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Nov 10, 2011

Join Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Let's start the chat.

Joe Paterno? Tracee's chat was filled with nothing else except two brief mentions of Wilson Ramos (a National) being kidnapped. I know it's a hot topic now, but, please, for the love of God, no more.

Well, aside from the Ashton Kutcher angle, that's a sports story. So we can probably steer clear of it, I think.

Can we declare today's chat an American Horror Story spoiler-free zone? I know the rule for Lost was that if you'd recorded the show and hadn't watched it by chat-time, tough luck, but Lost was a Monday show, so the 3 day period until the Thursday chat was reasonable. However, AHS was only on last night, and it isn't unreasonable (double negative on purpose) to think that many people haven't had a chance to watch lst night's episode yet. (and, yes, I realize I could have probably watched a good 4-5 minutes in the time it took me to type this, but, I'm at work and the DVR is all the way at home) Thanks!

Okay, a. Lost was not a Monday show.

B. Can we compromise and put spoiler warnings if any spoilers come up? I mean, that seems fair.

C. Who else is hungry for some -- SPOILER ALERT -- pig pancreas?

Heading to MN for the weekend. Any chance I'll see Kim Kardashian in the area, working on her "marriage"? For a good laugh, read this column by CJ, the Mpls Star Tribune's gossip columnist.  She writes as if Chris Humphries wasn't in on this whole farce. Haha.

I am going to doubt you will see her in Minnesota.

I don't think I can ever like Ashton Kutcher after his tweet re:the Penn State coach. Do you think HE actually tweeted that, or someone that works for him? Regardless, I'm done with 2.5 men AND Nikon products :(

As promised, the Kutcher angle!

I think someone who works for him probably did. Presumably he has to approve those tweets, but maybe not.

The wording of Kutcher's tweet about "managing the Twitter feed" more carefully suggests he has minions doing it. Which makes sense given his schedule.

Man, I would love to have minions some day. Minions who tweet for you are the new American dream.

I'm good with any of the 4 options, but no matter who hosts, I reallyreallyreally want Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem to play the song nominees!

I think Tom Hanks is the wisest choice, but that Dr. Teeth concept was really appealing to me.

Also, if they shot Gonzo out of a cannon and into the Oscar audience -- come on,  that would be fantastic.

How do you handle a phone call from your mom saying she just saw your ex-boyfriend on TMZ in the biebs matter? I kissed my husband and then threw up a little in my mouth.

Wait, what?

Your ex-boyfriend was on TMZ discussing Justin Bieber? More information, please.

How on earth could he NOT have heard about the scandal? It's EVERYWHERE. Is AK tweeting from plastic bubble somewhere?

It is indeed puzzling.

Even if somehow you had missed the reports about it over the past several days, the natural thing to do would be to ask, wait, why did they fire Paterno? prior to tweeting about it.

I don't think any media coverage of the story has reported his firing without immediately attributing it to the molestation case, so it's hard to know where the disconnect happened. Unless one of the aforementioned minions saw that someone else tweeted "Paterno got fired!" and just reacted.

Sorry, we are veering into Paterno territory. Will try to keep things on track.

Did you watch the CMAs last night? I did and am a big fan of country music, but every time they have an awards show I have to ask - do these people have stylists? Some of them (Miranda Lambert, chic from Lady Antebellum, others) routinely wear outfits that unflattering and/or outright ugly. And some of the dresses that host Carrie Underwood wore were a bit off. I get that country as a genre has its own style and I like that not everyone is stick skinny, but come on ladies (and some of the men)!

I did not watch, but I believe most of these people have stylists. Which is why, like you, I am often perplexed in general as to how celebs wind up going to events looking less than terrific.

My theory is that stylists sometimes suggest dresses that look edgy or hip but just don't translate well on television. At the Oscars, I have definitely seen people who stunned me in person and then in a photo, the dress just didn't look as flattering.

That's the first thing a good stylist should think about: how is this going to look in photographs and on live television in HD? Because those are the images that ultimately matter.

I agree that we can refrain from passing a law stating that you must have viewed last night's AHS BEFORE you come to the chat. But you know, you could always just read the chat transcript if you're concerned about spoilers.

You could, but I'd also like to have as many live chatters as possible.

I will post a promised spoiler alert if anything spoilery is going to be said.

Wait? You do your own tweets? We presumed all you top notch journalists hire ghost writers for things like that.

Wait, who's the top notch journalist?

The Celebritology tweets either come from me, or are automated to spit out the latest posts in the blog. (Which is more like a robot than a minion.)

At my much more modest @chaneyj account, I tweet myself. Which is why the Tweets are far more sporadic. And my number of followers is kind of pathetic.

The truth is now out there.

I'm glad Eddie Murphy is out because I couldn't understand why they hired him in the first place. How about Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, Tina Fey, or my personal fave, Melissa McCarthy?

Is this coming from Sarah Hughes? Because Sarah and I had this conversation this morning and she was advocating McCarthy. Which I am not all opposed to. But I wasn't sure if it might seem like a bit too much too soon for McCarthy.

