

And that's the only out-there public evidence we had to back-up Monaghan. He may know about other examples of this, but without anyone knowing what they are, this is just a case of Charlie Pace blasting Jack Shephard for reasons that may or may not be justified.

I've dated a couple men who ranged from 18-22 years older than me. As much as I tried to ignore the age difference I couldn't escape this nauseating creepy feeling whenever I was intimate with them. I just don't see how MKO is physically attracted to Olivier Sarkozy. Maybe he has a great personality, but the age gap gets to me. Am I close-minded?

I don't know if it's close-minded so much, as it is that that's your personal preference. And I also think,  in general, most people prefer partners who are semi-close to their age, at least within a decade or so.

Of course, that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with dating someone older, as long as it's legal. I think it just seems strange to most of us who don't typically go that way. Unless the person is involved is George Clooney. Then it makes total sense.


Mistress of Double Celebrity Dating Standards

I was wondering when celebs would stop trying to top the Kardashians in engagement rings. Both Keira Knightley and Priscilla Chan Zuckerberg have lovely rings that don't require spotters when they try to lift their hands. Can we plan to see more of this modesty and good taste, or is it a fleeting trend?

I think the people who tend to have modesty and good taste will always display that in matters like jewelry choice.

We just tend to hear more about the ones who opt for flashier rings, which makes it seem like a trend when it might not be.

Hi Jen. Just to let you know ... I was having trouble posting comments on the blog this morning. I was signed in, but WaPo prompted me to "create a screen name". When I tried to do that, it gave me a system error.

Thanks for bringing this up. I've heard from another reader about this today already.

The Post installed a new comments system overnight which is apparently causing some glitches for people, e.g. not letting them comment, making comments or badges disappear, etc. I know that tech is working on it.

Now this screen name thing is new to me. Not sure what that's about. I can pass it along to our IT folks.

I haven't tried to comment yet today, out of fear that I won't be able to and will have to remember my password, which I don't recall at all. Instead, I have decided to add comments on blog posts by just shouting super-loudly, a la Charlize Theron in "Snow White and the Huntsmen," and hoping that a few readers hear me.

I'll let you know how that works out ... by shouting.

it doesn't help that she looks 10 years younger than her real age and he looks 10 years older than his.

You said it. I didn't.

But I posted it, so we can split the responsibility for that remark?

I think it all comes down to "money can't buy taste." Some people have taste, and some are the Kardashians (aka totally tasteless and tacky).

Money definitely cannot buy taste. Or class, either.

Is this Matthew Fox the theologian, or is there another Matthew Fox? Uh, am I in the wrong chat?

Uh, wrong chat.

Please report to the Theology-ology discussion, which begins at 3.

I totally rescind any unkind word I might have said about Anne Hathaway's recent hair butchering. After watching the new trailer for Les Miserables, I will never second-guess her decision to go gaunt and shorn for a role. (Don't ge me wrong: I'd prefer she didn't, but hey, I'll forgive her anything after making me cry during that snippet of "I Dreamed a Dream.")

Here's Sarah's post on the trailer, BTW.

I also almost started to cry during that trailer. Despite the concerns expressed by some about Hathaway's take on "I Dreamed a Dream," I thought it was an incredibly emotional, sweeping clip. Really look forward to seeing it.

Is Elizabeth Olsen related to the Olsen twins?

She is indeed. Their sister.

So, is any part of it worth $15 of my money this weekend? The costumes look divine, and I love Chris H., but...

$15? I would not pay that much, no.

It's entertaining, but it's also overlong and ridiculous during many moments. And I usually like Charlize Theron, but I didn't like her performance in this much. It was a master class in how to bellow.

I am seeing that OTHER Charlize Theron movie tonight. And I can say no more about it because if I do, I might be called by a mutant being from outer space.

What do you and the chatters think about the $54K a year football scholarship offer at UCLA to Diddy's son Justin Combs? On the one hand, in a time of brutal belt-tightening at public colleges, it seems obscene to be giving out money to someone whose father is so fabulously wealthy, when it could go to more needy students. OTOH the case can be perceived as a matter of merit, since Justin seems to have earned the scholarship based on being highly qualified both academically and athletically. And WRT precedent, didn't renowned sportscaster Tom Harmon's son Mark also have a football scholarship at UCLA decades ago? Here's the link to Combs article.

Man, this is an interesting issue.

If you say that he doesn't deserve the scholarship, which he seems to have earned, as you said, then you're saying that the children of famous people should be treated differently than everyone else. And obviously they shouldn't be, whether that means giving them special advantages or making things harder for them or whatever the case may be. They didn't ask to be the kids of the ultra-famous, and they should be treated like every other student.

At the same time, it is definitely frustrating in this economy to know that someone who doesn't really need this kind of help is getting it, while others who really do need it may be left in the lurch.

And yes, I believe you are right about Mark Harmon.

Maybe P. Diddy can eventually donate some money to the school that can be used to give another student (or, for that matter, 20) academic aid?

With two big moneylosers in a row, is his movie career, uh, sunk?

