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Apr 12, 2012

Join Celebritology blogger Sarah Anne Hughes, who will be filing in for Jen Chaney this week, to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Good afternoon, everyone! Sarah here, filling in for Jen who has the day off.  I'm ready to chat about Ashley Judd's essay, Beyonce's Tumblr and anything else on your pop culture obsessed minds. Let's do this thing.

Is there anything this man can't do? Ok, he probably can't cure cancer or build a rocketship, but show business wise - act, sing, dance, & seem to be an all around great guy especially to fans. Hoping he'll be back on Glee next year!!

He's a charmer, that's for sure. For the Bomer holdouts among us, I present this video of the actor as his "Glee" character Cooper Anderson pretending to audition for "Transformers." It's delightful. 

Why, oh why, didn't Anne rely on the wig others have for her role in Les Mis? It's too much to sacrifice for a role! Okay, maybe not - but, as Sir Lawrence told Dustin Hoffman, "Why not try acting? It's much easier."

"Yikes!" is reffering to Ms. Hathaway's dramatic haircut for her role in Tom Hooper's "Les Mis." (Which I am extremely excited for, in case you were wondering.) I'm team short hair all the way, so I don't see it as a sacrifice. I mean, lady's got great bone structure. She can pull it off.

I don't do horror films (even Black Swan gave me nightmares), but I adore Joss Whedon - should I chance it and go see the movie? Or just wait for the Avengers to come out and have a Firefly marathon in the meantime?

I haven't seen it, but I know Jen enjoyed it. I say chance it, since the reviews are pretty glowing. But don't read any! Quoth the AP:  "Stop reading this review right now. Go see the movie, then come back and we can have a conversation about it. The less you know going into it, the better."

So, dueling Snow White movies are going to hit the screen this summer. Look into your magic mirror: which has the edge to lure movie-goers into their screens?

While this is a question best left for the brilliant Jen Chaney, I will do my best to answer. 

"Mirror Mirror" opened last month to disappointing reviews/box office revenues. (It cost $85 million to make, but grossed only $79 million worldwide.) Lily Collins' performance as Snow White was an issue, from what I've read.

Based on early buzz and clips, I think "Snow White and the Huntsman" has the edge. Charlize Theron looks great as the evil queen.

Can anyone explain the postscript: "P.S. RIP Armand, Long Live ABC III"?

From what I can gather Armand/ABCIII refers to Armand Butts Crump III, a recently deceased guitar tech for Slayer. He's referred to as "Rock N Roll Family" on Guns N' Roses' Facebook page.

(This was Axl Rose's P.S. on his open letter to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in case you are scratching your head at the moment.)

Can we please share his singing (Glee, White Collar or Kennedy Center Honors) and dancing (Glee, Duran Duran) too for the uninitiated?

Yes, yes and yes. This is the best I can do for dancing. (Warning: He's dancing to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok.")

I'm a big fan of Mad Men but I'm not liking the new character Michael Ginsberg very much. I don't know if it is just me but he reminds of the stand up comedian character (whose wife Don was sleeping with) that was on the show a couple of seasons ago.

Yes! Ginsberg also reminds me of Jimmy Barrett of "Grin and Barrett" fame. (I actually loved that character. Remember when he confronted Don about the affair he had with his wife Bobbie? Such a great scene.)

I'm trying to give Ginsberg a chance, but there's something that rubs me the wrong way about him. Any other thoughts on the new guy? What about Dawn, Don's secretary? 

Did you know he was on Broadway? My fun encounter: Back in 2000, my aunt and I went to New York and caught Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. After the show, my aunt and I were standing outside of the theater and out comes a handsome, young man and his bike. He introduced himself as "Matt" and we spoke a bit and he said that he was an understudy for the show, but was not on stage that night. He thanked us for attending and took off on his bicycle into the night. Years later, I see that same handsome face on TV, and the rest is history. Should have gotten his number.

I love stories like this. It's nice when the kind ones make it to the big time.

Soooo what's up with my favorite show in the universe? This conflict between Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase happening start now, when the question of renewal is hanging in the air...publicity stunt?

What's happening, indeed. The Chase-Harmon conflict doesn't feel like a publicity stunt to me. In the latest leaked voicemail, Chase calls the show  "[an expletive] mediocre sitcom," which is way harsh. Too harsh I think to be fake.