The Oscar hosting gig seems like something you have to earn.

In any case, any of the people mentioned above would do a fine job, and some of them have in the past. It's a question of whether the Academy wants to go tried and true or strike out in a new direction. I think they should choose someone they know will do a good job and build an ad campaign whose slogan is: "The Oscars are too long, filled with awards that some of you may find boring and a little self-congratulatory. Deal with it."

Seriously, can we abandon the effort to try to sell the Oscars as something they are not? You either care about movies a lot and want to watch them (and I do) or you don't care that much and you only pay mild attention. The show is never going to satisfy those who already are only half-interested in the first place.

I see by the time stamp you started this chat three minutes late, Jen. On behalf of uptight Lizards everywhere, I'm filing a class action lawsuit against you.

I said in my intro I was three minutes late.

It's an improvement over last week's seven-minute delay, so I consider it a victory.

Long-ago ex-boyfriend is one of her lawyers. It's super embarrassing to think I dated that but it made for great conversation Monday morning at the office!

Very interesting. Your co-workers were undoubtedly impressed.

So based on your knowledge of said ex, do you think this lawsuit is credible or not? You probably won't answer that, but hey, I had to ask.

Has James Franco's name been thrown into the mix? If not, it should be.

Are you kidding?

After last year, there is no way he would do it again. And that's probably for the best.

I know you're a nerd like me, hence the veiled X-files reference. I just got back from France and noticed they were playing quite a bit of the X-files. This was also the case when I was in Iceland a few years ago. What gives? Are there more European than American nerds?

Interesting. It probably has something to do with syndication deals or something. I'm just guessing.

Stephen Colbert - it'll be hilarious trying to figure out which celebrities are in on the joke.

That might be a bit more political than they'd prefer to be. Although Jon Stewart did it, so hey, why not?

Eddie Murphy was chicken. That's why he didn't want to host the Oscars and gave that lame excuse about he and the director or producer or whatever the heck he was were a package deal. Murphy knows, he's just not that funny.

I am not sure that's it.

I think Murphy knows that if he doesn't have a producer who will support him doing the kind of comedy he wants to do, he'll wind up in a lot of arguments and/or having to do a lot of bits he doesn't want to do.

I am sure I've told this story before, but I once asked Wanda Sykes about hosting the Oscars and she said she would not do it because of the way the host's signature style often gets watered down. The emcee doesn't always get to be him or herself. (Sykes was one of the writers working on Chris Rock's Oscar stuff, so she knows whereof she speaks.)

I'm really loving the whole tragic romance angle. It's definitely a new twist on things. Can't they get someone to help with dialogue though? Seriously, so much of what they say is unintentionally funny, like Jessica Lange's lament that "It's so hard to keep good help." Also, kudos to you and Paul on your predictions. I kind of wonder if the writers are cheating off your notes!

Spoiler alert (sort of):

Lange's line was meant to be funny, I thought. The story about a murdered maid obviously conjures thoughts of what Constance did to Moira, hence her tongue-in-cheek comment.

Thanks for the kudos. I swear that Paul are not watching ahead of our recaps either. But I think we may seem wise because some of the things that happen on this show are a little obvious. Certainly not all, but some.

I, too, would like minions. Especially if they were those cute minions from that funny movie with Steve Carell voicing the evil mad scientist who wasn't evil or mad. What movie was that?

"Despicable Me."

Which is also the title of Kutcher's apology tweet -- just kidding!

Does no one counsel the Duggars on the effects of the their overwrought fertility on their kids? A friend of mine came from a rural farm family of 22 kids. They had two houses, the boys lived in one and the girls in the other. Interestingly, none of the kids chose to have more than two kids of their own, and many of them have struggled with emotional problems, perhaps due to lack of parenting.

It is beyond my mental powers to imagine having 20 children. Just completely beyond.

One and a dog is hard enough for me.

They should announce that Kim Kardashian's the new host - then announce her departure a day later.

Or not.

My cousin does this for a living. i can send you contact info if you're interested. She's very good (former newspaper editor, btw).

Time out: she's a professional ghost tweeter?

That is fascinating. I'd love to talk to her just about what her job is like.

I avoid all new related to Justin Bieber so this may have been discussed already...if she is 20 and he's 17 (which means they would have had to have sex when she was 19 and he 16 to make a baby) why is this not an issue of statuatory rape instead of baby daddy drama?

There was a story about a potential investigation on that side of things. But first, paternity or at least evidence of a relationship would have to be proven.

And so far, Bieber contends he never met the woman.

You don't think she's earned her stripes yet RE Oscar hosting? Just out of curiosity, why are the others more well suited? I'm hoping for a NPH or Hugh Jackman night o' fun myself, but why would they be more qualified than her? She's been around a while. I personally loved her on Gilmore Girls.

I personally think she'd be great.

But I think the Academy tends to want more established hosts or movie stars. I'm not saying she's not qualified, just that they may not see her as having earned her "movie star" stripes yet.

