Celebritology Live: Scarlett Johansson's photos, Michaele Salahi's 'kidnapping', and more.

Sep 15, 2011

Join Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

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A lot to discuss. I won't waste time with a long intro. Let's rock it.

Does anyone think the 'kidnapping' was anything less than a cry for publicity from someone whose 15 minutes had thankfully been used up? Now, here we are talking about these frauds for another go-round.

It very well could be. But even if he is, I have to give the Salahis props for going "having an affair with Neal Schon of Journey" route.  I mean, that's way better than just making Montel Williams angry.

Who could hate these beauties?  I am a fan of hydrangeas, but I understand that not everyone has the same taste as I do. I am not a big sunflower lover but I wouldn't express disgust toward them if someone gave me one. I think Madonna must have had a bad experience with a hydrangea bush when she was younger. Perhaps she fell into one when a bully shoved her during recess? Do you have any flower that would make your skin crawl if a fan gave it to you?

I can't think of very many circumstances in which a fan might give me a flower. That being said, I don't object to flowers generally, so no, I don't think I would have a skin-crawling moment.

Maybe if someone sent a bouquet of dead roses, that might creep me out a little.

Madonna is totally allowed to dislike hydrangeas, as her rep pointed out. But she should still be gracious when an admirer gives her something. After this many years in the business, surely she knows that.

I'm surprised that some of Celebritology's redder-blooded males haven't already organized to solve this problem for Scarlett.

Actually, Paul Williams is working the FBI on this matter as we speak. He's studying those photos verrrrry closely...

Than Michaele Salahi running off with the guitarist from Journey? Seriously. It's divine.

The best part, as a blog commenter already pointed out, is that every Journey song seems like a perfect description of the situation. "Send Her My Love."  "Open Arms." "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin." I mean, Journey has lyrically been preparing for this moment for decades.

I wonder how Steve Perry feels about this whole thing.

Thistles, unless they were of the Globe Artichoke persuasion.

Do thistles count as a flower?

Was I the only woman who saw Scar Jo's photos and thought "oh, well, those are average...." or am I just more confident? I thought it showed her as her very young self and didn't think they were incredibly awesome. Or am I just a hater?

You might be a H8R, actually.

I didn't really do comparative studies myself. (By the way, I am not encouraging you to look at nude photos of Ms. Johansson even though half of you have probably just left this page to Google them...)

What does it mean when I get all weepy at just the trailer? And I fall more in love with Matt Damon every time I see one of his movies.

I can't decide yet if "Zoo" is going to be good-weepy,  or trying-too-hard-weepy. I am a fan of Cameron Crowe, as well as Damon, so I'm hopeful.

As someone in computer forensics, we aren't cheap to use. Our time is relatively costly. Having the FBI investigate this sounds like a misuse of resources. Its even worse when you consider only one person would be slightly helped if the person is found (and its likely they won't be from this country). This isn't Erin Andrews, when an investigation was warranted. Unless the FBI is ready to do this for every person who has a pic posted they didn't think would get published then this is a massive waste of money.

As I understand it, the FBI is already investigating hacking situations that involve other celebrities.

If Johansson's situation were an isolated incident I would agree about resources. But given the widespread nature of the News Corp. scandal, the FBI is already on this sort of thing already, so it's more like they're adding Johansson to their list rather than launching an entirely fresh investigation. At least that's my take.

That said, it's unclear whether this is a waste of money, as you said, or not.

STOP PUTTING NAUGHTY PHOTOS OF YOURSELF ON YOUR CELL PHONE! I mean really...?? It is not cool that people's cell phone keep getting hacked, but if you are famous think "If I took this picture on this unsecure cell phone and it got leaked would I be upset?" If the answer is yes, then don't take it. If the answer is no, then click away!

Thank you for saying this.

This is what I cannot, for the life of me, fathom. Once we all heard about the News Corp. situation, shouldn't ever celebrity on the planet either a. stop taking those kinds of photos and/or b. delete any existing photos from their cell phones/e-mail accounts?

Hacking and leaking the photos is wrong. But if you can control the existence of them, start there by not taking them in the first place.

Hi Jen! Since you're an incisive internet blogger on all things celebrity, I'd be interested in your thoughts on H8ters, the new CW show that purports to equate criticism of celebrities -- and, it seems, reality show "stars" -- with real-world bullying. Personally, I found that connection just cringeworthy, as if the show's producers were jumping on the anti-bullying train and trying to make themselves "relevant" instead of fluffy. I would have had some level of respect for the show if it acknowledged how silly it was, but not as it's presented with this self-important "reality show celebrities have feelings too".

I completely agree with you, as I said in my review of "H8R."

Are people a little too vindictive and mean on the Internet? Absolutely. Everyone, famous or not, deserves a little respect.

But I don't think we all need to have a pity party for Snooki because no one understands the real you. She plays herself on a reality show in which she gets drunk and hooks up all the time -- if people want to accuse her of being a drunk who sleeps around too much, well, being on "Jersey Shore" is an invitation for people to make those comments.

