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Sep 01, 2011

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It's 2 p.m. and you know what that means: a whole hour of intense discussion about entertainment, celebrity news, pop culture trends and Christian Bale.

(We always figure out a way to work in his Powerpuff Girls cover, don't we?)

Let's get started. I suspect you have much to say about Sasha Fetus...

...David Arquette's sister Alexis used to be his brother Robert, until electing to have gender reassignment too.

Yes, Arquette actually brought that up last night when he was on the "Late Show with David Letterman." He was very respectful of Chaz Bono for that reason.

And honestly, whether you personally agree with the transgender lifestyle or not, people should at least show some respect. Some of the things being posted online about Bono are  hateful and small-minded. Which is not surprising, but is still sad.

Somehow, I think Beyonce and Jay Z. might actually name their baby something normal. Here's hoping.

Until they do (or don't), the child's name is Sasha Fetus. At least during the in utero phase.

Jen, are they REALLY doing a remake of this?! WHY? And please tell me Christian Bale turns it down, even if he does have singing skills as evidenced in PPG theme song stylings.

Well, that. And "Newsies"! Who remembers "Newsies"?

Beyonce's pregnancy has delayed the start of production, so who nows if Bale will even be available to do it when the time comes? We'll have to wait and see.

As for why they're doing it -- because it's an existing idea that can be updated instead of having to go through the pesky business of coming up with an original idea.

Ok, they might have me hooked. I usually have no interest in this show but what a cast. A train wreck cast but what a cast. Nancy Grace! Dancing? Chaz Bono? Cher might show up!!!! wild unpredictable David Arquette! oh boy !!!!!

I wasn't hugely excited initially because, as previously noted, there were no '80s teen movie stars in the mix. (No offense to Ricki Lake, but I don't quite put her in that category.)

But the train wreck potential is definitely great. Arquette should be fascinating. He's so endearingly wacky.

Really glad Cher has spoken out against the bigotry and gay bashing. Chaz is as entitled to compete on DWTS as anyone else. I am so glad that Ricki Lake is a part of the competition. GO RICKI! GO RICKI! Maybe someone other than an athlete can bring home the discoball trophy this time.

The really funny thing about some of the anti-Bono complainers is the notion that now DWTS can no longer be a family show. There were already plenty of things about DWTS -- see virtually everything Bruno T. says -- that make it a little dicey for the kiddos.

Off the series Matthew Fox is a lot like off the island Jack Sheppard.

That whole situation saddens me. 

Assuming he really did hit the party bus driver, I imagine that he drank too much and listened to a lot of Nirvana before it happened.

I also was so, so tempted to make a bad joke in that post about him walking up to the bus and saying, "I have to go back. I have to go back!" But I refrained because in that context, not appropriate.

May not even be appropriate in this context, actually. But oh well. I hope he straightens himself out.

I have no animosity toward Chazz Bono (maybe a touch toward Nancy Grace), but the whole idea of what constitutes a "star," never very relevant for this show, has completely gone by the wayside. Will anyone from the production company say, "Hey, if Chastity Bono hadn't had sexual reassignment surgery, you can bet we'd still have booked her on here."

In Bono's case, they might have. Even before the surgery, Chastity came out as a lesbian and was known for that, as well as writing books about the subject. But as you say, since the surgery, he's gotten more attention, done a documentary about it, etc. So that raised his profile and made him more worthy of consideration, probably.

And "stars" has always been used pretty loosely on that show. "Dancing With the Potential Trainwreck/Ratings Bait" doesn't sound as good.

Ahh, yes. And Swing Kids! Bale is truly multitalented.


Or so people are saying.

Oh, that's a proven fact. There is only one best mom and she will obviously be it.

That's fine by me. It means that as a mother, I no longer have to try as hard. 

Would be very happy to see Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway star in the movie version. They were great together on the Oscars a few years ago.

Yes -- rumor has it that Hathaway could play Fantine. She already has experience singing "On My Own" ... well, sort of.

"May not even be appropriate in this context." Would it help if I said that we were all thinking it anyway?

It does help. Thank you.

Kids will have no idea who Cher is, won't ever have seen Chaz when he was Chastity, and everyone now uses the male pronoun when referring to him. So unless mom and dad say to the kids, "hey, that guy there used to be a girl," why would it even come up? It's a non-topic that pales in comparison with Bruno's sexual rants and the generally sexually charged choreography. Oh, and....kids ever watched DWTS? Really?

Well, the only way it would come up is if and when the surgery is mentioned during video bios and vignettes. And I am certain it will be, often. That's part of Chaz's narrative.

But the solution is, if that makes you uncomfortable, don't let your children watch. The ones who might be genuinely confused by it are probably too young to be watching anyway.

I can't decide for myself.

Like Lohan, I would certainly go with Billy Joel.

And I'd do every verse of "We Didn't Start the Fire." My entire body would be one long series of non-sequiturs about American history.

