Nov 11, 2010

Join Celebritology bloggers Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

Welcome to our semi-annual Veteran's Day chat. Today we'd really like to talk about Kanye West, President Bush and Matt Lauer. It seems like the thing to do. For the vets.

And on that lame note, I say let's get started...

After some talk about how the paper wants more "views" of Celebritology it seems that it's harder and harder to find your blog from the main page at WashPost . No link in the celeb news and a misdirected link to "Got Plans" chat scheduled today. Damn that internet webby thing...I need my morning Celebritology fix!

Well, we get our fair share of homepage play -- just not always in the expected spot (bottom left corner, scroll way down). We pop up in the Hot Topics row often and even make it to what we fondly refer to as the "art hole" from time to time.

Re: that chat link error, I blame Paul.

I would like to point out that Liz found the photo here, I did not bring it to her.

This is true.

Does my subject line make this post confusing?

Not really. But nice try.

Love your appearance in the new Woodward/Bradlee flick- Grumpy Old Men 3. Am I the only one that's surprised that Gene Shalit is 84 years old? Wow. I'm in my early 30's which means he was in his 60's when I remembered watching him? It must be all that shoe polish hair dye, but the man doesn't look a day over 65!

Gene Shalit. | Gene Weingarten.

Dismissed as coincidence.


I have never been a fan of Kanye West...most celebs have egos but his is WAY over the top, but I caught his interview on the TODAY show this morning and he was acting like a 5 yr old. Lauer asked him if he regretted calling Bush a racist after Katrina and he danced around the question like a politician, told some people in the background to stop talking. Then when Lauer mentioned that some people called him a racist for the Taylor Swift incident, they played the video of the incident in the background and Kanye got pissed because they were playing the video. Give me a break. Man up and own your moronic actions and statements!

You're echoing the sentiments of what many commenters posted to the blog item this morning. In fact, so many people are accusing Kanye of acting like a five-year-old that I'm beginning to think it's a GOP talking point.

Kanye was clearly uncomfortable. And I maintain that he was there trying to right what he saw as a wrong: having caused Bush any pain. While I myself would not have apologized, it's Kanye's prerogative. He's the one who said it and he's the one who has to live with it.

He knew that every single word he spoke on Today would be scrutinized so he hesitates (a lot) and dithers around a bit trying to make his point. I don't think that's him acting like a five-year-old or a politician, but being cautious. And I do think Lauer was trying to goad him into possibly saying something even more ratings-worthy. So I'm going to go ahead and give Kanye credit for not making a bad (and already super boring) situation worse.

So I couldn't help but read the Angelina Jolie story in today's WaPo, and good god it just confirms that she is nuttier than squirrel p**p. The oldest kid "raised her"? Shiloh wants to keep a dead animal as a pet? Craziness ...

you can say "poop." Unless there's a worse p**p word?

I dunno. I can kind of see what Angie means about Pax raising her. She adopted him at what turned out to be a big turning point in her life -- when she left behind the Billy Bob Thornton blood vial necklace and became a humanitarian. I think what she means is that being a mom helped her grow up.

As for Shiloh and the dead bird, all I can say is kids are weird. A three-year-old was recently a houseguest here and wanted to know if the little door that leads to a crawlspace under our roof is where we keep the dead bodies. And she wasn't frightened by the prospect, but exhilirated.

I'm kind of with Liz here. Jolie may have her eccentricities, but I didn't see them on display in that article, really.

And these days, she seems relatively normal -- or at least as normal as possible for a major starlet who is raising a family Capt. Sexypants. Maybe that's just an image she's projecting, but that's my perception.

Can you think of any reason for Kanye to back off of his comments about Bush ? I think the fact that Bushie said the comments were a low point of his time in office made Kanye seem prophetic but now Kanye looks a bit loco and kind of like an appologist. Wouldn't silence have spoken so much louder than anything West could've said or was he afraid he might have hurt the former resident's ( sic ) feelings ?

Well, that's what I was trying to imply in yesterday's post about the Kanye/Matt Lauer debacle. I do think silence would have spoken louder than words, and I don't think he needed to apologize for anything.

This is total, total speculation on my part, but I suspect that West thought he was going to be able to explain himself more clearly. And, perhaps, he saw it as another opportunity to get his name in the press at a time when his CD is coming out. (Mission SO accomplied, dude.)

I think his response to having the MTV footage play in the background was unnecessary. But I also thought that the way they handled showing the footage on Today this morning was a bit, well, smug. Like, "We handled this like professionals. Oh, and again, Bush forgave him. So who's the crazy one here?"

That's probably not entirely fair. I can understand why West might have felt a little used by the process.

Hi Liz, how is Andy feeling? Are his allergies any better?

