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Oct 20, 2011

Join Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Topics today may include, but are not limited to: Lindsay Lohan, "American Horror Story" and Giuliana Rancic.

Let's begin.

OUaT starts this coming Sunday. Apparently writers from our beloved Lost will be writting for this show. Have you heard anything about the show? Good? Bad? Middlin? I'm excited and really want to love it!

I have heard some good things and have been meaning to watch the pilot. Your comment reminds me that I really must do that tonight.

I tried to watch the first episode on Hulu, but had to cut it off halfway through the credits in my dark apartment alone. Should I try it again? In the daytime? Squeeze my eyes shut during the credits? Are the rest of the episodes as creepy as the credits? - Signed, Scared

Dear Scared,

You should try it again. I am really enjoying the mystery of it, as well as the acting. (The way Jessica Lange delivered her "hell of a shot" line last night was a work of twisted, multi-layered genius.)

It's a creepy show but I wouldn't say I have been having nightmares yet. So watch it during the day, maybe? With someone close-by who won't mind if you squeeze his or her hand?

What does LiLo do all day if she is not doing her community service? She is not working. She is in LA. She could be done by now if she just put some effort in.

Apparently she works very carefully on deciding which outfits to wear to her next court appearance. That right there sucks up a lot of time.

I might be a little (a lot) obsessed with The Hunger Games and the upcoming movie. I can't seem to get enough of it. I'm in my early 30s (and never read the Twilight booksm fwiw). Am I lost forever, or should I just go with it?

I say just go with it. We all have our pop cultural obsessions, and there's nothing wrong with having a little fun with it.

I've read the first book and a half and am curious to see how they adapt the first movie.

I'm not sure if you will know the answer to this, but I've been wondering for some time about the formal educations of the Jolie-Pitt brood, Suri Cruise, and a few other celeb offspring who are school-age but who seem to be on the move all the time. Do the parents homeschool, and if so must they register with some school district so the kids aren't considered truants? Do they have tutors who belong to the family's general entourage? Do they transfer six times a year? Go to classes online? Suri might still be pre-K, but two or maybe three of the J-Ps should be well into the elementary grades by now.

Great question.

I think the Brangelina kids have enrolled at various schools. I believe they were attending school in London earlier this year. But I think they also do some home schooling, too.

Certainly for kids that high-profile, and potentially on the move, the tutoring/home-schooling route may be the easiest thing to do.

Up until now I've held out hope that Lindsay Lohan would be able to get herself together. After yesterday I really don't think that's going to happen. What a waste.

I know, it's unfortunate.

Today's events didn't bode well either.

Best watched with a large, friendly, shaggy dog so you can hide your head in his fur when things get really creepy.

Good suggestion.

Did you send in the "I miss LOST way more than I should" post card that's on postsecret this week? I agree.

Hey, that was my submission!

Not a big fan of Giuliana Rancic, but I still feel for anyone with breast cancer, especially those who have it at such an early age.


And I have to say, I have a different perspective on Rancic after writing this profile of her. I don't always agree with some of her career choices -- producing "Bridalplasty" didn't seem like the best move to me. But I was impressed by how down-to-earth she was when I interviewed her. I certainly hope she gets healthy very soon.

Do we care if she's pregnant? I'm just not sure if I care, what has she done in the last few years?

She has her fashion line. And of course, she still makes a lot of headlines.

As for the pregnancy speculation, it's been more comical so far than anything else. If it's true, she'll announce it when she wants to. Until then, all these stories are just silly.

Jen... you HAVE to read the 2nd half and the 3rd book. They are amazing. I am 28 and still can't get over them. I am thinking about reading the whole trilogy again just so I can read Mockingjay (the 3rd one) again. Dizamn.

I def. plan to finish them. I had to return the second one to the library before I could finish it. (Yes, I know that sounds pathetic, but it's hard to keep up with celebrity news and every TV show and movie and still find time to read.)

So who do you think should play the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in the inevitable bio-pic?

Too soon, my friend. Too soon.

"Certainly for kids that high-profile... the tutoring/home-schooling route may be the easiest thing to do." Yeah, until they reach high school age and want to enroll at West Beverly High with Brandon, Kelly, Brenda and the gang....

Yes, life will get more interesting when the Brangelina brood hits the teen years.

Really? I was totally joking and didn't think it was you but that's awesome!!

Uh, I am totally joking. But it could have been my submission because I also agree.