I don't think so. I mean, clearly the failures of John Carter and Battleship are not good. But he's still got the Oliver Stone movie coming later this summer.

And he's still being considered for some major roles (including, reportedly, Finnick in Catching Fire).  If he gets that, he'll be set for a while. There's no way that movie will flop.

I was reading the latest issue of In Style magazine and saw that Stacy Kiebler said her celebrity crush is George Clooney. How cute is that? Also, I saw that she has a role in an upcoming movie on ... The Adult Swim Channel. What the heck is the Adult Swim Channel? I am afraid to do a Google search.

Adult Swim is merely the term for the more adult-oriented programming that airs on Cartoon Network. So Google search away, it will be fine!

Seems Jedward bombed out at Eurovision this year, finishing 19th out of 26 (after finishing eighth last year. Should we expect an American invasion soon?

Sadly, no. I wish Jedward would become a thing here. Although part of the delightfulness of their randomness is the fact that they're from the UK.

I logged back out, then logged in and it was fixed. YMMV.

Hooray! Someone solved a technical problem on this Web site. It can be done, America.

where was Taylor Swift in the les mis trailer? Is she not playing eponine?

She was discussed as an Eponine, but the role ultimately went to Samantha Barks, who played the role in a London production.

I don't get out much and don't see or read a whole lot about moves. But I'd heard that Mickey Rourke was in some new fighter movie and I don't know why but I thought it was The Fighter, so I rented it from Netflix. I kept waiting for Mickey Rourke to come on screen and he never did. Making me even more confused was the fact that the lead character in The Fighter is named Micky Ward, which I kept hearing as Mickey Rourke. Obviously I need to do a better job of reading the movie descriptions and actor lists before putting movies in my queue. I enjoyed the movie anyway.

A. I am glad that you liked "The Fighter." I did, too.

B. I suspect you are thinking of "The Wrestler," Mickey Rourke's comeback film from 2008. It is worth seeing, too.

C. Please get out more and see movies and read about them. You're missing good stuff.

D. Seriously, get out more.

Some scholarships are based on merit only, not on need. Other scholarships are based on need alone.

I hear you. But it's still a ton of cash that could go to some other purpose or some other person.

I'm about a third of the way through A Princess from Mars, and I can totally see the movie in it. I'm enjoying the book. Will I not enjoy the movie? Or are most of the raspberries for the fact that it didn't earn back its investment at the theater? (Don't many movies that are bombs stateside go on to make a mint overseas?)

Worldwide, it barely made back its budget. So yes, very bad from a box office perspective. I also just didn't think it worked as a movie -- I found it boring, and the John Carter character not all that compelling, and all the language specific to that universe really distracting to decipher. I haven't read the books, and obviously doing that first would help with the deciphering part.

But I still didn't think it ever took off. I would be interested to hear what you think after seeing it.

There were Terry O'Quinn sightings down here over Memorial Day - apparently his wife is a local so they come back to visit. My sister walked right by him on her quest to see "the famous person" visiting, but didn't recognize him and thus didn't realize he was the person she was looking for! I plan on sharing all of my Alias and Lost DVDs with her so that she will know him next time she sees him. :)

Oh, cool. I believe O'Quinn also has a home in Maryland, so he's out and about in this general region from time to time.

Next time your sister sees him, tell her to ask him about Matthew Fox. Maybe she can break some news.

I just read his new book Most Talkative. Man I love this guy.He is able to dish some great snark and yet it doesn't sound mean at all. I propose we start a Celebritology book club and this can be our first read. We could find fun escapist pop culture works to discuss.

Liz and I once did a Lost book club. I'd love to do something like that again, it's just a question of how many people would be willing to commit to it.

Can you recall another recent time in which an A-list star was competing against him/herself for opening weekend box office. I'm sure it's happened, but I'm at a loss.

Well, "Prometheus" opens next weekend so there's at least a one-week gap between her two films.

It is rare for a star to have two movies debut the same weekend. There are some who have films, like the Theron example, coming out in a bunch. There was one year in the '00s when Jude Law was literally in every film. At least it felt that way.

This summer, Mark Duplass is that guy. He's in three or four coming out within weeks of each other.

I haven't seen a picture of Mrs. Dr. Zuckerberg's new jewelry anywhere - perhaps you have a link?

Here's a photo via Daily Mail.

Oh, and FYI: Adding photos to the chats like we used to do -- I know you all miss Daniel Craig/ScarJo -- is a little more challenging now because I produce the chat and host it, too. Doesn't mean I can never post pics, it's just more challenging to do that and also answer questions.

Oh, and in other news, producer Paul recently departed the Post, which makes me so, so sad. I seriously have no idea how we're going to handle American Horror Story next season. Thought you all would want to know since Paul was near and dear to this chat, and Celebritology.


Who slipped up, that Kathie Lee Gifford spoke as though Martin Short's wife were still alive, when in fact she died a couple years ago following a battle with ovarian cancer? Did someone on Gifford's staff "drop the ball," or was it Kathie Lee's responsibility to find this out before running on about Short's marriage? Or -- conspiracy theory alert! -- do you think a disgruntled staffer intentionally sabotage Kathie Lee?