Do you think it will move at all on DWTS?

Hey, maybe we should start doing some predictive polls on his.

Will Grace's hair move? Will some conservative groups protest outside the DWTS studios because of Bono? (Probably) Will John Waters show up to support Ricki Lake? 

Then we can track our progress throughout the season, just to give ourselves something to do.

"I hope he straightens himself out." ....... I feel the same about LiLo. I cringe to even think this, but she seems to be careening wildly towards being the next tragic celeb death a la Amy Winehouse.

Well, Lohan and Fox aren't even in the same category. She has a long history of arrests and addiction.

Fox just allegedly drank too much and did a bad thing. He wasn't arrested and doesn't necessarily have a drinking problem, based on that one incident.

That being said, yes, she doesn't seem to make the best choices.

Please, do not say "lifestyle" when referring to LGBT topics. It's really quite offensive. Hugs, Arlington Gay

My apologies. Did not mean to offend at all. 

First person to suffer an injury? It's obviously going to be a stress fracture in the foot.

Arquette seems potentially accident-prone.

I also have no idea what to expect from Elisabetta Canalis.

On a more positive note, I have a feeling J.R. Martinez is going to surprise people. He's got such an inspiring story that people will want to vote for him.

Have you SEEN the skimpy outfits?


I learned recently that Ron Howard and his wife gave all of their children middle names representing where they were conceived (e.g., Bryce Dallas Howard). Aside from that being just a leeeetle bit too much information, how can they be sure that's where the child was conceived? Again with the TMI, but did they only have sex in that city and nowhere else for like a month?

I have wondered this myself. I do not have the answer. And I am not sure I would feel comfortable ever asking Mr. Howard that question.

While still Chastity, Bono appeared on a weight-loss show ("The Biggest Loser"?). Plus, anyone whose mom is Cher is automatically a star, in a lot of people's books.

Points taken.

Sorry, but considering the folks who've been on this show scrambling to GET on the D-list, your point is moot. Chaz before or after is better know that a lot of the competitors.

Yes, for sure. I think his profile raised because of the surgery but I do not think that's the only reason he was booked. He was famous when he was still a she.

Apology accepted, but I would have thought that would have been covered in the Post's style guide. But sadly, it's a correction/admonition we have to make way too often. On the bright side, thanks to Chaz, Carson Kresley will appear positively mainstream.


Well, to be fair, Style Guidelines often go out the window when you're typing 90 miles a minute and publishing things with no editor. 

But I appreciate that you called me on it. I'll make sure to be mindful of the word choice going forward.

Is there a legal term for a court proceeding where no one wins?

I don't know, let's ask the Celebritology readers who are lawyers. (And they are legion.)

What should we call that? Moot Trial With J. Reinhold? (I just said that to give myself an excuse to post this video.)

I think it will shift left when she dips left, then shift right when she twirls to the right..so year, I vote for movement. But not for individual strands or sections..as a unit.

Wow, this poll will have to be more nuanced than I thought.

I thought that was dispelled as an Urban Myth.

Really? I could swear I have heard him or Bryce Dallas say this in interviews.

I realize this is politically incorrect, but it needs to be said: It's one thing for J.R. Martinez to appear on a soap opera, primarily watched by adults, who understand the nature and cause of his deformities. But very young children DO watch "Dancing with the Stars," and I wonder if some parents might be reasonably concerned that his wounds could terrify very young children, causing them nightmares and anxiety (ditto for when amputee Heather Mills was on the show).

I don't think his wounds are so bad as to be terrifying at all.

If my own son were to ask about his face, I would just be honest: his face got burned. I wouldn't necessarily go into all the business about Iraq, etc. 

Again, if this is a major issue, then very young children shouldn't be watching. That's why we have DVRs and enforceable bedtimes.

Settlement without admitting guilt.

I like Moot Trial With J Reinhold better. Less legal-ese.

Yep, I just googled it.

Thank you for making me feel less crazy.

Haha. Thanks for making me snort and laugh while eating a cookie!


Maybe the black smoke from the bus scrambled Matthew Fox' brain functionings.

That's right, resolve this complex situation the same way the writers resolved "Lost." Blame it on MIB.

And a bottle getting uncorked.

Restraining myself from another bad joke...

If an urban myth is not true in a city, does this mean it might be true in a rural area?

It does, actually.

Similarly, suburban myths may be absolutely valid in a major metropolis or small village.

That's one to grow on, people.

I hate the phrase 'politically correct,'--you poster, are IGNORANT! But you CAN'T be serious, this MUST be a prank.

Well, I hope so. But I took it  seriously just in case.

I am ashamed to say that I am actually interested in seeing the special episode Bravo! does on the Russell Armstrong suicide. Not sure I can commit to another season of the housewives, but I am curious to see how they handle this. All of the Housewives franchises follow a similar pattern. The first season is interesting; subsequent seasons the ladies are just playing to the camera. (Exception: DC. Boring and artificial the first season except when the Salahis went to the White House.)

