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Oct 28, 2010

Join Celebritology bloggers Jen Chaney and Liz Kelly to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

Welcome back. It's been a busy day in the blog so we'll just jump right in. But, if you read nothing else today, read Jen's essay about Linus and "The Great Pumpkin."

If you have time for one more, read her take on the mysterious time traveler who appears to appear at a 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie premiere.

Since we're puckering up to each other, I also say read Liz's piece on the mysterious Jim Halpert from yesteryear. The likeness? Un-freaking-canny.

But enough about time travel. (Just kidding -- there can never be enough!) Let's begin the chat.

Amy & Rox aren't scheduled this week- what the what?- but do you ladies know about local celebrity Quinn Bradley. I saw his wedding announcement in the Sunday Post, but wasn't his wife expecting and due soon (which had to do with all the bally-hoo about not wanting to walk down the aisle pregnant)? I know she's a yoga instructor, but her figure in the picture is amazing. Has she had the baby?

Hey there, this isn't really our area of expertise, but I'll just quickly pass along that, sadly, Quinn's wife (then fiancee) miscarried the baby soon after the pregnancy was made public.

Since there is a plethora of lawyers amongst Celebritologists, I have a question about "The Good Wife."

Last week's epi featured a judge who required the female lawyers in his courtroom to wear skirts -- no pants allowed.

What the ... ?!? Would that ever really be allowed/legal?

Okay, we'll just throw this out to our lawyer-rich audience.

How excited are you about the publication of Sterling's Gold?

I can't wait to read more about the adventures of a young Ida Blankenship.

It's a genius idea, and will be discussed at length in my TV show-inspired-book club, along with "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" and "Bad Twin."

Liz - It came up at Gene's chat on Tuesday, that your Celebritology duties will no longer allow you to participate. You'll be missed, especially by "Mr. Pulitzer"

I know. I'll miss  producing that chat very much. Luckily I don't have to give up Gene and can continue to harass him via email much as I always have.

The original Danno on the first Hawaii Five-O, James MacArthur, died today at age 72. Memorial services in NY, CA, and Hawaii. He was the son of theater great Helen Hayes.

Saw that news. Sad to hear.

I'm lazy, but seriously, finding your morning (or are they now mid-day) mixes is a pain in the you-know-where. It's ridiculous. Grandmaster Producer P, can you please once again provide the link so I can bookmark it? It's my favorite part of the day!

Here is the main link:

But I'll go you one better: 

Actually, for the Morning Mix, the link you want is:

Ok, so I'm sure there's a person at the to complain to about this, but you gals are JeLi so it goes to you: What on earth is the deal with the sloppy linkage on the website lately? For example, the link to THIS chat says the chat starts at 1pm, not 2pm, the link to the Color of Money Video Chat (don't even get me started on video chats) links to YESTERDAY'S Weingarten chat. And this is just today. It seems like nearly every day, I click a link and it's like link roulette, I never know where I'm going to end up.

It's all our fault.

No, seriously -- I can't speak to why the specific links and info you mentioned are incorrect. But I can tell you that the people on the universal desk -- our word for the people doing a lot of the production and updating on the home page and elsewhere -- have a massive volume of copy/URLs, etc. to deal with. They get things right more often than they get things wrong, for sure.

That said, it's definitely frustrating for the reader to click on something and go somewhere totally different. Any time we hear of an issue, we'll make sure to pass it on and get it corrected.

Do you think CBS will keep him -- would he have a morals clause?

Yes, the clause states he doesn't have to exhibit any.

I don't htink I can top Paul there. Hey, over in Weingarten's chat, Gene was calling him "ChatPaul." We need to come up with something better for the Weingarten crew if they can't hang with our longtime "Producer Paul" nickname.

Seems like if more than one article containing the phrase "drunk and naked" is written about a person, that would be too much. Now what? Rehab or anger management?

According to Sheen's rep, neither. He'll return to work next week and, as far as we know, forget the whole thing ever happened. Until he's hit with that lawsuit from the porn star.

This is up there with the ape woman who was seen walking around on mars. It was just a strange shadow formation.

