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Sep 29, 2011

Join Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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Busy week for celebrity and entertainment news. Let's get right to it, but with an important question first: how does the Celebritology peanut gallery feel about changing the time of this chat from 2 p.m. to earlier in the day, maybe 11 or noon?

Haven't decided to do this for sure, it's just a possibility and wanted to see how you all felt about it.

All right let's chat.

I feel absolutely awful saying this, but Nicole Richie's breast enhancement looks terrific. I think because she was so sick-looking for a while that seeing any shape on her is an improvement. Am I going straight to Hell now?

You are. Straight to hell.

See ya there!

How can one extrapolate "separation" from the Epicetus quote Demi used on her Twitter account? Self-reflection of one's own sins is a far cry from "dump that chump!" (Saffire). I always thought Demi was smarter than that, anyway - or did I credit her with traits she doesn't possess?

I said this in my initial post yesterday, but I agree. It could have been a commentary on anything, really. Or maybe she just liked the quote.

Kutcher's tweet this a.m., given all the media coverage, seemed more like a way to send a message. Although the smartest message, if all this is indeed a rumor, is to release a statement saying it isn't true and move on.

Not celebritology per se, but since you sum up the box office each week.... Why do the powers that be report revenue instead of number of tickets sold? Doesn't this skew box office records, given that tickets are increasingly more expensive? It seems unfair for previous blockbuster movies to be past by because of inflation, rather than actual popularity.

Actually, Celebritology covers all things entertainment. And I think box office returns are very much part of that.

This is a great question. The revenue numbers are fair comparisons as far as current movie vs. current movie, but one also has to think about other factors, too. How many screens was a movie carried on? If a movie makes $5 million but it's only on 100 screens around the country, that's pretty impressive.

Similarly, comparing revenues from present day to revenues from 20 years ago is not apples to apples. On Box Office Mojo, a site I frequently mention in my box office round-ups, they have a way to parse data with inflation adjustments.

The short answer is that one always needs to look carefully at the figures before making conclusions. It's still right to call something the highest grossing movie of all time based on how much cash it made, but that's not the same as the movie that had the most impact or sold the most tickets.

Seriously, how does anyone grow up in America and live in New York and has never tried coffee, (excepting if you are a member of a religious organization that bans it)?

It is indeed baffling especially for someone in the high-intensity, caffeinated world of the news media.

Then again, I don't know how to ride a bike so perhaps I shouldn't make fun.

Soooo, how brave is Google? Think they'll venture into guessing Tom Cruise's orientation? (And if they do, will any of them wind up dead?)

I just checked. Google is not that brave.

I just want to know that I took your advice that people who are famous for being famous do so by being on the Internet. I have formally declared on the Internet that I am now famous for being famous. Monica Hess provided a link yesterday, and I am stunned by the results. This began as a joke and already I have viewers from Russia, Germany, China, and Canada. So, as a self declared celebrity, let me report that I was seen in public earlier today, and I looked fantastic. The self promotion link (let's see if your readers link more than Monica Hess readers) is http://iamfamousforbeingfamous.blogspot.com/ Thank you for the idea, which I totally credit to you.

And I was joking when I said it in this here chat. But you took it and ran with it, so well done, sir.

Your book deal is undoubtedly imminent.

FYI -  ("Tom Cruise in Pittsburgh for 'One Shot' - Star brings along family for movie shoot")

Between Batman and this, Pittsburgh is the new hot place to be.

I need to divorce my husband but he doesn't have a twitter account or check twitter at all! What should I do?

Guess you'll have to stay married to him. Sorry, that's just the way the world works now.

Now that Two and a Half men has debuted, I wonder if the rumors about a Kutcher - Moore split are just another way to keep Kutcher in the spotlight and try to keep the momentum going. I haven't seen the new TAAHM yet but Hollywood certainly has sunk to this level before. What do you think?

As regular Celebritology readers may know, I always assume there's publicity motivations behind everything.