What do you know about Adele? I have been listening to "Someone like you" on repeat in both radio and dj remix versions pretty much constantly. She seems like a really interesting person.

I am a big fan of her music -- even though "Someone Like You" gets an insane amount if airplay, I still haven't gotten sick of it yet. Same goes for pretty much every other song on that CD.

If you have OnDemand or can find it online, watch her appearance on "The Graham Norton Show." She told a very funny story about how she went to the ladies room at the same time as Jennifer Aniston and accidentally called her Rachel.

So glad you brought up her acting in AHS; it's really nice to see the I was hired for my looks but can't act a lick ingenue (King Kong) develop into a fine actor (Blue Sky) and then to an almost grande dame (but not quite, but you know what I mean). I know they tried the same thing with Sharon Stone, who just never quite gelled as a serious actress, but, honestly, it's something you dont' see every day, and I think probably going to be ever rarer, given the way Hollywood hands out parts to young female eye candy who don't have the wherewithall to develop the craft. Not sure what I'm saying here, except that, my, when you compare Ms. Lange's early work to her mid-career and current work, what a pleasant difference.

She recovered from "King Kong" pretty quickly. She started racking up the Oscar nominations pretty quickly after that, so I think of that performance, as damaging as it was at the time, as more of an anomaly than a comment on her skills.

It's amazing to think of how soft and vulnerable she was in Tootsie compared with how steely and nasty she can be in American Horror Story. And as I said earlier, it's fascinating to watch/hear what she does with a line delivery.

I can see why. She can barely see through all that mascara she wears. And with the weird grayish-purple blush she looks like she should have been going in the back entrace with the corpses.

I really don't understand what happened with the make-up situation yesterday. She normally does not look like that. And after all the media attention on her teeth, you'd think she's try to look less zombie-esque rather than more.

She's an attractive woman who manages to make herself look less attractive than she really is, sometimes.

Did you see Duran Duran at DAR on Sunday? Great show -- they still look and sound fabulous! Wondering if there were any sighting around town while they were here??

I am chagrined to report that I did not. As a lifelong Duranie, I feel I have shirked my duties immeasurably.

Glad to hear the show was great. Unfortunately, I did not experience any John Taylor or Simon LeBon sightings.

I did meet the wild boys last time they played at Merriweather, though. I don't get too swoony about celebs given what I do for a living, but I will admit that that was a pretty exciting moment for me.

"President Obama disapproves of daughters watching Kardashians, says First Lady Michelle Obama" Now I have an excuse to forbid my daughter from watching that compost.

Did you need an excuse, really?

Get the Hunger Games series on audio. It will keep you from rushing ahead to know what happens next. Great listening in the car.

I have never gotten into the audio book thing.  I can listen to podcasts and things like that, but I am not a huge fan of being read to. I like to look at the words myself. I'm weird like that.

But I will finish the series, I assure you. As God is my witness, I can make it through two YA novels.

Didn't I see an article recently reporting that Adele has had to take considerable time off because of major throat medical problems? I wonder if it has to do with improper singing technique.

She did. And it's not the first time she's had to put things on hold because of health issues. (She also apparently has stage fright issues from time to time.)

I don't know if it's a matter of bad technique or not. She is a belter, and if she isn't supporting her voice properly, that could easily take its toll. But I don't know if that's really the issue or not in her case.

After the "King Kong" debacle she was box office poison for a few years, then stunned in Bob Fosse's film "All That Jazz" as the angel of death.

Yes. She couldn't get a job for a few years after King Kong. But again, considering what Lange did after that, it's a blip. She was on a major roll in the '80s/early '90s.

I think it may have something to do with getting older. Not that it makes you bitter, but most of us mature women really no longer give a hoot whether you like us or not.

Ha. As I get older, I find that to be truer and truer myself.

Please tell me that this is not really happening. Does not fit with my image of him at all.

I have no idea whether this is really happening or not, even though Us magazine is clearly under the impression that it is.

His love life is so frequently written about, yet he is very insistent on not talking about it. So I don't know what to believe.

This post -- in response to "Lindsay Lohan ‘sorry’ about being late for first day of community service at L.A. County Morgue" -- has to be one of the finest snarks ever posted on Celebritology: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/celebritology/post/lindsay-lohan-sorry-about-being-late-to-la-county-morgue/2011/10/20/gIQAgs3o0L_blog.html "'sorry' about being late" Isn't everyone in the morgue sorry about being late?

That is a good one.