Right. There's always a better explanation, as I said earlier. But the stuff of sci-fi -- seemingly in the real world -- is always intriguing, especially around Halloween time.

It's me- the complainer again- since you rarely get follow up accolades- thank you both! Bookmarking now! You'll never hear from me again.

But we want to hear from you again. So you'd better stay in touch!

Being a huge fan of 'In Treatment', I was delighted to see Debra Winger as one of the patients this season. She looks *fabulous* -- mainly because she looks REAL. Her face actually moves; she has expressions; she looks like she has lived. Kudos to her for aging gracefully and apparently naturally, and showing what real beauty is.

I agree. Debra is a class act. And starred in one of my favorite movies, "Urban Cowboy." You know, Texas Bud and Texas Sissy?

But since you mentioned Debra Winger I immediately thought of "An Officer and a Gentleman" and the song "Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong." My longtime college roomate was convinced that every tmie she heard that song, someone near to her died. It apparently happened on a few occasions -- she'd hear the song and the next day, boom, her dog died. Or her Aunt Ethel. Or grandpa Joe.

Anyhow, we went Eurrailing after graduation and a month after a scary bumpy flight -- to the point of the stewardess being thrown to the ceiling by a sudden drop -- we were sitting in Paris's Orly airport awaiting our flight back to the states when suddenly, it happened. Through the airport terminal's PA we heard a musak version of "Love Lift Us Up..." Convinced it meant we were just hours away from dying in a fiery plane crash, we both burst into laughter and tears. We also hadn't slept the night before. That could have something to do with it.


Anyhow, we survived and chalked it up to the fact that what we heard was only a Musak version with no words.

Speaking of "Officer and a Gentleman" -- and this will sound totally, seriously strange after what Liz just wrote -- Lisa Blount, who co-starred in that movie, apparently has died. She was found dead in her home earlier this week, but news is just spreading this afternoon. Apparently she had a chronic illness.

Very sad.

That is so NOT SHOCKING!!

I know, right. She could've at least made it interesting and named Lorne Michaels or something.

OK Ladies - how many times have you watched it? How much American productivity was sacrified today in American offices by people watching it over and over? It is too funny, but frankly I am not convinced "she" is actually holding anything. But a very savvy Irish filmmaker has us watching his video.

Yes, it is interesting that he makes a point about promoting his production company at the very beginning. (Not that anyone will remember that part.)

He seemed sincere in his belief, though, even if, as you said, there most certainly is a better explanation. (As I said in the post, I also don't think there's anything in her hand. Well, either that, or she's Doctor Who. Or the island moved again.)

I think many of us, myself included, are just intrigued by the idea that a time traveler might have been captured on film -- it's the kind of thing one might have seen on "In Search Of" back in the day. So just entertaining the possibility for a few seconds, even if we know better, is kind of fun.

The amazing thing is, she's listening to the voice mails Brett Favre left her.

You know perfectly well that Amy and Rox had a chat yesterday because you posted this exact same question to them and were given the same answer. What the what?!

To be fair -- the question was submitted here on Monday, to Amy and Rox's chat (which might not have been published on Monday) yesterday.

Wow, I had the weirdest experience. I was taking some legal medication with Charlie Sheen when suddenly I am dreaming I am talking on my cellphone at a Charles Chaplin movie premiere.

It all seemed so real. I have got to stop accepting those invitations from Charlie.

This might be the best explanation of the time travel video yet!

John Goodman, ladies and gentlemen.

Hi - your post about time traveling Jim Halpert, reminded me of the immortal Keanu Reeves.

I just don't see it with the Keanu thing. But there were some other interesting examples I found in Johanna's Reddit thread:

Jack Black as Paul Revere and Jon Stewart as some random scholar.

Liz: Read your post about the Marie Claire blogger. I don't have an opinion one way or another about whether she should be fired. My question is where was the editorial process in this?

I understand that bloggers have a lot more freedom than traditional newspaper writers, but really? She could post something like that and not have it go through some kind of check and balance beforehand? Where was the sanity check?