To be honest, I doubt seriously that Snooki is really that offended about it. The whole thing seemed painfully orchestrated, as evidenced by the fact that neither "H8R" seemed terribly surprised when they got confronted, or when Mario Lopez stepped in.

They're very nice. Attractive and sexy (unlike male cellphone pictures). However, I'm curious what "compromising positions" really means.

Re: Mila Kunis and Timberlake?

I think that phrase probably makes the photos sound more salacious than they are, from what I read. (I have not seen the photos of them.)

But they were salacious enough to make them worthy of leaking, I guess, assuming that they're genuine photos. Which is an assumption. Johansson's attorney confirmed that the pictures really came from her cell.

Did you have a good vacation? Not that Sarah doesn't do a fine job holding down the fort over on the blog side of the operation, of course.

Yes, I was very appreciative of Sarah's blog work while I was gone.

Thanks for asking, it was nice.  Although I'm already ready to take another one. It's amazing how four days back on the job can do that to a person.

Are one of my very favorite flowers. While I don't expect everyone to like the same things I do, a gift is a gift. You take it and say thank you and then do what you want with it. And if you get caught saying something less than flattering you sincerely apologize. Does she need to repeat Kindergarten? I'd be really hurt if I gave something I thought was lovely and someone totally dissed it in front of the country.


I wonder if the Obamas plan on asking Journey to perform at the White House?

If they did, I am guessing they won't now.

They should totally invite Steve Perry to perform. You know, because the President and First Lady have nothing better to do than think about the Salahi/Journey situation.

Speaking of which, we need a name for this "scandal." Journeygate seems too predictable. Anyone have ideas?

I can second that I actually don't find Scarjo to be that attractive, body or otherwise.

Hey, to each his or her own. Everyone has different taste.

I actually liked this show, despite the large hunk of cheesyness. Dirty Dancing and Lord of the Rings references? Love it! Zooey Deschanel (?) is a lot more likeable in the show than the annoying commercials. Did you see it? Is it doomed?

I saw the pilot and I was not a fan. Maybe it will get better as the episodes progress. It just seemed like it was trying super-super hard to remind us at every turn that Zooey Deschanel is ultra-adorable.

She is, but it was a little twee to the 80th degree for me.

On the plus side, the young man who gave Madge the hydrangea is now far more beloved by the public than she is (or ever was).

Yeah, but we don't even know his name, do we? Maybe it's better that way.

If he gets married (I don't know if he is married already, so clearly this is hypothetical) he should cover the joint with hydrangeas. Then, invite Madonna.

From today's column: "If they update it to include Michaele Salahi, maybe you can help she, Schon and the rest of the band head off somewhere in a spaceship." Help she? Me hope you had momentary lapse. If so, cry "Help I! Help I" and Supergrammarian may come to the rescue. Seriously, such jarring errors as "between you and I" and "he helped Max and I" are ubiquitous, but I hold the Post to higher standards. We fans know you can do better, so this complaint is actually a compliment.

Ah, you're right to point out this error.

To say I am often writing the mix under duress is an understatement, today in particular because I had to get out the door for a meeting. which is no excuse for my mistake, just an explanation.

Me will fix it after the chat, between you and I.

(Yes, that was a joke.)

Wow, so you have been ordered to not mention Sarah Palin in this chat.  Interesting.

I have? No one told me. Just hadn't gotten to that one yet.

Have you seen the cover of the new EW? Brad Pitt is and always will be yummy.

I have and he does look good.

He's also pretty great in "Moneyball," which I recommend. A lot of good movies on the horizon, kids. Best time of year to go to the multiplex.

Inquiring minds want to know: To whom was Scarlett sending these intercepted photos?

I wondered that, too.

I think we can all privately guess based on recent relationships.

Has former NBA-er Glen Rice risen (or fallen, as the case may be) for having long ago hooked up with a future candidate for Vice President of these United States?

Good question. Per the previous chatter who suggested there was a Palin ban, I have to say I haven't followed this whole thing super-closely since it involves a politician and an athelete, personalities covered by other Post writers and bloggers.

I'm not sure if it does anything for Rice, really, other than get his name into headlines.

"I think we can all privately guess based on recent relationships." It was Dorkus, wasn't it?

Man. I was really trying to be more discreet than that.

Angelina has not been kidnapped, she just ran off with me, that is all.


Lou Gramm, former frontman for Foreigner

Stop Believin'

We need something that suggests a real moment.

Michaele Salahi's Journey Frontiers? Because4 Journey released an album called Frontiers?

Man, I know way too much about Journey.



Ooh, Schondoggle. That's good.

Unlike these other celebs, Palin is just so freakish. I cannot stand the woman on any level, yet I am fascinated by the salacious rumors. I might even buy the McGinnis book, even though I rarely spend money on books about trashy people.

Wow,  your loathing of Palin is actually increasing your interest in her.

The more books sold about her -- even the negative ones -- the more it affirms she's someone people pay attention to. (Which, honestly, they do.)

Schadenfreude -- the engine that continues to drive our celebrity economy.