But as Joel McHale pointed out today on "Live with Kelly," the conflict is keeping "Community" in the press. So regardless of whether or not it's a stunt, it should get some new people to tune in. And that's a good thing!

I have to disagree re. Anne Hathaway's hair. She is a very beautiful woman, but her features are too strong and too large for a pixie haircut. You have to have small features to pull that off.

Against the haircut...

She looks sexy! I used to have really short hair like that and I decided I could not pull it off so I great it out a bit. On her it looks fabulous.

... and for the haircut.

I like him a lot more than kindler, gentler Don Draper. I thought he was going to be competition for Peggy but it's starting to look like he may take the big man down instead. AndhHe's nothing like Jimmy Barrett! That guy was mean and conniving. Greenberg is more like a gamboling puppy.

"A gamboling puppy" is a great way to describe him. And I agree. I think Ginsburg (which I have been misspelling, my apologies) is gunning for Draper's job.

I'm just not a fan of his showboating.

Along those same lines, can anyone explain Axl? The man is totally nuts.

Anyone? Anyone? No?

Is this a sudden blossom of something everyone has known, or has she been able to guard her privacy until now?

I assume you are referring to Ms. Witherspoon's alleged pregnancy, yes?

US Weekly ran a cover story last month claiming that the actress is expecting her third child. Her rep has not commented on the speculation, but new pictures seem to speak for themselves.

My objection to that picture wasn't the hair necessarily, she is a beautiful woman-- it's that she's lost enough weight for the role that she looks ill. Was that really necessary? Uch.

Noted. I'm not sure how I feel about actors losing weight for roles. Effective? Necessary? Not always. 

Was I the only one who had no clue what that Cinderella/Panty Hose commercial he pitched was about?

Was I the only one who was completely terrified by it?

"She knows she's not safe but she doesn't care. I guess we know in the end, she wants to be caught." Uh, I'm not so sure about that, Mike!

"She knows she's not safe but she doesn't care. I guess we know in the end, she wants to be caught." Uh, I'm not so sure about that, Mike!

There are a lot of stories, many of them in Tom Shale's great SNL history "Live From New York," that portray Chevy as quite the egotistical jerk. And I heard a story from a friend of a friend who worked in a department store and helped him once, which only further supported this negative view.

Mike Ryan at HuffPost pulled from that book and some other sources to lay out the Chase is a "jerk" argument nicely. (See it here.)

What do you think of the Ashley Judd op-ed? I've heard both sides. On one side, you have the people who say, well, she's an actress so of course people are going to focus on her looks (and people who go on to say, well, she's not a good actress so you HAVE to focus on her looks). I don't know... I gotta say, I applaud her. Because, you know what, when someone tries to knock down someone as beautiful as Ashley Judd, I can't even imagine what they'd say about ME. I think it takes guts for her to not only read the comments but also respond in an intelligent way, rather than just "well screw you," which is probably what I'd say. I don't think actresses "ask for" people to comment on their looks. Plus, I think there's a HUGE difference between "Wow I wonder what happened" and "Wow Ashley Judd effed up her face"

Sorry we haven't gotten to this yet! Getting a lot of great comments about it.

Here's my two cents:  I really liked Judd's piece. Was it perfect? No. But it started a conversation that needs to be had. Or I should say re-started. Since it feels like we've been having this same talk forever.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the constant and extremely critical news cycle we are now subjected to. But sometimes the people who are doing the writing (hand raised) need to take a step back and realize how mean-spirited this criticism can be. 

From Glee - singing and dancing together. Link

Thank you!

Does anyone else remember him from "The Perfect Man", the Hilary Duff/Chris Noth movie? Just me?

Mercifully, I've never seen it because, holy moly, it looks awful

On a related note: Chris Noth is married! Hilary Duff has a baby! Where has the time gone!

And if you don't do it enough for some people's expectations (Jennifer Lawrence), you get called fat. This is a nice jumping off point for the Judd essay and the idea of the public ownership of one's appearance if you want to riff on that.

And here's the flip side to Judd! She's a celebrity: Are we not entitled to speculate on her face?

Of course she has a right to respond. But should anyone who said a nasty thing about her fall on their sword? I wish I had an answer to this. My feeling is there is a line and it was crossed in Judd's case.  Her essay made me do some soul searching, that's for sure.

And with that, I must be off. As always, I wish we could have talked for much longer. But I'll be back next week! So please return and we'll chat again.

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