That person, in my mind, also has some explaining to do.

P.S. I'm a so-called "Fatty" and while I found the article mean and hateful, I'm happy with the dialogue that had come from this.

I agree with you. Maura Kelly should not stand alone in taking the blame for what turned out to be a very badly-written take on a valid question. I can't speak for the editing process at Marie Claire, obviously, but even Washington Post editors have been called on the carpet for letting questionable copy make it -- not only online, but into the print edition.

There is a system of checks, but sometimes even the best of systems short circuits.

Absolutely . . . the Judge is GOD in the courtroom. A Judge in PG county once sent an attorney home because she wasn't wearing a skirt suit. They get to set their own rules.

So wait -- a judge could specify that all attorneys dress up as Huns? Or go naked?

How has there been this much talk about timetravel without a "LOST" reference?

I referred to Lost in my time travel post -- see item on frozen donkey wheel. You think I'd really let this moment pass without seizing on that opportunity? 


I get your universal desk (as you call it) has an ambitious agenda/workload, but it seems to me the powers-that-be at WP should either throw some more money or talent behind making links work or scale back the plan they want to tout. I, too, am tired of clicking to the left and then to the right and then up to the top and still not knowing if/when I'll land where I want at the "right" time. This is not rant. It's constructive criticism. Post for all to see. To whom do we direct these comments?

Well, you could try the customer care center if you're in to looking for needles in haystacks, but the best advocate I can think of right now is the ombudsman:

I like Grandmaster P.

...I'm being crowdsourced, aren't I?

Well, that sounds unseemly, Paul.

Hmm. Producer Pizzle?

Raise your hand if you're surprised the apparently moral-less Cyruses are getting divorced.

Oh come on -- even people with morals get divorced. They were together for something like 17 years. Maybe Miley started humming "Love Lift Us Up..." and they got spooked.

So true, Jen. As soon as I read Liz's post about that song, I got goose bumps thinking about Lisa Blount and wondering if anyone had heard that song in the last few days.

Well, now I'm never listening to that song. Ever. Again.

Awesome story, though, Liz. "Up Where We Belong" is one of those love ballads that, in a different context, could seem totally creepy. It also suggests an ascension to heaven -- double creepy!

Say what you will, Lilo is only hurting herself and has NO family support to get better. Charlie has four little kids whose welfare is a concern, and his family has tried repeatedly to help him deal with his substance abuse problems.

Though, if true, it is puzzling that Denise Richards apparently joined Charlie and Capri McPorny for dinner before things got out of control.

Are y'all going to be doing any celeb spotting/reportage in conjunction with the Stewart/Colbert rally this weekend? Also, any idea of what kind of attendance is expected? Have any stars been confirmed? (I'm contemplating coming down from NYC, if I can get a bus ticket.)

I am planning to go and may be working on some video for the site. I believe they are expecting 200,000 people or more -- that's roughly how many have RSVP'd on the event's Facebook page. Which may or may not be a good estimate, but it's the best we have.

As far as who's coming, a vague line-up has leaked. It appears The Roots will open up the show, and other performers -- Sheryl Crow, Jeff Tweedy and of course Colbert and Stewart will be there. I expect more celebs will be confirmed, either as participants or attendees, in the coming days.

I'm already dreading the Metro ride that day. 

I'm staying back and manning the blog. If there are any celeb sightings to report or dispatches from Jen to pub, I'll be standing by.

Did I mention that I could not be happier to be missing out on getting jostled around in this scrum?

Like every other question posed to an attorney, the answer is "it depends."

In my last job, it was well known that the judge (it was a small county) would not permit male attorneys to appear before him without a tie and had sent more than one scurrying back to his office, or up to the DA's office, to borrow a tie.

However, while said judge would sentence truly scary criminals without a backward glance, he admitted without shame that he wasn't about to wade into the morass of mandating suitable women's apparel.

But yeah, a judge is pretty well allowed to make the rules for his/her courtroom, and it's generally considered a fight not worth having.

