Sep 02, 2010

Join Celebritology blogger Jen Chaney to gab about the latest celebrity gossip and pop culture news making waves across the Web.

Oops, meant for this intro to go live first.

I welcome you to another action-packed Celebritology chat. And I also wish you a very happy "90210" Day.

Have you been singing "90210" carols all day? Will you be sitting down to a "90210" family feast this evening (prepared by Nat, of course)?

Would love to hear how you're celebrating and -- as always -- talk celebrities and pop culture in general. Let's get started.

I'm kinda fascinated by the Wynn Resorts' ban on Paris Hilton following her arrest in Vegas. Can they really ban someone for life because he/she was arrested? It seems to me that she could sue the company because, at any given time, there must be lots of guests staying at one of the hotels who have arrest records and it's not like she destroyed property. Could one of the lawyers on the chat chime in on this?

Agreed, it does seem like a pretty tough thing to enforce. Although I am not sure if it would be worth fighting on Hilton's part. She has plenty of other lodging options in Vegas, including, as mentioned in today's morning mix, the Hilton!

I would be curious to hear from anyone in the vast Celebritology legal community on this, though.

A phrase that will live in infamy!

Indeed. I have to say, I was laughing quite a lot while working on that 90210 post last night.

I love the fact that I was able to type the words "Brenda pretending to be French" into the YouTube search bar and actually get solid results.

Sadly, I did not have the same luck when I tried to find Dylan's "I know that cloud" speech.

Admittedly my initial reaction to the signing of Bristol Palin for "Dancing with the Stars" was pure snark. Then I read the new "Vanity Fair" article about her family (Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury).

Now I'm starting to wonder if even only part of its claims are true, whether Bristol is moving from Alaska to LA and signing up for the well-paying DWTS gig in order to escape Mama Grizzly's clutches. What think you?

You know, I haven't had a chance to read that article in its entirety yet.  She may want to strike out on her own, that's true.

Look, I can understand why Bristol Palin would want to do it. And I can understand why ABC would want to put her on the show. I don't like it necessarily, but I can understand it.

So the 7-year-old walks into the living room just as Michael Cera has taken a handful of 'shrooms in "Youth in Revolt." I managed to hit pause just before the cartoon sex started. If we'd waited to start movies until he was fast asleep, we'd be up until absolutely ridiculous hours. I try to tell myself it's all just fodder for the therapy appointments he'll undoubtedly need later on.

I have had this same sort of problem lately with the Cee-Lo song (you all know the one I mean, I am sure). They play it, with the f-word unedited, on satellite radio. But the only times I've heard are when my son's in the car, so I can't exactly crank it.

In fact, I have to change the station or just turn it off. Which pains me greatly.

It's hard to stay pop culturally literate while simultaneously setting a good example for your kids, isn't it?

I get the "can they really ban someone for life" question. It's their property; they're free to ban whomever they please for no reason at all.

Good point.

And yes, Paris is certainly recognizable. But she could easily get an assistant to book a room under a different name and disguise herself. But I doubt she would bother.

It's not like there's a shortage of hotel options in Vegas.

Also, for the record, every time I read or write about this situation, I just keep thinking of that "Seinfeld" episode where Kramer and Jerry get banned from that grocery store where they sell all the good produce. ("You're banned!")

They have a legit case since she went into the property and actually had the drugs on the premises since there were "so many people outside she wanted privacy."

That is where the "stuff" fell out of her purse and then the name of the hotel is splashed everywhere as the place she was actually arrested.

True. And as was said before, it's their property and therefore, they can do as they please.

I remember being an early 90's kid and every now and then turning on the TV and watching 90210 after school! In the 1st grade no less.

I didn't really understand all the complexities and the drama but would secretly not hate the kissing scenes... :)

(Mom didn't get home til later).

First grade -- hey, thanks for making me feel like I'm approximately 87!

On the news show I worked on at my college radio station, a few people cast some of us as "90210" character, as in which one we could supposedly play most effectively. Guess which one they cast me as?