Yep. Much better. He's back on his meds every other day for the time being. He's full of trouble, so that tells me all is well in Andy land.

That's Gene Weingarten? Funny, I pictured him looking very different. Not sure why.

So his description of himself as having bushy unmanageable hair and a big 'stache had you picturing someone... more clean shaven?

Yesterday would have been BM's 33rd birthday and I got her last movie Abandoned in the mail yesterday c/o Blockbuster.

Do you think she sent it to me from the great beyond?

I think Blockbuster might have sent it to you from the great beyond.

So think there's any truth to the Rachel Weisz/Daniel Craig pairing rumors? He has a wife or long-term partner, doesn't he?

A story on E! says they have denied that there's a romantic relationship. And I believe Craig is engaged.

I am sad that Weisz and Aronofsky split; they struck me as an interesting couple.

So, what was up with the photo? Is this "guess the starlet" going to be a feature of the blog?

When they look unrecognizable...

Right. The idea is that the starlet pictured has undergone a pretty radical image change. Or at least coif change, making her hard to recognize. For some of us. Jen guessed who she was immediately.

The hoopla over Emma Watson's haircut happened while Liz was on maternity leave. But even the usually eagle-eyed Paul was befuddled.

Maybe I just spend more time looking at picture of people from the "Harry Potter" movies. Which sounds so inappropriate, even though I totally didn't mean it that way.

Heincer feels for Kanye West. Genuine emotion (assuming Heincer has any) or just another way to shoehorn their names into headlines?

Which one is the bigger attention hog (spelled differently, of course): Kanye, Heincer? Or do we just give the prize to Michael Lohan?

Well, at least Kanye has some talent. So I say Heincer is the bigger attention hog.

In the battle of self-absorption they may be evenly matched. But, as Jen notes, at least Kanye has some talent backing up his ego inflation.

Liz, what did you say to the child who thought the little door led to the space where you keep the dead bodies? That is hilarious.

Thank you, Gene, glad to know I can say poop.

Luckily I wasn't in the room when she asked. Her mother, who was, assured her that no -- it was not where we keep our dead bodies.

We keep them in the basement.

Seems like a slow chat today.

PS: Bristol Palin on DWTS. Can't... take... any... more.

It is. Apologies. We're running on fumes. And it's Veteran's Day.

re: DWTS, me either. That's why I stopped watching.

Palin will get voted off sometime soon, so it won't last much longer. There's no way she's going to win this thing unless the whole thing is rigged.

And I just can't imagine that a reality show would ever be rigged.

Did either of you attend the Mark Twain Award ceremony when Tina Fey was honored?

Unfortunately no. Things get so squeezed on the red carpet that Liz and I decided that Paul Farhi, who covered for Style, and our videographer should get all that elbow room to themselves.

I have been numerous times (at least to the red carpet part) and was sorry to miss it this year. There's always next, I suppose.

I think it's a secret plot from the going out gurus because multiple chats listed for today go to their chat. I think they are trying to take over the world, or least win for the most people clicking on their chat! Hmmm, Liz and Jen you need to get in on this!

It's a fine line between guru and evil genius.

Weingarten: Hot. Shalit: Not.

But would Gene Weingarten describe Tina Fey's and Amy Poehler's characters in "Baby Mama" as wombmates, as Mr. Shalit did? Don't think so.

Wait, I think I just conceded your point...

Wonder how Ellen and Portia decided that Portia should take Ellen's last name. Wouldn't it have been more equal (not to mention PC) if they did some kind of hyphenation conglomeration? DeGeneres-Rossi? DeRossi-Generes? DeGenRos? DeGenRo ... DeRoGen ... oo, the possibilities are endless ...

Martini and Rossi Asti Spumante?

Oh, I know!

Portia DeRossi-Generes-Funke-Bluth. Best name ever.

Do either of you follow any of the many gossip blogs to keep up with what's going on? If so, are there any you recommend? I follow and that's how I knew Emma Watson was right off the bat. Lainey is a Canadian gossip who does a fair amount of commentary on celebs style.

As Jen said above, we covered Emma and her new 'do pretty extensively while I was on maternity leave so, yes, we were aware of her identity. But, dear reader, not every reader is as up to speed as you are, thanks to the site you product place above.

Which explains why some readers have actually failed the quiz.

I think I need to kiss his boo boos.

Agreed. How on earth that mean Elizabeth Moss could hurt him on purpose is just beyond me. I think she should be dismissed from the show ASAP.

I want to see the footage of him falling to his knees during that painful handshake.

And in a related question, could he possibly have been more adorable during that segment?

Hey Gene, being a fan of Scarlett Johanssen, what do you think of her new hairdo?