So it is indeed possible, although it seems premature. Only two episodes of "Two and a Half Men" have aired.

That said, the second ep didn't perform as well as the first one did ratings-wise, which was totally to be expected. Anything is possible, I suppose, as messed-up as it would be to float such rumors for promotional purposes.

I'd be fine with a time change but not a day change, although you didn't note that the day would change. I like the Thursday time frame so I hope that won't change as well.

Right, we would keep it the same day. Thanks for the input.

I will forgive you for not riding a bike. Yet, if I give you the correct Internet game, would you be able to pretend to ride a bike in the game?

I guess so. I mean, I've ridden video game bikes (and stationary ones) before. 

For any Chaniacs or Lizards who missed the Post's web-etiquette chat yesterday, someone posted the link to this absolutely hilarious "Suri's Burn Book" (dissing most other celeb kids): http://surisburnbook.tumblr.com

Hilarious -- the celeb kid version of [Bleep] You, Penguin.

Speaking of tumblr, I've been wanting to creating a tumblr called Weird '80s Stuff I Found in My House. I don't have the time really, but I have so much fodder for it.

So they are talking to each other through their twitter accounts?

I don't think so. There have been a couple of tweets that have been interpreted as related to whatever is happening in the relationship. Presumably, hopefully, the two of them know what's happening without having to check Twitter.

And the subsequent movie.

I just ask that I get to be in that movie. And that I be played by Carey Mulligan.

I am not sure. Maybe you can do a trial run at different times. Then I can tell you how it works with my schedule. If it doesn't work for me, then no you can't change the time. Kisses, Lindsay

Lindsay, you are a delight, as always. We'll do the chat whenever it makes most sense for you.



Yes - it is too upsetting. It is voyeuristic. That tape of Michael Jackson with slurred speech is just horrible and I can't hear it again. And the death photo. It is a macabre feeding frenzy.

Sigh. I know.

This is what can be challenging about Celebritology. If we don't cover the Jackson trial on some level, we look like we're falling down on the job. If we do, we're contributing to said frenzy.

Our approach for now is to continue updating the post that has the live stream in it and only write separate posts if something major happens that seems worthwhile. But as soon as the trial started and that photo came out, I just felt sick. 

Oh, great, you know you're just asking for sabermetric stat geeks to start coming up with box office calculations like TSAIT - tickets sold average in theaters, TORM - tickets over replacement movie, and IATPS - inflation-adjusted ticket price per screen. Now you did it.

Bring it on, man. I love people who are geeky about movies, as well as geeky about box office receipts.

Would love the chat being @ 11!

The preference so far does seem to be for an earlier time. Just FYI.

Demi Moore would now be dating Charlie Sheen.

On Access Hollywood Live today (I had it on in the background while I was working -- don't judge me) Billy Bush suggested that if the rumors are true and the marriage is over, she should date an older guy, like a George Clooney.

Obviously Clooney has a girlfriend but I am not sure if that would work regardless. Sheen would never happen because of the Estevez connection.


Why not? Didn't Marlene Dietrich insure her legs for $1 million way back when? And haven't several more celebs done that since (Mary Hart, long of "Entertainment Tonight" comes to mind)?

Yes, it's not uncommon. It just sounds funny.

...because it would be opposite the sublime Goddess of the Plains, Tracee Hamilton.

The schedule is always a consideration. I'm not sure if there are tons of sports fans who also follow this chat, but maybe I am wrong. I like to think Celebritology people are also sports fans.

I'm in my 20s and don't know how to ride a bike either...I don't feel as though I'm missing anything life altering or significant though.

I'm glad I am not alone. But I don't know, I think we might be missing something significant.

Or Angus T. Jones, since Demi has a reputation as a cougar.

Ick. Now why did we have to go to that place?

A book of (fictional, duh!) dueling tweets between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. Remember, you can't libel a dead person!

You've got yourself a pitch. And I bet someone would publish it, at least as an e-book.