I'm no lawyer, but I thought service could be refused in public accomodations (as well as employment and other legally protected endeavors) PROVIDED it's not based on illegal discriminatory categories (e.g., race, religion, national origin, gender, handicap, age, etc.).

Thus, discrimination based on something as ridiculous as astrological sign is legal, though it shouldn't be. I don't believe there are laws prohibiting discrimination based on arrest history; whether there should be or not is an entirely different matter. Of course, maybe it was all just a ploy to get Wynn's hotels some free publicity.

Well, it worked. We've mentioned them in this chat alone at least five times.

And the point you made about discrimination and astrology was what gave me pause before. Yes, as the owner of the property, you can ban whoever you want. But it seems weird to be able to haphazardly keep people away from a public establishment. (Not that Hilton's case is haphazard, I'm speaking more generally here.)

"You like the Dave Matthews Band? That's it. You're banned!"

But that is technically legal, isn't it?

More interesting than who is on the show is who declines to be on, and who tries to get on but is rejected. Melanie Griffith apparently tries to get on each season.

I saw that story, which is very funny.

I love that Sylvester Stallone turned it down. That man is an "Expendable." He doesn't have time for your cha-chas and waltzes.

The whole Dylan marries the Noxema girl (Rebecca Gayheart) who is a mob boss' dughter, then blows up in a car bomb. Insane!

See, the Rebecca Gayheart years are when I started to lose interest. Actually, sometime after Tiffani Amber joined the cast I started to lose interest. I then had more important matters to worry about ... like what was happening on "Party of Five."


Really? "Youth in Revolt" spoilers are that much of a cause for concern?

I understand the need for caution in this regard, but "Youth" isn't exactly "Inception."

What if The Situation & Bristol Palin start dating?

I'm pretty sure that's the moment when the world spontaneously combusts.

Jen, how do you define the various "lists" in Hollywood?

A seems the easiest: the ability to open a film, and/or possession of an Oscar. (T Cruise, T Hanks, Downey, Clooney, Damon, Will Smith , Gwenyth, Angelina, Julia.)

B would be respectable actor, either up and coming or sliding down from A, considered a star, works regularly probably gets parts turned down by the A list. (Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner, Megan Fox, Kirsten Bell)

Here's my question: how would you define people who work are A in one medium (tv) but B in another (film)? (Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie, Gandolfini.) Where do they fall in the Hollywood food chain?

Wow, this is an interesting question.

I think this is obviously a somewhat subjective thing.

Let's talk about this from a media perspective, since I think that's where most of us see these classifications, or what we use to come to our own conclusions. I have seen other reporters/writers/bloggers refer to some celebrities as C-list and thought, "Really? That person's more B than C."

It's not like actual lists exist, so journalists tend to slap labels on people whether they are fair or not, based on how well they know their work.

I think you're right that the only clear one is A-list. Anybody who can earn $20 million or more per picture and/or has an Oscar qualifies as an A-lister.  We pretty much know who those people are. But C-list? That's harder. And to your point, I would call Jon Hamm an A-list TV actor for sure, but he isn't an A-list film actor, simply because he hasn't made as much of a name for himself in that realm yet. (I don't see why he couldn't though.)

What do you guys think? Do you even care about these classifications, or are they sort of outdated?

They have the right to refuse service to any one. (not any class of people IE: a certain race or religion). But any one person they find objectionable... as long as it isn't because that people is in a protected class, they don't have to let PH on their property.

Do you think they have a picture of her behind the counter, like when you bounce a check at the convenience store? (Not that I know anything about that.)

Yes, Paul. A big picture of Paris's mug shot with a "Ghostbuster"-style red slash through it.

Would you please answer the difficult questions? Seriously...

Would you please ask me a real question instead of complaining? Seriously...

The Post had that up on the site today and there was one really curious line in it. The reviewers said that the movie reveals that Christina Applegate revealed a flair for comedy.

What the heck does the reviewer think she's been doing her entire career, starting with Married With Children? All she's ever done, as far as I know, is comedy. It's like saying that George Clooney has revealed a flair for the ladies.