That whole situation gave Sarah and I such a case of the heebie jeebs that we didn't post on it. I know, we wimped out.

I like your conspiracy theory. That reminds me of what Winona Ryder did to John Mahoney in "Reality Bites."

Once Game of Thrones and Mad Men end for the season (SOB), my DVR will be empty until the new fall TV season, so I was thinking about limiting my summer indoor entertainment to baseball games, movies, and books. I still haven't seen Batman Begins or The Dark Knight so I think it could be good for me. Now that I think about it, Louie is coming back in June. An exception will have to be made.

Well, clearly you need to see those Batman movies.

Breaking Bad is coming back, too. And what about catching up on all those other shows you missed earlier this season? You'd be amazed how fast your viewing hours can be filled.

Channing Tatum was going to be opposing himself with Magic Mike (strippers) and GI Joe both skedded for June 29 release. Btu then GI Joe imploded and skulked off to March 2013.

Ah, good call! That bullet has been dodged, though, as you said.

How did this person get credentialed as a celebritologist?

I think the person is still an apprentice. Which is fine by me. We welcome celebritologists of all experience levels.

The Thursday morning lady, Terry, had her last chat today also. Tough place to work at the Post?

Well, a round of buyouts just happened, so a bunch of people took them. That's the main reason for the current mass exodus.

At first I thought it was too political. I mean, Snow White and Jon Hunstmann? I mean, his daughters are cute and all, but still...


Ack! But you are predicating your argument about financial need on the parent's income. This is how so many qualified university applicants get scr*wed out of financial aid. Not everyone's parents pay for their college education. To assume that they would finance a legal adult's pursuits is a disservice to everyone.

Okay, that's a good point.

But a mom or dad is wealthy on a P. Diddy scale, couldn't and shouldn't they help their kids with college on some level? I mean, if you can throw an annual swanky, summertime white party, you can probably afford to throw your kids some cash toward college.

Sure it's fine to instill a good work ethic in your children and make them earn some cash during school. That's commendable. But most parents, myself included, are saving for our kids' colleges from the minute they are born so that the burden on them is not too overwhelming.

I mean -- and I know this comes as a shock to everyone -- I don't exactly make P. Diddy money. I don't even make p. diddly money. But I want to help my son pay for his schooling to the extent that I can.

Did the post review Snow White? Can;t find it.

Not yet. Review should be online tonight, I imagine.

NOOO, Liz once accused me of chat flirting Producer Paul which I would *never* do, but it got my questions posted.

Well, now you have to chat-flirt with me. This is what it's come to now.

I know. I used to stay on top of it all, but with working full-time, graduate school and a baby it's impossible now. This is what happens when you have too much to do and less sleep than you're used to.

Believe me, I understand. I would be in the same situation if keeping up wasn't part of my job.

Kathie Lee has publicly apologized to Martin Short for her painful faux pas.

Yes, thanks for that link. And he's responded gracefully as well.

Clearly the error was a squirmer. But as someone who has said stupid things to famous people in on-the-fly situations, I empathize with Kathie Lee.

Is this just "Showgirls" for the XX set? If so, does this prove a watermark for the concept of gender equality, or just another piece of evidence that, as a society, we've now managed to drag women down into the soft porn sewer where only men formerly wallowed? Discuss.

Yes, but the porn sewer is directed by Steven Soderbergh. Therefore, it has class and cinematic credibility.

And that is why I am going to see that film. Not because Matthew Bomer might be half-naked in it. Nope. That is not the reason.

TV-free summer? You're missing out on "Leverage," "Falling Skies," "Alphas," and most importantly..."Wipeout."

I have to say, I do enjoy "Wipeout." I also got my nephew interested in it last summer. He thought it was the greatest thing he had ever seen and, since he's only 12, it actually might have been.

Such as?

I invited this on myself, didn't I?

Recent example: I asked Colin Farrell about returning for the "Horrible Bosses," completely forgetting that -- SPOILER ALERT -- his character died in that movie. He busted on me for it, and rightfully so.

One thing about scholarships, the merit based ones are often funded by private sponsors, not by the school. It still sucks that he would get the money over someone with no money, but several other schools also offered him a scholarship.

Right. I mean, it appears he did everything one has to do to earn a scholarship like this. So is it right to deprive him of it just because his dad is loaded? Probably not.

It was especially bad because she wouldn't let it go. She just kept yammering away about his relationship with his wife.

Well, that is true. She clearly didn't process what he said. But again, in a live TV moment, I also understand how it's possible to not process what's being said to you.

Of course, the pros should actually listen to what their interview subjects say. It's kind of a basic thing.

I'm going to see it because Matthew Bomer will be half-naked in it. I have no problem admitting that.

See you there!

All right, boys and girls, I'm afraid I have to bring this discussion to a close. Please join me next week for another about former "Lost" stars, college scholarships and celebrity engagement rings.


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