I also am curious to see how they handle it. But I also feel guilty watching because that feels like a show of support for the whole enterprise.

I never understood the appeal of those shows in the first place. Well, I kind of do. I just don't share the interest. 

Why not? Dove/Hawk, Conservative/Liberal--we all value our freedom and the sacrafices soldiers make to preserve it. It could be a talking point for being for/against the war in Iraq. I'm an extremely liberal democrat and I SHOCKED that a person thinks showing the face of a man who protected my freedom is wrong because it could scare children!

I only said I wouldn't necessarily get into the Iraq stuff because it's a bit complicated to explain to a very young kid. (My son is four.)

But he doesn't exactly watch full episodes of DWTS anyway.

As previously noted, it's entirely possible the previous commenter was being tongue-in-cheek when he/she raised that question.

Yes. Clearly Snipes can only be caught in the country. They do not exist in cities, thus 'urban myth.'


Wherever her name came from, she was terrific in "The Help." I was relieved. I am sure celebrity kids get the first auditions because of the famous parent but I am glad to see she has the talent to sustain it. Unlike so many others. (cough Tori Spelling cough)

I like her, but I didn't care for her in "The Help." The performance was a little too over-the-top for me. I have liked her in other films, though.

As for "The Help" Viola Davis steals the show, in my opinion. She's extraordinary.

Could not be more serious: very young children can be terrified by such things.

I want everyone who comes to this chat to feel respected. You can probably understand why that question seemed insensitive to other chatters. But it's your right to ask it.

And my advice is that, if this is a genuine concern, don't let young children watch the show. The problem is that a child could be exposed to someone with a similar injury just going to the grocery store or the library. It's impossible to shield our kids from every little thing that might upset them.

The best way to make sure they don't get terrified is not to make a big deal out of it.

Bleech. Not much to choose from. However, am waiting for Contagion where Gwynnie dies early of the plague (or whatever it is) and Matt Damon gets to run around looking very concerned and Jude Law is a medical expert. Sure to be many sterling moments.

I am looking forward to it, too. And not because of Paltrow's demise.

I am not a parent and have little/no experience with children... Wouldn't seeing someone who does not look like the child (different ethnicity, burns, short/tall, not able-bodied, etc) be a part of the parenting/learning experience?

Absolutely. And when a parent seems uncomfortable about those differences, I think the child senses that.

I actually think it would help kids to see people that have had tragic things happen to them, to see those people succeeding, laughing, dancing. Explaining how a vet got burned, what he was doing when it happened, and that he's brave for getting out there might be a good thing for my daughter to know. I think she'd understand it. On the other hand, I'd prefer that my daughter not see horror movie ads on the TV. Those are over the top scary and not real, so it's hard to explain them in any way that makes sense.

Great points, all. And yes, there are far scarier things that are much harder to explain to a child.

Also, again, for the record, Martinez's scars obviously make him look different. But I don't think they are terrifying.

Geez, controversial chat today, y'all.

My friend has the wimpiest kids I have ever seen in my life - they are terrified of Dora the Explorer. However, they have often seen wounded warriors and they don't run screaming from them in terror. They want to know why the person is hurt, they want to know if they are still in pain - they are curious and full of compassion. Part of that is because my friend has instilled compassion into her kids and let's the approach (if the person is amenable to that) and ask questions. Kids pick up on vibes - treat the wounded vets with respect and compassion and your kids will too.

Said much more articulately than the way I tried to express it earlier. Thanks.

The Will and Jada Pinkett Smith rumors sure died down quick. Makes me wonder why other celebs (and politicians) don't just issue a firm statement and not make it a story.

Well, even after their firm statement, there have still been more stories -- about Jada's relationship with Mark Anthony, etc. It does seem to have largely died down for now, though. Beyonce's pregnancy has baby bumped that story aside, along with DWTS and other pressing headlines.

And here I thought that poster was making a sly little point--that it is as silly to say "That transgender person will scare the children!" as it is to say "That burn victim will scare the children!" People do realize that it's just as ignorant to discriminate against a dude just because he was born female, as it is to discriminate a dude just because he got burned...right?

I think most people do.

Again, I don't want the previous chatter to feel ganged up on and unwelcome here. I personally don't understand why Martinez's injury would terrify anyone or why it should be an issue, but the whole reason we have chats on the Post Web site is so we can have dialogue where everyone feels heard and respected, if not always agreed with.

I hastily used the word lifestyle earlier in the chat when I shouldn't have. I apologized.  We all make mistakes. Hopefully the person who raised the question about Martinez will  look at the situation differently now and not feel ridiculed. That's the best outcome we can hope for.

And with that -- how did the chat go from "Newsies" to this? In the words of Fred Willard: " Wha' happened?" -- I am signing off now.

It was an interesting one, people. Next week I am on vacation, so we'll have to pick up where we left off on Sept. 15th. I look forward to it.

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