Paul, I think someone out there thinks your name is Gene. Want to clear things up?

I'm confused about if they are confused or making a joke.

The make-up in that photo is what really makes her look different: darker skin tone and smoky cat eyes may not be her best look.

Indeed, it's not just the hair.

And I think she looks pretty great.

Thank you for bringing this up. There were several photos available from that premiere and in some of them, yes, Emma looked just like Emma. But in this one the combo of the hair, makeup, pose and expression all combined to, well, make her NOT look like Emma. At least to me.

Liz, what is with your obsession with Jolie. This woman can just do no wrong in your eyes.

That's not true. I think mouth-kissing her brother at the Oscars was pretty icky.

Did ya'all correct Producer Paul on his misnomer of the Lizard Island Legal Team last week in the chat?


I happened to catch a snippet of an E! True Hollywood story on the wives of rock stars, and they were interviewing Vince Neil's current wife. All I could say was OH. MY. GOD.

This woman is fake from the bad peroxided hair extensions to the massive implants, and she couldn't even speak properly due to all the plastic surgery, most notably the lips that made Lisa Rinna's look natural.

Holy whackamoly. How can these women, and their husbands, think this looks GOOD?

Well, let's see. She's married to Vince Neil so we know her judgment is already suspect.

So, is this "Dancing"'s announcement of intent to jump the shark, or is this an effort on The Other Mrs. DeGeneres' part to jump-start a career comeback? (Or has she been back and I just didn't notice?) Not that I don't think she can dance, it's the same-sex partner thing that I think is silly.

I dunno. I don't think it's silly. It's stunt-y, that's for sure.

But what's next, I ask you? Will they be pairing their pros with dogs? (tongue firmly implanted in cheek)

Instead of Tm Shales reviewing this week's ep of SNL, will Paul be providing us with a review and pertinent film clips?

Well, let's put it this way: I have a feeling Paul will be spending a lot of time with pertinent film clips.

Because I'm an Arcade Fire fan.

Remember when the mere mention of Jon Hamm, ScarJo, or Daniel Craig brought a quick link to a drool-worthy photo? Sigh. That was a long time ago...

Is this better? And I'm kind of over ScarJo.


This is what America is all about, people.

Where can I see Jon Hamm being adorable? Please oh please oh please. Although, for me, it will be hard to top seeing him sing and dance during the Emmy opener.

Here, my friend. Here:

He's so in the bubble.

If I admitted that, because I'm off from work because of the holiday, that I'm home in my underwear, eating MooseTracks(tm) ice cream for lunch, with Maury (also, surprisingly, (tm)) o in the background, would I be banished from the chat, or possibly sent to Liz's basement?

No. You'd risk slight admonishment for being on the computer on your day off, but hey, we'll take our audience where we can get it. And we view readers who wear underwear as one of our most desirable demographics.

We do not, however, condone the viewing of "Maury."

And why no snickers about Goopy Gwen and her country music ?

We did a mildly snarky poll. What more do you want?

Seems to be Jon Hamm nowadays. Looks like Mike Rowe's reign is over.

Still heart the Mike Rowe, but there's no competing with Jon Hamm.

And obviously we have more than one favorite.

"We love all our kids exactly the same."

Who replaced her?

its a tie between Heather Morris and Alison Brie (both photos are tame but I guess maybe NSFW?)

What, do you have these bookmarked, Paul?

It's interesting to me that Ms. Swift can evince such an image of youthful purity when she seems to be going through famous guys in a way that Liz or Ava Gardner might envy.

In a brief time, she's "dated" Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and now Jake Gyllenhall and she's only 20 years old. Yet she manages to keep her public image sweet and girlish. Is it just that we can't believe anyone who looks like that could be so randy?

Whoa there, fella. Or gal. The woman is 20. She should be playing the field. And it isn't as if "One Night in"--  films are surfacing online. So I say date, Taylor. Love 'em and leave 'em and write corny songs about them for your next platinum album.

It's too easy to pick on Gwynneth. It's too much like bullying.

I hear you.  I also happen to like her. (Please don't throw rocks at me. Or copies of "Proof" on DVD.)

And Liz secretly -- or not-so-secretly -- likes her, too.

It's true. I can not tell a lie. Gwynnie has grown on me.

I remain firm in my dislike of "Top Gun," though.

Dude, please don't speak ill of Goose like that, may he rest in peace.

She explained that "DeRossi" is a name she made up when she went into show biz. Her real name is totally normal, "Amanda Jones" or somesuch.

So that Rolling Stones song was actually about Portia?

As always, it's been a pleasure.  But we've got to wrap up the chat and get back to the business of arguing about "Top Gun" offline. So we'll see you next week at 2 p.m.


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