Here's the quote:

"(Christina Applegate, again showing as she did in 'Anchorman,' that she slides well into comedy)."

The Associated Press: Review: Drew Barrymore's 'Going the Distance'

I also think that review may have initially misidentified Justin Long as Jason Long. So I'm not sure what the heck was going on there. Hopefully just some rare errors from our friends at AP.

Wait ... do the ladies like George Clooney? This is the first I've heard!

The man looks amazing for 46. (Or 36 for that matter.) Maybe this will get him to cheer up?

Help Cheer Up Keanu Reeves

Maybe it will. Happy birthday, Keanu! You're most excellent, dude.

Toni Marchette did not die in a car bomb. Her father, Tony Marchette, killed Dylan's father, Jack, with a car bomb. Toni died while driving Dylan's Porsche in a hit her father arranged for Dylan.

Thank God we cleared that up. Thanks, alert reader (and undoubted regular customer at the Peach Pit).

I would consider Jon Hamm and Tina Fey as A list even though they are "only" on TV. They're both at the top of the TV heap and they've worked in films plus they're both generally viewed as completely awesome.

Absolutely. No argument here. That's why these designations seem meaningless to me now. I think that they only are clear when they work at obvious extremes.

George Clooney? A list. Emo Phillips? D list. The middle of all that is much murkier.

Thank you SO MUCH for today's 90210 post. I'm sharing it with all my friends. You are absolutely right that "Donna Martin Graduates" is the catchphrase of our generation... sadly. (There was no catchphrase coming out of "21 Jump Street.") For me the show went off the rails when Brandon somehow became the de facto chancellor of California University, and when the earnest and passionate Andrea decided that she'd really rather have a baby than live her own life. I am going to guess that your fellow radio stationers cast you as Andrea.

California University ... such a fine institution.

You're the second person to guess Andrea, which is nice since it suggests smarts and kindness. But no, they cast me as Brenda! I'm so not Brenda. I think they just though I looked closest because I had dark hair.

At least that's my hope... they cast my one of my closest college friends as Brandon, so that took the sting out a little.

Wonder if Diandra Douglas will drop her lawsuit now that Michael Douglas has stage 4 cancer?

Doesn't look that way. She had offered to postpone proceedings, but Michael Douglas turned that down. What a mess that situation is.

Okay, she was on Married With Children but would you call her acting in that a "flair?" She didn't do much except sulk and stare at her nails.

No, but she's mostly done comedy lately. "Anchorman," "Samantha Who?", etc. I think that's what the reader meant.

To be fair, the AP review I saw mentioned her turn in "Anchorman"...

I wasn't sure about her for a long time, but she's fantastic on "White Collar". Plus Matthew Bomer is a beautiful man.

Oh, it was nothing personal against Tiffani Amber. I think I lost interest once they moved farther into college.

Hey I get it: high school grad gets moment in the spotlight and decides to cash in while she can. Fine. But I wonder if such a move is really wise. Would you really reccomend a single teenage mom from a small town plunge herself into the reality tv game? Once you get a taste of the fame bug, I suppose it is hard to shake. this seems like an unwise choice.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend that anyone plunge themselves into the reality game. Fame messes with your head. We all know this. But if you at least become famous for doing something you care about -- be it acting, or writing, or playing tennis -- then you at least have the satisfaction or integrity of your craft to keep you on the right path.

If you become famous for the sake of being famous, when things don't go well, how do you maintain a sense of equilibrium? It's pretty hard, which is why so many former reality stars (or former stars of any kind, really) often seem so desperate to hang onto some level of notoriety.

Hi Jen: Is it just me, or has this summer seemed inordinately busy with celeb stuff? Weddings, arrests, jail stints, divorces...Granted, there was no Michael Jackson level event, but it seems like there was one thing after another. Frankly, I'm looking forward to cooler weather and all of the celebs moving back indoors to hibernate.

It did seem like a busy summer. Not for deaths, thankfully, as last summer was. But definitely busy.