Speaking of which, I have been thinking about starting a regular feature called Schadenfreude Fridays, in which we vote each week for the celeb whose misfortune was most shamefully enjoyable to us.

Would you be a regular reader of such a feature?

Isn't there a problem when a reporter sleeps with the subject on which she reports? Shouldn't sports reporter Palin have refused to go out with Rice, whom she may have been covering as a reporter?

I actually don't know whether she covered him as a reporter or not.

But in general, yes, a reporter dating or hooking up with his or her subjects is a bad idea.

A-Rod and Cameron Diaz broke up. Again.

I contacted her rep for confirmation and still haven't heard back. By the time he gets back to me, they will probably back on again, assuming they're really off now.

Anyway, that whole story died once the Johansson thing broke.

How long are we giving Stacy Keibler w/Clooney? I guess he's switching up from brunettes to blondes....?

It's an interesting pairing. Did you know she's a Baltimore native and went to Towson University?

She did! A Marylander dating Clooney. If you live in Maryland, that totally could have been you. Well, maybe.

The Celebritology version of Worst Week in Washington?

Exactly -- same sort of idea.

Nah, doesn't work for me. I even feel sorry for Mr. Salahi. I'm really a softy. As for Palin, I think my loathing is for the people who have elevated such an ordinary, banal nitwit to a position of prominence. Failed Veep candidates are supposed to slink away, not get more powerful.

All right, that's one vote against Schanfreude Fridays.

My understanding is that it was Palin who initiated the "date," not Rice. And yes, she was covering him, journalistically (and apparently otherwise as well, according to him).

Can you tell I have not been paying attention to this story AT ALL?

If it's true, then that's definitely not a wise move for a journalist to make.

So, that makes the rest of the RHODC crew the Dogglepound?

I think it makes the rest of the RHODC crew as irrelevant as they already are. The show was canceled, after all.

The one thing is that it really needs to be self-inflicted wounds.

Oh, of course. I mean, if someone gets diagnosed with a disease or divorced, that's off limits.

Honestly, I thought of this idea after Kate Plus 8 got canceled. So much schadenfreude there. But I'm not sure if there's enough fodder to sustain it week after week.

Is this show any good? It has had the most bizarre of advertising, i.e. connecting morning sex to why we should view a show. If she punishes her boyfriend with the sound of her voice, will be viewers enjoy the sound of her voice?

I have heard that it's so-so. Critics seem to like the other show she produced, "2 Broke Girls," a bit more.

Madonna shot and posted a video making fun of herself and the incident. She starts off saying sorry but ends up saying 'I still hate you'.

Yeah, we posted that video. It didn't quite strike the right tone, although it did make me laugh.

But shouldn't Christina Hendricks tone it down just a bit? I know they're huge, but they can also be attractive.

As she did at the "I Don't Know How She Does It" premiere this week, she does tend to emphasize them a bit, um, much. I guess she's making the most of her assets.

I personally think she's pretty regardless of the cleavage.

Yes we'd read!!!!

One yes for schadenfreude...

Does the public get invited to or are able to snag tickets? Would love to hear Will Ferrell and Conan O'Brien in the same room.

Yes, there are tickets, although they may be sold-0ut. Check the Kennedy Center Web site.

As much snark as I like to sling, I think the whole concept is a bit too much for a regular feature. Maybe an occasional special here and there when the schadenfreude level reaches critical mass for a particular celeb. But if we're talking regular features, put my vote down for bring back the Caption Contest!

The caption contest was fun. I'll take that under advisement.

And I also was thinking the same thing about the regularity of the feature, but this next person seems to strongly disagree...

"I'm not sure if there's enough fodder to sustain it week after week" Do you read your blog? I would argue that, if we include reality stars and celebutantes, there's enough fodder to sustain it 2 to 3 times a week...

I think we would probably focus mostly on reality stars and celebutantes if we wound up doing a regular Schadenfreude thing. Thanks for your thoughts.

Your watches are slow! The Salahi's first fifteen minutes of fame was when they crashed the White House. Then 15 minutes for the reality show and 15 minutes for losing the winery. Running off with a rocker rounds them up to an hour.

The winery thing does constitute 15 minutes. I say that's maybe 5 at best.

So really, we're at 45 minutes now, which could extend to an hour depending on how the Neal Schon thing plays out.

And Stacy is from Dundalk! Trust me, that ain't Roland Park. Apparently she is a nice, fun person. I hope she enjoys George.

Fine, the general Baltimore area. My apologies to Dundalk.

And I suspect she is enjoying him, based on the happy photos of them that recently circulated.

Can we have mock turtle soup?


All right, I'll keep pondering whether or not we should do that. In the meantime, I have to bounce.

One final note: the Emmy Awards are Sunday and both Lisa de Moraes and I will be covering them. There will be posts in both Celebritology and the TV Column so please feel free to experience the show with us. (I'll be tweeting, too, @celebritology.)

Look forward to bumping into you online then, and next week, when we do this lovely chat again.

Until then (have to say it, have to say it) -- don't stop believin'.

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