So interesting. It's as if the decider of legal issues is him/herself above the law. If I were a judge, I'd require the lawyer all get floor-length hair extensions. Even the men. This is probably why I'm not a judge.

But she couldn't have been talking to anyone on a cell phone in 1928 because there were no cell phone towers to send the signal. Or can cell phone towers time travel too?

Alien Overlords have mad cell phone reception.

Right -- another point I made in the blog post, along with, roughly, 8 zillion other people on the Internet.

Nevertheless, I suppose one could argue that if time travel is possible, maybe one doesn't need satellites or towers to transmit signals. ("Where we're going we don't need ... cell phone towers.")

At that point, though, why even use a cell phone? Shouldn't we just be able to communicate via telekinesis?

OK, I have a teeny complaint about the chat. Maybe it's my browser (Firefox), but whenever a YouTube clip is posted with the graphic, from then on it covers up the text entry boxes that are supposed to appear when I click "Submit Your Question."

I can't get rid of it! It just keeps moving around and covering things up! What gives?

This is the first I've heard of this one. Anyone else having this problem?

It's not happening to me in Firefox, the text boxes drop down behind the video if they are overlapping, but work normally if I scroll up or down. But I'll see if I can do anything to clean it up.

What makes the Chaplin premier footage so interesting (and, no, I don't believe in time travel) is that the person is holding a hand to his/her ear just as one would with a cell phone and, at one moment, turns and faces the camera with his/her mouth obviously moving.

The result is uncanny, I think. But all "real life" footage from that era is a form of time travel. Don't know if you saw the story on 60 Minutes recently about some footage of Market Street in San Francisco. Through incredibly diligent research it was proven that the short section of silent film, which a moviemaking company did as a promo, was shot in 1906, probably only a week before the earthquake devastated the city--especially the area where the footage was shot.

The guy who did the research mused to Morley Safer that he was left wondering how many people in the film were dead in a matter of days.

That was an incredible clip. I saw it on Sunday Morning a couple of weeks ago. Paul has linked it above.

RE: the Time Traveler, could it not simply be someone who is absolutely out of her or his mind who is, say, talking into a bar of soap cut and colored into the likeness of a cell phone? (Like the oldest Dunphy daughter did on "Modern Family" last week).

Or could it simply be an older woman who is fixing a hairpin while talking to herself? My mom talks to herself. I also sometimes talk to myself.

I'm not proud of it, but neither am I a time traveler.

Wow, that's sad, chilling and really interesting footage. Thanks.

P.S. That's not "Up Where We Belong" on the soundtrack, is it?

Does the ombudsman have a unitard with a Big O on the chest? Cape or no cape?

No, but thanks for totally spoiling the big reveal of my Halloween costume!

He started his career with stellar performances in key movies..think Platoon. The sky was the limit after that. But substance abuse has dogged him, continues to. Both Mr. Sheen and Ms. LiLo would be well served by a lengthy chat with Robert Downey Jr.

Man. I don't know why, but I just got really bummed out for Tara Reid who hasn't even managed to get a headline lately for bad plastic surgery pix. She obviously needs a new publicist.

"I know, right. She could've at least made it interesting and named Lorne Michaels or something."

Better yet, Lorne Greene. Try that one on for size...

Well, since Lorne Greene is dead, maybe we should go with the updated Commander Adama: Edward James Olmos (or as Joaquin Phoenix calls him, EJO.)

From his wife or his daughter ?


Ahhhh, I am thinking back fondly to the Metro during the March for Women's Lives in 2004. The nice young man sitting next to me commented that he had never seen so many women in one place. We covered the city like ants. :-) The crowds were actually really fun, and I got to meet some nice people all there for the same purpose. The media majorly underestimated the numbers, though, as well as majorly underreporting the numbers afterwards. So there might be a lot more than 200K people there for the rally!

I suspect you're right. I have no idea how many are coming from out of town, but a good number of people who live here plan to go.

It's so lame and D.C. area native of me to be worried about getting in and out of the city. But there you are.

Do we care that Mariah Carey is preggers??

Well, I wrote about it this morning and I still could care less. Maybe because we all knew it already anyhow.