"I'm not sure if there are tons of sports fans who also follow this chat, but maybe I am wrong." Did you not just receive a post from someone who wanted to start box office sabermetrics?

Fair enough.

Also, some of you seem to know what I am talking when I go off on a March Madness rant. So perhaps there's something to the sports/Celebritology connection.

I really like AC 360 and especially the Ridiculist, but I am underwhelmed so far with his talk show. He had Jerry Seinfeld on the other day, and wasted a bunch of time taking him outside to Columbus Circle to talk to food trucks. Not funny. Not interesting.

I haven't watched regularly enough to assess. It just seems like a weird fit, somehow. 

it is hysterical. but I'm back now.

I want royalties, dang it. Royalties.

There are plenty of sports fans hanging out here. It's just that our bosses expect us to work at some point during the day. One chat=some work done. Two chats=not much work done at all. Just sayin'...

Work? They actually want you to work? That seems more than a little unfair.

In a semi-related anecdote, I got my daily note from Yahoo about searching trends and apparently tons of people are already searching for Thanksgiving recipes. Who *are* these people and how do they have so much time on their hands? I barely have enough time in my day to use the restroom at appropriate intervals.

I suspect these are the same people who get their holiday shopping done before Veteran's Day. But I digress...

That gives me an idea: How about "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" reimagined as a series of Tweets?

And there's your sequel. Actually, it could be a whole series.

Someone call the people at QuirkBooks, stat!

I love to read both of your chats and hate to see two women competing for the same time slot, even though your reportorial beats are so different.

Or maybe I could just do noon? We'll work something out, don't worry. I do not want to steal her audience away. (as if I even have the capacity to do so in the first place...)

Is it really true that you can't libel a dead person? Don't they have estates that would sue over such matters?

Yeah, I don't know if that's true. Obviously a book like that could not be published without getting vetted first by someone who actually does understand the legal issues around it.

We're just spitballin' here, in this casual forum in which no one is being libeled.

P.S. Don't sue us.

On the subject of Demi Moore, I think she should get back with Bruce Willis. I always liked them together. Of course, the fact that he has remarried will probably complicate this plan. At any rate, she should definitely go for someone closer to her own age. Enough of the babysitting. On the subject of the Jackson trial, I have only followed it through your column. I really don't want all of the lurid details, but I am interested in the basics of the case. No way would I want to stream it but to each his or her own. So please continue your daily updates on the case. Thanks!

Kind of with you on the Willis, but that ship has sailed. I hope she and Kutcher stay together, though, if only because these rumor stories get so insane and every time one of them turns out to be right, it bugs me a little.

And thanks for the Jackson feedback. That's the idea -- keep you up to date on the basics without getting too lurid.

Between Facebook, a new fall television lineup and Demi Moore's possible marital alteration, I don't think I could take any more change in my life. Please leave the chat where it is. thank you.

All right, I will take that into consideration. At the very least, this chat will be at 2 next week. We may experiment with another time in the future just to see how it does. But you'll get a head's up before that happens.

Speaking of fall TV, I have seen the most insane show of the new fall season. (At least I assume it is.) "American Horror Story." Holy moley. Some people are going to love it and some may loathe it.

I spoke to Connie Britton about it this morning and will be posting my interview with her in the coming days.

I didn't think anything could top his "Rocketman", but this gets close. He needs to make a music video.

It sure is, um, something.

Tareq Salahi. They can live at his winery.

And then Ashton can date one of the Go-Go's, just to bring this whole thing full circle.

Or not. 

Let's hope the marriage is fine and we don't need to go down this crazy road.

So, how did you celebrate National Coffee Day?

I actually have had no coffee today. My morning was too crazed.

Maybe I'll rectify that a little later.

Pretty sure we are going to find out if dead people can be libelled now that the Walter Payton book is coming out. And there's your celebritology/sports connection too.

And this is why EPJD rules -- always knows how to tie the whole room together.