Also, being a good host is about more than being funny. She may have that skill but she hasn't had the opportunity to prove it yet at such a high-profile event.

Has there ever been an African-American host of the Oscars?

Yes, Chris Rock. Whoopi Goldberg. I believe Sidney Poitier may have been a co-host at one point but would have to check that.

On a totally unrelated note, someone in the office brought in pork ribs. So now the office smells like pig product. Between that and American Horror Story, I cannot escape pigs!

It smells really good, though. Much better (I assume) than uncooked offal.

We have professional tweeters at my company. Seriously. That's what they do. All day.

We have social media editors and producers, too, but they do things other than tweet.

And that's also different from ghost tweeting, which is a fascinating career.

Also, breaking Kutcher news, which is going into the blog shortly: he says he actually was doing all his tweeting himself, but he is going to turn over his feed to his management from now on.

I am betting he loses some followers as a result. But I applaud his transparency.

Why am I dreading that the fall-out of the whole Eddie Murphy-Ricki Rachtman (okay, I know it's really Bret Rattner, but how cool would it be if it was the old MTV metal-head, instead -- okay, back on point) -- that the fall-out is going to be an announcement that Billy Crystal is going to host this year? Cause, while that's the safe bet, and it wouldn't completely blow, it would just be so boring and predictable. Almost so much so that I'm not sure I'd even stick around for the "Dead Guy" montage.

Hey, why hasn't anyone suggested Ricki Rachtman for this job? That would be an unexpected way to go.

I made a Crystal prediction. And I actually think it might not be bad at all. As I said in my post today, it would be familiar but comforting.

Can anyone else imagine how wonderfully trashy it would be if Mariah Yeater and Justin Bieber appeared on a special edition of Maury? Can anyone else envision how the Bieb would dance if Maury announced, "Justin Bieber, you are NOT the father."? As Nosy would write: OwetheHumanity!

Hey, nice to hear from you!

This sounds like a solid idea for an SNL sketch.

Really? The number 11 may deserve celebrity status? My birthday is on the 11th, does that make me a satellite celebrity or a bona fide celebrity?

I was joking.

That said, I am sure you are a celebrity or deserve to be one.

I kind of like the NPH idea...but why is nobody thinking of Oprah?? You've got a certain dignity and class there, plus the Academy is already giving her a Governor's Award this year.

Oprah has been suggested.

I fear that might push the Oscars into sanctimonious territory that would be truly unprecedented.

OK, I am not a Vogue reader, but I just read that Vogue named those strange, never-smiling Trollsen twins as their best-dressed. After I picked myself up off the floor, I can now only say ... WTH?!!!!!!!!?

Technically, it's a list of best dressed siblings. But how they rankled higher than Kate and Pippa is beyond me.

Oh wait, I know -- because putting the Olsens at the top makes us talk about it more. Dang it, Vogue. You win yet another round.

If Oprah hosts the Oscars, I will only UnMute for the acceptance speeches and montages. Seriously.

As long as you keep the show on so the ads are seen by your eyeballs, that's fine by ABC.

Why does that fill me with a high level of distaste? *sigh* I fear actually bloody vampires and werewolves have been killed for a generation.

I think it's hilarious that people are already in line for the premiere. For some reason, I get immense joy out of over-the-top hype for pop cultural events. That level of fan devotion, even if you don't agree with it, is sort of impressive.


Interesting that he was doing it himself -- I can se ehow he would have the free time when he was only doing flims and the occasional camera commercial. Was there any noticeable drop-off of Twitter-productivity when he started 2.5 Men? Cause I'm thinking that might have been a clue.

He was still actively tweeting, but I can't say I've done a scientific study of his Twitter patterns since the show began production.

1) because she's primarily known for her TV work and 2) even in her movie work, she's never had a lead role in a major motion picture, which, is, ya know, something that the Academy of MOTION PICTURES Arts and Sciences might actually be looking for. Other than that, great choice!

Well, you could say the same thing about Jon Stewart. The different is that he's had experience hosting. I think you really need one or the other -- movie cred or hosting cred. Or, preferably, both.

What I find strangely fascinating is that Biebs claimed during his alleged encounter with alleged baby mama that "it was his first time". Seriously? Who would really believe that line from a star of his magnitude?!?

Yeah, that was definitely a weird detail.

Also, the notion that he could just walk away from a meet-and-greet with fans, by himself, with one of those fans sounds odd, too.

I have no idea whether it's true, but Yeater has to be able to produce indisputable proof. Presumably she knew that before filing her suit. But we'll see.

It's Ryan Zimmerman's number. If you are interested (and I'm sure you are!) Tyler Clippard's is 36.

I was interested. In fact, I was just thinking, "Man, I wish I knew what Tyler Clippard's number is."

Thank you for meeting my needs before I could even articulate them.

If the O does host the Oscars, will she give Pontiacs to all the nominees who don't win?

Lord, I hope so.

All right, y'all. I have to roll. It's been a pleasure. Let's chat again next week, which, if you can believe it, is our last chat before Thanksgiving. How is time going by so fast??

Thanks, everyone.

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