I care a little, just because -- while it was hardly a secret -- she stuck to her guns and didn't reveal until she decided she was ready. So good for her for that.

Jen, I thought you were going as Hit-Girl for Halloween? Now you're going as "The Ombudsman?"

Well, I was kidding about The Ombudsman. Although that's a great idea for a graphic novel character, the more I think about it.

At this moment, I still plan to go as Hit-Girl but it's going to be tough. I still need the skirt, the boots, the cape and the utility belt, and to cut the only purple wig I could find, which is way too long.

She's not ALL THAT class an act. She regularly savages "An Officer and a Gentleman" as shlock, and was reportedly very difficult during the filming of "Terms of Endearment" (I'm guessing that MacLaine and Nicholson were real pros during its making, however).

I meant class act in the respect of not giving in to plastic surgery, ala Jane Fonda -- who detailed her love affair with the knife on Oprah yesterday.

And, hey, you might be difficult too if your co-stars were the nutso guy from "The Shining" and the woman who thinks she's a reincarnated guru. (Shout out to Arlington native Shirley MacLaine!)

The woman in the video at the Charlie Chaplin is clearly not carrying a cell phone. I have thoroughly examined the photograph and she obviously is carrying a Dharma Initiative walkie talkie.

I would believe this more if it was a polar bear instead of a woman.

It's Naomi's Dorrit's sat phone. Of course!

That ain't no Naomi Dorrit, though. Maybe it's Tom Friendly dressed in drag.

At my college, there are signs with contact info posted in the class buildings, saying, "Need a Ride to DC?"

Exactly why I am happy to be watching from the comfort of my home. I just have a feeling this thing is going to get out of hand.

I think the college communities have definitely been rounding up interested travelers. All the way from Iowa? Wow.

We only saw a couple seconds of her. I'll be she had just pulled the phone out, tried push to talk, and started telling her friend about how she was in this crazy place that seemed straight out of the past. We didn't get to see the part where she realized the phone was dead...

Wait wait wait... we're all assuming that she traveled there from 2010 or some year which we've already experienced. She could have traveled there from 2052 when each cell phone contains it's own microscopic cross-dimensional cell phone tower.


Liz Kelly: physics major.

I'm planning to meet up with friends in Dupont Circle and walk down 17th Street to the Mall- similar to what we did for the Obama inauguration. Hopefully this time I'll be able to feel my legs by the time we get back home.

On a much more important note, what should my sign say?

Sanity now!

Or maybe a quote from last night's "Modern Family": "Yesterday's lazy is the cure for today's crazy."

I don't know what that means in the context of the rally, but so what?

I haven't watched last night's "Modern Family" yet. Thanks. Thanks a lot, Jen Chaney.

I was finishing up my DVR'd "Masterpiece Theater: Sherlock." Which was awesome.

That's too much work. I'm going to grab 2 political signs from the side of the road, tape them to myself and go as "Undecided."

That is easier. But I've already invested in the gloves and the long wig -- I can't go back now.

How about we call him: "Not the shrimpy songwriter guy".

I like this one.

Or we could (riffing on Jersey Shore) just call him "The Production."

Tanning booth. Working out. Poofy hair. Is it Snooki, or Sarah Palin?

I would need a skirt length before I could give a defnitive answer.

Liz, how many of those in your household will be donning Halloween costumes this year?

So far Matt and Desmond have their costumes figured out. I'm scrambling for something I can do without shelling out any money. I may go the Jim Halpert route and wear a nametag that says "Jen Chaney."

You "could care less"?! Weingarten is probably sending you a great big "HOW COULD YOU" note. This being one of his biggest pet peeves. . .

Oh no. And he just shared that Brit guy's video with me and everything. Mea culpa.

just curious

No. He's alive. He must be immune becuase he sang the song.

What is your position on combining pickles and cheap vodka?

After you eat a pickle and drink a bottle of Aristocrat, you can see Russia out the window, for sure.

Okay, that's it for this week. We'll see you back here next week, after sanity and/or fear have been restored.

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