Two thoughts: To what extent can public gossip actually cause or exacerbate marital strife? And isn't this all hard on Demi's daughters, especially the youngest?

I'm not a psychologist or a marital counselor, but I have to think such gossip exacerbates strife, as long as such strife exists. If it doesn't, it's much easier to laugh it off. But in most cases, no one wants this kind of attention.

And it's hard on the whole family, for sure.

I actually like having two chats at the same time, I can go back and forth while I'm waiting for new responses. The only trouble is that you will have to get used to receiving the occasional cross-chat post that was supposed to be submitted to the other chat. And vice-versa I imagine. I wonder what Tracee would think about getting some of the questions that pop up here?

You don't think she has thoughts about who Demi Moore should date should her marriage to Ashton Kutcher end? I'll bet she does, much as I have strong opinions about Roger Federer, college basketball and Joakim Noah.

But when there are two chats I want to follow at the same time, I just open up two windows and toggle between. Or in the case of Hax, three or four.

Are you also searching for Thanksgiving recipes at the same time? You are, aren't you?

Not quite "The Dead Walk!", but okay. You can't libel a dead person. A reputation is ephemeral (in the legal sense of the word) and has value only to its owner. An estate has no claim to a dead person's reputation. You can trust me. I'm writing on the Internets.

The Internets always holds up in a court of law.

This sounds very legal-ese-y, though. So I am willing to believe it.

You know, I really like Shatner on #$@# My Dad Says, plus stuff like this, wouldn't you watch a Shatner reality show? Shat On My TV? Shat in the House? Shooting With Shat?

I don't know if I would watch, but I would repeatedly refer to any of those titles, as well as their abbreviated forms.

"Hey, did you see SOMT last night? Shat's anti-Star Wars rant was a-maze-ing."

Which Lizard has custody of the Tiki Bar?

I don't, I can tell you that much.

Bombarding People magazine with requests that Ryan Gosling be named this year's sexiest man based on his Photoshopped abs in Crazy Stupid Love.

I could see him winning this year, actually. I'm sure it's something he aspires to.

I love Anderson Cooper and have since he kept me company on the ABC World News Overnight show when my twins were little and wouldn't sleep. But I saw his new show and it is a bit of a train wreck. He had some people on who were accusing their mom of abuse and the mom was in prison for something (not sure what) and when AC questioned the mom she just denied all of the stuff her kids said. It was kind of lurid and maybe the kind of stuff Oprah used to do before she classed up her show. I really don't think we need another show like that, especially hosted by AC.

Right, that's my concern, too. The commercials, at least, are playing up the drama angle and some of the topics seem beneath him.

...then Romeo & Juliet wouldn't gotten their signals crossed, and would've run off and lived happily ever after instead.

Even plain old texting would have helped in that regard.

"Coma is tmprary. U hr me? Tmprary. Will wake up ltr."

Is that pluperfect or past perfect tense?

It's an abbreviation for Shatner. Come on, we can't say bad words on the Celebritology blog or chat.

How dare you *think* such a thing?

Snarky Squirrel, I'd guess. But only because EPJD would probably be obligated to obey all the laws.

Maybe we should have a Celebritology Tweet-up at the tiki bar, wherever it is.

Jen, I think of you every time I see this.

Poor Gwyneth.

In her defense, she has tweeted some pretty hilarious, non-self-involved stuff lately. Like this:

"Nursing a horrific hangover at the jfk. Nothing like starting an overseas flight dehydrated. Where is the dog, I need the hair."

just googled and got the European Physical Journal but assume thats no it

That's the handle of one of our lovely, loyal readers.

He was 27 yesterday!

And with that, our sports/celebritology synergy is complete.

I have to close up the chat shop for the week. Next week we'll do this at 2 while I mull your responses to the possible time change.

Thanks for the feedback and for just being your witty selves. Talk to you next Thursday, or sooner if you tell at me with a blog comment.

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