Speaking of snarky comments, I can't believe we haven't talked about the Kirk Cameron post yet. That was a good old-fashioned Celebritology BKD of the highest order.


As one who admits I am among those ganging up on Lindsay Lohan and making fun of her situation, I do note that I, and I am sure, others do so only because she is a celebrity and she won't be personally affected by our jokes. Yet, I also wish to remind readers that dependency problems are often long, complicated matters, often requiring much counseling, sometimes several trips to rehab, etc. We should realize that just because a person hasn't recovered doesn't mean that they can not, and if anyone out there knows someone trying to recover, work with them, even when they say they don't want help. They usuall do want help and will appreciate it ever. So, don't give up. Now, back to the jokes. Why did LiLo cross the road? I don't know, but she really made that road angry.

Thanks for saying this. In all the media madness around the Lohan situation, it's easy to forget this.

And now back to wondering what's going on with her odd choice of courtroom blush...

Why, oh why, are people like Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, Natalee Holloway, et al., considered celebrities in the first place?

Because they wind up in People magazine. And that makes them celebrities.

I personally think of celebs as people who work in the entertainment industry primarily. But I am old-fashioned that way. I also still know what doilies are. Again, I am old.

Are you thinking about doing more stuff on Twitter? I joined a few months ago and it's got its claws in deep now. (As they say in "Ides of March": Yes, I drank the kool-aid. It was delicious.)

What do you mean by more stuff, specifically?

The Celebritology account is primarily a feed of blog posts, although I do live blog awards shows and things from there, too. I would definitely like to spend more time tweeting things that say more than just our usual headlines.

I also have my own account, @chaneyj, from which I tweet much more sporadically. I'd like to get better about that, too. Hey, maybe if you follow me, I will!

I am not a Lilo fan nor defender, but, really, not letting her in to do her community service because she was late? I realize she is making this harder on herself than it has to be, but still. Can't the girl get a break?

Yeah. I mean, are the dead people on some important schedule that must be kept?

Of course, I will try the link next to find out, yet since it takes far more work to ask you, I will ask you: what was the winning caption on the Kirk Cameron photo contest?

There never was a determined winning caption. Honestly, the comments got so out of control -- and so outside of the realm of what I intended with that post -- that I stopped keeping track of them.

J Lo? Well that does it for me. The next time he asks ME out I'm going to say no.

Yeah! Like Cameron in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," you gotta take a stand.

Is she still with Sam Shephard or did that relationship run its course?

Nope. Still together, as far as I know.

... and an antimacassar.

OK, now you've lost me. I guess I am not that old.

No, but the people who want to get the visitation and viewing over with are on a schedule. What is she supposed to be doing at the morgue anyway? I hope they don't let her apply cosmetics and make fashion choices for the dead.

She was originally supposed to do janitorial work. Which, officially, sounded like the worst community service gig ever, as noted in this post.

Didn't they say that she was late for orientation? I imagine they'd already done the drill once for the non-celebs who bothered to show up on time.

I was being snarky before. Clearly she should not have been late. Given the situation she was in, it's always best to give yourself extra time, although she claims it's not her fault.

I can't believe we've spent this much time discussing this. Tardiness to morgue duty -- really, haven't we all been there?

Wasn't the purpose of an antimacassar to protect furniture from the hair gel of that era (called "macassar")?

According to Wikipedia, that is correct. Today's chat is officially educational, everyone.

M. C, Hammer is starting his own search engine? What what money?

His bankruptcy problems happened in the 90s. He has since gotten back on course.

That said, not so sure about this whole search engine thing. I do think he should create a "Hammer time" button, which would function sort of like the random function on your iPod or Stumble Upon. Hit Hammer Time and anything can happen on this search engine!

I thought that was Cher's job in that Meryl Streep film (can't remember the title right now, though)

You mean Silkwood? That was a nuclear plant, I think.

Did you know he sang the theme song to Walker, Texas Ranger? Is there *nothing* he cannot do?

Nope. Not. a. thing.

'Nuff said.


Great, now I am going to be singing that for the rest of the day to the tune of this Oasis song.

"Hey... Li-late!"

And I thank you for the shout out! LiLo just makes it too easy sometimes... (Love the chats!)

You are welcome. Keep the witty comments coming, my friend.

And with that, I must adjourn for this week. We shall reconvene next Thursday at 2 to once again discuss Lindsay Lohan's community service obligations, Jessica Lange's career and any other nonsense that comes up over the next week.

Talk to you then.

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