Obviously everyone knew Liz would be on maternity leave and wanted to make life that much harder for me.

I am wearing an old-fashioned waitress outfit and glasses, and addressing everyone in a horrible ersatz Bronx-Brooklyn accent, and calling myself "Lavoine."

Wow. That so should have been on the list. A "BH" classic:

I was sad that all of your favorites excluded Emily Valentine. How can you forgot U4EA or whatever it was that was going to bring her and Brandon closer together? Or when she tried to light the homecoming float on fire. The weird part is in later season Brandon when to see her in San Francisco and Brandon didn't tell Kelly and she was in a fire and she became insecure and then joined a cult. I miss this show so much! Reruns are not the same.

Emily Valentine: massive oversight on my part. This might call for the posting of another YouTube video.

Yep, it does.

The celebs must have thought you wouldn't be able to keep up, and you have proven them wrong. What were they thinking?

Yeah. Idiots.

That said, I can't wait until Liz comes back.

Jen, this is right on and I haven't heard this talked about, but it makes total sense. If you're famous because you're a good author, then your next book is a goal you can work toward and concentrate on. The famous for being famous don't have that goal to work for, because the fame is the goal. There is no content, so to speak.

Exactly. All you can do is grasp for your next reality show or voluntarily be the butt of a joke in a Web video or something. Can't be very fulfilling. to an angel? Seriously, no discussion of "90210" will be complete without Donna's abusive, crappy-musician boyfriend.

This '90s nostalgia is beginning to annoy my colleagues, mainly because I keep snickering very loudly. "90210 Day" is the best!

And with that said, ladies and gentlemen, I present ... The Heights! In video of absolutely atrocious quality!

No, it doesn't really matter. I don't care any more or less about Tom Cruise if he were to move from the A-list to the B-list. And I couldn't love Nathan Fillion any more if he were promoted from the C-list to the A-list (which he so RICHLY DESERVES... Sorry). Yes, it's a little more interesting when Tom Cruise goes on a wacko rant than, say, Alec Baldwin or David Hasselhoff, but not that much more.

And this is exactly why these ranking are so much less relevant. One: star power, at least at the movies, isn't what it used to be. And two: culture is so nichified. To a lot of people, someone like Filion is as A list as it gets. Anyone with a rabid following is A list to someone.

And whoever seems A list in the industry may not have the same sway over the public at large. (Please see Tom Cruise and the poor box office performance of "Knight and Day.")

She also subsequently headlined two sitcoms after Married With Children. True, neither of them lasted more than two seasons, I think, but if someone wants to build a sitcom around you they must think you can play comedy.

You clearly never watched "Suddenly Susan."

Now, now Paul...

Oh my god, I just realized that Nat (Joe E. Tata, best name ever) from the Peach Pit looks like Roman Polanski. That makes that being their whole hang-out way creepier!!

Wow, that makes the Peach Pit After Dark sound much more illicit. I just thought it was a place where Duncan Sheik occasionally showed up.

I'm going to half close one of my eyes and be mean to people.

Oh, but I do that anyway. At least the people at my college radio station must have thought I did.

Anyway, I hate to be a buzz kill, but we've run way over. I so wish that every day could be 90210 Day. Next week may be a dark week for the chat -- I am taking a desperately needed vacation -- but rest assured, I will be back the following week. And Liz will be rejoining us in a mere matter of weeks. (Joy!)

And with that said, I leave you with one more clip, of the moment that almost -- almost -- prevented Donna Martin from graduating. Feel free to make your own comments about David Silver's ridiculous tux. Goodbye all.

Hi Jen! My husband and I were the winners of the LOST costume contest (smoke monster and Jack), and we received our copy of season 6 last week. THANKS!!!...of course we promptly watched all of the extra footage. There really needs to be a discussion of the mini episode and extra footage. Also, what did you think about Terry O'Quinn losing at the Emmy's? We were PISSED.

Whoops, sneaking this in after the wire:

'Lost' Dueling Analysis: 'The New Man in Charge'


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